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Additional free content: Extract from Many Voices, One Mission by Michael G. Reccia and R. Jane Kneen.

The Persian Gentleman
‘A Beginner's Guide to What Happens Next’ 

…The Passing of Mr Johnson

[Jane recalls: This clairvoyant communication was given to us early one Easter Saturday morning by the Persian Gentleman as a narrative to illustrate a typical scenario of someone passing into the spiritual realms. This was several years before Joseph’s comprehensive account of the afterlife in his book Your Life After Death, which describes in great detail many other scenarios, pathways and processes as we journey onwards through the spiritual spheres.]

   Many Voices, One Mission – part of The Joseph Communications – by Michael G. Reccia and R Jane Kneen

The Persian Gentleman: Good Morning, Michael; Good Morning, Jane; and Good Morning, Molly [a greeting to our Spaniel - once described by Silver Star as ‘the most stubborn dog that ever incarnated’]. And it is a good morning to talk to you because there is a very strong link between the Earth plane and my plane, which I knew about in advance and is why I said specifically that I would come to you on this particular Saturday. The day has been arranged so that I can bring this information through early in the morning when most people are asleep, which is important because when they get up their thoughts spill out into the atmosphere and pollute the vibration of communication, making it more difficult for us to work.

I wish to talk about 'enrolment' into the spiritual realms (although that is not strictly the correct term as all souls come from and go back to that dimension) and I want to consider things from the point of view of the ordinary man or woman.

So, let us imagine that we are with a 'Mr Johnson', who has lived what may be described as an ‘average life’. He has held down an average job with average earnings. He is married with two children and lives in an average type of house. His father is still alive but his mother has passed on to the spirit worlds …or, as he thinks, has ‘died’ and no longer exists.

Mr Johnson has been a worrier all his life and over the last few months has experienced a tightness across his chest as a result of his anxiety. On this particular morning he sets off to work in his average car but doesn't actually arrive there because, as he crosses the bridge linking the residential side of town to the area where he works, he suddenly feels a severe pain in his chest which he clutches as he tries to keep his car on the road. The pain passes and he thinks: 'Thank goodness for that! I thought for a moment I was having a heart attack but it must just have been indigestion.'

He continues to drive towards work …or so he thinks… and suddenly becomes aware of someone sitting in the passenger seat. Looking across he sees a man who seems strangely familiar to him …not because he is a family member but because this spirit has been visiting Mr Johnson in his sleep for several months and is one of those people who take the departed across to the higher side of life. His passenger has known, because of the spiritual records available to him concerning Mr Johnson, the precise time at which he will 'die'. He, therefore, looks familiar to Mr Johnson and this feeling of familiarity is important to allow Mr Johnson to feel comfortable with this unexpected visitor.

He keeps on driving and arrives at work …or so he thinks… and both he and the gentleman get out of the car and go into Mr Johnson's office. Mr Johnson thinks it must be April Fool’s Day because nobody is taking any notice of him. He has never been a very popular member of the office but today, because he cannot make anyone talk to him, he can only assume that they have 'sent him to Coventry' as a joke.

He walks over to his desk muttering under his breath that he detests this type of practical joke, and his companion stands at his side as Mr Johnson tries to switch on the computer… but it won't respond. For some reason, he can't seem to grasp the mouse or work the keyboard and he becomes increasingly frustrated. He sits at his desk until elevenses, when the tea and coffee are brought round, but nobody offers him a cup or even acknowledges him. Feeling that this has gone beyond a joke, Mr Johnson stands up and begins to shout at them: 'I’m just not having this! This is no way to treat me!'

…But no one takes any notice of him except the man who is standing beside him. At this point Mr Johnson asks him, 'Who are you, anyway?' And the man replies: 'Doesn't it occur to you that something is different about today? These people are not ignoring you as a joke but because they are not aware of you, because, from their point of view, you are not in the room.’

'What do you mean not in the room? asks Mr Johnson, 'I am sitting at my desk!' To which the man replies: 'Only in thought because, in effect, when you felt the pain in your chest you passed over and died.' Mr Johnson denies this, saying: 'That is absolute nonsense! I am here at work.'

The man then invites him to try to pick up someone's coffee cup, so Mr Johnson goes around the room trying to pick up the cups but he can't because his hand passes straight through them. The man then invites him to try hitting someone to get their attention, so Mr Johnson walks over to a young office boy and tries to tap him on the shoulder and, whilst the boy shudders as if someone has walked over his grave, it is clear that he doesn't feel or see Mr Johnson.

