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July 2024 (Issue No 4238)

Free story from the

July 2024 issue


Puppies are banned from yoga classes


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ITALIAN animal welfare groups have welcomed a move by the country’s Ministry of Health to ban the inclusion of puppies in yoga classes.

A woman meditating beside her dog (Photo: cottonbro studio on Pexels)
   (Photo: cottonbro studio on Pexels)

To protect the health and safety of both animals and attendees, now only adult dogs will be allowed.

An article in The Guardian last year described the craze of puppy yoga as rising due to promotion by celebrities, who were “oblivious to the impact that it has on these incredibly young dogs.”

Whole litters of puppies were borrowed from breeders and brought in to join classes, roaming around while participants moved through poses. They were then picked up, petted, cuddled and passed around... 
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June 2024 (Issue No 4237)

Free story from the

June 2024 issue


Author has dream preview of attack


BOOKER prize-winning author Sir Salman Rushdie has disclosed he had a dream of being stabbed just days before an attack happened in reality.

The Indian-born British writer, who has had about “half a dozen serious assassination attempts” on his life, was due to talk about free speech before he was attacked in 2022.

Sir Salman was stabbed several times and suffered life-changing injuries, including the loss of his right eye, as he stood on stage to give a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in New York state.

THE time slip featured in an episode of “The Why Files.”  (Photo: Facebook)
SIR SALMAN RUSHDIE: “I woke up and was
quite shaken.”
(Photo: Elena Ternovaja)

In his first major TV interview since his recovery, the 76-year-old told broadcast journalist and political commentator Anderson Cooper on CBS programme 60 Minutes he dreamed of a man bearing down on him with a spear in an “amphitheatre” days before the event.

“I woke up and was quite shaken,” he said. “I said to my wife, Eliza, ‘You know I don’t want to go’ because of the dream. Then I thought ‘Don’t be silly. It’s a dream’.” Published in 1988, the author’s fourth book, The Satanic Verses, offended many Muslims who considered it blasphemous.

Sir Salman became the target of several death threats, including a fatwa calling for his death issued by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the then supreme leader of Iran. 

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May 2024  (Issue No 4236)

Free story from the

May 2024 issue


Story is barking good…


      A STUDY reveals that people found their supernormal experiences with their “dead” dogs more comforting than distressing.
   A STUDY reveals that people found their supernormal
experiences with their “dead” dogs more comforting
than distressing.

I ALWAYS try to end on a cheery note, so here’s a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed story about dogs making spirit returns.

Part of Spiritualism’s philosophy is that animals also survive the adventure of passing on.

We also know that pets such as dogs and cats which have become domesticated retain their individuality and memory in the Beyond.

On people.com Erin Clack wrote that Jennifer Golbeck, a computer science professor at the University of Maryland, recently “conducted the first systematic study of the supernatural experiences of bereaved animal owners.

“The goal was to examine the range of perceived encounters with deceased canine companions and their meaning and significance to the pet owners.” Via social media Ms Golbeck asked, “If you have lost a dog, have you had an experience like seeing their ghost, receiving a sign, and did they communicate with you” Over 500 folk responded... 
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April 2024 (Issue No 4235)

Free story from the

April 2024 issue


‘Dead’ grandmother averts serious car injury



Last week saw the publication of “Developing Your Supernatural Awareness.” Subtitled “Connecting with an Interactive Universe,” it is by Dr Fredrick Woodard, a clinical psychologist and certified hypnotherapist, who conducts research on the paranormal, hypnosis and psychotherapy.

Dr Woodard’s private practice is located in Milford, New Hampshire, USA. He received a PhD in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology and trained in hypnosis at the Milton Erickson Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr Woodard is a direct great-grandson of Madockawando, a chief of the Abenaki nation in the 1600s. He is also a descendent of Charlemagne, who ruled most of Western Europe in the so-called Dark Ages.

In this abridged extract, Dr Woodard (pictured below) features just a few of the fascinating and evidential cases he has investigated.

Dr Fredrick Woodard
Dr Fredrick Woodard

SINCE 2002, I’ve interviewed more than 100 individuals about their supernatural experiences. Countless others have informally shared theirs with me.

This firsthand research includes cases of people finding missing objects by extraordinary means – having premonitions of future events, encountering supernatural beings, such as angels and the spirits of dead loved ones, communicating in unusual ways with animals, causing electronic devices to malfunction through an energy exchange and seeing unusual objects...
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March 2024 (Issue No 4234)

Free story from the

March 2024 issue


Ancient writing appeared in apparent time slip


A POSSIBLE time slip where two men and a “being” corresponded across the centuries has featured in a podcast. 

  THE time slip featured in an episode of “The Why Files.”  (Photo: Facebook)
  THE time slip featured in an episode of “The Why Files.”
(Photo: Facebook)

An episode of The Why Files titled The Dodleston Messages reviewed events which began in 1984 when teacher Ken Webster moved into a quaint property called Meadow Cottage in Dodleston, Cheshire. The eighteenth century house had evidence of a previous building on the site.

Unusual messages began appearing on Ken’s pre-internet computer, supposedly from someone living in the same place, but in the year 1546. It started with a garbled poem signed “L.W.” and evolved into communications scrawled directly onto paper.

Six-toed footprints appeared in the household dust of Meadow Cottage. Other prints seemed to walk up walls between the bathroom and kitchen. Ken painted over the footprints, but they returned the following day.

The occupants felt cold spots. A sudden breeze lifted a newspaper into the air. There was also a feeling of someone being present and noises like footsteps.

Ken’s girlfriend Debbie reported having her hair pulled. Household items were thrown around and also found stacked in gravity-defying piles, leading to suggestions of poltergeist activity...

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February 2024 (Issue No 4233)

Free story from the

February 2024 issue


Automatic artist is due to visit UK


DIARIES at the ready. Next month, Brazil’s brilliant trance medium Florencio Anton, who paints at speed in the styles of some of the world’s greatest ever “dead” artists, is visiting the UK.

      SUZI QUATRO “Ever since I was a child I’ve just had this sense that I’m connected to the spiritual world.” (Photo: Stefan Brending)
   THIS stunning spirit-inspired portrait is by Spanish
painter Pablo Picasso.

First some background. Mediumistic manifestations initially occurred in Florencio’s early childhood as “clairvoyance, clairaudience and spiritual travelling.

“Spirit beings used to move objects, switch on the light, take off our bed sheets when we were sleeping and talk to me.”

Florencio’s parents were not religious. Educated in Roman Catholic schools, he first encountered Spiritism (a brand of Spiritualism) at the age of twelve.

Since then, Florencio estimates that when entranced he has produced over 37,000 paranormally created works in the last 33 years.

More than 100 artists have painted through him including Rembrandt, Picasso, Renoir, van Gogh and Monet.

Florencio once told me “The paintings produced in the shortest time were done in 48 seconds and the longest in two-and-a-half hours... 
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January 2024 (Issue No 4232)

Free story from the

January 2024 issue


Singer Suzi Quatro tells of psychic gifts


LAST month, I told how the "Daily Star" often leads with a psychic story and it’s done it again.

      SUZI QUATRO “Ever since I was a child I’ve just had this sense that I’m connected to the spiritual world.” (Photo: Stefan Brending)
      SUZI QUATRO: “Ever since I was a child I’ve just had
this sense that I’m connected to the spiritual world.”
(Photo: Stefan Brending)

“Haunted by cigar smoking ghost of Jimmy Savile,” said a five-line headline, which was underlined and accompanied by a photo of the disgraced celebrity, who abused multiple people over the years.

On the same page inside, much more interesting were comments from American singer, bass guitarist, songwriter and actor Suzi Quatro.

Journalist Stian Alexander said she believes her home is haunted by three ghosts.

Suzi claims there are “lots of spirits” in her 16th century Elizabethan mansion. Called Hyde Hall, it is in Great Waltham, near Chelmsford, Essex. She purchased the property in 1980... 
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December 2023 (Issue No 4231)

Free story from the

December 2023 issue


New BBC series features famous pioneer Spiritualist


HISTORIAN Lucy Worsley is fulfilling a dream in presenting a new BBC series about Spiritualist pioneer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of super sleuth Sherlock Holmes.

LUCY WORSLEY: “I have had a life-long crush on Sherlock Holmes.” (Photo: BBC Studios)
     LUCY WORSLEY: “I have had a life-long crush on
Sherlock Holmes.” (Photo: BBC Studios)

The three-part documentary Killing Sherlock Lucy Worsley on the Case of Conan Doyle gave her the chance to explore the dual biography of the writer and his famous fictional character.

“I have had a life-long crush on Sherlock Holmes,” said Ms Worsley, “so it was the biggest pleasure imaginable to explore his life, death and resurrection.”

The title alludes to the fact that Sir Arthur came to dislike Holmes and wrote an apparent death scene for him in 1893. Such was the outcry that he had to bring him back to life ten years later.

A BBC press statement said that over the course of three episodes, “Lucy Worsley investigates the extraordinary love-hate relationship between Holmes and Doyle, detective and author, in a unique parallel biography of Sherlock Holmes and the complex man who created him.”
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November 2023 (Issue No 4230)

Free story from the

November 2023 issue


Celebrity clairvoyant challenges sceptics to open their minds


TOP American medium John Edward, who is touring Australia, has issued a message to sceptics. He says that while welcoming challenges, doubters should be prepared to open their minds.

John has worked with A-list celebrities including chat show host Oprah Winfrey, and appeared on radio and TV, and in print.

The medium told a journalist “We’re living at a time where people’s critical thinking skills need to be really sharpened and addressed because of whatever the latest AI thing that’s happening or just social media.

“I think it’s really important for people to go ‘Hey, wait. I’m not sure. Let me see what kind of validation is there’.”

Though he welcomes scepticism “as long as we can have a conversation about it,” John has his limits. He added “When somebody pushes a little bit too much more, then I have to push back. I have to be like ‘Woah – you can’t define me. You don’t know me’.”

The only child of New York City police officer Jack McGee and office manager Perinda Esposito, John moved in with his grandmother after his parents’ divorce. This was when he became immersed in the paranormal and his psychic journey began...
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October 2023 (Issue No 4229)

Free story from the

October 2023 issue


Famous comedian took Spiritualism seriously


I GUESS most journalists have a list of celebrities they would love to have interviewed. One name I’d include is comedian Ken Dodd.

What most people do not realise is that Ken had an abiding interest in Spiritualism and mediumship. More of that in a moment.

First let’s set the scene.

Knighted in 2017 for services to show business and charity, Ken was born in Knotty Ash, Liverpool in 1927. Passing on there five years ago at the ripe age of 90, Ken was awarded an OBE in 1982.

  KEN DODD: “You never really lose anyone you love.” (Photo David A. Ellis)
      KEN DODD: “You never really lose anyone you love.”
(Photo David A. Ellis)

Famed for his tickling sticks and the Diddymen, after his passing fellow Liverpudlian comedian Jimmy Tarbuck termed him “the greatest stage comic the country has ever seen.”

Turning to Ken’s personal life, tragedy struck in 1977 when his then partner Anita passed on from a brain tumour aged 45. They were together for 22 years.

Ken later found love again with Anne Jones. The couple married just two days before his passing.

To the present, and last month a lead story in the Daily Star announced, “Widow senses the spirit of funnyman in Knotty Ash.”

In huge capital letters, the main headline asked, “Doddy didn’t become a ghost, Diddy?” 
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September 2023 (Issue No 4228)

Free story from the

September 2023 issue


Sinéad O’Connor visited psychic college


SINGER Sinéad O’Connor, whose funeral service took place last month, sat with mediums and visited London’s College of Psychic Studies.

