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July 2019 (Issue No 4177)

July 2019

(Issue No 4177)



Pat your pet to keep 
the doctor away  By Billy Roberts


GANDHI once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

   DOGS are being trained to react to various conditions, such as sniffing cancer.


DOGS are being trained to react to various
conditions, such as sniffing cancer.

This is quite evident, in our so-called modern and advanced age, when we look at the way in which some countries regard animals. In ancient Egypt, anyone caught being cruel to cats would be executed with no questions asked!

Thankfully, the majority of people in the western world treat animals with great fondness and respect. Most families have a pet of one kind or another. Whether a dog or a cat, he or she is nearly always considered as one of the family.

This does not in any way mean cruelty to animals no longer happens because, sadly, we know that it does. However, both dogs and cats contribute far more to the family atmosphere than a mere furry presence.

It is really only over the last twenty years or so that it has been realised just how much dogs and cats affect our lives from a psychological as well as a physical perspective.
Indeed, there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that children brought up with a dog or cat are far more sensitive, caring and emotionally balanced than those raised in a family without a pet.

Much more than this, it is now widely accepted that pets, particularly dogs and cats, possess the extraordinary ability to make us feel better when we are not too well or simply out of sorts.
Our dog or cat always seems to know when we are under the weather and will always insist on cuddling up to us on the settee in an effort to make us feel better.

There is no doubt that shows of affection from a pet are not only comforting when you’re off colour, but they really do make you feel better.

Although in previous years the healing that occurred was thought to be simply a psychological phenomenon, today there appears to be a more scientific explanation why it occurs...

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June 2019 (Issue No 4176)

June 2019

(Issue No 4176)



Professor plans brain activity tests on mediums

A CALL has gone out for mediums with at least five years’ experience to take part in an exciting new study.

   PROF CHRIS ROE: “Not all scientists are preoccupied with debunking paranormal claims.”


PROF CHRIS ROE: “Not all scientists
are preoccupied with debunking
paranormal claims.”

It will take place in the science laboratory within the estate of the Arthur Findlay College, Essex. The college is based at Stansted Hall.

The details came from Prof Chris Roe, the Director of the University of Northampton’s Centre for Psychology and Social Sciences.

“When Arthur Findlay gifted Stansted Hall to the Spiritualists’ National Union in 1964, it was for the establishment of a college for the advancement of psychic science,” Prof Roe told PN.

“While there have been some highly successful collaborations between scientists and mediums, the research and practitioner communities have not had much to do with each other in recent times.”

Prof Roe added that six years ago, Minister David Bruton, President of the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), sought to rectify this by organising a science day at the Arthur Findlay Centre in Stafford, which has been renamed the Barbanell Centre.

A number of academics, including Prof Roe, were invited to give talks on the science of mediumship.

“The event,” he said, “was very well attended. There was an enthusiastic response to the suggestion that researchers and mediums should work more closely together.”

As a first step, Prof Roe, his team, David Bruton and SNU tutor Chris Connelly co-organised a science week at the Arthur Findlay College, during which “developing mediums were introduced to a range of methods that have been used to research mediumship.

“They were given a chance to try the methods out for themselves, including interviews and surveys, experiments testing the survival hypothesis and studies that measure brain activity.”

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May 2019 (Issue No 4175)

May 2019

(Issue No 4175)



Prime Minister faces ‘telepathic attack’ on EU referendumIN what one national newspaper termed a “telepathic attack,” metal-bender Uri Geller has urged the public to use mind power to try and secure a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

THERESA MAY is seen with Uri Geller at his former home when he predicted that she would become Prime Minister. (Photo: urigeller.com)

THERESA MAY is seen with Uri Geller at his former
home when he predicted that she would become
Prime Minister.  (Photo: urigeller.com)


Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Uri said that he has “known Theresa May for over 21 years, as I lived in the same village as she still does.

“She visited my home. I took her to my garage, pointed at a spoon that belonged to Winston Churchill and bombarded her saying, ‘She will be Prime Minister.’ She laughed. Now she is.”

Uri said he plans to use the “power of my mind” and, with the help of millions of fellow Remainers, mount a telepathic attack on Mrs May aimed at forcing her to hold a second referendum.

Admitting that many sceptics do not believe in his gifts, Uri outlined his scheme to keep Britain within the EU.

“This is my plan to all of you who are with me,” he said. “I’m not a prophet and I’m not a guru.

“If we concentrate together at 11.11 am/pm every morning and evening, think the following: ‘Theresa, bring us to a second vote. Go to a second referendum’.”

Though he now lives in Israel, Uri said that he has a British passport and “cares passionately” about the UK’s future...

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April 2019 (Issue No 4174)

April 2019

(Issue No 4174)



Musicians tell of 
divine inspiration By Billy Roberts

X-RAYS were discovered by accident in 1895.

X-RAYS were discovered
by accident in 1895.

WHEN John Lennon was composing some of his great songs, such as Imagine, he described the process of inspiration as though the top of his head had been opened and the words and tune just poured in as if from some cosmic source.

John was certainly not one for having flights of fancy and couldn’t have described the process of inspiration better and what occurred when he was “in the zone,” so to speak.

Barry Gibb, of Bee Gees fame, is yet another musician who attributed his compositions to some divine source and said that music came to him in dreams. He keeps a recording device on his bedside cabinet, so he can sing into it when waking in the middle of the night.

But is this really divine inspiration or just a huge coincidence manufactured by genius? Apart from music icons, what about other great inventors throughout time who have enhanced the quality of our lives with their discoveries?

Let’s start with Alexander Fleming, who gave us penicillin, the first antibiotic, which has saved the lives of countless millions of people throughout the world.
A Scottish bacteriologist, Fleming accidentally discovered the antibiotic in 1928 when he returned from holiday and found that a green mould called penicillium notatum had contaminated Petri dishes in his laboratory and killed some of the bacteria he had been growing.

We take many things for granted, without giving much thought to how they first came about. Here are some others...

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March 2019 (Issue No 4173)

March 2019

(Issue No 4173)



Spirit healer has ‘X-ray vision when she touches people’

A HEALER and medium who, said The Sun, has a “magic touch” and “experiences X-ray vision when she touches people,” told PN last week that after being featured by the paper, she experienced “a spike” in requests for readings.

BRITTA HOCHKEPPEL: “Working with Spirit is proof that when we pass on, all we leave behind is our physical body.”     
BRITTA HOCHKEPPEL: “Working with Spirit is
proof that when we pass on, all we leave behind
is our physical body.”

German-born Britta Hochkeppel also noticed an increase in people seeking healing for animals.

Now based in Coggeshall, Essex, Britta’s Vita Serena sanctuary is decorated with Buddhas, angel wings, gongs and drums, which she uses in sound healing.

The paper said that Britta, a “natural born sceptic,” quit her career as a print maker to become a psychic surgeon. It added:

“She claims to have a ‘word of mouth reputation’ for ‘healing’ back pain, insomnia, arthritis and migraines…
“She has ‘healed’ hundreds of people simply by laying her hands on their bodies, seeing inside to the root of the problem and directing energy towards it.

“Britta also receives animal patients and says that last month she cured a paralysed dog after three sessions.”

The healer told journalist Becky Pemberton: “When I first started out in naturopathy, you only had to mention the words ‘energy’ or ‘psychic’ and people would run a mile.

“Now, though, the tide is starting to turn and people have come to realise that there is a lot more going on beneath the surface that science doesn’t have an answer for.”

Britta grew up in Germany and became familiar with natural remedies when a youngster, as her grandmother, Gertrude, who now guides her, was also a healer. She passed on in 1992 when Britta was aged 24.

“My grandmother was a very humble woman and did not like to boast about her abilities, but certainly had some kind of healing power, which fascinated me,” said Britta...

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February 2019 (Issue No 4172)

February 2019

(Issue No 4172)



Have moving moments with a do-it-yourself meditation test

HOT on the heels of the news that Prince Harry is meditating every day before he becomes a father, here’s a chance for PN readers to try what many on social media wrongly believe is a stress test, but more of that later.

IT has emerged that Prince Harry is now meditating on a daily basis.  (Photo: DoD News / EJ Hersom)


IT has emerged that Prince Harry
is now meditating on a daily basis.
(Photo: DoD News / EJ Hersom)

“Harry Krishna” ran a lead story headline in The Sun, which said that “Meg’s chilled-out prince” is meditating on a daily basis.

Journalist Emily Andrews explained that Prince Harry, 34, chatted to Buddhist monk Kelsang Sonam when he and his wife Meghan visited a café in Birkenhead, Merseyside.

“Harry asked me how I became a Buddhist monk,” said 69-year-old Kelsang. “He said he meditated every day, so I gave him my meditation book.”

The prince also revealed that he is a feminist when he and Meghan, who is six months pregnant, visited the Tomorrow’s Women charity.

“Harry initiated a group hug,” said its chief executive officer Angela Murphy. “There were about fifteen women – it was a scrum. He said, ‘Come on, group hug.’ You don’t expect that. They engaged and initiated conversations with the women and were so warm.”

Carol Cooper, the paper’s doctor, said meditation helps people to sleep better, reduces anxiety and makes individuals more patient, which were valuable assets for a new father.

“Harry,” she added, “will have a sense of physical and mental wellbeing.”

The paper ended by saying that meditation is practised widely in many eastern religions and philosophies, including Hinduism and the Hare Krishna movement.

In its report of the couple’s visit to Birkenhead, the MailOnline said that Los Angeles-based meditation instructor Light Watkins claimed he had spent four days giving Meghan one-to-one guidance and still e-mails the duchess a “daily dose of inspiration.”

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January 2019 (Issue No 4171)

January 2019

(Issue No 4171)



Doctor backs healer’s distant healing sent 6,000 miles By Kano Baker

SINGER Engelbert Humperdinck has revealed that he takes his wife, Patricia, to healers in a bid to halt her Alzheimer’s disease.

   ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK: “I believe I have had 95 previous lives. Success in life leads to greater things in future lives.” (Photo: Wayne Dilger)
I have had 95 previous lives. Success in
life leads to greater things in future lives.”
(Photo: Wayne Dilger)

Engelbert, 82, and Patricia, 79, have been married for 54 years. First diagnosed with Alzheimer’s ten years ago, she now has 24-hour care.

The singer, who has sold more than 150 million records, told the Daily Mail’s Lina Das that he discovered a gift for healing several years ago when on tour in Germany.

Suffering from a viral infection for over four months, Engelbert visited an iridologist, who cured him within two weeks. The practitioner told him, “You have healing powers.”

Though he “just laughed at him,” Engelbert decided to try healing. One of his patients had Bell’s palsy, which causes facial paralysis.
“I prayed for him and within three minutes his lip came down,” said the singer. “People think I’m crazy, but I don’t care. If I can help somebody in any way, that’s fine by me.

“With any healer, they say that the only person they can’t help is their spouse because they’re too close. I still pray over my wife, though. I do everything I can.”

The couple live in Bel Air, California and have four children. Of his wife’s condition, Engelbert said: “She’s doing OK considering that she’s had it for the past ten years.

“Patricia still knows me and knows everybody. Our son Scott came over from Australia a couple of days ago and she called him by his name.

“That’s totally unheard of because after ten years of Alzheimer’s nobody can say people’s names like that.

“When Scott went back to Australia, she cried, so she knows who he is. We’re doing everything we can to help her.

“I have acupuncturists see her, as well as my regular doctor, who’s wonderful. I also have people from the holistic world and I’ve taken her to see healers."

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December 2018 (Issue No 4170)

December 2018

(Issue No 4170)



Doctor backs healer’s distant healing sent 6,000 miles By Kano Baker

HEALER Carol Everett’s abilities have been successfully measured by medical technicians, and the effects verified, by using thermal imaging cameras checking results in real time with a patient-to-healer distance of 6,000 miles.

   CAROL EVERETT: “I reach a place where there is no time and everything is at one with pure energy.”
CAROL EVERETT: “I reach a place
where there is no time and everything
is at one with pure energy.”

Some years ago, Professor Yoshio Machi, of Tokyo’s Denki University, tested Carol’s healing abilities, which were confirmed by a doctor before and after healing.

Now Dr Enrique García Jiménez, who practises in Murcia, Spain, has likewise backed her gift concerning the latest tests involving the USA and Spain.

In a testimonial, Dr Enrique explained that he was asked “to check sets of thermal images taken during healing to observe and comment as a doctor on changes in the images over the healing period and to decide if that change was as a result of healing.

“There were no external influences other than the healing to make the changes that were observed…

“When asked about the results I witnessed at a distance, it was sufficient to confirm clearly that changes happened by means of Carol Everett’s healing abilities.

“I have seen Carol’s healing ability over a number of years now. Though I do not understand how it happens, there is evidence from results obtained to support that her healing somehow has a beneficial effect.

“Normally it is not possible to see this happening, but the thermal images from the tests allow it to be seen, as it has a direct influence on the patient.”

During the 6,000-mile tests, three people received distant treatment from Carol, who was in her consulting room in Spain and used a video conferencing link....

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October 2018 (Issue No 4168)

November 2018

(Issue No 4169)



Psychic says Roman soldiers cause accident black spot

A PSYCHIC made headlines and was interviewed on national radio after saying that an accident-plagued part of the M6 in Cheshire may suffer from more crashes than other stretches of the motorway because Roman soldiers haunt it.

   MIKE BROOKER stands above Junction 18 on the M6. Statistically, the motorway is one of the worst accident black spots in the country.
MIKE BROOKER stands above Junction 18 on the M6.
Statistically, the motorway is one of the worst accident
black spots in the country.

The M6 runs from junction 19 of the M1 at the Catthorpe Interchange, near Rugby, then heads north, passing Stoke-on-Trent, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Lancaster and Carlisle. It terminates at the Gretna junction in Scotland.

One press report stated: “A series of strange phenomena have been reported by motorists between junctions 16 and 19, including phantom lorries, spectral hitchhikers and sightings of legionnaires.

“Mike Brooker says the disturbance caused by a £250 million upgrade project could be to blame.

“He said a Roman burial ground in the area of the roadworks may have awoken 2,000-year-old spirits which now haunt motorists and cause crashes.”

Mr Brooker, 53, from Northwich, has dubbed the area “Cheshire’s Bermuda Triangle” because of the relatively high number of accidents on the “treacherous” stretch of road...

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Sacred oils to soothe the soul  FELICITY WARNER: “Aromatic plants have been used for medicine and ritual for many thousands of years.”

   Sacred Oils book cover

Felicity Warner is the founder of The Soul Midwives School, which she began over 20 years ago after sitting with hundreds of people at the end of their lives. She lectures at universities and international conferences, and has written three acclaimed books, “Gentle Dying,” “A Safe Journey Home” and “The Soul Midwives’ Handbook.”

In 2017, Felicity was named “End of Life Care Champion” by the National Council for Palliative Care at the House of Lords and won an award as one of the “Daily Mail’s” most “Inspirational Women of the Year.”