The man then says: 'You had better sit down because you made a transition this morning. You had a heart attack whilst you were in your car. It was time for you to come ‘Home’ and you had better forget the office because it is no longer of use to you.'

'But what about my wife and children?' asks Mr Johnson, who then, at the speed of thought, finds himself back at home where his wife is arranging flowers in a vase. He tries desperately to talk to her but she can't see him and doesn't react. Instantly he is with his eldest daughter who also works in an office, and he takes her by the shoulders but she can't see him either. In the next moment he is with his youngest daughter in a lecture at college and, as he stands right in front of her, he realises that not only can she not see him but neither can anyone else around him.

Suddenly, in the corner of the room, a brilliant Light appears and the room grows dim. His companion beckons to him, saying: 'Please follow me into the Light …into the next stage of your existence.' Mr Johnson feels drawn towards the Light because there is a warmth to it and a Love that he has never felt before. It is rather like being under anaesthetic because he forgets abut his wife …forgets about his daughters …forgets about his office job …forgets about his car …forgets about his house …and forgets everything else that seemed so important to him this morning and follows the man through into the Light.

The Light surrounds him and he cannot see anything for a few minutes
- only the Light.

Then, as it subsides, he finds himself in a village that is just like a village on Earth with walls, trees, houses and roads - although there aren't any people or cars. Mr Johnson says to the man who is still standing next to him: 'I thought you said I was dead …if I am this is a very strange ‘Heaven’!' To which the man replies: 'This is an ‘initiation point’ - somewhere that will seem familiar to you. Come… there is a place where you can stay for a little while.'

Mr Johnson follows him through the door of a rather pleasant house and there, sitting in the living room, is his mother. He doesn't recognise her at first and wonders who the young lady with the dark hair sitting on the settee is. His mother then explains that she needs to adjust her appearance for him - so she closes her eyes, thinks for a moment, and suddenly she is just as Mr Johnson remembers her …that frail old lady who was in a hospital bed for a few months before she passed over.

He is shocked because this is not some apparition of his mother but his mother in the flesh, just as she was. She gets up and they embrace and there is a tearful reunion. Then he sits down and she says: 'You had better have some tea and biscuits because you don't look too well.’ Mr Johnson agrees that he would like something to eat and instantly there appears on his knee a tray with a cup of tea on it and a plate of biscuits. He doesn't question how they got there and the tea tastes better than any tea he has ever tasted before and the biscuits are just divine.

He asks what his mother is doing here and she says: 'I have come to make you feel comfortable during this transitional period. If you recall, I was a little bit psychic when I was on Earth and sometimes said strange things that made people a bit wary of me. However, being that way prepared me for this place, so when I came across I didn't see this village at all but went straight to the next stage, which you will also see in a little while. I knew that you would have a more difficult time of it because you never believed in an afterlife - simply believing that when you were dead you were dead! So your mind, in conjunction with the people who care for you here, has constructed the image of this village around you. It is the type of place that you would have liked to have retired to. You often talked about it and here is it! It is ‘real’ for as long as you wish it to be real - until you feel comfortable with your transition. I will come back and talk to you again but for now I would like you to rest for a little while.'

Suddenly she disappears and the man who has been with him all this time reassures him: 'She will come back so don't fret about her leaving. You cannot lose anybody on this side and you will see her again. You do need to rest, so wouldn't you like to go through to the bedroom?' He shows him through to a very pleasant little bedroom with a single bed in it. Mr Johnson does feel tired so lies down on the bed, and the instant his head touches the pillow he falls asleep.

When he awakens, he sees is another gentleman in a very brightly coloured robe standing next to his companion. There is also another being present, surrounded by gold and silver Light, who Mr Johnson has difficulty seeing, as though he is only ‘half there’. Remembering that he has ‘died’, Mr Johnson sits up and asks what he is supposed to do now.

The gentleman in the coloured robe says: 'Come with me, please, Mr Johnson', and takes him out of his house and down the road to what looks like the village boundary, and through this misty boundary Mr Johnson can see quite a different scene. There are still houses, trees and hills but everything seems more vibrant. The people on that side of the barrier are also in coloured robes and are relaxing, with some sitting on benches and talking and others reading. This dimension seems far more ethereal than his village. The sky has coloured streams of light in it, rather like the Aurora Borealis on Earth, but far more beautiful. As he looks at the buildings they appear to change - sometimes they look traditional and at other times they seem to be made out of Light, as though he is looking at the inner as well as the outer structure of them.