SINÉAD O’CONNOR “I consider that I make healing records.” (Photo Man Alive! on Flickr)
    SINÉAD O’CONNOR “I consider that I make healing records.”
(Photo Man Alive! on Flickr)

The 56-year-old released ten studio albums. Her version of Nothing Compares 2 U was named the number one world single in 1990 by the Billboard Music Awards. The song was originally recorded by Prince, who wrote it.

Sinéad used her fame to be an outspoken activist on poverty, abuse and mental health issues.

In 1992, she ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul II live on American TV to draw attention to the abuse she said was being covered up by the Roman Catholic Church.

She was widely criticised, but proved right in 2008 when Pope Benedict XVI acknowledged the suffering of those who had been abused by Roman Catholic priests, opening the way for a series of investigations and apologies.

Sinéad, who married four times, looked for solace and answers in a variety of spiritual practices...

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August 2023 (Issue No 4227)

Free story from the

August 2023 issue


Author’s dogged search pays off


ONE of Spiritualism’s major tenets is that we survive death and can communicate with loved ones still on Earth. Unlike some other religions, we also believe that the same applies to animals.

THIS wonderful illustration shows how much-loved animal companions are restored to full health in the Higher Realms, where they await their human friends.
     THIS wonderful illustration shows how much-loved animal
companions are restored to full health in the Higher Realms,
where they await their human friends. (Click to enlarge)

The reason is very simple: the spark of spirit within all living beings persists after passing on. Nothing can extinguish it.

However, it seems logical that some life forms, such as maggots and flies, return to a group soul.

Firstly, they are bereft of individuality. Secondly, there is no decay on the Other Side, so their services are not needed.

Though I dislike the term pets, animals such as dogs and cats have personality and individual characteristics. Because of enduring links of love, after passing on they also want to return to their human friends.

Throughout the years, millions of people have been comforted by a beautiful poem called Rainbow Bridge... 
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July 2023 (Issue No 4226)

Free story from the

July 2023 issue


Psychic ‘saw’ terror attack on Twin Towers


Did psychic Chris Robinson really predict the 9/11 attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Center? – Pauline Anderson.

He dreamt of the attack several times prior to the event and with extraordinary accuracy. The first dream – or rather nightmare – was on August 12, 2001 while at the University of Arizona.

CHRIS ROBINSON: “I would dream that someone was going to be murdered.” (File photo)  
CHRIS ROBINSON: “I would dream that
someone was going to be murdered.”
(File photo)

Chris’ precognitive abilities were being investigated by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, an American psychologist, author, parapsychologist and professor at the University of Arizona and the director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.

In each of the tests, he scored what Schwartz described as a mind-blowing ten out of ten, but more of that in a moment.

Christopher Robinson was born in August 1951 in England. The only unusual episode in his young life was undergoing major cardiac surgery at the age of ten.

Later a television repairman, at the age of 35 Chris began to dream of future events. He came to prominence in July 1993 when he dreamt of two planes colliding at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. They crashed, but both pilots survived.

Chris phoned the police in advance and told them what he had seen. He then attended the display as a visitor on July 24.

He saw a MiG-29 fighter jet slice through a second MiG aft of the cockpit. Both crashed in flames, but the Russian pilots ejected safely, one when flying upside down. A BBC commentator said they had “jumped out from under the coffin’s lid.”

Chris was soon in regular contact with the police. “You can’t get stuff like this,” he said in an interview, “without them being interested in you.”  
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June 2023 (Issue No 4225)

Free story from the

June 2023 issue


Author offers ten-point plan on how to be spiritual at work


IS it possible to be spiritual when working in a mundane job or with colleagues who don’t appreciate your sensitive nature?

Author, podcaster and mentor Steve Ahnael Nobel has written a book called Joy at Work in which he offers advice for those who may be thinking, “Should I stay or should I go?”

Recent allegations against former Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab sparked conversations about workplace bullying, but disempowerment can be on a more subtle level, causing stress, anger and ill health.

STEVE AHNAEL NOBEL: “Avoid pointless workplace moaning.”  
pointless workplace moaning.”

Steve understands the problem very well because he was in that situation himself. Born in Hackney, East London in 1957, Steve told Psychic News: “My parents weren’t spiritual at all.

“The values of my family, and my father in particular, were getting a ‘normal’ job, money and security, so when I left school, I went into international banking for ten years. “There was a lot of paper shuffling. We were also involved in the finance of arms exports. The work felt meaningless.

“It seemed we were making no positive difference in the world. Most of my colleagues were just focused on their bonus at the end of the year.”

Finally feeling burnt out, Steve switched jobs to work in the housing department of a local council. “It was a big shift,” he said, “and there was a culture of chaotic bullying, still leaving me unhappy.” 
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May 2023  (Issue No 4224)

Free story from the

May 2023 issue


Presenter told of living in haunted home


TV presenter Paul O’Grady, who has passed on aged 67, once told of living in a haunted house and seeing UFOs.

PAUL O’GRADY “I do like ghost hunting.” (Photo Steve Punter)   
PAUL O’GRADY “I do like ghost hunting.”
(Photo Steve Punter)

Born in Merseyside, in early adulthood he held various jobs including clerical work, being a barman and an accountant in an abattoir.

In the evenings, Paul honed his skill as a stand-up comedian at local venues. He first appeared as his female persona Lily Savage at a gay pub in Camden, NW London, in 1978.

With quick retorts and a razor-sharp wit, Lily soon became an icon of the 1980s. In the following decade, Lily frequently appeared on TV.

Paul was given his own chat show as Lily Savage in 1997 and later that year won acclaim as the host of the revived game show Blankety Blank, which ran until 2002.

Deciding that it was time to be himself, Paul retired Lily in 2004. As host of The Paul O’Grady Show on ITV and for a time on Channel 4, he co-starred with one of his pet dogs. The first canine star was Buster, a fluffy Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise cross, and later Olga, a Cairn Terrier.

Paul picked up various accolades including a TV BAFTA, a British Comedy Award and a National Television Award. He was made an MBE in 2008 for services to entertainment.

In recent years, Paul won a huge following for a TV series which featured him with pets at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. At the time of writing, a tribute fund for the home set up in Paul’s honour had reached almost £250,000.

On the day of his passing, DJ Pete Price said he was a “lovely, kind man” who would be “with Cilla and Barbara (Windsor)” with whom he was “great mates.”

Singer Cilla Black passed in 2015. Three years later Paul told reporters that her spirit form had been visiting him, so he learned how to send her away...
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April 2023 (Issue No 4223)

Free story from the

April 2023 issue


Spirit guide condemns vivisection


Over the decades, hundreds of people visited the Hannen Swaffer home circle to receive counsel and advice from Silver Birch. His medium was Maurice Barbanell, who founded “Psychic News.”

    SILVER BIRCH: “How can that which is cruel be right?”

Never once did Silver Birch show impatience or annoyance or judge those who consulted him. Apart from his knowledge, kindness and compassion, another particularly noteworthy aspect was the beautiful way in which Silver Birch expressed himself.

Here, Silver Birch gives a spirit world view of the animal kingdom.

The first point he answers is “Do you believe that vivisection can be right when it is undertaken with a good motive?”

NO. How can that which is cruel be right How can that which causes pain, which inflicts torture, be right It is contrary to all that we teach. It is wrong to experiment on those who are not capable of resisting.
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March 2023 (Issue No 4222)

Free story from the

March 2023 issue


Paranormal website wants your 2023 Predictions


A PARANORMAL news website is appealing for your predictions about 2023, which it will check at the end of the year.

    CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER predicts a “major cosmic event” for this year.
“major cosmic event” for this year.

Higgypop.com collects news, occult articles, and reviews of paranormal investigations.

The team are challenging psychics to submit their prophecies for the coming months.

In a recent article, British psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker revealed a series of events that he expected to come true this year.

His insights included “more world conflicts and instability between nations, a global shortage of food and a cosmic event in our Solar System that could cause problems here on Earth.”

He foresaw major weather extremes, crop failures and declining fish stocks...
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February 2023 (Issue No 4221)

Free story from the

February 2023 issue


TV plans new series about animal communication


TWO business “dragons” have snapped up a deal with wellness brand Psychic Sisters Ltd after a clash with fellow investors on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den TV show.

    BETH LEE-CROWTHER: “Animals have so much  to share with us about their lives.”  (Photo: Middlechild TV)
JAYNE WALLACE: “Everybody has abilities;
everybody has a sixth sense.”
(Photo: Facebook)   

In the programme, aspiring entrepreneurs have a chance to make their dreams come true when they pitch a business idea to five multimillionaire investors and seek investments for a slice of their profits.

The rival dragons heard that clairvoyant Jayne Wallace had increased her company’s takings almost ten-fold in three years. Her range includes candles, incense, aromatherapy and essential oils.

Jayne, who also sells sets of crystals and sage for cleansing auras, told the dragons, “We put a little bit of reiki into them to bring magic to our customers.”

The goods are already being sold through online retailers Asos and boohoo, and in Holland & Barrett health food shops...
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January 2023 (Issue No 4220)

Free story from the

January 2023 issue


TV plans new series about animal communication


REALITY TV has featured problem pets in the past, but Channel 5 is taking things a step further with a new programme titled 'The Pet Psychic.'

    BETH LEE-CROWTHER: “Animals have so much  to share with us about their lives.”  (Photo: Middlechild TV)
BETH LEE-CROWTHER: “Animals have so much
to share with us about their lives.”
(Photo: Middlechild TV)

Following its success with programmes like The Dog Rescuers and Jo Brand’s Kitten Rescue, Brighton-based independent production company Middlechild Productions is in the process of filming the series.

Although details are still under wraps, producer David Sumnall gave Psychic News a sneak preview of what to expect when the series of four programmes airs in the spring.

Chief reporter Ann Green asked David if the team at Middlechild Productions has a soft spot for working with animals.

“We’ve made a number of pet programmes before,” he said. “There’s that old saying ‘Never work with children or animals.’ “However, we love working with pets and children, but pets mainly. They’re just as unpredictable and put a smile on everyone’s face. I think that’s why this idea appealed to us.

“On TV you’re always looking for new ways of telling stories. This felt like a fresh way of bringing pet stories to life.”
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December 2022 (Issue No 4219)

Free story from the

December 2022 issue


Medium reveals missing man was murdered


IN an interview with showbiz journalist Gina Ragusa, celebrity American medium Matt Fraser revealed how he reluctantly uncovered a murder case.

MATT FRASER “I never know what I’m gonna walk into.” (Photo: meetmattfraser.com)  
MATT FRASER “I never know what I’m gonna
walk into.”
(Photo: meetmattfraser.com)

“Even psychics get surprised during readings,” Gina wrote on cheatsheet.com “Medium Matt Fraser recently admitted he was a little stunned during an online reading.

“The reality TV star recently encountered an individual whose brother had been missing for seventeen years. It turns out his brother had been murdered.”

Matt, who hosts weekly live group readings online, told the reporter “I go where the spirits pull me one minute I can be talking to somebody in California who lost their mum; the next minute I could be talking to somebody in Florida who lost their dad.”

On this occasion, a “couple bought a ticket to attend. And I had no idea what I was going to encounter.

“All of a sudden, the moment that I was looking over at him, I saw that his brother had passed away.

“Right away I started to get these visions that I had never seen before. The moment that I started to read for him, the more I got into this reading, the more I got freaked out.”

Matt added “I’ve got to tell you that I do get surprised. People say ‘Matt, you’re a medium. This is your job. Why do you get surprised?’ .
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November 2022  (Issue No 4218)

Free story from the

November 2022 issue


‘Strictly’ contestant is in tune with ‘dead’ father


SINGER-SONGWRITER, rapper and radio presenter Fleur East stepped out on the dance floor of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing after receiving a good luck message from her father, who passed on two years ago.