Her latest venture is another book, “Sacred Oils.” Subtitled “Working with 20 Precious Oils to Heal Spirit and Soul,” it is published by Hay House at £10.99.

In this specially commissioned article for PN, Felicity writes about the oils, their uses and history...

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October 2018 (Issue No 4168)

October 2018

(Issue No 4168)



Psychic helps find lost pets all over the world

   Becky Willoughby
Becky Willoughby.

A PSYCHIC in Devon who reunited a missing pet skunk with its owner is now being approached from people in various parts of the world to find lost pets.

Hypnotherapist and psychic Becky Willoughby was interviewed by Abbie Bray on devonlive.com.

A PSYCHIC in Devon who reunited a missing pet skunk with its owner is now being approached from people in various parts of the world to find lost pets.

Hypnotherapist and psychic Becky Willoughby was interviewed by Abbie Bray on devonlive.com

Abbie explained that last year, Becky reunited Dottie the skunk with her owner Sarah Harris “by using what she calls ‘intuitive energy.’

“She says she managed to find out Dottie’s whereabouts after having a vision of where she was.

“Becky said that since she reunited Dottie with Sarah, she has been contacted by people all over the world asking her to help them find their lost pets.”

More recently, Becky said that a woman called Anne “contacted me from Suffolk after her dog Sassi went missing.

“I was contacted by a friend who asked me to help her, and I described the whole area of where the dog had gone missing.

   Clairvoyant clues were given about Zuzia, the missing Polish skunk.
Clairvoyant clues were given about
Zuzia, the missing Polish skunk.

“I was able to describe a busy road, a garden and a woodland area. In the middle of the woodlands, I could see there was a stone arch.

“Sassi was chasing a deer when she ran off. I could see that she had injuries all over her body and had died. “Anne knew the area I was describing. The following day, she went there and found Sassi. Anne contacted me shortly afterwards to thank me because she could get closure on her passing.”

Becky added that pet owners have got in touch with her from Poland, New Zealand and America.

“A couple from Poland wants me to help them find their pet skunk Zuzia,” she said. “Zuzia went missing in July...

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Additional free content: Extract from Many Voices, One Mission by Michael G. Reccia and R. Jane Kneen.

…The Passing of Mr Johnson

[Jane recalls: This clairvoyant communication was given to us early one Easter Saturday morning by the Persian Gentleman as a narrative to illustrate a typical scenario of someone passing into the spiritual realms. This was several years before Joseph’s comprehensive account of the afterlife in his book Your Life After Death, which describes in great detail many other scenarios, pathways and processes as we journey onwards through the spiritual spheres.]

   Many Voices, One Mission – part of The Joseph Communications – by Michael G. Reccia and R Jane Kneen

The Persian Gentleman: Good Morning, Michael; Good Morning, Jane; and Good Morning, Molly [a greeting to our Spaniel - once described by Silver Star as ‘the most stubborn dog that ever incarnated’]. And it is a good morning to talk to you because there is a very strong link between the Earth plane and my plane, which I knew about in advance and is why I said specifically that I would come to you on this particular Saturday. The day has been arranged so that I can bring this information through early in the morning when most people are asleep, which is important because when they get up their thoughts spill out into the atmosphere and pollute the vibration of communication, making it more difficult for us to work.

I wish to talk about 'enrolment' into the spiritual realms (although that is not strictly the correct term as all souls come from and go back to that dimension) and I want to consider things from the point of view of the ordinary man or woman.

So, let us imagine that we are with a 'Mr Johnson', who has lived what may be described as an ‘average life’. He has held down an average job with average earnings. He is married with two children and lives in an average type of house. His father is still alive but his mother has passed on to the spirit worlds …or, as he thinks, has ‘died’ and no longer exists.

Mr Johnson has been a worrier all his life and over the last few months has experienced a tightness across his chest as a result of his anxiety. On this particular morning he sets off to work in his average car but doesn't actually arrive there because, as he crosses the bridge linking the residential side of town to the area where he works, he suddenly feels a severe pain in his chest which he clutches as he tries to keep his car on the road. The pain passes and he thinks: 'Thank goodness for that! I thought for a moment I was having a heart attack but it must just have been indigestion.'

He continues to drive towards work …or so he thinks… and suddenly becomes aware of someone sitting in the passenger seat. Looking across he sees a man who seems strangely familiar to him …

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September 2018 (Issue No 4167)

September 2018

(Issue No 4167)



Top tips to beat stress

   STEPHEN MARKS: “Around 60,000 thoughts pass through our minds every day.”
STEPHEN MARKS: “Around 60,000 thoughts
pass through our minds every day.”

PRIME MINISTER Theresa May has revealed she walks, reads cookery books and watches the American naval crime programme “NCIS” to help her unwind and beat the stress of life at Number 10. Inspired by the Premier’s recent revelation about “NCIS,” here Stephen Marks, a qualified yoga instructor, gives some top tips on how to beat stress.

Having spent twenty years in a City law firm, Stephen is the founder of Mind Body Buildinag and a fully-qualified practitioner of Yoga nidra. He trained in Costa Rica at the Punta Mona eco-resort with the Shamanic School of Yoga and is now a Thought Leader at the Global Wellness Institute.

Additionally, Stephen helped institute two wellness programmes in leading London law firms and has also worked with global accountancy practices and advertising agencies.

Stephen, who has travelled to over 80 countries in the world, pointed out that “85 per cent of adults in the UK regularly feel stressed. Learning how to manage this is key.

“I like to compare the mind to a musical instrument. The best orchestral players tune their instruments every time they play, so why not fine tune your mind?”


There is an Indian saying, “If you don’t go within, you go without.” The pace of life is relentless. Additionally, around 60,000 thoughts pass through our minds every day. However, a lot of this flow of thought is not helpful, and is often critical and negative.

Meditation in its simplest form can help us to take a step back and slow our thoughts down. Rather than having to constantly react to impulses and situations, meditation trains us to approach things in a calmer and more detached way.

Being able to relax the mind in this way can have a huge effect on our overall wellbeing. Nowadays, it is easy to get started with a host of online resources, apps and classes with some studios dedicated solely to meditation...

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‘Changing gender sparked my psychic gifts’ says medium
Becs Sawyer (Photo: Facebook)

Becs Sawyer (Photo: Facebook)

A MEDIUM who transitioned from a male to a female has explained that her psychic gifts blossomed only after she made the change.

“Meet the borough’s trans medium,” announced the Ilford Recorder on its front page, which sent reporter Ellena Cruse to see one of Rebecca “Becs” Sawyer’s demonstrations and interview her.

Ellena started her account: “Despite the remnants of a glorious day outside, I sit in a packed room with around a hundred other people, eyes facing forward.

“The only exception to the mass stillness and silence is a woman sitting behind me. As gentle tears roll down her face, she whispers, ‘Thank you.’

“Before you think I have run away and joined a cult or decided to audition as an extra in a futuristic dystopian movie, I need to come clean and reveal that I am relatively safe and have come to watch a show by medium Rebecca ‘Becs’ Sawyer, who grew up in Ilford. “If every medium has a back story, 
then Becs has a seven-part series and 
she claims that her gift only manifested after she changed sex from a man to woman.

“A former 6ft 2in martial arts trainer, who was bullied at school, she said it was only when she was true to herself that she could feel spirits.”

Becs said that she “always had a passion” for the subject, “but nothing really developed much until I went through my own emotional and physical transition, then the spiritual stuff opened up.

“I came across some brilliant tutors and mentors who helped me. We all have the ability – it is not a superpower. I don’t think unless I went through the transition it would have happened.”

Ellena added, “Just like living people, Becs said spirits of the dead all have different energies and personalities, and she doesn’t like all of them.”

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August 2018 (Issue No 4166)

August 2018

(Issue No 4166)


Actress sees child’s form at end of bed

   Trudie Styler
Trudie Styler.

ACTRESS and producer Trudie Styler has told how she saw a child’s spirit form.

Ms Styler is married to singer, songwriter and actor Sting. He was the principal songwriter, lead singer and bassist for the new wave rock band The Police from 1977 to 1986 and later launched a solo career.

She was interviewed in Metro by journalist Anna Smith, who asked: “Sting claims he was once confronted by a ghost. Do you believe in them?”

Ms Styler explained that she was staying at Ragley Hall, a stately home located south of Alcester, Warwickshire, eight miles west of Stratford-upon-Avon.

It is the ancestral seat of the Marquess and Marchioness of Hertford, who had been to see a play in which Ms Styler appeared and invited her to stay for the weekend.

“They gave me a very nice room and said it was a very special room,” said Ms Styler. Following dinner with about twenty people and their children, she went to bed.

“In the wee hours,” Ms Styler explained, “a little lad appeared at the end of the bed. I said, ‘Goodness, can’t you sleep?’ He looked at me, then I looked again and he wasn’t there.”

The next morning, Ms Styler asked, “Who is the little boy walking around late at night?” The Marquess replied, “Ah, you met him, did you?”

Miss Styler added: “This was their haunted room. His wife said: ‘It’s a good sign. It means you’ll have a baby in the next year.’

“He appears to women guests, who often have a child soon after. About a year later, I had my daughter, Mickey.”

Sting described on BBC Radio 2 an apparitional encounter he once experienced. His wife also saw the figure concerned.

“I would never have said I believe in ghosts until I saw one – and I’ve seen a ghost with my own eyes,” said the singer. “I was in bed one night in a very old house I used to live in.

“I woke up at three in the morning, bolt upright, looked into the corner of the room and thought I saw Trudie standing there with a child – our child – in her arms, staring at me...

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July 2018 (Issue No 4165)

July 2018

(Issue No 4165)



Spiritual healers have 
hands-on approach…

   HERE Phillippa Read gives healing to a young alpaca named Sunny. He is being held by Christabelle Kemmish, the daughter of the farm’s owner.
Phillippa Read gives healing
to a young alpaca named Sunny.

SPIRITUAL healers at two of the Isle of Wight’s Spiritualist churches have adopted a hands-on programme to take healing directly into the community.

The details came from Sylvia Knight, the healing leader at Ryde church, which has teamed up with counterparts from Ventnor Spiritualist Church. Maureen Turpin is the healing leader at Ventnor church.
“We’ve joined together to work in the community at healing and well-being shows around the island,” Sylvia told PN. “The joint venture began eight years ago – and is still going strong.”

It first began when “we were at a healing session in Ventnor church. A young man came in and told us he was arranging a healing festival in Ventnor Botanic Garden to raise funds to help towards the cost of running the gardens and asked if we would like to take part.

“As this was a Thursday and the festival was on the following Saturday and Sunday, we decided we would give it a go. I had a gazebo and between the rest of the team we cobbled together a stand.

“We were very surprised and pleased with the response we had at the festival. We now have our own gazebo and banners advertising the churches.

“The island has many festivals. Depending on time and cost we try to do at least three a year.”

Between five and ten healers are involved, but the number of those attending “varies due to work and other commitments.”

The healers come from various backgrounds. They include “a hairdresser, a shop assistant, three carers, an assistant manager at the local cinema, a pizza delivery man and a receptionist. The rest of us are retired.”...

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Famous guitarist strums medium’s praises
 BRIAN MAY: “Animals around us see, hear and feel, almost exactly as we do.” Here, he is seen playing at London’s O2 Arena last year. (Photo: Raph_PH)   
 BRIAN MAY   (Photo: Raph_PH)

The Foreword to Jenny Smedley’s new book “Dogs and Cats Have Souls Too” is written by Brian May, CBE, who is well known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen, which he co-founded with lead singer Freddie Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor.

Mr May is married to Anita Dobson, who, from 1985 to 1988, played pub landlady Angie Watts in BBC1 TV’s “EastEnders.” On Christmas Day in 1986, over 30 million viewers tuned in to see her screen husband Den handing Angie her divorce papers.

Amongst the most unusual highlights in a glittering career was when Mr May played the national anthem on the roof of Buckingham Palace to mark the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002.

Twelve thousand people were selected by lottery to attend the Party at the Palace whilst an estimated one million people watched outside the building. The event was seen by around 200 million people on TV. Here’s what Brian May says about Jenny:

JENNY SMEDLEY is already a name known to animal lovers worldwide, but for those to whom her name is new, let me explain a little.

Her thesis – that animals have souls as well as humans – can easily be mistaken for a piece of pure “sentimentality,” but the lightness and humour of many of the anecdotes in this book belie a subtext which is the power behind a very important and growing revolution in our attitude to the other species on planet earth.

In my work for animal welfare in recent months, I have been struck by a very clear insight. We all grow up and leave home, and are sure that our system of beliefs is entirely our own, supported by verifiable evidence and logical argument, but for the vast majority of us, nothing could be further from the truth.

We don’t have to look very far into our everyday behaviour to see that it is dominated by habit – a whole system of behaviour patterns learned from our parents or guardians in our early childhood, only marginally modified by ourselves, often in response to pressure from our peers in later life...

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June 2018 (Issue No 4164)

June 2018

(Issue No 4164)



PRESERVING THE PAST – Unique collaboration puts 78 years of Psychic News at your 
fingertips for free – JV Trust donates PN digital archive to University of Manitoba

AN ongoing project to make every newspaper format issue of Psychic News available on the internet without charge was launched in Canada on 11 May by the Editor, Roy Stemman.

The first decades of searchable issues from the very first issue in 1932 are already online and it is hoped the rest of Psychic News, published through to its final appearance as a newspaper during 2010, will be available in a few months’ time for anyone to view without payment.

This treasure trove of Spiritualism and parapsychology, when complete, will consist of 4,125 items – mostly complete issues of Psychic News [PN] but also special advertising supplements and booklists – and will be of great historical importance to Spiritualists around the world as well as scholars and researchers.

Its pages capture triumphs and scandals, impressive stories of evidence of survival after death, interviews with well-known mediums and celebrities, as well as offering spiritual teachings channelled through mediums. Its home page can be found at:

Visitors can then click on “Search the Psychic News Archive” and specify which issues they wish to view in their entirety, or conduct searches for mediums, healers and researchers featured in our columns, either throughout the entire collection or in specific time periods or issues...

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Finding a home for Holmes – Conan Doyle and the Strange Case of Fiction Becoming Fact – By Kay Hunter

WHEN AUTHOR and devout Spiritualist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the detective hero Sherlock Holmes he released a phenomenon that is now enjoyed around the world.

Holmes has been portrayed by artists and sculptors as well as eminent actors who have brought the perceptive and eccentric fellow to life on stage and screen.

The psychological make-up of Conan Doyle’s fictional creation, who has become a thriving international industry, particularly fascinates many readers and researchers. What early experiences helped to shape Sherlock Holmes? 

He did not exist as a living human being, but no matter. Serious Holmes devotees not only study his life in minute detail but they claim to have found proof of the existence of his London home.
The blurred edges separating fact from fiction merely act as a stimulant to seek further.