The being in the coloured robe turns to him and says: 'Mr Johnson, this is the next stage in your journey, but you cannot actually get there yet because you have a lot of pollution around you from the Earth plane. You bought into it so heavily that we have to, firstly, convince you that you are still alive and, secondly, acclimatise you to this land I am showing you, which is the next stage and somewhere you will live for some time. What we would like you to do now is to go back to your house and the gentleman who came for you (whose job it is to take people over to the spirit realms) will answer any questions you may have over the next few days …or at least they will seem to you like ‘days’. Then, when you realise where you are, that you are a spirit and that you cannot die, you can go through this barrier and we can introduce you to life on the other side of it.’

Mr Johnson looks at the man in the robe and sees the other being in silver and gold next to him, who seems much taller than the other two and looks like an angel, although he can only see part of him. Instinctively he knows that the gentleman in the coloured robe is receiving instructions from the angel and can see him pause before he speaks, as though he is considering the angel’s words.

So, Mr Johnson goes back to the house that has been allocated to him, accompanied by the man who came to take him across; and over the next few ‘days’ they have long discussions about life, about death and about God.

Mr Johnson's memory of his family returns and he is quite upset but he is allowed to see them. It is as though he is able to look into a corner of his bedroom and see right into his old house where he can see his wife and daughters are distressed because they are grieving over him. He is allowed to visit, through the image in the corner of the room, a chapel of rest where there is an open coffin in which lies his physical body.

As he accesses these images, time seems to be different to what he was used to on Earth because he witnesses a rapid succession of scenes but also seems to be a part of them …one minute he is in the chapel of rest …the next he is at his funeral service …then, quickly, his wife and daughters seem to be far happier, as though a lot of time has passed and they have already forgotten him. His companion reassures him: 'They haven't forgotten you, but the passage of time on Earth and what you perceive as ‘time’ here is different. We allow many people to go back to their own funeral because they need that sense of closure and conclusion to their earthly life. Some souls move straight on without a backward glance but they are mostly people who have gained some spiritual insight during their physical lives.'

He then asks Mr Johnson how he feels, to which Mr Johnson replies: 'I'm not sure but I do know that I want to move on now. I feel as though I am no longer part of the Earth and that I am ready to step through that barrier into the next land, if that is okay.' At that point the spirit in the coloured robe appears, together with the angel, and they take Mr Johnson to the barrier. He steps through the mist and, as he looks back, the village he has being living in for goodness knows how long (because you lose track of the ‘days’ and ‘nights’ here) disappears …as though it has simply been an illusion… and the mist vanishes too, so that he is now completely in a very different land.

One of the things he first notices is a park where children in coloured robes are playing and seem blissfully happy. Some of the them are with people he assumes to be their parents (although they actually look too young to be parents) and some are being cared for by beings of Light - people in very luminous robes. The children are creating images (such as fairy castles) between themselves in the air, which seem quite real until they think of something else - at which point the images disappear. Mr Johnson notes that around some of the children there are elementals, each within its own little sphere of colour but these seem real and not just creations of their imagination, and the children are quite accepting of their presence. Mr Johnson sits on a bench and watches the children for he doesn't know how long.

He then turns his attention to another part of the landscape and sees a group of people sitting on the grass listening to a lecture. Mr Johnson can hear the speaker’s voice but is fascinated because he can also see colours around the people and knows what each individual is thinking and feeling. He can sense that the person delivering the lecture is pure and is sending out Love to the group around him that he earnestly desires to teach.

The man in coloured robes who took him through the barrier then approaches and says: 'Please say goodbye now to your companion who has been with you since you passed over.' Mr Johnson is a little upset: 'I don't understand. He is the only friend I have here and the only person I know.' The companion promises to come back and visit from time to time but has a very busy schedule with many more people about to make their transition. He explains that Mr Johnson is now in the care and keeping of the gentleman in coloured robes …who was, in fact, Mr Johnson’s guide whilst on Earth.

'What do you mean by guide?' asks Mr Johnson, to which his companion replies: 'Well, he was someone who, at intervals during your life, fed you information through your intuition so that you would, hopefully, make the right decisions for the progress of your soul. Do you not recognise him?' Mr Johnson looks at the man in the coloured robes, who is of a different race to Mr Johnson, and there is a recognition …a feeling as though he is remembering a member of his family from long ago. The companion disappears and, as always, he is aware of the presence of the higher angelic spirit around the person whom he now knows was his guide.

The man in coloured robes invites Mr Johnson to walk with him, and suddenly the landscape changes again. He is strolling through a beautiful park with tree-lined avenues and he feels under his feet a very soft yet supportive ground unlike anything he has ever experienced before. He feels a great harmony from the grass and the trees, as though these things are alive and are sending Love to him. He feels, for the first time in his life, completely at ease. He has no fear and no anxiety for the future. He is completely at one with this place and completely at peace …and it is a wondrous feeling. 