      FLEUR EAST said her father “will be watching over the ballroom in Spirit.” (Photo: Dasha Miller/TheArches on Flickr)

FLEUR EAST said her father “will be
watching over the ballroom in Spirit.”
(Photo: Dasha Miller/TheArches on Flickr)

Fleur, 35, was presenting her Hits Radio breakfast show when she played a voice message from her cousin in which the medium revealed she was communicating with “a spirit called Malcolm,” who has a daughter that “sings or dances.”

The unnamed clairvoyant said Malcolm’s “daughter is about to start something. She’s about to start ‘an adventure,’ as he’s calling it. He says to tell her ‘I’m so proud of her and give her all the luck in the world’.”

Fleur told listeners: “In 72 hours I’ll be dancing live for the first time. It’s really exciting, but something really weird has happened to me ahead of the Strictly weekend.

“On Sunday I had a message from one of my cousins who had been to see a medium…

“I’ve never gone to a medium because I do believe in it. I’m quite scared about going because I never wanted to test it. But my cousin went and this happened….
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October 2022 (Issue No 4217)

Free story from the

October 2022 issue


Louisa Earth Angel underneath Manchester psychic wanted billboard

PSYCHIC Louisa Earth Angel underneath Manchester 'psychic wanted' billboard 


‘Psychic wanted’ poster upsets medium

A MANCHESTER clairvoyant has expressed dismay at a billboard advertisement which appears to be a joke against mediumship.

      TISABEL EDEN “We deserve respect like any other religion.”
ISABEL EDEN “We deserve respect
like any other religion.”

Isabel Eden described the poster as “disrespectful” after an image of the advert went viral on social media.

The sign invited applications from psychics, but the unknown individual who arranged it included no contact information, claiming that a genuine medium would know where to apply.

“The mystery man contacted signage company Mandoe Media and forked out an unspecified amount for the advert to go live near a busy commuter route,” said Sophie Norris in the Manchester Evening News.

The poster read, “Psychic wanted – you know where to apply.” Ms Norris added, “Puzzled passersby on Fairfield Street have been left scratching their heads at the cryptic ad and why their services are needed.” Steve Baxter, from Mandoe Media, said “We were contacted by an individual to place this advert seeking a psychic.

“Initially we thought it was a joke, but the individual explained they were deeply serious and wanted to find a genuine psychic...
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September 2022 (Issue No 4216)

Free story from the

September 2022 issue


Proof of spirit portrait’s accuracy is in the bag


A SPIRITUAL healer told Psychic News last month how an item in her “dead” mother’s handbag confirmed the identity of a spirit communicator drawn by psychic artist Tony Katz.

      SOME people believe that seeing a feather is a sign of a spirit presence.
TONY KATZ “I had ‘seen’ him coming out of a cabin
and walking down a ship’s corridor towards me.”

Tony, who lives in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, creates atmospheric landscapes and also draws portraits of family members, friends and pets who have passed on.

“I get these spirit images when I awake in bed from a semi-sleep,” said Tony. “They come to me when I am not expecting or thinking of anything or anyone and I have to get up and do a small sketch in case I forget the spirit person’s face.”

Tony outlined how two recent drawings brought back memories for fellow members of Westcliff National Spiritualist Church and Centre, Essex. At first, one of them went unrecognised until a chance discovery.

On April 10, Tony “awoke with the image of a slim man wearing a formal naval jacket, but wearing a dark beret.

“I had ‘seen’ him coming out of a cabin and walking down a ship’s corridor towards me.”
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August 2022

Free story from the

August 2022 issue


Paranormal programme pushes singer to top of the charts


A DECADES old song with other worldly lyrics has introduced a new generation to the music and spirituality of Kate Bush.

KATE BUSH professed her belief in angels.  (Photo: Philip Chappell aka squidney)   

KATE BUSH professed her belief in angels.
(Photo: Philip Chappell aka squidney)

The singer-songwriter blazed a trail for female artists in the 1980s. In recent years her album releases have become sporadic. However, the use of her single Running Up That Hill in a hit American TV series featuring telekinesis (objects’ supernormal movement), remote viewing, parallel worlds and monsters has catapulted her back into the public eye. BBC music correspondent Mark Savage commented: “The remarkable resurgence of Kate Bush’s 80’s classic Running Up That Hill has culminated in the song going to number one in the UK singles chart.

“Originally released in 1985, the song has enjoyed a new lease of life after featuring in the Netflix sci-fi show Stranger Things.”

Kate said she was “overwhelmed by the scale of affection” for her song, adding: “It’s all happening really fast, as if it’s being driven along by a kind of elemental force. I have to admit I feel really moved by it all.”

The achievement comes 44 years after Kate last reached number one with her debut single Wuthering Heights in which Cathy is a departed spirit being looking for her lost love, Heathcliff. It is based on the 1847 novel of the same name by Emily Brontë.

Running Up That Hill originally appeared on Kate’s celebrated fifth album Hounds of Love, which she self-produced and composed largely with a groundbreaking digital sampling synthesiser.

Mark Savage said that the American TV series had introduced Running Up That Hill “to a new generation, but the scale of its success has taken everyone by surprise...

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July 2022

Free story from the

July 2022 issue


Healer locates abducted child



Spiritual healer Carol Everett works between her sanctuaries in Exmouth, Devon, and Murcia in Spain.

      POLICE found a missing youngster after acting on information from spirit healer Carol Everett.

POLICE found a missing youngster after acting
on information from spirit healer Carol Everett.

Amongst the healer’s many patients worldwide is young Hilary Moreno, who suffers from Retts syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which affects brain development, resulting in severe mental and physical disability.

Before Carol started sending distant healing, Hilary was, in her family’s words, a “complete vegetable.” Doctors said that nothing could be done for her. After Carol’s treatment, Hilary started to react.

“She was able to swing herself on her swing,” said Carol, “and began responding to her parents. Even her doctors commented on the huge changes which took place.

“Hilary is now playing with toys. Her crooked hand has nearly straightened out and her mobility is much more co-ordinated. The family is overjoyed and called it a miracle.”

Their joy soon turned to anguish after Hilary was abducted whilst visiting her estranged father in Alicante. The police were investigating him for being involved with drugs.

Hilary’s family was desperate for help and turned to Carol yet again to see if she could provide any psychic assistance...

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June 2022

Free story from the

June 2022 issue


Survey finds that millions believe in spirit contact


A SURVEY conducted for Sky has found that four in ten adults in the UK believe those who have passed on can contact the living.

      SOME people believe that seeing a feather is a sign of a spirit presence.
SOME people believe that seeing a feather
is a sign of a spirit presence.

Whether or not they had seen or felt anything, over half the respondents said they think “dead” loved ones never leave us and their presence is always around.

“A poll commissioned ahead of the new supernatural crime thriller The Rising found millions of Brits believe their lives have been touched by spirits,” said The Sun.

“Many believe birds and feathers are signs departed loved ones are near. And 63 per cent say they’ve received signals or signs from friends or family who have died.”

The top signs of sensing a spirit presence included pets behaving strangely or smelling a particular scent without knowing where it’s coming from.

A quarter of those who took part in the survey said they felt a spiritual sign had helped them to make the right choice at some point in life.

The Sun added, “Securing a job, marriage proposals, watching over them through illness or injury and travelling the world are among the ways they have felt guided by a deceased loved one.”

Sky’s mini-series The Rising focuses on a character called Neve Kelly, who returns from the afterlife determined to solve her own murder. The programme is an adaptation of the Belgian thriller Hotel Beau Sejour...

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May 2022

Free story from the

May 2022 issue


Dot cottoned on to healing (Photo: Google)


(Photo: Google)

ACTOR June Brown, who played the chain-smoking, bible-quoting Dot Cotton in BBC TV’s 'EastEnders,' once told how she lived in a haunted house and sent absent healing to those in need.

      JUNE BROWN told of exploring a tunnel which inexplicably vanished. (Photo: Joe Freeman)
JUNE BROWN told of exploring a tunnel
which inexplicably vanished.
(Photo: Joe Freeman)

June, who passed on last month aged 95, first joined EastEnders in July 1985 as the mother of notorious ne’er-do-well Nick Cotton, who was played by John Altman.

Some years ago, June said that on Sundays, her one day off, she liked to sleep if possible.

“It would probably do me a lot more good to get up and go to church, but I’m afraid I’ve lapsed rather on that front,” she explained.

“I used to be a regular churchgoer until I found there were a few things I didn’t agree with… Spiritually I do consider myself a very religious person.

“I am also very interested in Christian healing. I am a healer myself, involved through the London Healing Mission.”

June explained that she was sent the names of people “who need prayers and I pray for them. It’s called absent healing.”

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April 2022

Free story from the

April 2022 issue


‘Spooky swing’ captured on camera


A DORSET resident was left feeling “creeped out” after witnessing a swing appearing to rock back and forth by itself in an empty children’s play area.

      empty swings on playground

A short video of the event captured on Charlotte Grummitt’s phone has been shared around the world on social media, causing various people to suggest that someone had just jumped off the swing.

However, Charlotte, who is a practice manager at a GP’s surgery, insisted there was nobody else around.
Charlotte filmed the “self-rocking swing” whilst walking her dog, Mabel, around Corfe Mullen Wreck, just behind Badbury View Road in Wimborne.

The Daily Mirror reported: “She was walking her dog at the time. At first, she thought there must have been someone in the park that she had missed, but after double-checking, she discovered it was empty...

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March 2022

Free story from the

March 2022 issue


Pop star now tunes in to tarot cards


FORMER S Club 7 band member Paul Cattermole has tuned in to a new career as a psychic and clairvoyant.

PAUL CATTERMOLE: “I channel messages from Spirit.” (Photo: Facebook)    

PAUL CATTERMOLE: “I channel messages
from Spirit.”
(Photo: Facebook)

On the spiritual marketplace website Ask the Answer Paul states, “I channel messages from Spirit, Source, The Ether, The Universe and beyond into the multiverse.”

Paul, 44, found fame as a pop singer, but quit S Club 7 in 2002. His stage career ended in 2017 when he injured his back during a tour of The Rocky Horror Show, in which he played the dual roles of Eddie, the victim of alien transvestite scientist Dr Frank-N-Furter, and also hero Brad’s teacher, Dr Scott.

The following year he was forced to sell his BRIT music award on eBay to make ends meet.

Last November, Paul created a YouTube channel called Tarot me this, on which the “Psychic wizard” gives collective general tarot readings and predictions linked to astrology.

He told Charlotte Oliver of Heat magazine: “You have to connect with the energies out there in the ether. Absolutely nothing happens by coincidence. When you think it’s a coincidence, it’s the universe speaking.”

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February 2022

Free story from the

February 2022 issue


Scottish witches may receive pardon


CAMPAIGNERS have said that a public apology to those accused of witchcraft – some of whom were natural psychics or healers – between the 16th and 18th centuries would send a powerful symbolic signal.

CLAIRE MITCHELL QC: “What happened to these people was a terrible miscarriage of justice.” (Photo: Witches of Scotland Podcast/Facebook)



CLAIRE MITCHELL QC: “What happened to these people
was a terrible miscarriage of justice.”
(Photo: Witches of Scotland Podcast/Facebook)

“They said a statement from the Scottish government would help to right a terrible wrong from Scotland’s past,” said David Cowan, Home affairs correspondent for BBC Scotland.

“It would also send an important message to countries where witch hunts still take place today.”

The Witches of Scotland campaign wants Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to make a statement on International Women’s Day next month.

“The campaign, which was launched two years ago, is trying to secure a legal pardon for the estimated 2,500 people, mainly women, who were convicted and executed under Scotland’s Witchcraft Act,” said Mr Cowan.

“It is thought that 4,000 Scots were accused of breaking the law, which was in force from 1563 until 1736. About 85 per cent were women.

“Witch hunts took place in many countries during that period, but academics say Scotland’s execution rate was five times the European average.