Holmes was not portrayed as a family man, and was not particularly lovable. He shared an apartment with his tolerant assistant, Dr John H. Watson, and the odd couple were looked after at 221b Baker Street, London, by their housekeeper, Mrs Hudson.

Holmes’ pilgrims have spent endless time trying to find the house and address defined by the author. Some claim success, even announcing discovery of a definitive flight of steps, and go away satisfied with the results of their quest.
We must therefore admire Conan Doyle’s imagination and meticulous attention to detail. But what is the truth about 221b Baker Street? Was the house or its real residents well known to the author?...

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May 2018 (Issue No 4163)

May 2018

(Issue No 4163)



JOHN CLEESE SUPPORTS MEDIUMSHIP AND REINCARNATION RESEARCHERS Famous comedian raises £35,000 for University of Virginia

BRITISH comedian and actor John Cleese shared a platform early in April with University of Virginia academics exploring various aspects of consciousness and the paranormal.

These are subjects in which he has been interested for more than two decades. He has attended Scientific & Medical Network conferences in the UK and he also sits on the advisory board of the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies, which is part of the School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioural Sciences.

He took to the stage at the Paramount Theatre, Charlottesville, to introduce five members of division’s team and explore with them, as moderator, the serious and clinical research they conduct into unusual phenomena.

The event was part of the annual Tom Tom Founders Festival which attracts large numbers of people to the city.

Sharing the platform with Cleese were Dr Bruce Greyson, former director of the division and a professor emeritus, who discussed near-death experiences; Dr Emily Kelly and Prof Ed Kelly (her husband) spoke about death-bed visions and postmortem survival; Dr Jennifer “Kim” Penberthy, gave insights into meditation; and Prof Jim Tucker delved into cases suggestive of reincarnation, the presentation that drew the most responses from the audience. Tucker was recently interviewed in our columns [PN January 2018]...

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Art Bell, the radio host who put the normal into paranormal

DURING its peak in the 1990s, Art Bell’s Coast-to-Coast AM night-time radio show was broadcast on approximately 500 North American radio stations, airing from his isolated hometown of Pahrump on KNYE 95.1 FM, the station he founded.

It became world-famous for the weird and wonderful topics he explored, from UFOs and alien abductions to conspiracy theories and paranormal phenomena. No topic, it seemed, was out-of-bounds, whether it was Area 51 or Government secrecy.

Though he handed over Coast-to-Coast AM to George Noory and George Knapp in 2010, since when they have split the hosting duties, Art Bell continued to be remembered and admired by his huge fan base.

The sadness they felt on hearing of his passing at the age of 72 was eased by the realisation that he died of Friday the 13th (of April). He would have been the first to see the funny side of that coincidence.

Among those paying tributes were celebrities like Star Trek actor William Shatner and singer Josh Groban, who took to Twitter to recall staying up late to
listen to the host’s “one of a kind” voice and how “his shows were so weird and spooky but somehow managed to hold off your scepticism”...

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April 2018 (Issue No 4162)

April 2018

(Issue No 4162)



omedian Sir Ken Dodd will be tickled by reunion with his parents – PSYCHIC NEWS REPORTER

THERE was a serious side to one of Britain’s most-loved funny men, Sir Ken Dodd, that few people saw. In his visits to the Psychic News Bookshop in the 1970s, when it was based in London’s Great Queen Street, he revealed his awareness of Spirit and his conviction that both his parents were still close to him following their deaths.

Sir Ken, who was knighted a year ago, died on 11 March at his Knotty Ash, Liverpool, home in which he was born 90 years earlier. He was a subscriber to Psychic News and those of us fortunate enough to speak with him during his visits to buy Spiritualist books soon realised that his belief in survival of death was based on personal experiences.

Famous for his shaggy hairstyle, buck teeth and “tickling stick”, as well as his “tattyfilarious” one-line gags – “It’s 10 years since I went out of my mind. I’d never go back” was a typical example – Sir Ken was still performing until needing a six-week stay in hospital for a chest infection at the beginning of the year.

On leaving hospital he married Anne Jones, his partner of 40 years, just two days before his passing and she was at his bedside when he died.

We first reported his interest in life after death and spirit communication in 1972 when a Psychic News reporter wrote that he had just “had the pleasure of shaking hands with my favourite TV personality Diddy-man Ken Dodd”.

The encounter happened in PN’s Bookshop “where he browses fairly regularly” (PN 24 June 1972).
“Interested in our subject, he is a PN subscriber,” the reporter wrote, and he was carrying a fistful of books he had just bought. “He preferred to give me no psychic comment.”

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Top director’s 
paranormal fascination – Guillermo del Toro reveals two ghostly encounters

HIS 2017 fantasy movie The Shape of Water has attracted numerous honours, including Best Picture at this year’s Academy Award. Like many of Mexican director Guillermo del Toro’s previous productions, it reflects a strong connection with fairy tales, fantasy and horror.

This formula is attracting huge audiences keen to immerse themselves in the magic of his cinematic creations. But Del Toro, known as a master of the macabre, gets his thrills from checking into haunted hotels when he’s travelling, taking rooms with a reputation for paranormal activity, in the hope of having his own spooky encounters.

He has also spoken of two personal experiences of ghosts. In both cases he heard them rather than saw them. The first happened in Mexico when he was just 11 years old. In an interview with Gizmodo.com’s IO9 in 2016, he explained that after his uncle had passed away he was given the room in which he had lived.

“My uncle and I made a deal, because he was one of the earliest influences for me. We talked about the paranormal and the supernatural and all that. He said to me that if and when he died, he would come back and let me know if there’s anything else.

“So a couple of years after he had died, I was not thinking about it, I was doing my homework, the TV was on. And then I started hearing a voice, a human voice breathing and sighing really close to my ear. Really sad, long sighs filled with sorrow... 

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March 2018 (Issue No 4161)

March 2018

(Issue No 4161)



Departed help medium organise their funerals – Spirit messages guide Tracie Long in her work as a spiritual celebrant

SPIRITUALIST church president Carol Long is among those who are thankful to Tracie Long (no relation) for her sensitive conducting of their loved one’s funerals.

Beacon of Light Spiritualist Church, Enfield
Beacon of Light Spiritualist Church, Enfield

The reason the Chelmsford medium and astrologer’s services are so appropriate is that she receives valuable input from the spirits who have just passed on. In fact, she often hears from the newly-departed spirits before their families make contact.

It seems the deceased have listened in on their relatives’ discussions about the type of service and are aware that Tracie will soon be approached. So they get in first with their own recommendations.

Carol Long, who runs the Beacon of Light Spiritualist Church, in the north London borough of Enfield, had become friends with Tracie on Facebook a few years ago. Subsequently she had seen from Tracie’s posts that she had trained to become a civil celebrant, able to perform weddings or funeral services without a religious content...

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Singers in tune with the paranormal?

REPORTS of the death of Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan at a London hotel focussed not only on her medical history – she had publicly spoken about her depression and bipolar disorder – but also on her views on death. She may even have predicted her passing.

Photo: Cernunnos XPP Yaun
Janis Joplin in 1970    
Mark E. Smith performing with The Fall in Edinburgh in 2011   (Photo: Cernunnos XPP Yaun)    

O’Riordan, from Limerick, Ireland, was in the capital for a recording session. Her death at the age of 47 is not being treated as suspicious.

In a 2013 interview, O’Riordan told journalist Barry Egan: “I am not going to live long. I’m 43. If I see 50, I’ll be happy. I mean that.”

Asked in another interview what she would be reincarnated as, the singer replied: “I think I’ll probably come back as an angel and I’d like to guide people or guard people going through similar experiences in life, whisper in their ear and kind of give them ideas on how to deal with things.”

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February 2018 (Issue No 4160)

February 2018

(Issue No 4160)


UFOs AND ART  Ariel visitor at school named Ariel
 Ariel Phenomenon documentary poster ONE OF the most remarkable UFO close encounters with multiple witnesses occurred at a Zimbabwe school in 1994. More than 60 pupils and some of the teaching staff at the Ariel primary school in Ruwa reported seeing a disc-shaped object land close by during the morning break.

They also saw two small creatures, one of which was said to have approached the children. A BBC reporter, Tim Leech, was the first to investigate the report, just days after the event, and he alerted Dr John Mack, the American professor investigating close encounters.

Two months later, the Harvard psychiatrist arrived in Zimbabwe, spending six days at the school talking with the children and staff, and asking the witnesses to draw what they had seen. These interviews were filmed...

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What does being ‘spiritual’ mean to you? Sandy Phillips reflects on labels that are not always appropriate
Photo of Sandy Philips   She told me I was doing the work of the Devil   

MANY people describe themselves as “spiritual” these days, but what does that really mean?

Through the years, I have met many religious folk of all varieties and found that some were far from spiritual, with no empathy even for their own relations. Some are even racist, mean or cruel – yet still believe themselves to be good, upright and decent – and therefore “spiritual”.

On the other hand, a person may be very spiritual – kind, thoughtful and working to improve others’ lives with no thought for themselves – yet they have no particular belief in any dogma at all. 

A lot of our behaviour and how we interact with others stems from childhood, of course. If someone had parents who were violent, uncaring and only put themselves first, then it is very hard for their children to be otherwise, as this was their role model.

But other children do try to be different to what was meted out to them when they emerge later, rather like butterflies from their cocoons, and make good progress.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. My mother once had two nuns knock at her door on some noble quest. Being always gentle and friendly, she asked them in and offered some tea, which they accepted...

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January 2018 (Issue No 4159)

January 2018

(Issue No 4159)


PIONEER TRANSPLANT SURGEON RECEIVED HEALING FOR ARTHRITIS - Absent treatment was sought from Harry Edwards by friends of Prof Christiaan Barnard 

THE HALF-CENTURY anniversary of the frst heart transplant operation, carried out in South Africa by Professor Christiaan Barnard, has been commemorated in many countries with TV and other media coverage reflecting on the importance of the pioneering medical procedure.

Today, 50 years later, heart transplants are almost routine so long as a suitable donor heart can be found, with around 3,500 operations taking place each year of which more than half occur in the United States and an average of 200 in Britain.

What is not widely known, however, is that the great cardiac surgeon successfully received spiritual healing for incurable arthritis in his hands – a condition that would have seriously limited his surgical skills.

Prof Barnard was head of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, when shortly after midnight on 3 December 1967 he and his colleagues began an operation that captured world headlines...

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Famous neurosurgeon identifes who he was in previous life - C. Norman Shealy’s intuition even led him to his former hospital
   C. Norman Shealy (Photo: normshealy.com)
C. Norman Shealy
(Photo: normshealy.com)

MOST scientifc research into past-life memories is focused on young children, including some so young that they are just beginning to speak. The reason is simple. They are too young to have been exposed to the information on which their claim to remember a previous existence is based.

It often takes considerable research to verify a child’s memory of a past life, often involving taking the youngster to the town or village he or she has named and allowing them unprompted to find their former residence and identify former family members.

Similar adult memories on the other hand – particularly those that emerge during hypnotic regression – are seldom so evidential. They can be rich in historical detail and concern places and eras about which the subject has no apparent knowledge. But the mind absorbs and stores huge amounts of data – from reading books and magazines or watching TV documentaries or dramas – which can surface during a hypnotic session and be used by the mind to construct an apparent past life.

For that reason, hypnosis is not used as a research tool by Dr Jim Tucker or his colleagues at the University of Virginia, though he concedes that hypnotic regression, regardless of the source of the memories that manifest, could well be an efffective form of therapy.

Tucker acknowledges, however, that there might be cases where an event in an adult’s life brings a spontaneous past-life memory to the surface. In fact, several such cases are to be found in reincarnation’s extensive literature, and one of the most striking concerns Dr C. Norman Shealy, neurosurgeon, pioneer in the management of chronic pain, and now a major player in the feld of holistic wellbeing who is still running courses at the age of 85...

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December 2017 (Issue No 4158)

December 2017

(Issue No 4158)


IN KEEPING with our founding editor’s stance on animal welfare and vegetarianism, and Spiritualism’s long and proud legacy of improving the lives of animals (more about that at another time), we are pleased to offer four tasty, cruelty-free recipes, for the Christmas table or holiday party season, with which to tantalize your guests...

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with this spine-chilling collection

The Vanishing Lady

WRITER and journalist, J. B. Hall recorded a strange experience during a holiday in Northern Ireland. It was shortly before the outbreak of World War One and Hall and a friend had booked rooms in a hotel in a town in Ulster.

Two clergymen, members of a touring party, arrived at the same hotel to find that their rooms had not been booked due to an oversight. Hall and his friend gave up their rooms and took alternative accommodation in an old building nearby, known as the Big House, which the hotel used as an annexe in the summer months.

They were shown into a spacious and rather gloomy set of rooms with a large window, two four-poster beds, a few chairs and an antique mirror. It was evident that the place had seen better days but the pair made up a fire which soon gave the rooms a cheery glow...

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DON’T tell the children, but apparently Santa Claus is no longer making his festive deliveries. In fact, he hasn’t been doing so for many centuries.

Archaeologists in Turkey have unearthed what they say is probably the tomb of the original Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, beneath an ancient church in the south of the country.

Saint Nicholas, a 4th-centry bishop, is believed to have been born in Myra (now known as Demre) in Antalya province.

The head of Antalya Monument Authority, Cemil Karabayram, has revealed that the shrine was discovered during electronic surveys that showed gaps beneath St Nicholas Church. The archaeologists hope eventually to recover his remains.

Previously, it was thought Saint Nicholas’s body had been smuggled to the Italian city of Bari in 1087 and many Christians believe it now rests in the city’s Basilica di San Nicola. Turkish experts maintain, however, that the robbers took the wrong corpse and they have only a local priest, not the legendary bishop who lives on, to this day, in Christmas celebrations.




November 2017 (Issue No 4157)

November 2017

(Issue No 4157)


  Tom Petty song inspired
  by Florida Spiritualist camp

Tom Petty performing live in Horsens, Denmark, June 2012 (Photo: Ирина Лепнёва)

AMONG the many hits recorded by Tom Petty, the American rock musician, singer and songwriter who died in October, one might be said to have been spirit inspired – but not in a conventional way. It’s about the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida, Petty’s home state.

Surprisingly, it seems Petty never visited Cassadaga. He even misspelled its name. But learning of its existence was enough to inspire the words for the song Casa Dega, which he co-wrote with Mike Campbell, and immortalised it musically...

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‘Flatliners’ stars tell of their close brushes with death – Michael Douglas at  the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival (Photo: David Shankbone)Michael Douglas at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival (Photo: David Shankbone)

HE HAS produced a remake of the 1990 sci-fi horror movie Flatliners and has also had his own near-death experience, but Hollywood star Michael Douglas insists he is not a believer in the afterlife.

The theme of Flatliners is experiments by medical students in which they induce and monitor near-death experiences to see what happens when we die. The media, naturally, have been curious to know what Douglas and the new movie’s stars think about their own chances of surviving death.

