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Two Words Are One News and views from the editor’s desk  By Tony Ortzen


Matters military

TO military matters. And here are two stories about the Armed Forces for the price of one, so please sit to attention!

DREAM expert Charlie Morley is invited to address over 200 staff at the Ministry of Defence.

DREAM expert Charlie Morley is invited
to address over 200 staff at the Ministry
of Defence.

A few months ago, we featured lucid dreaming expert Charlie Morley, who has just announced that he recently addressed the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

“Yup,” he said. “That really happened.? I spoke for 45 minutes about how lucid dreaming and mindfulness of dreams and sleep can help integrate nightmares and stress-affected sleep to a room of over 200 MoD staff members at the main Ministry of Defence building on Whitehall.

“This would not have happened ten years ago. In fact, this would not have happened even five years ago, but times are changing and minds are opening. Slowly but surely!

“In lieu of the MoD talk and the growing interest in the work I’ve been doing with veterans, I’ve made a new website focusing solely on this topic.”

Later on this year, Charlie is taking a workshop at London’s College of Psychic Studies. Entitled “Mindfulness of Dream Sleep for Trauma and Stress Affected Sleep Patterns,” it was originally developed for British military veterans.

Mindfulness of dream and sleep (MODS) is a holistic approach to healing for people with stress or trauma-affected sleep patterns.

At the workshop, Charlie will explain “how to transform the harmful effects that stress and trauma can have on the third of our life that we spend asleep.”

Using scientifically verified mindfulness-based techniques alongside breath and body work practices, the MODS method helps to reduce stress and enhance sleep quality.

The workshop will also explore various topics including the science of sleep cycles, embracing nightmares, the neuroscience of trauma, sleep hygiene and dream work for trauma integration.

By the way, Charlie has written three books. These have been translated into eleven languages, which sounds like a wide-awake success story.

Still with the Armed Forces, earlier this year Rachel Cope, the owner of Stafford’s Angel Attic, led a meditation session for the Army.

One hundred and thirty soldiers from the 1st Signal Regiment took part in the meditation, which was held at Beacon Barracks.

To support mental health awareness in the Army, the meditation was delivered on a free trial basis by Angel Attic, which signed the Armed Forces Covenant last year.

“Meditation is very personal with each of us deriving from it what we need at that specific moment in time,” said Rachel.

“It can benefit personally, professionally or socially, and can best be described as becoming at one with ourselves appropriate to our needs at that time.

“It is also a known fact that meditation can help Army personnel suffering from mental health issues, injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder and much more.”

Eighty-eight per cent of the soldiers who took part said they were keen to explore further meditation sessions.

OF 130 soldiers who took part in a meditation, 88 per cent said they were keen to explore further sessions.

OF 130 soldiers who took part in a meditation, 88 per cent said they were keen to explore further sessions.


An independent mind-body-spirit centre, Angel Attic opened in October 2017 and welcomed almost 7,000 guests through its doors in the first year.

Workshops at Angel Attic cover a vast range of subjects including angel, tarot and playing cards, pendulums, Chinese astrology, handwriting analysis, reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, Indian head massage, energy healing, trance, mindfulness, meditation, shamanism, psychic detection, spirit art and sound healing.

In order to expand spiritual awareness into the business community, this year Rachel became a member of the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce. No other similar business held membership.

“Before long,” said Rachel, “Angel Attic’s profile became well established and it was suggested that an application be made in the ‘most promising new start-up’ category of the annual Chamber of Commerce awards.

“Ploughing through a set piece application centred around profit margins, feasibility factors and potential for expansion – let alone the potential for international trade – was a daunting task.”

Instead, Angel Attic “emphasised the human cost of not having a safe, calming environment where anyone can drop in, have a free tea or coffee, talk about anything they want and hopefully leave feeling their visit has been beneficial to them.

“Likewise, Angel Attic’s charitable work and commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant were expanded upon to highlight the depth of involvement in both civilian and armed forces communities.”

Changing the parameters appeared to work because a few days after applications closed, Angel Attic was told they had been shortlisted by the adjudication committee for consideration as potential finalists.

“Within a few weeks,” said Rachel, “we were advised that we were one of three finalists to be decided upon by the firm of solicitors sponsoring the category.

“The visitors from the sponsors admitted that they would have to re-write a new rule book for the entry because unlike other entrants it was based upon service to the community, not profit margins.”

Finalists and guests were invited to a gala dinner at the Stafford County Showground.

“Unfortunately,” said Rachel, “Angel Attic did not win, but we were the only finalists to receive a commendation from the chamber for our outstanding work for charity and the local community.

“That accolade meant so very much, as no other company received one. Once again, Angel Attic led the way in opening up independent spiritual awareness to a new audience, putting mediumship firmly on the map!”


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