“Confessions were secured under torture. The condemned person was strangled and their body burnt.”

Claire Mitchell QC, co-founder of Witches of Scotland, said a public apology would be an important first step towards making amends...

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January 2022

Free story from the

January 2022 issue


Spiritual art This month we feature the work of medium and pastel artist Andrew Western from Bristol, UK. Andrew has been aware of Spirit from a young age and entered the Spiritualist religion when he was a teenager. Here he shares some of his amazingly life-like portraits of pioneering Spiritualists from the past.


Psychic News’ founding editor Maurice Barbanell in front of Marcel Poncin’s painting of the spirit guide Silver Birch.


Psychic News’ founding editor Maurice Barbanell
in front of Marcel Poncin’s painting of the
spirit guide Silver Birch.
For as long as I can remember,  I have always been artistic and had an awareness of Spirit – both amazing gifts to be given.

My father started giving me books to  read on the unexplained in my early teens. This proved to be a major influence in my life. One of the first spiritual books I ever read was Anthony Borgia’s Life In The World Unseen. It had a profound influence on me.

I entered the Spiritualist religion at the age of nineteen – 41 years ago – by attending a Spiritualist church in Bristol.

In my 20s, I started sitting in a development circle. During one circle I was told to try psychic art. This proved to be very successful.

Later on I started to sit for physical mediumship – which I had always felt drawn too – and the psychic art fell by the wayside for a few years.

At the time I felt I wanted to concentrate all my energies on one thing, so physical mediumship it was.

I have been sitting for physical now for about 30 years plus and it has gone from strength to strength...

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December 2021

Free story from the

December 2021 issue


An upbeat account   By Tony Ortzen


NOW here’s a really unusual story with a musical flavour about how a now well-known musician had a near-death experience and saw the instrument which would bring him fame.

NOW a top jazz saxophonist, Tony Kofi had never seen a saxophone until one appeared in a near-death experience. (Photo: Andy Newcombe on Flickr)


NOW a top jazz saxophonist, Tony Kofi had never seen
a saxophone until one appeared in a near-death experience.
(Photo: Andy Newcombe on Flickr)

Today, Tony Kofi is a jazz saxophonist and flautist. He leads a trio and quartet and is co-founder of the Monk Liberation Band.

Recently, Tony was featured on a BBC website where journalist Lucy Wallis said that when aged sixteen, Tony “had an accident at work.

“As he fell from a great height, he had a vision of himself playing a musical instrument, despite never having learned to do so.

“The experience set him on a new path in life – and led to him becoming a highly acclaimed saxophonist.”

At that point, Tony was working as a carpentry apprentice, helping to replace the old roof of a house. He was on the third storey of the property.

Tony was so keen to impress that he asked his supervisor if he could carry on working while his boss had lunch. The supervisor warned him to be careful...

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November 2021

Free story from the

November 2021 issue


Dog detects owner’s cancer


A DOG has been credited with finding her owner’s stage three cancer after jumping on her stomach.

TESS ROBISON is seen with Lola, who detected her cancer.


TESS ROBISON is seen with Lola, who
detected her cancer.  
(Photo: Facebook)

Tess Robison, of South Shields, South Tyneside, had been suffering from back pain and bloating. Putting it down to food intolerance, she had no idea a tumour was growing inside her.

It was only when her Chihuahua Lola jumped on her stomach which caused a lump to appear that Tess, 41, finally went to her GP and discovered she had ovarian cancer.

“For weeks, Lola had been sitting there just staring at me,” said Tess. “I know dogs can be intuitive and it was freaking me out a bit.”

One day when Tess was suffering from particularly bad bowel pain, Lola “jumped heavily onto my stomach.

“The pain was like something else and a big lump came up, so I went to get checked out.”

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October 2021

Free story from the

October 2021 issue


Judge sends spiritual healer to prison


FOLLOWING an investigation by Thames Valley Police, a spiritual healer has been sent to prison for 30 months after inappropriately touching women he claimed he was helping.

DEREK THURLBECK “assaulted vulnerable women.” (Photo: Thames Valley Police)


vulnerable women.” 
(Photo: Thames Valley Police)

Derek Thurlbeck, 63, of The Pastures, High Wycombe, Bucks, went to the homes of four separate women and touched their genitals over their clothes while treating them.

After a week-long trial at Reading Crown Court, Thurlbeck was found guilty of five counts of sexual assault by a unanimous jury verdict.

The incidents occurred between January 2017 and April 2019 in Slough and Bracknell where he assaulted four women. They were aged between 23 and 60.

Surinder Marway, who is based at Slough police station, said Thurlbeck “sexually assaulted vulnerable women, some over a period of two years, in their own homes...

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September 2021

Free story from the

September 2021 issue


Queen of crystals passes to the spirit world


CRYSTAL expert Judy Hall passed to the Higher Life last month after suffering from a long illness. She was aged 77.

JUDY HALL: “Do what you love and abundance follows.” (Photo: Judy Hall)


JUDY HALL: “Do what you love
and abundance follows.”
(Photo: Judy Hall)

A mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Judy published a selection of books with John Hunt Publishing, including the critically acclaimed and much-beloved Crystal Prescription Series.

An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy was a karmic counsellor for over 45 years and was the author of the million-selling Crystal Bibles.

Judy’s books have been translated into sixteen languages. Her first novel Torn Clouds was published by O Books in 2005.

The same company published Crystal Prescriptions: the A-Z guide to over 1,200 symptoms and their healing crystals and seven further volumes.

Judy was voted the Kindred Spirit Mind, Body, Spirit personality of the year in 2014 and appeared four times on the Watkins MBS list of the 100 most spiritually influential living writers.

Publisher John Hunt said: “I first worked with Judy Hall in publishing her books 30 years ago and we’ve brought out a dozen of them more recently.

“She was one of the nicest of authors to work with – a sympathetic listener, a lovely character with an encyclopedic knowledge and a true professional.

“Judy’s work has inspired and touched millions of people worldwide with her healing and uplifting research and knowledge.

“All of us at John Hunt Publishing offer our sincerest condolences to Judy’s family, friends and fans...
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August 2021 (Issue No 4203)

Free story from the

August 2021 issue


Seven simple steps to boost your spirits with essential oils BY JULIA OYELEYE


Twenty-five years ago, Julia Oyeleye worked in the investment banking industry. Highly pressurised, juggling gym visits and stressful deals, missing meals and socialising, she was tired and stressed all the time.

JULIA OYELEYE: “Our sense of smell is a superhighway to the seat of our emotional control system in our brains.”

It wasn’t until Julia decided to retrain as an aromatherapist that she finally understood how the human body works and how her own habits were causing a lot of damage.

Fast forward around twenty years. Via her private clinic and through teaching, Julia has helped many clients to reset their health and wellbeing.

Published in June, Julia’s first book, “Aromatherapy for Mental Wellbeing,” has already become an Amazon bestseller.

Julia has contributed to the professional development of aromatherapy in the UK, sitting on boards of self-regulatory bodies and professional associations, contributing to national occupational standards and core curricula, and writing qualifications for a national examination board as well as being an examiner and teacher.

Julia runs two clinics, one in London, where she now lives with her family, and the other in Sevenoaks, Kent. She is currently writing a companion book for professional aromatherapists.

In this feature written specifically for “Psychic News,” Julia provides seven simple steps to achieving spiritual and emotional wellbeing with essential oils...
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July 2021 (Issue No 4202)

Free story from the

July 2021 issue


    Russian scientists seek clues from Tibetan monks to aid space travel
SOME Tibetan monks can enter a state of suspended animation.
   SOME Tibetan monks can enter
a state of suspended animation.

ACCORDING to a report in the Daily Mail, Russian scientists “are actively studying Tibetan monks in the hopes of garnering tips for astronauts on future long-distance space missions.”

Journalist Will Stewart added: “Experts from Moscow State University are examining ancient techniques for putting the human body into a ‘semi-lethargic state – suspended animation,’ before returning to normal weeks later.

“They are also examining the electrical activity in the monks’ brains during deep meditation.”

The team is studying “posthumous meditation” when “monks are declared clinically dead, but remain sitting upright with no sign of decay for days or weeks.”

A leading expert in long-distance space travel, Prof Yury Bubeyev said that “hibernation” may be critical to reaching Mars.

“We are looking for possible methods that can help us,” he added. “One of them is the use of practices of altered states of consciousness, in which Buddhist monks have been most successful.

“These states were achieved by many hours of meditation, isolation and monotonous recitation of mantras, in which deep concentration is achieved.

“This was already closer to the states of consciousness that are of interest to us, thanks to which a person can change the speed of their metabolism.”

A psychologist, the professor said that the Dalai Lama has confirmed that such a method exists...

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June 2021 (Issue No 4201)

Free story from the

June 2021 issue


British healer lands regular slot  on American radio station


SPIRITUAL healer Carol Everett has started a regular slot on an American radio station and invited Psychic News readers to tune in.

CAROL EVERETT: “People can access this energy virtually.” (Photo: Carol Everett C/O Kano Design and Graphics)


CAROL EVERETT: “People can access this energy virtually.”
(Photo: Carol Everett C/O Kano Design and Graphics)

Carol’s first appearance on Nicole Marie Whitney’s News for the Soul was on May 7. She will present her own programme on alternate Fridays.

“Nicole has been dubbed ‘The Oprah Winfrey of radio’,” said Carol. “Her programme has been going for 24 years.

“Listeners phone in and ask questions. I help people with whatever I am inspired to tell them.”

Nicole’s website says her life’s mission “is to be a spirit-driven broadcaster for the purpose of inspiring, motivating and empowering a worldwide audience through writing, teaching, radio and beyond, assisting people in all walks of life to live their purpose from their own true power and potential, making our world a better place to live and grow.”

Nicole does so “by discovering new ideas and ways of being and spreading the word – by interviewing global thought leaders and new innovators, and broadcasting this information freely worldwide 24/7...
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May 2021 (Issue No 4200)

Free story from the

May 2021 issue


New film has paranormal theme
HERE’S a somewhat spooky-looking shot from the film. (Photo: October Eleven Pictures Ltd)
   HERE’S a somewhat spooky-looking
shot from the film.

(Photo: October Eleven Pictures Ltd)
A NEW film with a paranormal theme has just been released after John West, a regular contributor to Psychic News, joined forces with director Jason Figgis to make films and documentaries.

Their first feature film together, Winifred Meeks, was released by Bayview in America and Canada last month. A British release is to follow in September this year.

The film was shot entirely on location in Suffolk and features Lara Belmont (Rise of the Footsoldier and The War Zone) as successful writer Anna James, who rents a remote farmhouse called Seaview House to begin work on the latest of a series of teenage crime novels called The Emma Hart Mysteries.

Initially, the setting seems perfect, but soon Anna’s idyll becomes unsettled by the presence of an unquiet spirit being – that of Winifred Meeks, the former lady of the house.

As Anna delves into her writing, while a deadline looms she also determines to uncover the history of the property and with that unwittingly moves closer to a disturbing confrontation with the tragic figure who continues to hold sway within the walls of Seaview House.

The film was written and directed by Jason Figgis, and was heavily inspired by the stories of M. R. James and films such as The Haunting and The Legend of Hell House...

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April 2021 (Issue No 4199)

Free story from the

April 2021 issue

Mindfulness ‘improves quality of life in heart attack survivors’

The findings of a new study announced last month has found that an eight-week programme of mindfulness meditation improves quality of life and reduces fear of activity in heart attack patients.

DR CANAN KARADAS: “The results are very encouraging.” (Photo: European Society of Cardiology. escardio.org)


DR CANAN KARADAS: “The results
are very encouraging.”
(Photo: European Society of Cardiology.

The results were presented at Acute CardioVascular Care 2021, an online scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology.