Speaking to USA Today about nearly drowning when he was a student, Douglas said: “I did hear angels singing, saw a white light and then relaxation came over me as I faced death.” It happened in the 1960s when he was a student at University of California, Santa Barbara, and got into difficulties whilst swimming in the ocean.

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October 2017 (Issue No 4156)

October 2017

(Issue No 4156)

Van Morrison: the truth behind
the ‘Spiritualist’ headlines

IS THE Northern-Irish singer-songwriter Sir George Ivan “Van” Morrison, OBE, a Spiritualist?

Yes, according to rock music magazine Uncut, which interviewed the enigmatic singer and atheist in August, learning in the process that he is a good friend of Michael Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Centre in Culver City, California, and regularly attends its services.

Morrison consulted Irish medium Sharon Neill
Morrison consulted Irish
medium Sharon Neill


Despite the fact that Morrison explained that Agape “is no place for religion and is much ‘deeper’”, the magazine decided to describe it as a Spiritualist church and that claim has made headlines in several publications around the world.

“I’m a member and I am a friend of Dr Beckwith,” Morrison told his interviewer. “I can’t tell you much right now. If anyone wants to find out, I’d rather they looked it up themselves. It’s spiritual, but it’s not religion. It’s beyond religion.”

According to the Belfast Telegraph (2 September), “Members of a controversial Californian Spiritualist church have chanted unusual Happy Birthday messages to their ‘brother’ Sir Van Morrison – days after he spoke about his involvement with the organisation.

“And at the same service, the evening before the east Belfast singer turned 72, the congregation … wished him ‘Happy Earth Day’. The greetings came after Morrison sang three songs at a packed Agape gathering on Wednesday night and he acknowledged their chants by clasping his hands in front of him and bowing to the congregation.”

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Prince William sensed Diana’s presence at her funeral

ON THE 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, her sons, Princes William and Harry, have been speaking movingly about their memories of her and, in particular, her funeral.

The Princess of Wales raising money for cancer research in Chicago, Illinois, June 1996 (Photo: Gegodeju)
The Princess of Wales raising money
for cancer research in Chicago, Illinois,
June 1996                 
(Photo: Gegodeju)

In Diana, 7 Days, a BBC documentary to mark the occasion, William, who was 15 at the time, spoke of walking behind his mother’s coffin on the day of her funeral.

“It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, that walk. It felt she was almost walking along beside us to get us through it.”

In a previous interview with Newsweek, Prince Harry, who was 12 at the time, has said that with hindsight the brothers should not have been asked to take part in the procession.

“My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more did on television.”

William and Harry have been more open in recent years about their feelings at the time of losing their mother. They are encouraging others to speak up about issues surrounding mental health and Prince William has become the patron of Child Bereavement UK...

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September 2017 (Issue No 4155)

September 2017

(Issue No 4155)

Study of NDEs in Belgium looks for patterns and similarities

NEW research into near-death experiences (NDEs), conducted in Belgium, analyses people’s personal stories in an effort to shed new light on a phenomenon that appears to be more common than originally thought, but still divides scientific opinions.

The results, published in Frontiers of Human Neuroscience in July, focus on some of the well-known “very rich and detailed features” reported, such as a bright light, a feeling of peace, out-of-body experiences and perceiving a tunnel...

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SPIRITUAL ART – This month we feature the work of freelance illustrator and visual development artist Ayesha Drew. Here Ayesha shares how she became interested in art and Spiritualism, and developed her psychic art with the guidance of her father, medium David Drew.

My name is Ayesha Drew. Being the child of psychic medium David Drew, I grew up recognising that the spirit world is as natural as this one. While my school friends wrote stories of holidays and puppy dogs, mine were of spirit guides, North American Indian chiefs and Uncle Albert, the spirit doctor who worked with my dad to make my tummy better.

Astral Travel

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Our spare bedroom was affectionately called the chapel, just because it had an atmosphere which made it perfect for prayer. It was the room where my dad held his circles. Regular sitters came to psychically develop and witness him in trance or transfiguration. I had no idea how gifted Dad was, or that ours was different from other family homes. “Play quietly. Dad’s doing healing,” must have sounded strange when friends came to call, but not to me.

At school and at home I loved to draw and I knew from an early age that I wanted to be an artist. When I visited Disney MGM studios in Orlando it was a working animation studio. Through the glass I could see the animators working on Aladdin. My tiny animated heart fell in love. It was a million miles from the place I called home, but I knew then that I would leave my heart up against that glass, watching them in awe...



August 2017 (Issue No 4154)

August 2017

(Issue No 4154)

Medium helps actor Gray O’Brien cope with mother’s death – Pictured: Gray O’Brien as he appears in ‘The Loch’ (Photo: ITV)
HE WAS once a villain on TV soap Coronation Street but after that he felt typecast. Now Scottish actor Gray O’Brien is enjoying being back on our screen in a very different role, in ITV’s six-part Highlands murder mystery The Loch.

In an interview with the Daily Record he reveals that he had been very close to his mother and her death last year had been a huge blow at a time when he was feeling very low. A visit to a medium proved to be a turning point...

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ASK A MEDIUM – ROBERT BROWN ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS – World renowned Spiritualist medium, minister and healer Robert Brown answers your questions
How will we know when our loved ones in Spirit are around us and how do we respond to be near them in return?

There have been many accounts of people being aware of loved ones around and a large number of instances have involved neither a medium nor clairvoyance. Some people simply “know” a loved one is close, and that knowing is not just wishful thinking. When it occurs, this knowing is unmistakeable.

Others have received and reported signs that are too numerous in variety to record in detail here, but let us be clear: not every bird or butterfly that flutters past is a sign from Spirit...

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July 2017 (Issue No 4153)

July 2017

(Issue No 4153)

Sir Roger Moore was shaken (but not stirred) by ghostly visitations
Pictured at a photographer’s Belgravia studio in London, 1973 (Photo: Allan Warren)

ON CINEMA and television screens, when playing the roles of action heroes James Bond and Simon Templar, Sir Roger Moore displayed no fear.

But off screen the popular actor, who passed on in May at the age of 89, admitted to an encounter that scared him. Two ghostly visitations at a hotel in Guildford, Surrey, just south of London, had freaked him out, he confessed.

One of his first movies was shot in the town and he returned on a number of occasions for book signings and talks.

The paranormal encounter that spooked him occurred in 1973, when he was staying at The Angel Inn, reputedly one of the town’s most haunted buildings, parts of which date back to the 13th century. Among the ghosts reported are nuns seen walking down staircases and a 19th century Eastern European soldier who is said to have stared at a couple out of their room’s mirror for so long that the husband was able to sketch the face...

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New Dior designer divines tarot success – WENDY STOKES reveals its inclusion in new collection honouring French company’s founder

LURED recently from Valentino, visionary feminist and spiritualist Maria Grazia Chiuri is the first female artistic director at the House of Dior, now a $13 billion empire, in its 70-year history.
   The Priestess of Wands

She is the fashion house’s new creative director, responsible for Dior’s couture collections, ready-to-wear, resort and pre-collections, as well as most accessories, and her first runway spring and summer collection celebrated Dior’s seven-decade anniversary.

The late Christian Dior, founder of the French fashion company, was highly superstitious and believed in all kinds of talismans. He also visited clairvoyants and had his tarot cards read before every fashion show.

Chiuri has acknowledged this in a very creative way, beginning with her stunning Paris debut showcasing the Dior 2017 ready-to-wear collection. It was here that her “tarot dresses” made their first appearance...

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June 2017 (Issue No 4152)

June 2017

(Issue No 4152)

Did famous singers’ daughter see Sinatra’s spirit?

  Frank Sinatra in Pal Joey, 1957
Frank Sinatra in Pal Joey, 1957

CURRENTLY on a world tour, Grammy award-winning country singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are in demand on TV and radio chat shows as they take their Soul2Soul show to major cities in North America. It opened in New Orleans on 7 April.

But it was not only their music that interested one interviewer. When they appeared on The Blair Garner Show – an overnight programme that goes out to 150 radio stations – their host asked them to share with his listeners an extraordinary story they had told him earlier.

In the early 2000s, Tim and Faith were seeking a house to rent in Los Angeles. Among those they viewed was the former home of Frank Sinatra, who had died in 1998. It still contained his furniture.

They were disappointed to learn, however, that the owners, Frank’s family,  wanted a buyer not a tenant. Disappointed, the couple decided to take another look, this time accompanied by Gracie, their four-year-old daughter...

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Psychic and Mediumistic links are different – LOUISA MARIE SULLIVAN shares her experiences of both

ONE OF the most fundamental aspects of understanding how and where our information comes from, as a psychic or medium, is recognising the difference between those two sources.

This is vital for our long-term development, so it is important to ensure you have knowledge of the mechanics involved from the start of your development.  

I see so many people working from the rostrum these days who are claiming to be working with a mediumship link but are actually using their psychic faculty.

There is nothing wrong with working with the psychic faculty, but never from the rostrum...

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May 2017 (Issue No 4151)

May 2017

(Issue No 4151)

Dave Davies,
The Kinks’ co-founder,
tells of spirit and alien contact

   Alien Rock book cover

EVEN THOUGH it happened 35 years ago, a paranormal encounter experienced by pop musician Dave Davies, co-founder of the very successful British pop group, The Kinks, is still making headlines.

His interest in spirituality, psychic abilities, reincarnation and UFOs is well known, as anyone who has visited his website (davedavies.com) will know. So ahead of his new solo album, Open Road, released in March, they were regular topics that came up in interviews.

They all featured in questions that Vulture magazine put to Davies, whom it described not only as a rock legend but also as a prolific New Age writer and teacher. After talking about seeing UFOs whilst visiting north Devon, Davies told them: “Then, when I started to dig deeper into my experience, I understood I was also getting communications – psychic impressions – from aliens.”

Davies had offered much more information about that experience when interviewed by author Michael C. Luckman for his book Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection (Simon & Schuster 2005). It happened in 1982 when The Kinks were preparing for a concert. He heard strange voices that struck up “a telepathic conversation” with him...

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CHO acquisition of BRCP gives boost to healers and aspiring complementary practitioners  Move coincides with launch of Healing Awareness Week

BRITAIN’s foremost charity advancing the practice of healing, the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO), has acquired the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP), one of the UK’s longest-running multi-disciplinary registers of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners. 

CHO is the national charity advancing the practice, understanding and benefits of healing across the UK through research, live events and education. It has taken ownership of the BRCP from the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine, which is to close. 

This acquisition will enable aspiring complementary therapists to be fully supported along their career paths from student level training to becoming senior practitioners at BRCP-accredited colleges.

One of the benefits for BRCP members is the CHO’s experience gained from its significant progress in raising the profile of healing, through a robust public relations campaign. This continually raises the debate on healing and related therapies in the national, regional, local, online and broadcast media. 

Furthermore, the CHO has embarked on participation at live shows, such as Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festivals, in addition to active engagement on social media. It will extend its dedicated marketing to the BRCP, promoting members and including them in high profile events as well as bringing case studies of success to the fore.

Michael Endacott, co-founder of both organisations  CHO’s top team (from left), healer Sue Newport, Sue Knight (CHO chief executive) and healer Diane O’Connell at Birmingham’s NEC

Above left: Michael Endacott, co-founder of both organisations. Above right: CHO’s top team (from left), healer Sue Newport, Sue Knight (CHO chief executive) and healer Diane O’Connell at Birmingham’s NEC

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April 2017 (Issue No 4149)

April 2017

(Issue No 4149)


Singing the praises of outstanding musical medium Jill Harland

TONY STOCKWELL was one of the first to pay tribute to Jill Harland, whose passing he reported on his Facebook page in March.

Describing her as “an amazing medium” and an “all round beautiful soul”, Stockwell recalled that Jill was a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College (AFC) when he first attended as a teenager and she made a big impression on him.

Years later, she participated in one of his courses as part of his teaching team – possibly her last appearance at the college.

“She hosted a night for the students that was song, mediumship, anecdotes and, of course, lots of humour. I have never seen a session before or since where students cried with laughter and cried with the amazing evidence she gave from Spirit.”

The final years of Jill’s life were spent in a care home, he revealed, “but she never lost her grace, her humility and her ability to see the funny side”.

Stockwell added: “I’ll be one of many that misses her very much. I’ll continue to play her CD often as I travel to demonstrations and shall smile as I think of the time we spent together.”

Jill had first embarked on a musical career, singing in London with some of the biggest bands, including Glen Miller and Geraldo Jill Harland at the  Arthur Findlay College  (Photo: Ann Harrison)

Jill Harland at the  Arthur Findlay College  (Photo: Ann Harrison)

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British psychic makes global predictions for 2017
Craig Hamilton-Parker

MEDIUM and psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker, whose name will be familiar to most Psychic News readers through the serialisation in these columns of excerpts from his book Messages From The Universe, has gone out on a limb and made some very bold predictions about events he believes will happen in the current year.

These have been made public in a YouTube video so, although Psychic News seldom publishes predictions, it was felt appropriate to share these with readers.

• A world-wide flu-like epidemic around December 2017 from a strange disease that attacks the immune system and will kill many in the Third World. It will, Craig says, be reminiscent of the 1918 flu pandemic that killed between 20 and 50 millions worldwide.

An assassination and kidnap attempt will be made on Pope Francis at the Vatican during which multiple Swiss Guards will be killed.

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March 2017 (Issue No 4149)

March 2017

(Issue No 4149)

MODERN PIONEER – Maurice Barbanell’s huge contribution to spiritualism – Founder and editor of ‘Psychic News’ was also medium who channelled superb spirit teachings from Silver Birch

AS WE report in our news pages, the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) has decided to honour Maurice Barbanell – known to many as “Mr Spiritualism” in the second half of the 20th century – by renaming its centre in Stafford after him. It became the Barbanell Conference Centre on 11 February.

Barbanell Conference Centre Logo
What better time to look back on the life and achievements of a man who did more than most to open minds to the spiritual realities that shape all our lives but whose influences are often not recognised or acknowledged.

Barbanell – or “Barbie” as he was affectionately known to all those who knew him – was undoubtedly a modern Spiritualist pioneer. What gives his contribution greater significance is that it was not confined to a single activity.

He became a publisher, an editor, a compelling speaker, a Spiritualist author and also a trance medium through whom a spirit entity, known as Silver Birch, communicated. The words of wisdom uttered by this highly evolved guide were conveyed with such simplicity and clarity that they touched the hearts and souls of thousands of people and books of his teachings are still in print and available in many languages...

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My Journey of discovery –  Spirit messages came when needed the most – By Michelle Lloyd

I WAS born with a rare, genetic, medical issue known as metatropic dysplasia (MD).  You may not have heard of it because very few people have it. It is characterised by short limbs with limitation of movement, enlargement of joints and usually severe kyphoscoliosis (spinal curvature).
Michelle Lloyd   
Michelle Lloyd

In real-life lingo it means that physically I have a unique and somewhat more complicated past than most.