The robed gentleman invites Mr Johnson to sit on a bench, which supports him perfectly - as though it is shaped to his back. He sits looking out across the park and can see people in the distance walking amongst the beautiful flowers and, as they put their hands out towards them, the petals respond by changing colour. He notices that the people's robes also change colour from minute to minute, as some of the shades within them become stronger and then diminish as other colours rise to the surface. It is as though their robes are alive.

There is a peace and a purpose here with no hurry, and certainly none of the stress that caused his heart attack. The gentleman in the coloured robes says: 'I suppose you are wondering what happens next. Well, this is a kind of ‘way station’ where people come to become acclimatised. You may think that your village was such a station but that was the initial phase and a construct made from your own thoughts and beliefs. This place is as real as any other and is created by the communal thoughts of many people. It is one of the steps of evolution you must pass through in order to reach the higher planes.'

'What do you mean by higher planes?' asks Mr Johnson. 'Well', replies his guide, 'Heaven’ is not a static place. God's creation expresses itself though movement and change, and the movement with spirits is always ‘upwards’ and always as a wish to be closer to God. But for the moment you should stay here… and have no choice but to stay here because your vibrations will not allow you to go anywhere else.'

'What are these other heavens like? This place is so amazing I could stay here forever… but what are the other places like?' asks Mr Johnson. The gentleman in the robes replies: ‘Concentrate and look ahead of you and you will see.'

Mr Johnson then has a wondrous vision as his guide takes his hand to transfer energy to him – and, in front of him through a ‘hole’ in the landscape, Mr Johnson can see the most awe-inspiring places - as though he is looking at a child's pop-up book which, when opened, displays different layers of images stretching both backwards and upwards. It is as though he is looking at landscape after landscape leading upwards into a brilliant Light. The places are indescribably beautiful. In the first landscape he can see people talking without moving their lips …defying gravity and flying …and creating things with Light.

On the second ascending level he can see people who appear to be creating a landscape around themselves with beautiful trees and flowers. Some of these people are also investigating their inner selves or expressing themselves through music by playing instruments they may not have been able to play whilst on Earth. Others are creating great works of art and sculpture. Some are writing books without applying pen to paper but by simply thinking the words onto the page in bubbles that appear above their heads. Here there is a great sense of learning, creation and artistry.

Above this level he can see people in increasingly luminous robes indulging in activities that are beyond his comprehension …and above that there seems to be a plane made entirely of crystal and Light …above that there is an ethereal plane that almost looks transparent from his point of view …and above that a celestial Light that bathes and feeds all these landscapes he is observing.

These places are so wondrous that naturally Mr Johnson wants to be a part of them, so he asks the man in robes, 'How do I get to be there?' His guide replies: 'Well, there are many ways to reach the higher spheres. An absolute last resort - one that we do not recommend at all but one that is available as a last resort if you refuse to consider any of our other suggestions - is the option of incarnating again on the Earth plane, but we are not at that stage yet with you. We hope and pray that that option will be avoided and we strongly advise that you would be extremely unwise to consider it. You can stay here for as long as you wish to and, through your own work and discovery of the various aspects of your soul, you can reach those landscapes. It is entirely up to you. There will be a time a few days from now when you will review your life on Earth, but for now we would like you to rest …and now I think you will recognise these people who are coming to meet you.'

Mr Johnson looks down the path that leads through the park and sees his mother coming to meet him accompanied by his brother, who died in an accident in his teens, and another man who was a very close work colleague who had died from cancer. He also meets some other people that he has only seen in photographs but recognises as his great-grandparents. The man in the robes touches him on the shoulder and says: 'I will leave you in their care for a while. Enjoy their company and I will see you in a few days. Enjoy this landscape and remember there is no hurry and that everything has to be in your own time.’

His mother and the group of people take him into a lovely house with a courtyard. Enquiring whose house it is, his mother tells him it is a reflection of the house she lives in on a higher level. Amazed he says to her: 'Mum, it's very exotic, isn't it?' and she replies: ‘Sometimes I want it to have a Spanish flavour; sometimes I like it to look Moroccan; and sometimes I like a traditional semi-detached… but it can be anything I want it to be!'

And so he lives with these people for a few days, during which time they come and go, explaining that they don't really belong to this plane but that he will always have someone with him. He finds it strange because he wants to sleep sometimes but can't do so and they explain to him that sleep here is replaced by what they call ‘a period of inner reflection’. They show him what to do …that he has to become quiet, ignore the landscape around him and then go inwards into his heart-mind. When he does this he finds that there is a wonderful, warm Light within himself. It is as though he becomes almost like a statue, in that he doesn't want to move or to think and yet he can come out of this state whenever he wants to, and then the landscape is there around him once again and he feels refreshed.