The society brings together health care professionals from more than 150 countries, working to advance cardiovascular medicine and help people lead longer, healthier lives.

“A heart attack is a serious life-threatening event and survivors can suffer from low quality of life,” said study author Dr Canan Karadas, of Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey.

“One reason is a fear of movement, called kinesiophobia, which limits daily activity due to concerns of another heart attack.

“Mindfulness refers to the mental state achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment, including thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.

“It has drawn increasing attention for treating chronic conditions such as high blood pressure. Our study examined its effect on fatigue, kinesiophobia and quality of life after an acute myocardial infarction (a heart attack).”

The study included 56 patients who had experienced a heart attack. At enrolment, their average age was 55 years.

Participants were randomly assigned to a mindfulness or control group for eight weeks.

Patients in the control group attended one fifteen-minute individual education session on the structure and function of the heart, the coronary arteries and diseases of the heart.

Those assigned to the mindfulness group attended an individual session, which included a fifteen-minute description of the technique...
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March 2021 (Issue No 4198)

Free story from the

March 2021 issue


Make Spiritualism count in the census!    By Alv Hirst, Spiritualists’ National Union Director of Communications

SPOILER alert. This is a call to action! March 21 is a census day for England, Wales and Northern Ireland; Scotland is delaying its census until next year.

You might think that this has little to do with Spiritualism, but in fact it’s very important.

The census survey has been undertaken every ten years and is the mass collection of statistics and information about the population of the UK.

The census surveys are run by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) in England and Wales, and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). You may recognise these names, which are often the definitive source of information in a variety of news reports.

ALV HIRST: “Spiritualism’s presence on the census is not just a number.”


KALV HIRST: “Spiritualism’s presence
on the census is not just a number.”

The census provides a snapshot of life that is then used for the planning and delivery of services, and to gain an understanding of the population and its changing needs.

Each household is legally required to complete the census, so it is not optional; fines are in place for non-compliance.

Once collected and processed, the information is published and used by the government, business, charity sectors and the media to understand the environment that they are operating in and the people they serve.

One of the areas that the census now collects information on is religion. This is where we see that it is of vital concern to Spiritualism.

If we take a look at the last census, which took place in 2011, we find that 39,061 described their religion as “Spiritualism” in England and Wales.

Working out how many Spiritualists there are in the UK is no easy task, and gaining a definitive number is impossible. The census is our best opportunity for anyone to understand how widespread Spiritualism is...
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February 2021 (Issue No 4196)

Free story from the

February 2021 issue


Moon ‘can help health during pandemic’
KIRSTY GALLAGHER: “Moon meditation is tuning into cycles of the moon.”  (Photo: Facebook)

ACCORDING to an expert on the moon’s benefits, it could play a vital part in maximising optimum health during the Covid-19 crisis.

Kirsty Gallagher, the author of Lunar Living, made the comment when she appeared on ITV’s This Morning, which is presented by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

“Moon meditation is tuning into cycles of the moon,” she told viewers. “Our ancestors used to live by the moon, using that kind of ancient wisdom and guidance and rhythm and flow of the moon to help us live our lives in a similar cyclical way.

“Especially at the time we’re in now, we’re not the same every day.

“We’re going through so many different emotions daily, sometimes hourly, that once we start to live in a cycle we allow ourselves again to be that bit more cyclical: we allow it rather than fight it.”

Phillip Schofield replied “So the moon has power over us,” before taking part in a brief meditation session with Kirsty Gallagher.

On her website, Kirsty says: “Often described as down to earth, warm-hearted, compassionate and inspiring, I am known for bringing ancient mystical practices and wisdom to modern-day life.
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January 2021 (Issue No 4195)

Free story from the

January 2021 issue


  Plucky pets make epic journeys to reach home

“Some years ago,” writes Tony Ortzen, “I began a book about animals, looking, for example, at their spirit returns and various other angles. Unfortunately, I’ve never had time to finish it.

“Here, owners tell how their lost pets braved oceans, mountains, seas, rivers and deserts to reach home after becoming lost, sometimes travelling hundreds and thousands of miles.”

MANY of us have known the anguish of losing a pet if only for a day or two.

Generally, they come romping home to be greeted joyously by their anxious owners.

Some pets go missing for months, even years. Not only that, but there are countless cases throughout the world of animals journeying thousands of miles – often across hostile terrain and even oceans – to return home using some kind of psychic radar...

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December 2020 (Issue No 4194)

Free story from the

December 2020 issue


‘Dead’ knight’s haunting role
   By Tony Ortzen
By Tony Ortzen


COMPARED to many of today’s totally talentless so-called celebrities and comedians, Sir Bruce Forsyth was a real star.

An incredibly gifted dancer, he was extremely versatile, could play the piano superbly, host TV shows with real panache and bubbled over with personality.
Now it’s been claimed that his ghost is haunting the theatre where his ashes are buried after actors and staff at the London Palladium are convinced there is a “friendly” presence at the world-famous venue..

Incidentally, medium Doris Stokes packed the Palladium on several occasions. Her demonstrations there always sold out days in advance.
According to an unnamed source, “Some strange things have been happening at the theatre and everyone’s certain it’s him.

“The Palladium was always Bruce’s kingdom and his presence there is felt now more than ever.

SIR BRUCE FORSYTH: “I do believe in spirits and the supernatural.” Here Sir Bruce is seen arriving for the “Strictly Come Dancing” 2012 launch at the BBC’s Television Centre in London. (Photo: Henry Harris/Featureflash Photo Agency)


SIR BRUCE FORSYTH: “I do believe in spirits and the supernatural.”
Here Sir Bruce is seen arriving for the “Strictly Come Dancing”
2012 launch at the BBC’s Television Centre in London.
(Photo: Henry Harris/Featureflash Photo Agency)

“Weird things keep happening, like people’s scripts and belongings being moved and turning up in strange places.

“Lights will dim when people are trying to read their lines in rehearsals and stuff like that.

“It’s nothing sinister, it’s like Bruce is playing practical jokes on everyone, just like when he was alive.

“Actors are very superstitious people. Since Bruce’s ashes were buried there, all the stars have been very mindful that he could be watching over them.
“Whatever is causing these strange goings-on, it’s nice to think that Bruce is still around.”
Sir Bruce passed on three years ago aged 89 after a long battle with illness...

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November 2020 (Issue No 4193)

Free story from the

November 2020 issue



Earlier this year, John West took a look at some of the many apparitions, which have been seen or sensed at St Albans in Hertfordshire.

St Albans owes its origins to the Romans, who founded a town in the fields below what is the modern city. It takes its name from Alban, a Roman citizen who protected a Christian priest during a time of persecution.

This month, John tells of more paranormal activity in St Albans and starts with the White Hart Hotel...

THE White Hart Hotel dates from the 1470s and claims to be the most haunted building in St Albans.

William Hogarth, the famous artist, went there in 1746 to sketch Lord Lovat, who was being taken to London for trial following the collapse of the Jacobite rebellion in 1745.

Lovat had been one of the key supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie. He was found guilty and executed on Tower Hill the following year.

Room 8 is said to be the most haunted in the hotel. Guests have found towels strewn across the bathroom and one man discovered writing on the bedroom mirror...

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October 2020 (Issue No 4192)

October 2020

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September 2020 (Issue No 4191)

September 2020

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August 2020 (Issue No 4190)

August 2020

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June 2020 (Issue No 4189)

July 2020

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June 2020 (Issue No 4188)

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May 2020 (Issue No 4187)

May 2020


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April 2020 (Issue No 4186)

Free story from the

April 2020 issue



Union issues guidance on coronavirus
DAVID R. BRUTON: “We have emphasised the need to utilise hand sanitisers and hand washing facilities at all of our services.”

DAVID R. BRUTON: “We have emphasised the need
to utilise hand sanitisers and
hand washing
facilities at all of our services.”

On a worldwide basis, so far tens of thousands of people have caught the coronavirus, although the vast majority make a full recovery. At the time of going to press, it has caused the passing of 71 people living in the UK, although this figure is likely to rise.

Below is a statement issued by Minister David R. Bruton, President of the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), who outlines the steps it is taking to keep its churches, colleges, students and staff as safe as possible.

IT was only a few months ago that a new strain of virus was reported in China. Since then, the coronavirus has spread around the world infecting many thousands of people and killing over 3,500 elderly and vulnerable individuals.

At the time of writing, the World Health Organisation has yet to declare the virus a pandemic, but this may well occur before too long.

The SNU is the world’s largest Spiritualist organisation. As such, we recognise that we have a tremendous responsibility to do all we can to keep our members, congregations and students safe, and supported with current information and guidance.

Over the last few weeks, we have carefully monitored the developing situation...

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March 2020 (Issue No 4185)

Free story from the

March 2020 issue


Your paranormal and spiritual questions answered    By Graham Jennings

How a doorkeeper safeguards mediums 

   Blue door photostock
What is the function of a medium’s “doorkeeper”? I’ve heard various theories and would welcome your view – Massie Dawson, by e-mail.

This is a medium’s most necessary spirit guide. It is the doorkeeper’s duty to protect mediums from any untoward or unwanted spirit intrusion.

A medium’s sensitivity is visible to those on the Other Side. Some spirit entities find it an irresistible attraction. They believe that if they can enter the medium’s sphere of consciousness, they will be in a position of influence.

Some might do so with less than the best of intentions. It is the doorkeeper’s job to vet every spirit being before allowing communication via a medium.

I once heard of a woman in a development circle who was overjoyed to find that she had finally developed clairvoyance.

 Instead of closing down properly, as she had been taught, she remained opened up, thus inviting spirit communication.

The woman arrived home still excited by her clairvoyance and continued to welcome spirit visitors. Weary at last, she went to bed and tried to sleep, but the communications – now unwanted – continued.

In desperation she phoned the circle medium in the early hours crying: “Help! It won’t stop. What shall I do?” 

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February 2020 (Issue No 4184)

Free story from the

February 2020 issue


  ‘Aliens exist’ says first Briton to go into space

   DR HELEN SHARMAN: “There are so many billions of stars out there in the universe that there must be all sorts of different forms of life.” (Photo: Anne-Katrin Purkiss)
so many
billions of stars out there
in the universe that
there must be
all sorts of different forms of life.”

(Photo: Anne-Katrin Purkiss)
ACCORDING to the first Briton to go into space, aliens are real and could be living among us on Earth.

Now 56, Dr Helen Sharman heard a call for astronaut applicants on the radio while driving home from work. Despite fitting the criteria, she almost decided against applying for the programme, but decided to go ahead.

“Self-belief and a can-do attitude changed my life,” said Dr Sharman. “I ticked all the boxes, but thought they wouldn’t choose me, so I would not bother.

“By the time I got home, I’d realised that if I didn’t actually apply, then they couldn’t choose me.”

Dr Sharman beat over 13,000 others to gain a place on Project Juno. This was partially designed to boost London-Moscow relations by sending a Briton to the Russian space station Mir in May 1991.

Then 27, Dr Sharman’s eight-day mission transformed her into a national hero, yet she believes that her achievement is sometimes forgotten.

At one point, the UK Space Agency described Tim Peake, who travelled to the International Space Station in 2015, as the UK’s first official astronaut.

“When Tim Peake went into space, some people simply forgot about me,” said Dr Sharman.

“I’ve never defined myself by gender and continue not to do so. People often describe me as the first woman in space, but I was actually the first British person. It’s telling that we would otherwise assume it was a man.”

In an interview with the Observer Magazine, Dr Sharman said that extraterrestrial life is bound to exist in the universe...

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January 2020 (Issue No 418)

Free story from the

January 2020 issue


Bringing our psychic 
past back to life    A treasure trove of archived Psychic News is now back online...   for free

HAVING been in limbo for many months, in order to deal with various issues largely resulting from a transfer of ownership, the Psychic News digital archive is now back online at the University of Manitoba’s Archives and Special Collections website.