I have had surgeries, correction for my skeletal form, therapy to manipulate the spine and some of the most inspirational and intriguing experiences of my life.

I have met with special and outstanding surgeons and seen miracles that many thought not possible. I have encountered life-altering examples of people who live beyond the boundaries that many have imposed upon them.

I have also been so gifted as to have a beautiful and loving family, including parents who have given me the basis for a belief in the notion that if you put your aims ahead of your obstacles then you can succeed...

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February 2017 (Issue No 4147)

February 2017

(Issue No 4147)


Gays and ghosts  – is there a connection?

IF THERE is any aspect of homosexuality in humans that puzzles you, a Melbourne-based website with links to India claims to have all the answers. As well as explanations it also offers “cures”.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) – whose bizarre, uscientific and poorly written statements fail to live up to its title – begins by telling visitors to its website:

“Spiritual research has shown that … about 30 per cent of the world’s population is possessed by ghosts.” It then offers these explanations for homosexual attraction:

“The main reason behind the gay orientation of some men is that they are possessed by female ghosts. It is the female ghost in them that is attracted to other men.

“Conversely, the attraction to females experienced by some lesbians is due to the presence of male ghosts in them. The ghost’s consciousness overpowers the person’s normal behaviour to produce the homosexual attraction.

“Spiritual research has shown that the cause for homosexual preferences lies predominantly in the spiritual realm.”

Its analysis of homosexuality suggests physical causes due to hormonal changes in five per cent of cases; psychological causes, such as a pleasurable encounter with a person of the same sex when young, in 10 per cent of cases; and “spiritual causes: mainly ghosts” in 85 per cent of cases.

Unsurprisingly, it does not explain what it means by “spiritual research”. It adds that homosexuality can be overcome by regular spiritual practices which it teaches...

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Spirit message that changed my life – My Journey of Discovery…  FROM BELIEVING TO KNOWING – By Teresa Stelter Diprose


  Teresa Stelter Diprose

SOME 10 years ago, I had my first tarot reading. Not only was I blown away with what the cards revealed but the tarot reader, Maria, made a contact with my father who had died when I was only 12.

She knew his name and even told me songs which we used to sing together. I left feeling exhilarated and hungry for more.

I needed to know if this was real, so I read and enquired and eventually, despite resistance from my family, I registered for a course at the Arthur Findlay College (pictured below). The moment I came through the door, I knew I had come home.

After a meditation on the second day, I asked spirit to show me without doubt if this was real. And then the most amazing thing happened.

As part of the training I was partnered with a woman I hadd never met before. Instantly, I saw a black screen and on the top left hand side a small man with puffy cheeks and a bald head, wearing Wellington boots and trousers held up with braces...

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January 2017 (Issue No 4146)

January 2017

(Issue No 4146)


Accentuate the positive with Sally Francis – Give spiritual momentum to your journey through 2017
SO January has arrived and we get to experience a New Year. As well as having a sense of what we have left behind, we can also reflect on what we intend, perhaps, to envision and create for the year ahead.

When you arrived here in human form you may have been entrusted with a vision and a mission that was much more than yourself and greater than the one that you expected.

Your journey here into consciousness may now, in 2017, be far greater then even you had imagined or you may now have more challenges. Sometimes we need to get into a really creative space of imagination to see our own visions for the future and sometimes that is the hard bit.

We often set new goals and intend things going forward for the new year, looking at what we want to leave behind and how we want change in our lives going forward...

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Science and séance – Medium Billy Roberts quizzes his friend, sceptical ghostbuster Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe, on his beliefs … or lack of them 

I FIRST MET Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe in Liverpool about 12 years ago and, although our meeting was purely professional, we did become friends even though we came from opposite sides of the paranormal.

Ciarán is a sceptic and I am a believer, so to speak, but our mutual interests led us to write a book together: The Great Paranormal Clash. This was turned into a stage show and later a television production on the Paranormal Channel. 

I also spent a short time alongside Ciarán on the long-running and popular TV programme Most Haunted. More recently, we have written a revised version of our book, retitled Science and Séance

Although we disagreed about a lot of things connected to the paranormal, Ciarán and I, surprisingly, agreed about many significant points and particularly about mediums.

Recently we have been working together in London on promotional activities for Syfy Channel in connection with the new American TV series The Exorcist, currently being broadcast on Fox.

And so, to find out more about the way Dr O’Keeffe thinks and perceives the whole genre of the paranormal, I seized the opportunity, during a break in our filming, to question him about his beliefs and share them with Psychic News readers...

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December 2016 issue (Issue No 4146)

December 2016

(Issue No 4145)


New attempt to win pardon for jailed Helen Duncan … one of the last to be prosecuted under the Witchcraft Act

Helen Duncan   

SCOTTISH materialisation medium Helen Duncan (left) has probably inspired more publicity than any other 20th-century Spiritualist medium.

Following recent changes in the law, campaigners have fresh hopes that Duncan, who in 1944 was tried and imprisoned under the 1735 Witchcraft Act, could receive a posthumous pardon.

There is no proof that she was a fraud and she was certainly not a witch! Yet this Stirlingshire mother of a large family was prosecuted under a law that is now obsolete.

Helen Duncan is widely described as the last person to be convicted under the ancient Witchcraft Act but, according to archivist and historian Leslie Price, that dubious honour rests with Jane Rebecca Yorke, a 72-year-old London medium convicted a short time after Mrs Duncan in 1944.

New optimism has arisen following the posthumous pardon of wartime code-breaker Alan Turing who was convicted for gross indecency in 1952 and subsequently committed suicide...

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Paris apartment plagued by paranormal phenomena – BILLY ROBERTS reports on a remarkable encounter with an exorcist in the French capital

Because of my past involvement in various exorcisms, I was approached a few months ago by Its Pretty Green, a public relations and branding agency in London, to see if I would take part in filming promotional material for the new American TV series, The Exorcist, to be broadcast on the SYFY Channel. 

It was explained that I would be working alongside my friend, UK parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe, and that we would be filmed talking about our experiences with exorcisms.

Although the majority of exorcisms are nothing at all like those depicted by Hollywood, there have been occasions over my 35 years of working as a professional medium, when I have witnessed some grotesque and very frightening exorcisms.

Some years ago, I was contacted by Fr Julian Calendro, an American who started his life in the Church as a missionary priest, specialising in exorcisms, but whose knowledge of metaphysical subjects was quite extensive. Because of my history and background where exorcisms and possession are concerned, someone I had met during the course of my work in New York had recommended me to him.

He needed my mediumistic opinion about certain places to which he had been invited, and warned me, in no uncertain terms, that even he did not know what to expect. I must say I did feel safe accompanying Julian, as not only was he a veritable giant of a man, with a height of approximately 6 foot 5 inches, but his knowledge of such matters was also extremely extensive...

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Magazine 79 November 2016 issue (Issue No 4145)

November 2016

(Issue No 4145)


First female nominated for USA presidency was a Spiritualist medium  By JOAN STANTON     Victoria Woodhull

IN THE month when the United States of America may elect a woman as its president for the first time in its history – see following pages for more on that topic – I felt it appropriate to recall the life of a colourful female who nursed similar ambitions 144 years ago.

Her name was Victoria Woodhull and she was rightly famous in the 19th-century for a variety of reasons – not all of them virtuous.

What is beyond doubt is her extraordinary gift for oratory. It first caught the public imagination in 1871 when she spoke before the House Judiciary Committee on women’s rights.

A year later, dressed in black silk, she took to the stage at the Apollo Hall in New York City, having been introduced by a speaker who had denounced the corruption of both Republicans and Democrats, and received a rapturous reception.

Her rousing address demanding change soon had her audience on its feet and one delegate yelled above the rest that he nominated her for president – a suggestion that received a five-minute standing ovation from the gathering.

It was far from an empty gesture. A month later the spontaneous reaction to her speech resulted in her selection as a presidential nominee by the Equal Rights Party, making history. She became the first woman to be honoured in this way, almost half a century before women’s suffrage was accepted nationally in the United States.

But that’s where the Victoria Woodhull story takes an unexpected turn. She never envisaged she would gain high office in male-dominated Washington, but any political ambitions she may have had were quickly destroyed when she and her sister, Tennessee, were thrown into jail.

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Predictions fail to agree on presidential result – Is it all in the stars or can other forces influence the outcome?

ON THE 8th of this month, the world will know who succeeds Barack Obama as the 45th President of the United States.

Will Democrat Hillary Clinton return to the White House for a second term – this time not as the First Lady but as the United States’ first female president? Or will it be billionaire businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump?

As we go to press, it seems to be a contest that’s still too close to call. But that hasn’t stopped various psychics, seers, astrologers or others who claim to have the ability to see the future from putting their reputations on the line and naming the winner.

Danielle Egnew, who describes herself as a “psychic-medium”, made her prediction at the end of July. Still wearing her bathrobe, she treated her Facebook followers to an early-morning live chat in which she declared Clinton would be the next president of the United States.

She insisted, however, that the issues were not about who and how a president is chosen but about “how we handle a changing consciousness”, adding: “Guys, Donald Trump will not be president. It’s simply not in the cards.”

She went on: “Mr Trump, love him or hate him, is playing a super-important role right now, and that is representing a consciousness that’s on its way out,” before offering this rationale:

“As of 21 December, 2012, the Mayan New Year – ‘the end of the world’, according to some – we entered into a feminine timeframe, after a 100,00-year masculine timeframe … and it is time to nurture that which we have brought forward: the feminine energies in all of us.”

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Magazine 78 October 2016 issue (Issue No 4144)

October 2016

(Issue No 4144)

Time for action – Psychic News’ TRUTH campaign for thermal testing of physical mediums gets major backing from three continents – By the Editor

IN A dramatic move designed to verify the genuineness of physical mediumship and, at the same time, rid Spiritualism of charlatans pretending to produce physical phenomena, Psychic News has joined forces with the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) and the Banyan Retreat to change perceptions and challenge the procedures surrounding such séances.

This informal coalition follows the exposure of Gary Mannion’s blatant fraud, revealed by covert infrared filming of his “physical mediumship” at Banyan Retreat, Kent [PN July, August and September 2016] earlier this year.

His ability to fool many people poses serious questions about the involvement of Spiritualist churches – some of them SNU members – and independent centres in unwittingly exposing their followers to fraudulent activities.

It’s difficult to know if Mannion once had some genuine physical mediumship ability, but as his physical séances for three years or more have followed the same pattern as the “séance” caught on video, this is now being questioned.

Physical mediums have produced some spectacular results over the years, manifesting remarkable phenomena combined with impressive evidence of life after death. But even the best have been accused of fraud – often unjustifiably, it seems – by sceptics who refuse to believe such things are possible.

The major problem with most accounts of materialisations and other ectoplasmic phenomena is that they usually occur in darkness or in low light conditions, often making eyewitness accounts less than reliable.

Psychic News believes it is now time for Spiritualists around the world to unite in stamping out fraud by utilising new technology before the activities of fake physical mediums like Mannion do long-lasting damage to the Movement.

As a first step, we are campaigning for every physical medium who demonstrates publicly to be tested using the latest, non-invasive thermal technology. We are also inviting all Spiritualist churches and centres to give their support to this campaign by agreeing to allow only those physical mediums whose abilities have been verified by thermal imaging technology to demonstrate on their premises...

Spiritualists’ National Union – www.snu.org.ukBanyan Retreat – www.banyanretreat.comAmerican Society for Standards in Mediumship – www.assmpi.orgThe Spiritualist Association of Great Britain – www.sagb.org.uk

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A BLINK’S AS GOOD AS A SMILE  for our four-legged dynamos who are natural healers, says BILLY ROBERTS

  Ancient Egyptian Crown Prince Thutmose had this sarcophagus built for his beloved cat 
(Photo: Larazoni on Flickr)
Ancient Egyptian Crown Prince Thutmose
had this sarcophagus built for his
beloved cat (Photo: Larazoni on Flickr)

CATS HAVE been revered as “special’ for millennia. In ancient Egypt they were regarded almost as deities and in some cases worshipped as such.

The Elizabethans, on the other hand, held cats in high regard for reasons that today’s cat lovers would find cruel and quite repulsive. Apothecaries in that era believed that cat fur contained certain properties that eased the pain of gout and many other painful and inflammatory conditions. 

The four-poster beds in the homes of the more opulent Elizabethans would be draped with cat fur in the cold winter months, not just for the warmth, but for the healing properties they believed were contained in the feline fur. 

Belief that cats could heal all kinds of maladies of body, mind and spirit led to various and sometimes extreme atrocities. For example, blood would be extracted from the cat’s ears and mixed with an infusion of vinegar, honey and selected herbs, and then administered by mouth to a patient suffering from shingles or other conditions of the nervous system.

Although such repulsive practices were extremely popular throughout the Elizabethan period, from a metaphysical perspective there is some truth in the healing properties of cats.

For one thing, a cat will always gravitate towards its owner whenever he or she is feeling under the weather or out of sorts. Cats and dogs have the unusual ability to monitor molecular changes in the subtle atmosphere, allowing them to know when their owner is in need of some attention.

Using the same neurological monitoring system, cats can detect the onset of a volcanic eruption, up to 24 hours before it actually occurs, which is why many of the homes located in volcanic areas keep cats as pets...

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 Magazine 77 September 2016 issue (Issue No 4143)

September 2016

(Issue No 4143)


Ghost of Lawrence of Arabia returns to his cottage?

   T.E. Lawrence in Bedouin-style dress
T.E. Lawrence in Bedouin-style dress

THE hillside above the isolated cottage owned by T.E. Lawrence – famous as the legendary “Lawrence of Arabia” – which he used as a retreat from fame and Army life, was recently visited by a ghostly apparition wearing robes.

Psychical researcher Alan Murdie reports on his website (europaranormal.com) a sighting made on 31 July this year by a visitor who was not originally from the UK and was unaware of the history of Cloud’s Hill, now a National Trust property, which he was visiting with three others.

Showing little interest in the four-roomed cottage, he decided to walk up the slope to gain a better view over the Dorset countryside. On a warm, sunny morning, looking towards the nearby Bovington Camp, where Lawrence had been stationed, he became aware of “what appeared to be a human figure in a black robe suddenly stepping out from behind a small sapling”.

The figure’s face was concealed by a hood or covering. One of the visitor’s companions called to him and he momentarily turned away....

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Katie Nicholl: astounded by accuracy of medium’s message (Photo: Nick Wainwright)

Katie Nicholl: astounded by accuracy of medium’s message (Photo: Nick Wainwright)
Royal biographer pays tribute to Gordon Smith

KATIE NICHOLL, the author and Daily Mail royal correspondent, has twice had sittings with Gordon Smith (see pages 18-21) and is impressed with the accuracy of his readings.

She tells Sophie Goddard, whose report “Why are women like you turning to psychics?” is published in the August issue of the women’s style magazine Grazia, that she has always believed that some people can see the future and connect with the spiritual world...

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Magazine 76 August 2016 issue (Issue No 4142)

August 2016

(Issue No 4142)


 Conjuring up movie terror – and safety issues

Actress Madison Wolfe as Enfield Poltergeist victim Janet Hodgson in a scene from The Conjuring 2 (Photo: Warner Bros)
AUDIENCE disorder during screenings of The Conjuring 2 – the Enfield Poltergeist has caused many French cinemas to cancel performances.

Disruptive loud laughter, hysterical yelling and violent altercations have been reported. The French newspaper Le Parisien announced that most of the 262 French cinemas planning to show the film have removed it from their schedules.

Some Paris movie theatres, including the Cyrano de Versailles cinema, axed the James Wan film on release “to ensure the safety of staff and customers.”
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One of oldest Spiritualist churches is on the move
EVERY cloud has a silver lining, and that certainly seems to be true for Melbourne’s Victorian Spiritualists’ Union (VSU).

It decided reluctantly to leave its premises in the city’s Central Business District after 55 years because its foundations were being shaken to the core, literally, by the rapid residential and commercial development of the surrounding area.

However, the income from the sale of its boutique bluestone building will provide greater financial security for its future.

The Australian church has been continuously serving Spiritualism since 1870 and is already discussing its 150th anniversary in four years’ time.

Its president, medium Lorraine Lee Tet, talked to Psychic News about these important developments when she visited the UK recently for the Georgiana Houghton exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery in London (PN June and July issues).

The VSU owns the Houghton paintings, more than 20 of which are on loan to the Courtauld Gallery for its “Spirit Drawings” exhibition that runs through to 11 September.

These astonishing works of art have been adorning the walls of the Melbourne Church for much of its existence, and certainly since it moved into the historic, two-storey former warehouse at 71-73 A’Beckett Street 55 years ago.
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Magazine 75 July 2016 issue (Issue No 4141)

July 2016

(Issue No 4141)


Haunted royal homes – JOHN WEST celebrates the life of Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Elizabeth II, with a reminder of ghosts that are said to haunt her homes


The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s country estate in Norfolk was purchased by Queen Victoria in 1862 at the request of the Prince of Wales – later Edward VII – as a home for himself and his bride, Princess Alexandra.

Sandringham House, the focal point of a 20,000-acre estate, is haunted. Poltergeist activity is said to start every Christmas Eve and continue for several weeks. Footsteps have been heard in the deserted corridors of the servants’ quarters. Doors are known to open by themselves and lights often switch themselves on and off.

Christmas cards have also moved from one wall to another and bedclothes have been found pulled off the beds.

Heavy breathing noises have also been heard in one room on the second floor and housemaids working in the house even started to refuse to enter it unless accompanied by another servant.

The present Queen once ordered alterations to the old kitchens and it appears that this increased certain activity within the building...

Buckingham Palace (Photo: David Iliff)

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Strictly Come Trancing?  Another aspect of Russell Grant’s psychic abilities revealed

THERE IS, it transpires, far more to Russell Grant’s psychic abilities than indicated in our profile of the colourful astrologer (PN June 2016). We reported that the celebrity expert on birth signs and celestial charts first made a name for himself as a boy medium (pictured right) whose abilities made headlines in Psychic News in the mid-1960s.

Our interview with him then moved swiftly on to his impressive development as an astrologer, as well as a parallel career on the stage and as a media personality, most recently on Strictly Come Dancing.

If that gave the impression that his psychic abilities vanished after puberty, nothing could be further from the truth. And who better to provide the evidence than our very own chief reporter Kay Hunter?

Russell fell silent for a while then began speaking in disjointed sentences in a voice that was not his own

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Magazine 74 June 2016 issue (Issue No 4140)

June 2016

(Issue No 4140)


Canadian professor emphasises the significance of NDEs

   NDE background

ALMOST 20 million people believe they have had a near-death experience (NDE) though scientists have yet to agree on how they should be interpreted.

Vancouver clinical psychiatrist Professor Elaine Drysdale of the University of British Columbia, Canada, regards them as spiritually significant.

She refuses to dismiss them as the result of delirium, psychoses or lack of oxygen to the brain. Instead, she teaches patients and students about the benefits of understanding how the experience can change their lives. 

“Many patients who learn about NDEs believe they have implications for understanding the spiritual realm,” Drysdale told Vancouver Sun columnist Douglas Todd.

She agrees with prominent oncologist Dr Jeffrey Long, who says such experiences cannot be explained away by existing biological theories. Long describes how people who appear clinically dead are often alert to events they could not normally have seen or heard...

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Morgan Freeman takes viewers beyond death in ‘The Story of God’

Morgan Freeman in The Story of God

Appropriately, Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, who played God in Bruce Almighty and its sequel Evan Almighty, is the presenter of the six-part documentary series. It takes him around the globe as he explores the beliefs of different religions.

In the opening episode, Beyond Death, Freeman discussed the religious complexities of death, resurrection and what lies beyond. In doing so, he met David Bennett in a New York City church to learn more about his remarkable survival after having drowned off the coast of San Diego.

Described as “a once boastful and ego-driven commercial diver”, Bennett talks about crossing over to the Other Side where he was surrounded by “fractals of light” and ultimately given a second chance at life.

“I became a more positive person,” Bennett told Freeman. “I possess more compassion, I’m more selfless than before – in many ways, death taught me how to live.”

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Magazine 73 May 2016 issue (Issue No 4139)

May 2016

(Issue No 4139)


Tracy Morgan speaks to dead father during NDE – TWO years ago, American actor and comedian Tracy Jamal Morgan had an unforgettable near-death experience (NDE) after a crash that killed one of his travelling companions and left him in a coma.

In an emotional conversation with Oprah Winfrey on her SuperSoul TV show, Tracy – best known for his eight seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and for his role as Tracy Jordan in the comedy series 30 Rock – has described exactly what happened, and how it led to a vivid meeting with his late father, Jimmy Morgan.

Tracy Morgan and Oprah on Super Soul Sunday  (Photo: Harpo, Inc./Jose Tutiven)
Tracy Morgan and Oprah on Super Soul Sunday
(Photo: Harpo, Inc./Jose Tutiven)

He was on his way back from a comedy gig in 2014 when a Walmart tractor-trailer struck his limousine van on the New Jersey Turnpike, causing a devastating multi-vehicle crash.

Tracy was left with a life-threatening brain injury and his close friend, James “Jimmy Mack” McNair was killed.

It was while he was in a medically-induced coma for more than a week that he went to “the other side” and was reunited with this father, who died in 1987 at the age of 39...

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Easter experiments embrace science and spirituality – Lew Sutton reports on a Devon seminar with a difference

IT WAS an enthralling and instructive Easter this year for those who attended the “From Consciousness to Phenomena” seminar at Paignton’s SNU Spiritualist Church and Centre, Devon.

   Psychic artist Paul Lashbrook (Photo: Lew Sutton)
Psychic artist Paul Lashbrook
(Photo: Lew Sutton)

Medium and healer Kim Moore-Cullen, the seminar organiser, continued to build on her 2015 theme, “Where Science Meets Spirit”, by including further experimental sessions using the ever-increasing range of methods available.

The seminar even took a brief look at the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness and mediumship, with a short video presentation that was by far the most understandable explanation I’ve ever seen on the science involved. [You can view it on YouTube: “Entangled Minds and Universe – We ARE All One”.]

However, the more science learns about the contradictory and mysterious behaviour of sub-atomic particles, the more the evidence builds up supporting aspects of Spiritualistic and ancient wisdom philosophies.

Paignton Spiritualist Church is ideal for seminars, with two large rooms plus a smaller one allowing three events to function simultaneously, giving participants a choice of presentations and workshops...

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Magazine 72 April 2016 issue (Issue No 4138)

April 2016

(Issue No 4138)


Creator and scriptwriter Tony Warren, on the Coronation Street set  (Photo: ITV)     Actress Pat Phoenix  (Photo: ITV)
Creator and scriptwriter Tony Warren, on the Coronation Street set
(Photo: ITV)
Actress Pat Phoenix 
(Photo: ITV)
Tony Warren, Corrie’s creator,
saw actress’s ghost on TV set

HIS REMARKABLE creative skills made British television history by giving birth to Coronation Street – known to its legions of fans as “Corrie” – so Tony Warren’s passing on 1 March at the age of 79, deservedly grabbed the headlines in a fashion normally reserved for the soap opera’s stars.

He was, after all, just 24 when he came up with the idea for a serialised play and wrote all 13 episodes of the show when it was commissioned by Granada Television. The first episode went out on 9 December, 1960, and he continued writing scripts until 1968 when he moved into other fields. Corrie, of course, continues to this day: the world’s longest-running TV soap opera. 

What is not so widely known is that Warren – real name Anthony McVay “Tony” Simpson – had an interest in Spiritualism and it was probably his influence as a consultant that led to the inclusion of a controversial séance scene in the 1970s...

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Nancy Reagan reunited with her husband  America’s First Lady regularly spoke with his spirit and looked forward to joining him in the next world

ANOTHER fascinating chapter in the White House’s long history of association with the paranormal came to an end on 6 March, 2016, with the death of Nancy Reagan, America’s First Lady from 1981 to 1989.

Nancy Reagan
   Nancy Reagan

Nancy’s use of astrologers during Ronald Reagan’s presidency caused a storm of controversy when it was made public by a senior aide with a grudge against Nancy. It has also been revealed that Reagan family members, daughter Maureen and her husband Dennis Revel, have encountered the White House ghost – thought to be that of Abraham Lincoln – during their stays.

And following his passing in 2004, Nancy said she not only saw her husband’s ghost in the White House corridors but also often spoke to him at night.

Speaking to Bob Colacello for Vanity Fair at her Bel Air, California, home in 2009 she expressed her grief at losing him after 52 years of marriage. “I miss Ronnie a lot, an awful lot.”

She added: “It sounds strange, but . . . I see Ronnie. At nighttime, if I wake up, I think Ronnie’s there, and I start to talk to him. It’s not important what I say. But the fact is, I do think he’s there. And I see him.”

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Magazine 71 March 2016 issue (Issue No 4137)

March 2016

(Issue No 4137)


EDGAR MITCHELL: pioneer explorer of outer and inner space  Photo: Edgar Mitchell on the moon (NASA)

FORTY-FIVE years after he returned from space, astronaut Edgar Mitchell has embarked on a new adventure that will surely be as revelatory as his lunar landing.

His passing on 4 February, at the age of 85, was announced by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), the organisation he founded in 1973, just two years after his momentous space flight. Its objective – to research the nature of consciousness – was inspired in part by an experience during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.

Mitchell was the module pilot alongside commander Alan Shepard Jr, becoming the sixth man to walk on the moon. During their 33-hour stay on the lunar surface, they deployed scientific instruments, performed communications tests and photographed the surface and themselves, standing alongside the US flag.

“There was a sense that our presence as space travellers, and the existence of the universe itself, was not accidental but that there was an intelligent process at work,” he wrote on his return.

It was a moment on his return flight to Earth that triggered these thoughts and led to him committing his life to supporting a sustainable future...

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 Exceptional artefacts go on show – College of Psychic Studies celebrates 90 years at Queensberry Place

A SPECTACULAR display of precious works of art and rare relics of Spiritualism’s early history – some representing forms of mediumship that have since virtually disappeared – went on display in London at the College of Psychic Studies in January.

The event, open free of charge to the public, was staged to celebrate two important events in the College’s history 90 years ago: an exhibition in 1925 titled, simply, “Objects of Psychic Interest”, and a move by the organisation (founded in 1884) in the same year from Queen Square to an impressive new home at 16 Queensberry Place in South Kensington.

Vivienne Roberts, curator, examines artwork as she prepares for the exhibition.
Vivienne Roberts, curator, examines
as she prepares for the exhibition.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was its president when the move took place and that fact was also commemorated by the unveiling of a blue plaque on the building, on the first day of the 2016 weekend exhibition, by its current president, Stephen Chapman.

The anniversary began with an illustrated Friday night lecture, “Celebrating the College Archives” by Leslie Price, College archivist. He revealed some of the gems that are preserved in the depths, away from damaging elements or careless handling, and the famous Spiritualists, mediums and researchers associated with them.

They included fragile examples of early Spiritualist publications, as well as books, long playing records, automatic writing scripts, photographs of pioneers and letters from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and other leading College members during its early history.

When the first visitors arrived for the exhibition on Saturday, they found many of the items Leslie Price had mentioned had been put on display, for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feast their eyes on items of great historical importance...

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Magazine 70 February 2016 issue (Issue No 4136)

February 2016

(Issue No 4136)


 Psychic predicted 
David Bowie 
would die at 69   DAVID BOWIE died as he lived, giving a final performance 
that was as unexpected, experimental, enigmatic, challenging 
and entertaining as any in his charismatic career.

The fact that he was dying from liver cancer was known only to close friends and colleagues, though it has been reported that a psychic long ago told him the age when he would die – 69.

Mike Garson, a pianist who played on 19 of Bowie’s albums, has revealed that the flamboyant performer told him that in the late 70s “I met this psychic who told me I was gonna die around the age of 69 or 70”.

Bowie added that the psychic had said it with absolute certainty. “I never told anyone about it, but it never left my mind,” he added.

Shrine to Bowie in Brixton
The master of reinvention confronted his mortality in typical Bowie style: writing songs about his impending death and producing a stunning and controversial music video in which he is seen writhing in a hospital bed with his head bandaged and buttons in place of his eyes...

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Researchers help uncover Stoke’s hidden Spiritualist past       AN OPEN UNIVERSITY team has been working with Spiritualists in the Staffordshire city of Stoke-on-Trent to reveal their “hidden past” and share it with others.

Sara MacKian, Open University senior lecturer   Picture courtesy of Stoke Sentinel (Photo: Lizzi Lathrop)

Sara MacKian, Open University senior lecturer
Picture courtesy of Stoke Sentinel (Photo: Lizzi Lathrop)


The wide-ranging and very successful study of the city’s long history of Spiritualism began in October 2014 and is now drawing to a close.

“Spirited Stoke”, sub-titled SpELS (Spiritualism in the Everyday Life of Stoke-on-Trent), which was funded by a £244,000 grant provided by the Arts and Humanities Research Council  (AHRC), ends in March.

Researchers Dr Sara MacKian, from the university’s Faculty of Health and Social Care, Professor Steve Pile, from the Faculty of Social Sciences, and research associate Dr Nadia Bartolini have interviewed many Spiritualists in the area, known as “the Potteries”, and have attended Spiritualist services and demonstrations of mediumship and healing.

Three local Spiritualist churches – Fenton, Burslem and Longton – have been actively involved since the project was launched (see PN February 2015).