THE University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections is a world leader in the preservation of parapsychology research.   
THE University of Manitoba Archives
& Special Collections is a world leader
in the preservation of parapsychology

It was first launched in May 2018. The headline on the feature announcing it in these columns (PN June 2018) said it all, “Psychic News at your fingertips for free.”

We explained that thanks to a unique collaboration with the University of Manitoba in Canada, 78 years of this publication’s newspaper format editions – from 1932 to 2010 – would be made available to anyone, anywhere in the world, free of charge.

All that is needed to dive into this fascinating paranormal collection of news and views is a computer or other digital device with an internet connection.

This treasure trove of paranormal history, consisting of 4,125 issues of the weekly newspaper and its occasional supplements, was described at the time as an ongoing project that would be slowly rolled out in the months ahead.

The archive was originally owned by a Spiritualist charity, but its decision to gift it to Psychic Press Ltd, the owners of Psychic News incorporating Two Worlds, meant that a new agreement was necessary between the Canadian university and ourselves.

So, while those negotiations took place, the PN Digital Archive had to be put on temporary hold and removed from public access.

The good news is that it is now up and running again, with the first tranche of issues – from 1932 to 1967 – now available to view online.

The rest of the archive, right through to the final 2010 newspaper edition, will be added later this year. Check it out at https://libguides.lib.umanitoba.ca/psychicnews

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December 2019 (Issue No 4182)

Free story from the

December 2019 issue



New book is published on medium who packed the London Palladium

JUST weeks away from the centenary of the birth of famous medium Doris Stokes, a new book is being released this month about her life and achievements.

DORIS STOKES “would much sooner have had a Swiss roll than a Swiss bank account any day!”
   DORIS STOKES “would much sooner
have had
a Swiss roll than a Swiss
bank account any day!”

It has been written by Linda Dearsley, who wrote several of Doris’ best-selling books.

Because she was clairaudient, all featured the word “voices” in the title. The latest book, Voices Everywhere, is subtitled The Mysterious Doris Stokes Effect.

Born on January 6, 1920, Doris passed on May 8, 1987, following surgery at a NW London hospital for a brain tumour. It is thought that she did not regain consciousness after the operation.

“Doris suffered health problems for many years,” said Linda. “Apart from having a breast removed due to cancer, her thyroid was also removed.

“She was good-natured throughout and would sometimes joke, ‘They’re taking me over to the Other Side bit by bit!’

“On more than one occasion, Doris had to cancel one of her sold-out meetings, and felt awful about having to do so. However, she always wanted to give of her very best and not to disappoint people with a poor demonstration of mediumship.”

Asked how the latest book came about, Linda told Psychic News: “Last year, having written a couple of unrelated books for him, my editor at the publishers asked me to give him some ideas for another title.

“I jotted down about six possibilities. The morning I was going to e-mail them to him, I woke up thinking about the ‘voices books’ and how clever Doris’ publishers had been to think of so many permutations – Voices in My Ear, Joyful Voices, Whispering Voices, Voices of Love, etc.

“If Doris hadn’t passed when she did, I thought, ‘I wonder what other titles they would have been able to think of using voices?’ Suddenly, into my head jumped the title Voices Everywhere...

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November 2019 (Issue No 4181)

Free story from the

November 2019 issue



Actor feels wife’s spirit moving in room


VINNIE JONES with his wife Tanya, who passed on at their Los Angeles home. (Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com)


VINNIE JONES with his wife Tanya,
who passed on at their Los Angeles
home. (Photo: Featureflash Photo


FOOTBALLER-TURNED-ACTOR Vinnie Jones says he now believes in the afterlife following his wife’s passing.

Tanya, his 53-year-old partner, passed on after losing a six-year battle with melanoma, the most severe type of skin cancer. The couple lived in Hollywood.

Surrounded by Vinnie and five family members – including their daughter Kaley – Tanya died at their Los Angeles home.

It was in her final moments that Vinnie, known as a hardman actor, said he felt Tanya’s spirit leave the room.

“When she finally went, it was like Tinker Bell had released her,” he said. “It felt like her spirit was moving in the room. I got peace from that.

“We were outside until about midnight, but I was the last to go to bed. With Tanya, she would always blow me a kiss and I would catch it and carry it with me.

“When I went to go in and looked up, there was a small white light straight above me. I thought it was strange.

“It was right there above the house. So I went, ‘Is that you babe?’ But the light didn’t move.”

The actor added: “Then as I went to go in, I turned around, blew her a kiss and threw it...

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October 2019 (Issue No 4180)

Free story from the

October 2019 issue



Native American wisdom


AS she was recently appointed America’s first ever Native American Poet Laureate, it was a real coup for medium Robert Brown to obtain an interview with Joy Harjo.

To honour both Joy and Native Americans generally, until we meet again next month, let’s end with some truly inspiring examples of their quite superb philosophy:

DREAM expert Charlie Morley is invited to address over 200 staff at the Ministry of Defence.

JOY HARJO: “The spirit of poetry
came to me.”


• It was our belief that the love of possessions is a weakness to be overcome. Children must early learn the beauty of generosity.

They are taught to give away what they prize most that they may taste the happiness of giving.

The Indians in their simplicity literally gave away all that they had – to relatives, to guests of other tribes or clans, but above all to the poor and the aged from whom they can hope for no return.
– Ohiyesa

• Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilised men, we didn’t have any kind of prison. Because of this, we had no delinquents. We had no locks or keys. Therefore, among us there were no thieves.

When someone was so poor that he couldn’t afford a horse, a tent or a blanket, he would receive it all as a gift.

We were too uncivilised to give great importance to private property. We didn’t know any kind of money. Consequently, the value of a human being was not determined by his wealth.

We had no written laws laid down, no lawyers and no politicians. Therefore, we were not able to cheat and swindle one another.

We were really in bad shape before the white men arrived. I don’t know how to explain how we were able to manage without these fundamental things that, so they tell us, are so necessary for a civilised society.
– Lame Deer

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September 2019 (Issue No 4179)

Free story from the

September 2019 issue



Two Words Are One News and views from the editor’s desk  By Tony Ortzen


Matters military

TO military matters. And here are two stories about the Armed Forces for the price of one, so please sit to attention!

DREAM expert Charlie Morley is invited to address over 200 staff at the Ministry of Defence.

DREAM expert Charlie Morley is invited
to address over 200 staff at the Ministry
of Defence.

A few months ago, we featured lucid dreaming expert Charlie Morley, who has just announced that he recently addressed the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

“Yup,” he said. “That really happened.? I spoke for 45 minutes about how lucid dreaming and mindfulness of dreams and sleep can help integrate nightmares and stress-affected sleep to a room of over 200 MoD staff members at the main Ministry of Defence building on Whitehall.

“This would not have happened ten years ago. In fact, this would not have happened even five years ago, but times are changing and minds are opening. Slowly but surely!

“In lieu of the MoD talk and the growing interest in the work I’ve been doing with veterans, I’ve made a new website focusing solely on this topic.”

Later on this year, Charlie is taking a workshop at London’s College of Psychic Studies. Entitled “Mindfulness of Dream Sleep for Trauma and Stress Affected Sleep Patterns,” it was originally developed for British military veterans.

Mindfulness of dream and sleep (MODS) is a holistic approach to healing for people with stress or trauma-affected sleep patterns.

At the workshop, Charlie will explain “how to transform the harmful effects that stress and trauma can have on the third of our life that we spend asleep.”

Using scientifically verified mindfulness-based techniques alongside breath and body work practices, the MODS method helps to reduce stress and enhance sleep quality.

The workshop will also explore various topics including the science of sleep cycles, embracing nightmares, the neuroscience of trauma, sleep hygiene and dream work for trauma integration.

By the way, Charlie has written three books. These have been translated into eleven languages, which sounds like a wide-awake success story...

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August 2019 (Issue No 4178)

Free story from the

August 2019 issue



Study finds one in ten people 
has a near-death experience


ACCORDING to a new study, one in ten people has undergone a near-death experience (NDE).

   DR DANIEL KONDZIELLA: “We confirmed the association of near-death experiences with rapid-eye movement sleep intrusion.”


the association of near-death experiences
with rapid-eye movement sleep intrusion.”

Looking at the body’s response to imminent mortal danger, real or otherwise, Danish researchers said that these experiences were triggered by the same mechanism which caused lucid “wakeful” dreaming.

Via an “online platform,” the study used questionnaire responses from 1,034 jurors and magistrates. It found that nearly 300 people reported some kind of psychological or spiritual experience.

Seventy-three per cent said the experience was unpleasant. However, of the 106 participants who met the criteria for a “true” NDE, as defined by the Greyson scale, 53 per cent said it was pleasant. Only fourteen per cent called it unpleasant.

The Greyson scale is one of the most widely used methods to classify and distinguish NDEs from other states. Professor Bruce Greyson, who is a psychiatrist, developed it in 1983.

His scale contains sixteen questions. To qualify as a genuine NDE, participants must score seven or higher in the following points:

Did time seem to speed up or slow down?

Were your thoughts speeded up?

Did scenes from your past come back to you?

Did you suddenly seem to understand everything?

Did you have a feeling of peace or pleasantness?

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July 2019 (Issue No 4177)

Free story from the

July 2019 issue



Pat your pet to keep 
the doctor away  By Billy Roberts


GANDHI once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

   DOGS are being trained to react to various conditions, such as sniffing cancer.


DOGS are being trained to react to various
conditions, such as sniffing cancer.

This is quite evident, in our so-called modern and advanced age, when we look at the way in which some countries regard animals. In ancient Egypt, anyone caught being cruel to cats would be executed with no questions asked!

Thankfully, the majority of people in the western world treat animals with great fondness and respect. Most families have a pet of one kind or another. Whether a dog or a cat, he or she is nearly always considered as one of the family.

This does not in any way mean cruelty to animals no longer happens because, sadly, we know that it does. However, both dogs and cats contribute far more to the family atmosphere than a mere furry presence.

It is really only over the last twenty years or so that it has been realised just how much dogs and cats affect our lives from a psychological as well as a physical perspective.
Indeed, there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that children brought up with a dog or cat are far more sensitive, caring and emotionally balanced than those raised in a family without a pet.

Much more than this, it is now widely accepted that pets, particularly dogs and cats, possess the extraordinary ability to make us feel better when we are not too well or simply out of sorts.
Our dog or cat always seems to know when we are under the weather and will always insist on cuddling up to us on the settee in an effort to make us feel better.

There is no doubt that shows of affection from a pet are not only comforting when you’re off colour, but they really do make you feel better.

Although in previous years the healing that occurred was thought to be simply a psychological phenomenon, today there appears to be a more scientific explanation why it occurs...

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June 2019 (Issue No 4176)

Free story from the

June 2019 issue



Professor plans brain activity tests on mediums

A CALL has gone out for mediums with at least five years’ experience to take part in an exciting new study.

   PROF CHRIS ROE: “Not all scientists are preoccupied with debunking paranormal claims.”


PROF CHRIS ROE: “Not all scientists
are preoccupied with debunking
paranormal claims.”

It will take place in the science laboratory within the estate of the Arthur Findlay College, Essex. The college is based at Stansted Hall.

The details came from Prof Chris Roe, the Director of the University of Northampton’s Centre for Psychology and Social Sciences.

“When Arthur Findlay gifted Stansted Hall to the Spiritualists’ National Union in 1964, it was for the establishment of a college for the advancement of psychic science,” Prof Roe told PN.

“While there have been some highly successful collaborations between scientists and mediums, the research and practitioner communities have not had much to do with each other in recent times.”