Its early focus was an exhibition in the Gladstone Pottery Museum, devoted to Stoke’s Spiritualist history. Of special interest was a decorative plate, loaned by Longton Spiritualist Church, depicting the Seven Principles of Spiritualism...
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Magazine 69 January 2016 issue (Issue No 4135)

January 2016

(Issue No 4135)


Did blind Bulgarian mystic foresee rise of Isil?
     Baba Vanga “the Nostradamus of Bulgaria

SHE DIED nearly 20 years ago, but Baba Vanga (pictured rigth) – “the Nostradamus of Bulgaria” – is still making headlines, though as far as we know that’s not something she predicted.

What has caught the world’s attention, however, is a claim that the blind psychic predicted that Muslims would invade Europe in “a great Muslim war” that would end with the establishment of an Islamic caliphate by 2043.

The rise of Isil, of course, has led to this particular prophecy receiving widespread publicity in tabloids and more conservative newspapers, on the internet and in other media around the world.

The problem for anyone prepared to take these claims seriously is sorting the hype from reality. She was clearly highly regarded during her lifetime, judging by those who are said to have consulted her, but finding confirmation that she actually made these prophecies is almost impossible...
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The placebo effect complicates assessments of new treatments

A LARGE proportion of the scientific and medical community dismiss healing and healers on the basis that patients’ unexpected improvements and even cures are simply the result of the well-known “placebo” effect.

This phenomenon, in which a sick patient believes he or she is receiving effective medicine, treatment or surgery and responds accordingly, is real and common, and improvements do occur even though the medication is inert, the surgery is a sham or the patient is being lied to about the nature of the treatment.

The placebo effect complicates assessments of new treatments because it has to be taken into account in assessing pharmaceutical test results.

It hinges on patient expectation and for that reason it is easy – and perhaps understandable – that it is used by those who are sceptical of healing powers to explain away the positive results that are often achieved by healers and others who offer complementary and alternative approaches to medicine...
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Magazine 68 December 2015 issue (Issue No 4134)

December 2015

(Issue No 4134)


Eric Hatton passes to spirit world after lifetime dedicated to Spiritualism  He served the Movement, at local and national level, for 70 years

AT THE age of 89 and after major surgery for cancer from which he had made a remarkable recovery, Minister Eric Hatton – referred to by many as “Mr Spiritualism” – made his transition to the spirit world on 6 November. He passed peacefully at home, surrounded by his loved ones.

Eric and Heather had been married for over 52 years
    Eric and Heather had been married for over 52 years

One can only imagine the greeting he would have received in the spirit world from those he worked with for decades in promoting the truths of Spiritualism: mediums, healers, speakers and, above all, his wife Heather (pictured with him, right), who had made the same journey eight years earlier, following her death in June 2007.

Theirs was a remarkable, loving partnership that was never self-centred: service to others was paramount in their lives. As well as playing key roles in their local church at Stourbridge, West Midlands, and becoming trustees of Spiritualist charities, they also made time to assist individuals on a personal level.

Heather often used her psychic gifts to help others and Eric said that he never recalled her taking money for those sittings.

Her passing, ironically from a viral infection following successful heart surgery, was a huge loss to Eric, even with his knowledge of survival.

“Such was the strength and power of the bond of our intertwined lives that I felt deep within myself that she would do her utmost to take away my hurt and prove she was near,” Eric wrote in his autobiography, Taking Up The Challenge (2010), adding:

“Through the excellent mediumship of Gerard Smith, Eileen Davies and John Conway, to name but three, I received graphic and detailed personal evidence which surprised even me.

“In some sittings with these three, reference was made by Heather to incidents which I had long forgotten, and to verify them I had to make searching enquiries to confirm the accuracy of the details. Some were extremely personal, and though I would love to share their veracity here, I cannot, because in doing so I would be betraying a pact that Heather and I made.”

It was evidence of this calibre that first persuaded Eric, in the 1940s, that not only do we all survive death but communication between this world and the next is a reality...

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TV documentary does Spiritualism few favours Northern mediums high on entertainment value but low on evidence

David Traynor channelled Michael Jackson
    David Traynor channelled Michael Jackson

IT WAS difficult to tell if Channel 4’s “My Psychic Life” had deliberately set out to make fun of mediums, or whether they began with the best of intentions and had lost control as the behaviour of their larger-than-life subjects became increasingly farcical.

But let’s not be too hard on those who allowed themselves to be filmed in order to show “what life is like for people who claim they can talk to the dead”.

I’m sure they had the best of intentions tinged, perhaps, with the hope that appearing on TV could, at the very least, attract a few more clients and may even propel them into the limelight and allow them to enjoy the fame and fortune they craved.

We saw openly gay Dean James Fox giving a one-to-one sitting to drag star DJ Zoe in Blackpool, then striding onto the stage of an empty theatre and expressing the hope that one day he could fill an auditorium of that size.

And perhaps he will. But what we saw of his mediumship in front of much smaller audiences suggests it needs further development before that ambition can be fulfilled...

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Magazine 67 November 2015 issue (Issue No 4133)

November 2015

(Issue No 4133)


Are we all psychic?  The evidence suggests we are – but will evolution rob us of this valuable gift?  BY EWAN IRVINE

AT THE very end of 2004 and ten days before the huge Indian Ocean earthquake caused giant tsunami waves to wreak havoc along the coastlines of 14 countries, wild and domestic animals seemed to know what was about to happen – and fled to safety.

According to reliable eyewitness accounts, the following events happened:

  • Elephants screamed and ran for higher ground.
  • Dogs refused to go outdoors.
  • Flamingos abandoned their low-lying breeding areas.
  • Zoo animals rushed into their shelters and could not be enticed to come back out.

It has also been noted that whereas the tsunami took over 220,000 human lives, relatively few animals were reported dead. This adds to growing speculation that animals somehow sense impending disaster: a belief that has been around for centuries.

There was a time when humans’ own instincts were more animal-based but our sixth sense has largely been replaced by language skills. It could be that our psychic ability, through time, has been largely eroded by our evolutionary development and the need to adapt to a modern environment...

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Spiritual guru’s cancer treated by psychic surgeon  THE internationally renowned author and motivational speaker Dr Wayne W. Dyer died on 29 August at the age of 75, just weeks before publication of his latest book, Memories of Heaven, co-authored with Dee Garnes.

Internationally renowned author and motivational speaker Dr Wayne W. Dyer    

The book is a fitting memorial to his career (see review in this month's Psychic News, page 30) since it encapsulates a worldview that is spiritual and compassionate – in contrast to the outlook of some other self-help authors whose focus is more materialistic. It was not until the 1990s, however, that he acknowledged a spiritual dimension to his work.

It was confirmed in the announcement on his Facebook page: “‘Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night. He always said he couldn’t wait for this next adventure to begin and had no fear of dying.”

Ellen DeGeneres, comedian and TV host, was among the first to pay tribute to Dyer who had officiated at her wedding to actress Portia De Rossi...

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Magazine 66 October 2015 issue (Issue No 4132)

October 2015

(Issue No 4132)


Uri Geller moves back to Israel – SUPER psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller is returning to his homeland, after living in England for 45 years.

Uri Geller   Photo: Glyn Ridgers
    Uri Geller             Photo: Glyn Ridgers

Speaking to Psychic News from his home in Sonning, Berkshire, early in September, Uri explained:

“From the first day I left Israel, in June 1972, I always had this aching desire, this yearning, to go back to my homeland. I never knew I would be out of Israel for so long.”

In the early part of his career, Uri lived in America, Japan and Germany before choosing Sonning to be his permanent home. It was there that celebrities and family celebrated the renewal of Uri’s and Hannah’s wedding vows in March 2001. Michael Jackson was best man.

But the pull of his homeland has proved stronger, so he and his wife Hannah have bought a home in Jaffa.

He confesses: “I will miss everything about England. Instead of sitting in a very luxurious house overlooking the River Thames and seeing boats pass by, we will be in a tiny apartment in Old Jaffa, which is 5,000 years old, and we’ll overlook the Mediterranean, with views of palm trees, archaeological sites and a Greek church.”

One factor in his decision is the way in which the world has changed since he first made headlines around the world...

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Golden celebration for Unitarians – Rationalist religious movement embraces the paranormal

IT IS no surprise that Unitarians should take an active interest in psychical research. After all, although it has its roots in Jewish and Christian traditions, it is open to insights from all faiths, science, the arts, the natural world and everyday living.

   Roger Whitby with his parents George and Florence at his Sheffield University graduation in the summer of 1963.

It also encourages its followers to base beliefs on rational enquiry rather than external authority. And rational enquiry is at the heart of the Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies (USPS) in the UK which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Yet it was a young man’s death that led to the creation of USPS.

 Roger Whitby was 21, had achieved a first-class honours degree in civil engineering at Sheffield University and had beaten 340 other applicants to secure a job in London with a major building company.

It was the summer of 1963 and with six or more weeks before he was due to start his first job, Roger went on holiday to the Mediterranean island of Corsica with his sister Vivien and their parents, Unitarian ministers Rev George S. Whitby and Rev Florence Whitby.

George Whitby enjoyed a long and distinguished career as both a lecturer in philosophy for adult education and an examiner in moral philosophy at the University of Glasgow. For 30 years he was a minister of the Unitarian Central City Churches in both Glasgow and Sheffield...

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Magazine 65 September 2015 issue (Issue No 4131)

September 2015

(Issue No 4131)


Gordon Smith takes the helm at London Spiritual Mission

Gordon Smith

AFTER a period of uncertainty that saw changes at the top and a declining membership, one of the UK’s oldest Spiritualist churches, the London Spiritual Mission (LSM), in the city’s Notting Hill district, has bounced back.

It has a new president – Gordon Smith, among the UK’s best-known and most evidential mediums, was appointed president in May – and membership has more than doubled.

 Despite living in Scotland and having a busy schedule of demonstrations throughout Britain and overseas, Gordon intends taking an active role, particularly in mediumship and healing development.

He took over from medium Peter Geekie whose resignation as president, due to ill-health, was announced earlier this year (PN April 2015).

“I was asked to take on the role two years ago,” Gordon tells Psychic News, “but I didn’t feel the time was right. But now, my gut instinct says ‘Yes’.

“I first set foot inside the LSM 25 years ago as a visitor. I sat at the back of the church. Don Galloway was demonstrating that day and he recognised me and invited me up to the rostrum...

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TV and movies get serious about the paranormal... but how accurate are they?

NEWS that Fox Searchlight is planning a movie about the Fox sisters, whose experiences led to Spiritualism, is indicative of a noticeable trend in the entertainment industry.

Ghosts, poltergeists and other spooky phenomena have long been part of the staple diets of movie makers and TV producers, but they make no pretence to be anything other than fiction.

The current very noticeable trend, however, is to produce movies – for the cinema and for TV – that attempt a more realistic approach to what is clearly a fascinating subject to explore.

Project Afterlife is typical of these. It’s a six-part series in which four investigators with different backgrounds explore the stories of individuals who have had near-death experiences. So that’s more documentary than drama.

Proof, starring Jennifer Beals, on the other hand, is pure fiction – but is based on fact and the search for proof of life after death. Beals, who plays Dr Carolyn Tyler, a surgeon who has lost her teenage son and also had a near-death experience, has been praised for the sensitivity she brings to the role, but the show itself has had mixed reviews...

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Magazine 63 August 2015 issue (Issue No 4130)

August 2015

(Issue No 4130)


The Spiritualist who saved Britain

“Dowding, who was given a peerage in 1943 in recognition of his wartime services, became increasingly occupied with spiritual matters and with Spiritualism, in particular"    

Photo: Bentley Priory Museum
Photo: Bentley Priory Museum

EXACTLY three-quarters of a century after the Battle of Britain was fought in the skies over southern England, and 45 years after the death of the man who masterminded the operation that prevented a Nazi invasion of Britain, Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding and his team are back in action at Fighter Command’s impressive secret command centre in Middlesex.

Well, not exactly. So that the heroic efforts of Lord Dowding and the young fighter pilots he commanded are not forgotten, a museum has been created at Bentley Priory as a permanent memorial to their successful endeavours.

To preserve it for posterity, the public are not allowed into the room from which Dowding ran the intense three-month campaign, furnished with his desk and the seats used by prime minister Winston Churchill and General Dwight D. Eisenhower when they visited.

Instead, it has been ingeniously used as a backdrop to a 20-minute audio-visual presentation about the Battle of Britain, with glimpses of an actor playing the role of Dowding and speaking the words he uttered or expressed in letters to Churchill and others, as he sought support for his strategy.

He argued that Britain should not lose valuable fighter resources in the defence of France and that they should be retained to defend Britain. Not everyone agreed but eventually his tactics were proved right.

The Bentley Priory Museum at Stanmore, just north of London, which opened in 2013, is a brilliant and evocative reminder of a period in history that should never be forgotten. It also commemorates the national heroes whose bravery and determination in fighting an aggressive enemy were pivotal in ultimately achieving freedom from tyranny not only for the United Kingdom but also for civilisation...
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Cultivating clairvoyance by scrying BY BILLY ROBERTS

IN ONE form or another – from reflections in shiny surfaces to gazing into a crystal ball – scrying has been used from time immemorial as a way of extending our senses.

It was particularly favoured by the ancient seers who used either a crystal sphere or some other form of mystical speculum to allow their consciousness to transcend space and time. While in that altered state of mind, he or she would have glimpses of the future.

In fact, scrying is an extremely effective optical tool that will encourage the development of a clairvoyant skill. Scrying causes retina fatigue, a process that occurs during the cultivation of the image-making faculty, the neurological body that allows images to pass through the consciousness.

Unless a person is able to use their imagination to actually “see” images with their eyes closed, the full development of clairvoyance is really not an option.

Scrying causes retina fatigue, a process that occurs during the cultivation of the image-making faculty, the neurological body that allows images to pass through the consciousness   

Remember, I am talking about a clairvoyant skill, the ability to “see” things nobody else can see, and not a mediumistic skill, which is something quite different altogether. Not all mediums are clairvoyant, and not all clairvoyants are mediums.

Simple clairvoyance allows the seer to see future and past events with an “inner eye” and foretell the future; but when a clairvoyant skill is accompanied by a mediumistic one, the person is able to actually “see” and communicate with a disembodied energy, an ability that is quite specific.

The whole process of clairvoyance really does vary from person to person, simply because the response of our eyes is very limited. We accept the fact that our eyes respond to vibrations of light that are thrown off by the surfaces of an object, and that our consciousness translates those vibrations into ideas of form and colour...

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Magazine 62 June 2015 issue (Issue No 4128)

July 2015

(Issue No 4129)


Medium Glyn Edwards passes to spirit world

LEADING medium and tutor Glyn Edwards, CSNU,

has passed to the spirit world aged 65.

Liverpool-born Glyn devoted his life to learning and teaching, sharing his vast knowledge and mediumship with many students and friends around the world.

Having joined a Benedictine community at the age of sixteen, he took his first steps along paths which led him to acquire knowledge of other disciplines. He became a close friend of renowned tantric master Swami Dharmananda Saraswati Maharaj, who gave him the name of Devasdada, meaning “Servant of God.”