Prof Roe added that six years ago, Minister David Bruton, President of the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), sought to rectify this by organising a science day at the Arthur Findlay Centre in Stafford, which has been renamed the Barbanell Centre.

A number of academics, including Prof Roe, were invited to give talks on the science of mediumship.

“The event,” he said, “was very well attended. There was an enthusiastic response to the suggestion that researchers and mediums should work more closely together.”

As a first step, Prof Roe, his team, David Bruton and SNU tutor Chris Connelly co-organised a science week at the Arthur Findlay College, during which “developing mediums were introduced to a range of methods that have been used to research mediumship.

“They were given a chance to try the methods out for themselves, including interviews and surveys, experiments testing the survival hypothesis and studies that measure brain activity.”

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May 2019 (Issue No 4175)

Free story from the

May 2019 issue



Prime Minister faces ‘telepathic attack’ on EU referendumIN what one national newspaper termed a “telepathic attack,” metal-bender Uri Geller has urged the public to use mind power to try and secure a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

THERESA MAY is seen with Uri Geller at his former home when he predicted that she would become Prime Minister. (Photo: urigeller.com)

THERESA MAY is seen with Uri Geller at his former
home when he predicted that she would become
Prime Minister.  (Photo: urigeller.com)


Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Uri said that he has “known Theresa May for over 21 years, as I lived in the same village as she still does.

“She visited my home. I took her to my garage, pointed at a spoon that belonged to Winston Churchill and bombarded her saying, ‘She will be Prime Minister.’ She laughed. Now she is.”

Uri said he plans to use the “power of my mind” and, with the help of millions of fellow Remainers, mount a telepathic attack on Mrs May aimed at forcing her to hold a second referendum.

Admitting that many sceptics do not believe in his gifts, Uri outlined his scheme to keep Britain within the EU.

“This is my plan to all of you who are with me,” he said. “I’m not a prophet and I’m not a guru.

“If we concentrate together at 11.11 am/pm every morning and evening, think the following: ‘Theresa, bring us to a second vote. Go to a second referendum’.”

Though he now lives in Israel, Uri said that he has a British passport and “cares passionately” about the UK’s future...

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April 2019 (Issue No 4174)

Free story from the

April 2019 issue



Musicians tell of 
divine inspiration By Billy Roberts

X-RAYS were discovered by accident in 1895.

X-RAYS were discovered
by accident in 1895.

WHEN John Lennon was composing some of his great songs, such as Imagine, he described the process of inspiration as though the top of his head had been opened and the words and tune just poured in as if from some cosmic source.

John was certainly not one for having flights of fancy and couldn’t have described the process of inspiration better and what occurred when he was “in the zone,” so to speak.

Barry Gibb, of Bee Gees fame, is yet another musician who attributed his compositions to some divine source and said that music came to him in dreams. He keeps a recording device on his bedside cabinet, so he can sing into it when waking in the middle of the night.

But is this really divine inspiration or just a huge coincidence manufactured by genius? Apart from music icons, what about other great inventors throughout time who have enhanced the quality of our lives with their discoveries?

Let’s start with Alexander Fleming, who gave us penicillin, the first antibiotic, which has saved the lives of countless millions of people throughout the world.
A Scottish bacteriologist, Fleming accidentally discovered the antibiotic in 1928 when he returned from holiday and found that a green mould called penicillium notatum had contaminated Petri dishes in his laboratory and killed some of the bacteria he had been growing.

We take many things for granted, without giving much thought to how they first came about. Here are some others...

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March 2019 (Issue No 4173)

Free story from the

March 2019 issue



Spirit healer has ‘X-ray vision when she touches people’

A HEALER and medium who, said The Sun, has a “magic touch” and “experiences X-ray vision when she touches people,” told PN last week that after being featured by the paper, she experienced “a spike” in requests for readings.

BRITTA HOCHKEPPEL: “Working with Spirit is proof that when we pass on, all we leave behind is our physical body.”     
BRITTA HOCHKEPPEL: “Working with Spirit is
proof that when we pass on, all we leave behind
is our physical body.”

German-born Britta Hochkeppel also noticed an increase in people seeking healing for animals.

Now based in Coggeshall, Essex, Britta’s Vita Serena sanctuary is decorated with Buddhas, angel wings, gongs and drums, which she uses in sound healing.

The paper said that Britta, a “natural born sceptic,” quit her career as a print maker to become a psychic surgeon. It added:

“She claims to have a ‘word of mouth reputation’ for ‘healing’ back pain, insomnia, arthritis and migraines…
“She has ‘healed’ hundreds of people simply by laying her hands on their bodies, seeing inside to the root of the problem and directing energy towards it.

“Britta also receives animal patients and says that last month she cured a paralysed dog after three sessions.”

The healer told journalist Becky Pemberton: “When I first started out in naturopathy, you only had to mention the words ‘energy’ or ‘psychic’ and people would run a mile.

“Now, though, the tide is starting to turn and people have come to realise that there is a lot more going on beneath the surface that science doesn’t have an answer for.”

Britta grew up in Germany and became familiar with natural remedies when a youngster, as her grandmother, Gertrude, who now guides her, was also a healer. She passed on in 1992 when Britta was aged 24.

“My grandmother was a very humble woman and did not like to boast about her abilities, but certainly had some kind of healing power, which fascinated me,” said Britta...

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February 2019 (Issue No 4172)

Free story from the

February 2019 issue



Have moving moments with a do-it-yourself meditation test

HOT on the heels of the news that Prince Harry is meditating every day before he becomes a father, here’s a chance for PN readers to try what many on social media wrongly believe is a stress test, but more of that later.

IT has emerged that Prince Harry is now meditating on a daily basis.  (Photo: DoD News / EJ Hersom)


IT has emerged that Prince Harry
is now meditating on a daily basis.
(Photo: DoD News / EJ Hersom)

“Harry Krishna” ran a lead story headline in The Sun, which said that “Meg’s chilled-out prince” is meditating on a daily basis.

Journalist Emily Andrews explained that Prince Harry, 34, chatted to Buddhist monk Kelsang Sonam when he and his wife Meghan visited a café in Birkenhead, Merseyside.

“Harry asked me how I became a Buddhist monk,” said 69-year-old Kelsang. “He said he meditated every day, so I gave him my meditation book.”

The prince also revealed that he is a feminist when he and Meghan, who is six months pregnant, visited the Tomorrow’s Women charity.

“Harry initiated a group hug,” said its chief executive officer Angela Murphy. “There were about fifteen women – it was a scrum. He said, ‘Come on, group hug.’ You don’t expect that. They engaged and initiated conversations with the women and were so warm.”

Carol Cooper, the paper’s doctor, said meditation helps people to sleep better, reduces anxiety and makes individuals more patient, which were valuable assets for a new father.

“Harry,” she added, “will have a sense of physical and mental wellbeing.”

The paper ended by saying that meditation is practised widely in many eastern religions and philosophies, including Hinduism and the Hare Krishna movement.

In its report of the couple’s visit to Birkenhead, the MailOnline said that Los Angeles-based meditation instructor Light Watkins claimed he had spent four days giving Meghan one-to-one guidance and still e-mails the duchess a “daily dose of inspiration.”

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January 2019 (Issue No 4171)

Free story from the

January 2019 issue



Doctor backs healer’s distant healing sent 6,000 miles By Kano Baker

SINGER Engelbert Humperdinck has revealed that he takes his wife, Patricia, to healers in a bid to halt her Alzheimer’s disease.

   ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK: “I believe I have had 95 previous lives. Success in life leads to greater things in future lives.” (Photo: Wayne Dilger)
I have had 95 previous lives. Success in
life leads to greater things in future lives.”
(Photo: Wayne Dilger)

Engelbert, 82, and Patricia, 79, have been married for 54 years. First diagnosed with Alzheimer’s ten years ago, she now has 24-hour care.

The singer, who has sold more than 150 million records, told the Daily Mail’s Lina Das that he discovered a gift for healing several years ago when on tour in Germany.

Suffering from a viral infection for over four months, Engelbert visited an iridologist, who cured him within two weeks. The practitioner told him, “You have healing powers.”

Though he “just laughed at him,” Engelbert decided to try healing. One of his patients had Bell’s palsy, which causes facial paralysis.
“I prayed for him and within three minutes his lip came down,” said the singer. “People think I’m crazy, but I don’t care. If I can help somebody in any way, that’s fine by me.

“With any healer, they say that the only person they can’t help is their spouse because they’re too close. I still pray over my wife, though. I do everything I can.”

The couple live in Bel Air, California and have four children. Of his wife’s condition, Engelbert said: “She’s doing OK considering that she’s had it for the past ten years.

“Patricia still knows me and knows everybody. Our son Scott came over from Australia a couple of days ago and she called him by his name.

“That’s totally unheard of because after ten years of Alzheimer’s nobody can say people’s names like that.

“When Scott went back to Australia, she cried, so she knows who he is. We’re doing everything we can to help her.

“I have acupuncturists see her, as well as my regular doctor, who’s wonderful. I also have people from the holistic world and I’ve taken her to see healers."

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December 2018 (Issue No 4170)

Free story from the

December 2018 issue



Doctor backs healer’s distant healing sent 6,000 miles By Kano Baker

HEALER Carol Everett’s abilities have been successfully measured by medical technicians, and the effects verified, by using thermal imaging cameras checking results in real time with a patient-to-healer distance of 6,000 miles.

   CAROL EVERETT: “I reach a place where there is no time and everything is at one with pure energy.”
CAROL EVERETT: “I reach a place
where there is no time and everything
is at one with pure energy.”

Some years ago, Professor Yoshio Machi, of Tokyo’s Denki University, tested Carol’s healing abilities, which were confirmed by a doctor before and after healing.

Now Dr Enrique García Jiménez, who practises in Murcia, Spain, has likewise backed her gift concerning the latest tests involving the USA and Spain.

In a testimonial, Dr Enrique explained that he was asked “to check sets of thermal images taken during healing to observe and comment as a doctor on changes in the images over the healing period and to decide if that change was as a result of healing.

“There were no external influences other than the healing to make the changes that were observed…

“When asked about the results I witnessed at a distance, it was sufficient to confirm clearly that changes happened by means of Carol Everett’s healing abilities.

“I have seen Carol’s healing ability over a number of years now. Though I do not understand how it happens, there is evidence from results obtained to support that her healing somehow has a beneficial effect.

“Normally it is not possible to see this happening, but the thermal images from the tests allow it to be seen, as it has a direct influence on the patient.”

During the 6,000-mile tests, three people received distant treatment from Carol, who was in her consulting room in Spain and used a video conferencing link....

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October 2018 (Issue No 4168)

Free stories from the

November 2018 issue



Psychic says Roman soldiers cause accident black spot

A PSYCHIC made headlines and was interviewed on national radio after saying that an accident-plagued part of the M6 in Cheshire may suffer from more crashes than other stretches of the motorway because Roman soldiers haunt it.

   MIKE BROOKER stands above Junction 18 on the M6. Statistically, the motorway is one of the worst accident black spots in the country.
MIKE BROOKER stands above Junction 18 on the M6.
Statistically, the motorway is one of the worst accident
black spots in the country.

The M6 runs from junction 19 of the M1 at the Catthorpe Interchange, near Rugby, then heads north, passing Stoke-on-Trent, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Lancaster and Carlisle. It terminates at the Gretna junction in Scotland.

One press report stated: “A series of strange phenomena have been reported by motorists between junctions 16 and 19, including phantom lorries, spectral hitchhikers and sightings of legionnaires.

“Mike Brooker says the disturbance caused by a £250 million upgrade project could be to blame.

“He said a Roman burial ground in the area of the roadworks may have awoken 2,000-year-old spirits which now haunt motorists and cause crashes.”

Mr Brooker, 53, from Northwich, has dubbed the area “Cheshire’s Bermuda Triangle” because of the relatively high number of accidents on the “treacherous” stretch of road...

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Sacred oils to soothe the soul  FELICITY WARNER: “Aromatic plants have been used for medicine and ritual for many thousands of years.”

   Sacred Oils book cover

Felicity Warner is the founder of The Soul Midwives School, which she began over 20 years ago after sitting with hundreds of people at the end of their lives. She lectures at universities and international conferences, and has written three acclaimed books, “Gentle Dying,” “A Safe Journey Home” and “The Soul Midwives’ Handbook.”

In 2017, Felicity was named “End of Life Care Champion” by the National Council for Palliative Care at the House of Lords and won an award as one of the “Daily Mail’s” most “Inspirational Women of the Year.”

Her latest venture is another book, “Sacred Oils.” Subtitled “Working with 20 Precious Oils to Heal Spirit and Soul,” it is published by Hay House at £10.99.

In this specially commissioned article for PN, Felicity writes about the oils, their uses and history...

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October 2018 (Issue No 4168)

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October 2018 issue



Psychic helps find lost pets all over the world

   Becky Willoughby
Becky Willoughby.

A PSYCHIC in Devon who reunited a missing pet skunk with its owner is now being approached from people in various parts of the world to find lost pets.

Hypnotherapist and psychic Becky Willoughby was interviewed by Abbie Bray on devonlive.com.

A PSYCHIC in Devon who reunited a missing pet skunk with its owner is now being approached from people in various parts of the world to find lost pets.

Hypnotherapist and psychic Becky Willoughby was interviewed by Abbie Bray on devonlive.com

Abbie explained that last year, Becky reunited Dottie the skunk with her owner Sarah Harris “by using what she calls ‘intuitive energy.’

“She says she managed to find out Dottie’s whereabouts after having a vision of where she was.

“Becky said that since she reunited Dottie with Sarah, she has been contacted by people all over the world asking her to help them find their lost pets.”

More recently, Becky said that a woman called Anne “contacted me from Suffolk after her dog Sassi went missing.

“I was contacted by a friend who asked me to help her, and I described the whole area of where the dog had gone missing.

   Clairvoyant clues were given about Zuzia, the missing Polish skunk.
Clairvoyant clues were given about
Zuzia, the missing Polish skunk.

“I was able to describe a busy road, a garden and a woodland area. In the middle of the woodlands, I could see there was a stone arch.

“Sassi was chasing a deer when she ran off. I could see that she had injuries all over her body and had died. “Anne knew the area I was describing. The following day, she went there and found Sassi. Anne contacted me shortly afterwards to thank me because she could get closure on her passing.”

Becky added that pet owners have got in touch with her from Poland, New Zealand and America.

“A couple from Poland wants me to help them find their pet skunk Zuzia,” she said. “Zuzia went missing in July...

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Additional free content: Extract from Many Voices, One Mission by Michael G. Reccia and R. Jane Kneen.

…The Passing of Mr Johnson

[Jane recalls: This clairvoyant communication was given to us early one Easter Saturday morning by the Persian Gentleman as a narrative to illustrate a typical scenario of someone passing into the spiritual realms. This was several years before Joseph’s comprehensive account of the afterlife in his book Your Life After Death, which describes in great detail many other scenarios, pathways and processes as we journey onwards through the spiritual spheres.]

   Many Voices, One Mission – part of The Joseph Communications – by Michael G. Reccia and R Jane Kneen

The Persian Gentleman: Good Morning, Michael; Good Morning, Jane; and Good Morning, Molly [a greeting to our Spaniel - once described by Silver Star as ‘the most stubborn dog that ever incarnated’]. And it is a good morning to talk to you because there is a very strong link between the Earth plane and my plane, which I knew about in advance and is why I said specifically that I would come to you on this particular Saturday. The day has been arranged so that I can bring this information through early in the morning when most people are asleep, which is important because when they get up their thoughts spill out into the atmosphere and pollute the vibration of communication, making it more difficult for us to work.

I wish to talk about 'enrolment' into the spiritual realms (although that is not strictly the correct term as all souls come from and go back to that dimension) and I want to consider things from the point of view of the ordinary man or woman.

So, let us imagine that we are with a 'Mr Johnson', who has lived what may be described as an ‘average life’. He has held down an average job with average earnings. He is married with two children and lives in an average type of house. His father is still alive but his mother has passed on to the spirit worlds …or, as he thinks, has ‘died’ and no longer exists.

Mr Johnson has been a worrier all his life and over the last few months has experienced a tightness across his chest as a result of his anxiety. On this particular morning he sets off to work in his average car but doesn't actually arrive there because, as he crosses the bridge linking the residential side of town to the area where he works, he suddenly feels a severe pain in his chest which he clutches as he tries to keep his car on the road. The pain passes and he thinks: 'Thank goodness for that! I thought for a moment I was having a heart attack but it must just have been indigestion.'

He continues to drive towards work …or so he thinks… and suddenly becomes aware of someone sitting in the passenger seat. Looking across he sees a man who seems strangely familiar to him …

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September 2018 (Issue No 4167)

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September 2018 issue



Top tips to beat stress

   STEPHEN MARKS: “Around 60,000 thoughts pass through our minds every day.”
STEPHEN MARKS: “Around 60,000 thoughts
pass through our minds every day.”

PRIME MINISTER Theresa May has revealed she walks, reads cookery books and watches the American naval crime programme “NCIS” to help her unwind and beat the stress of life at Number 10. Inspired by the Premier’s recent revelation about “NCIS,” here Stephen Marks, a qualified yoga instructor, gives some top tips on how to beat stress.

Having spent twenty years in a City law firm, Stephen is the founder of Mind Body Buildinag and a fully-qualified practitioner of Yoga nidra. He trained in Costa Rica at the Punta Mona eco-resort with the Shamanic School of Yoga and is now a Thought Leader at the Global Wellness Institute.

Additionally, Stephen helped institute two wellness programmes in leading London law firms and has also worked with global accountancy practices and advertising agencies.

Stephen, who has travelled to over 80 countries in the world, pointed out that “85 per cent of adults in the UK regularly feel stressed. Learning how to manage this is key.

“I like to compare the mind to a musical instrument. The best orchestral players tune their instruments every time they play, so why not fine tune your mind?”


There is an Indian saying, “If you don’t go within, you go without.” The pace of life is relentless. Additionally, around 60,000 thoughts pass through our minds every day. However, a lot of this flow of thought is not helpful, and is often critical and negative.

Meditation in its simplest form can help us to take a step back and slow our thoughts down. Rather than having to constantly react to impulses and situations, meditation trains us to approach things in a calmer and more detached way.

Being able to relax the mind in this way can have a huge effect on our overall wellbeing. Nowadays, it is easy to get started with a host of online resources, apps and classes with some studios dedicated solely to meditation...

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‘Changing gender sparked my psychic gifts’ says medium
Becs Sawyer (Photo: Facebook)

Becs Sawyer (Photo: Facebook)

A MEDIUM who transitioned from a male to a female has explained that her psychic gifts blossomed only after she made the change.

“Meet the borough’s trans medium,” announced the Ilford Recorder on its front page, which sent reporter Ellena Cruse to see one of Rebecca “Becs” Sawyer’s demonstrations and interview her.

Ellena started her account: “Despite the remnants of a glorious day outside, I sit in a packed room with around a hundred other people, eyes facing forward.

“The only exception to the mass stillness and silence is a woman sitting behind me. As gentle tears roll down her face, she whispers, ‘Thank you.’

“Before you think I have run away and joined a cult or decided to audition as an extra in a futuristic dystopian movie, I need to come clean and reveal that I am relatively safe and have come to watch a show by medium Rebecca ‘Becs’ Sawyer, who grew up in Ilford. “If every medium has a back story, 
then Becs has a seven-part series and 
she claims that her gift only manifested after she changed sex from a man to woman.

“A former 6ft 2in martial arts trainer, who was bullied at school, she said it was only when she was true to herself that she could feel spirits.”

Becs said that she “always had a passion” for the subject, “but nothing really developed much until I went through my own emotional and physical transition, then the spiritual stuff opened up.

“I came across some brilliant tutors and mentors who helped me. We all have the ability – it is not a superpower. I don’t think unless I went through the transition it would have happened.”

Ellena added, “Just like living people, Becs said spirits of the dead all have different energies and personalities, and she doesn’t like all of them.”

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August 2018 (Issue No 4166)

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August 2018 issue


Actress sees child’s form at end of bed

   Trudie Styler
Trudie Styler.

ACTRESS and producer Trudie Styler has told how she saw a child’s spirit form.

Ms Styler is married to singer, songwriter and actor Sting. He was the principal songwriter, lead singer and bassist for the new wave rock band The Police from 1977 to 1986 and later launched a solo career.

She was interviewed in Metro by journalist Anna Smith, who asked: “Sting claims he was once confronted by a ghost. Do you believe in them?”

Ms Styler explained that she was staying at Ragley Hall, a stately home located south of Alcester, Warwickshire, eight miles west of Stratford-upon-Avon.

It is the ancestral seat of the Marquess and Marchioness of Hertford, who had been to see a play in which Ms Styler appeared and invited her to stay for the weekend.

“They gave me a very nice room and said it was a very special room,” said Ms Styler. Following dinner with about twenty people and their children, she went to bed.

“In the wee hours,” Ms Styler explained, “a little lad appeared at the end of the bed. I said, ‘Goodness, can’t you sleep?’ He looked at me, then I looked again and he wasn’t there.”

The next morning, Ms Styler asked, “Who is the little boy walking around late at night?” The Marquess replied, “Ah, you met him, did you?”

Miss Styler added: “This was their haunted room. His wife said: ‘It’s a good sign. It means you’ll have a baby in the next year.’

“He appears to women guests, who often have a child soon after. About a year later, I had my daughter, Mickey.”

Sting described on BBC Radio 2 an apparitional encounter he once experienced. His wife also saw the figure concerned.

“I would never have said I believe in ghosts until I saw one – and I’ve seen a ghost with my own eyes,” said the singer. “I was in bed one night in a very old house I used to live in.

“I woke up at three in the morning, bolt upright, looked into the corner of the room and thought I saw Trudie standing there with a child – our child – in her arms, staring at me...

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July 2018 (Issue No 4165)

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July 2018 issue



Spiritual healers have 
hands-on approach…

   HERE Phillippa Read gives healing to a young alpaca named Sunny. He is being held by Christabelle Kemmish, the daughter of the farm’s owner.
Phillippa Read gives healing
to a young alpaca named Sunny.

SPIRITUAL healers at two of the Isle of Wight’s Spiritualist churches have adopted a hands-on programme to take healing directly into the community.

The details came from Sylvia Knight, the healing leader at Ryde church, which has teamed up with counterparts from Ventnor Spiritualist Church. Maureen Turpin is the healing leader at Ventnor church.
“We’ve joined together to work in the community at healing and well-being shows around the island,” Sylvia told PN. “The joint venture began eight years ago – and is still going strong.”

It first began when “we were at a healing session in Ventnor church. A young man came in and told us he was arranging a healing festival in Ventnor Botanic Garden to raise funds to help towards the cost of running the gardens and asked if we would like to take part.

“As this was a Thursday and the festival was on the following Saturday and Sunday, we decided we would give it a go. I had a gazebo and between the rest of the team we cobbled together a stand.

“We were very surprised and pleased with the response we had at the festival. We now have our own gazebo and banners advertising the churches.

“The island has many festivals. Depending on time and cost we try to do at least three a year.”

Between five and ten healers are involved, but the number of those attending “varies due to work and other commitments.”

The healers come from various backgrounds. They include “a hairdresser, a shop assistant, three carers, an assistant manager at the local cinema, a pizza delivery man and a receptionist. The rest of us are retired.”...

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