Glyn had a wide experience of physical mediumship and trance states, and was a trance medium himself. He lived in the small country village of Maids Moreton in Buckinghamshire.

The medium was a senior course tutor at the Arthur Findlay College, Essex, for more than 30 years. On its website, the college says:

Glyn Edwards

“Glyn possesses extensive understanding of various mediumistic and spiritual paths, and is particularly known for the quality of his work and his ability to demonstrate his mediumship almost effortlessly in front of large audiences.

“He is highly respected for his understanding of and insight into different areas of mediumistic unfoldment and his devotion to helping students explore and realise their individual potential.

“In 2003, he made the front page of Psychic News (which he has done many times in his mediumistic life) after being struck down by a mystery virus. Since then, he has shown how determination and the power of the spirit can overcome adversity.

“Remarkably many have testified to how his work and teachings have moved on to a deeper level. He also found this chapter in his life opening up many profound insights and experiences that expanded his amazing mediumistic and spiritual vision.”

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Your Spiritual Art – This month we are showing the work of three artists you’ve seen featured here before – Tony Katz, Andrew Western and Colin Hall – and one who makes a Your Spiritual Art page debut – Jane Lang. All are very different in both the style and execuction of their art, but it all comes from a spiritual source for a spiritual purpose.


Safe Passage by Tony Katz

Safe Passage  (above) by Tony Katz
“This picture symbolises hope. Whatever traumatic things happen in life, with faith in the Great Spirit all will be well and you will be led into the safe haven of light.”

The Temple of Inner Peace (top right) by Tony Katz
“This picture is for relaxation and healing.”

Spiritual Heights (bottom right) by Tony Katz
“This mountain scene represents a person’s journey through life – or lifetimes – eventually reaching their ‘spiritual heights’.”

  The Temple of Inner Peace by Tony Katz
Spiritual Heights by Tony Katz

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Magazine 62 June 2015 issue (Issue No 4128)

June 2015

(Issue No 4128)


INSIDE THE MIND OF URI GELLER – Roy Stemman discusses magic and military intelligence with the world-famous superpsychic
Uri Geller – Photo: Glyn Ridgers_Photo: Glyn Ridgers


When I interviewed Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell in 1972 it wasn’t his journey to the Moon that dominated our conversation. Just two years after he became the sixth human to walk on the lunar surface, Mitchell’s exploratory spirit had shifted to “inner space”.

Mitchell, who conducted his own informal but successful telepathy tests from the Moon’s surface with pre-selected individuals on Earth, had since retired from the U.S. Navy and was free to openly conduct research into parapsychology. And he was particularly excited by some of the early results of mind-over-matter experiments, known as telekinesis, he had witnessed.


“To be controversial is a gift, and sceptics supplied plenty of that.”


“I have seen one of our subjects, an Israeli sensitive, Uri Geller, deform, and on occasions break, metallic objects just by concentrating on them,” Mitchell told me.

Geller’s name meant nothing to me at the time. When my story was published in January 1973 – the first newspaper account in Britain to mention Geller’s abilities – I realised he would soon be well known within the world of psychical research. I never suspected, however, that within a year the whole world would know of him. And to this day, the phenomenal Israeli continues to baffle, intrigue, astonish and challenge us with his remarkable displays of apparently supernormal powers.

Is he for real? That question still gets asked more than any other, and it’s one that Geller is more than happy to confront in our wide-ranging interview...


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The Transcendental Glow of Everything – by Billy Roberts

When proffering a greeting hand to someone we have just been introduced to, contact is made long before their hand touches ours. In fact, the same may be said of anything we reach out to touch, with contact being made at a more subtle level a little time before any interaction takes place. I’m talking, of course, about the aura, that wonderful phenomenon which is an integral part of a human’s subtle anatomy, and plays such an important role in the manifestation of our spiritual make-up.

    “The majority of those who claim to see the aura really only see a minute part of an even greater whole."

Although the majority of people are completely unaware of the aura’s existence, those who are privy to it understand it to be a multi-coloured ‘glow’ that surrounds the body, from which an abundance of information is gleaned by those who can actually ‘see’ it. But what exactly is the aura? And what can be made of it from a scientific perspective?

The aura is in fact best described as a vaporous mass of electromagnetic particles, surrounding both animate and inanimate things. This would suggest that a table or even a brick has an aura, which of course they do, to a greater or lesser degree.


The human form itself is an electromagnetic unit of incredible power, modifying, distributing and discharging energy, and is contained in its own spectrum of colour and light. And so we understand the aura to be a metaphysical as well as a scientific phenomenon. Chemical energy is converted by the cells of the body into light energy, culminating in what science refers to as ‘human bioluminescence’ – an optical phenomenon that is seen in some deep-sea aquatic creatures; a kind of transcendental glow around the body...
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Magazine 61 May 2015 issue (Issue No 4127)

May 2015

(Issue No 4127)


TV medium Colin Fry diagnosed with terminal cancer but vows, ‘The show must go on’

Spiritualist medium Colin Fry has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. But the 52-year-old entertainer has vowed to battle on with his punishing UK theatre tour while he has sufficient strength.

TV medium Colin Fry

Brave Colin was given the grim news several weeks ago but kept it a secret from his loyal fans.

But on Saturday 18th April he was forced to abandon his show after just five minutes at the Bluebell Hotel in Burton Agnes, Yorkshire, after feeling unwell. His show the next day at the Radlett Centre, Radlett, Hertforshire, was also cancelled.

In the theatrical tradition of ‘the show must go on’, Colin aimed to be back on stage on 23rd April at the Woodville Halls in Gravesend, Kent.

Following the sad announcement, Colin said: “It is bad news for me personally, but it has made me even more determined to carry on. It gives me a chance to say goodbye to my fans, who have been so loyal to me over the years.

“I hope they and the theatres will all bear with me. I feel good most of the time, but there will be bad days too....

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Can they really hear me by Sue Farrow
It’s often been said that if we ‘send out a thought’ it will be ‘heard’ by those in the next world. I send out such thoughts pretty frequently, as I know many of you do. Often they take the form of a request for healing, perhaps for a loved one (human or animal) or for the needs of the wider world, particularly in areas where war, human rights abuses or other injustices, inequalities and deprivations are rife.    

by Sue Farrow

I can’t know if these thoughts of mine actually make a difference – how could any of us prove cause and effect? Sometimes I feel as if I’m just talking to myself (which I suppose could be therapeutic in itself) but I continue to send out the thoughts in the hope that they’ll do some good somewhere, somehow.

I’ll lay a pound to a penny that I’m not alone in feeling a frustration about this ‘I-wonder-if-they-can-really-hear-me’ routine. And that’s never more true than when the thoughts I’m sending spirit-side concern a sincere request for guidance about something that’s troubling me deeply...
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Magazine 60 April 2015 issue (Issue No 4126)

April 2015

(Issue No 4126)


Mediums sentenced for £170,000 benefit fraud

Husband-and-wife mediums Timothy and Jeanette Abbott have received eight-month jail terms following their conviction for a benefit scam lasting a reported 16 years.

Sitting at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court, a judge ruled that Mrs Abbott’s sentence be suspended for eighteen months, a decision Psychic News understands to have been based on the needs of a dependent child.

“Together the couple obtained a total of £170,000 during their 16-year spree at the tax-payer’s expense, including £35,496 in incapacity benefit for Mr Abbott plus £22,848 in disability living allowance.”    

Timothy Abbott, 53, along with his 46-year-old wife, Jeanette, dishonestly obtained thousands of pounds in disability, housing and council tax benefits. Together the couple obtained a total of £170,000 during their 16-year spree at the tax-payer’s expense, including £35,496 in incapacity benefit for Mr Abbott plus £22,848 in disability living allowance.

During undercover investigations, Abbott was filmed lifting dumbbells, and using a rowing machine, exercise bike and treadmill. He pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to notify the Department of Work and Pensions of a change in circumstances.

The medium – who has continued to publicise his work as a demonstrator and teacher throughout the period of his arraignment and trial – also admitted defrauding HMRC of £9,532 by his failure to pay income tax or national insurance...

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Your Spiritual Art

This month we showcase the spiritual art of trance medium Judith Clarke, 76, along with a verse received from Spirit. Here Judith shares some of her spiritual journey.

“I have been on a spiritual journey through my art for the last 18 years. I started painting watercolour when I lived in Scarborough. As I progressed I became a member of the Scarborough Art Society, exhibiting in many galleries around the area.

Then, after a personal crisis, my life changed and I moved to Whitley Bay, but before I left, and in the midst of despair, I started painting without thinking – throwing water, colour, salt and sometimes scraping out, leaving to dry and coming back later to find emerging paintings.

Some of the paintings were given to me before events happened; I did a tidal wave sea scene a few weeks before the tsunami in Thailand. In another painting, on turning it around, I saw my daughter with long chestnut hair in a flower garden with a baby boy in her arms. A year later she gave birth to a baby boy...
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Magazine 59 March 2014 issue (Issue No 4125)

March 2015

(Issue No 4125)


SNU Physical Séance Protocol

David Bruton, President of the Spiritualists’ National Union and Principal of both the Arthur Findlay College and Arthur Findlay Centre, responds to PN readers

Further to the extensive coverage in last month’s PN relating to the SNU’s introduction of a physical protocol for the Arthur Findlay College (pictured) and Centre, and the subsequent withdrawal of physical medium Scott Milligan from working at the College, I would like on behalf of the Union to make the following points in an attempt to answer the concerns expressed in the printed letters: 

In my view – Eileen Davies

I have great respect for Eileen as an outstanding medium, tutor and course organiser at the AFC and I support much of what she says. However, there are one or two points contained in her article which need to be corrected to provide your readers with a true and balanced view of the facts surrounding the introduction of the protocol...

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Life in the next world is it really a bed of roses?

Sue Farrow casts a quizzical eye over some of the descriptions spirit communicators have given of life in the world unseen, and discovers a contradiction or three . . .

In between walking the dog, matching up the unpaired socks, traipsing round the supermarket and numerous other unremarkable but necessary tasks of the past few weeks, I’ve been brooding more than usual on the meaning of life. Not just this one, but the next one – the whole big ‘continuity’ picture.

Be honest, now – have you ever had the odd heretical thought that it doesn’t all quite add up? And, like me, felt a twinge of guilt for indulging in such subversive mental meanderings?  Well, hang the guilt – I’m a Spiritualist and I’m supposed to think out of the box.

So here’s what bothers me:

We Spiritualists operate on the basis that life for every human soul is never-ending – a continuous eternal journey of spiritual progress and evolution. We muddle through the hard times on the ultimately positive premise that the soul grows through the facing of challenges and adversities, overcoming the various obstacles, small and large, that inevitably drop into the waters of our lives, causing anything from ripples to great big tidal waves...
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Magazine 58 February 2015 issue (Issue No 4124)

February 2015

(Issue No 4124)


Animals in the spirit world – One of the questions I’m asked most often is whether animals survive beyond physical death.
For those of us who have known the joy of an animal’s unconditional love and devotion, their sensitivity and innate honesty, it’s easy to see why that question (and particularly its answer) is so important. The bond between the human and animal who share a home and a life together becomes very deep, and the loss of a beloved pet can be devastating.

“Discovering that our animal friends have not ‘died’ is a huge comfort, but we inevitably wonder about their circumstances in the spirit world"    

That loss is often made more difficult to bear when human family members or friends, who can’t quite appreciate this unique bond, become impatient with the one who is grieving and dismiss their sadness with a tactless comment on the lines of “Come on – it was only a dog!”

Just as good mediumship can help enormously with the loss of a human loved one, so it can when a precious animal dies. PN’s archive is packed with accounts of animal spirit returns – not just of ‘traditional’ pets such as dogs and cats, but many other species too. You’ll find some wonderful examples in this month’s archive feature on page 52.

Discovering that our animal friends have not ‘died’ is a huge comfort, but we inevitably wonder about their circumstances in the spirit world – who they are with, who looks after them – in short, what their life is like now they are no longer with us... 

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Calling all mediums!

We hear seemingly endless comments about mediums and mediumship but rarely hear what mediums themselves think and feel about the work they do and the conditions in which they do it. That’s why we’ve decided to conduct PN’s first ever survey of mediums so that churches, centres, demonstration venues, sitters and all who benefit from mediumship around the world can understand a bit more about what our dedicated mediums need from us.

Our survey is completely anonymous and we’re not asking you to name any church or centre. It’s simply an opportunity for you to have your say and increase our understanding of life as a working medium.

We at Psychic News think this subject is of huge importance and we hope that every working medium will take ten minutes to complete the survey and return it to us, either by email or post. We will then compile the information we receive from you all and publish the collected results in our April issue.

And remember – the more mediums who take part in our survey, the more the rest of us can learn about the unique job you do and the practical ways we can provide you with the best possible conditions to do it. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Magazine 57 January 2014 issue (Issue No 4123)

January 2015

(Issue No 4123)


FROM THE EDITOR – The death of physical mediumship  as we know it?

Editor Sue Farrow examines a controversial new document from the Arthur Findlay College.

For the first time in its 50-year history the Arthur Findlay College (AFC) has issued a formal protocol governing demonstrations of physical mediumship (PM).

The eight-point document (reproduced opposite) becomes operational on 1st January and applies to PM demonstrations at both AFC and the Arthur Findlay Centre in Stafford.

In years gone by, PM was very much in evidence at AFC, with a dedicated séance room in the basement. Prior to this, luminaries of Spiritualism such as Gordon Higginson were among those who demonstrated their PM at the college. To the best of my knowledge, the only physical medium currently demonstrating levitation phenomena and independent direct voice at AFC is 31-year-old Scott Milligan.

If you’re not familiar with PM, it’s worth my briefly explaining what it’s all about, and why it matters.

PM is a unique form of mediumship, entirely different from the much better known type of mediumship that offers messages from spirit communicators relayed through a medium who is fully conscious (albeit perhaps in a somewhat altered state) and is essentially acting as a telephone line for those who have moved on from this life to communicate with loved ones still on earth...

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Randi offers million dollars for dowsing proof

JAMES RANDI’S million dollars is on special offer again – this time it’s promised in return for proof that dowsing works.

The 86-year-old American sceptic has made the challenge, sponsored by the James Randi Educational Foundation, to Dr James Marshall, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

The challenge came after Dr Marshall made some controversial comments on Australian radio on the subject of dowsing. He said, “I’ve seen people do this with close to 80 per cent accuracy.”

Proponents of dowsing, or divining, believe they can find underground water by using a pendulum, rod or stick.

Dr Marshall posed the question: “Is there some instrumentality we could create that would enable a machine to find water? I’ve always wondered whether there’s something in the spectro-magnetic field.”

Many people have questioned whether CSIRO, where Dr Marshall takes up his new post in January, should be funding research into the authenticity of dowsing...

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