For a few days there is still a need with him to eat. Nobody else does, although his kind friends sit with him and conjure up the illusion of food for him. After a while he finds that he doesn't become hungry, and it is explained to him that this is just a habit his soul has taken on board because of his incarnation on Earth and that he really doesn't need to eat any longer.

He lives in his mother's lovely house and finds that, to some extent, he can alter the furnishings. For example, at one point he tries to find a television and suddenly one appears, and his mother bemusedly tells him that it is merely a construct of his own thoughts because there is no need for a television here. Sometimes he thinks he can hear cars but it is only his own mind creating what he had become so accustomed to.

After a period of time that, again, he cannot calculate, the man in robes returns and Mr Johnson notices his colleague appears to be quite vivid now and he can see the whole angel who has come to collect him. They enter a wood (in Mr Johnson's case it is a wood because he used to like walking through the woods but the setting could be anywhere) and they walk through it until they reach a central clearing where the three of them sit down on logs.

The angel then asks him if he is ready and Mr Johnson asks, 'Ready for what?' The angel replies: 'To review your life and see the high spots and the not-so-high spots of your recent physical existence on Earth.'

Mr Johnson is not sure about this but thinks that he had better honour these people and say yes. As he does so, a sphere of energy appears in front of him. It is strange because he is looking at it but he is also within it, as though he is experiencing once again the situations that happened to him on Earth. He sees and experiences himself as a child. He experiences his first day at school again. He relives the time he went to college. He feels all the emotions of falling in love again. He seems to be lost in his own life …experiencing it from a distance but also from within it again… but it seems to be moving forwards very rapidly.

And there are certain points in his life where he was angry with someone and said something that, on reflection, he shouldn't have said, or has been unkind to people. As he reaches those points in his life for a brief moment (but I must stress these are only instances where he never realised at the time or since that he was wrong) he becomes the person he hurt and experiences just how they felt when he acted against them. It is devastating and horrible but he can't stop it …he feels the pain of someone being rejected by him …he feels the pain of being on the receiving end of his sharp tongue. In his life Mr Johnson hasn't done anything violent or murdered or robbed anyone but he has, on occasion, perhaps been a little more verbally brutal in his dealings with people than he should have been and he suffers now because of it. He is made to realise how it feels and he is shocked by his own actions.

Then his life review rapidly comes to its conclusion, the bubble disappears and he is sitting there in the clearing in the wood again - a shocked man!

The angel surrounds him with Love and puts his arms around him, saying: 'There is no need to be so tough on yourself. You did what you did. You coped with the Earth-life as best you could. There were areas where you learned and areas where you didn't learn. You were very kind to some people but quite harsh to others. We are going to discuss this in the future because the areas where you didn't learn will hold up your progress as a soul and prevent you from reaching the next level. In a little while from now, you will sit with a team of advisors and it will be decided by you as to the best course of action so that your soul can progress as it is supposed to. Please don't worry! I have seen so many lives unfold that are much worse than the one you have just lived. You have done very little wrong so don't look so devastated. For now we are going to take you back to your mother and friends. I would like you to investigate and take advantage of the plane you are on - this between stage - and then we will come and talk with you about your future.'

And that is exactly what Mr Johnson does - he goes back to his mother's house and, unaware of the passage of time, he occupies himself by observing the place he is in. He finds it quite strange to see people's emotions written on their sleeves, as it were, for he knows what everyone is thinking by the colours they give out.

He sees animals here and it is as though they suddenly come through a ‘portal’. For example, one day a dog appears in the park, fetches a stick, plays with him and then disappears again. He feels sad that it has gone but every time he is sad it comes back. Something within him tells him he has to let it go back to where it has come from. The extraordinary thing about the little dog is that it talks to him. He says to it (not thinking that it could talk back), 'Would you like to fetch a stick?' and the dog answers, 'Yes, I would!' He finds that, over the days, he can sit on the park bench and, if he longs to see the dog, it will come to him. They have conversations and he discovers that the dog knows considerably more about this place than he does. It is so fascinating for him to be able to sit with this lovely animal and know that it is safe, that it will never be harmed and that it is such a wonderful companion.

In the park he sees elementals around the trees and at first thinks he is dreaming but as he approaches these little creatures, although he cannot hear their voices, they communicate their emotions to him so he knows what they are thinking. It is fascinating to see them weaving energy into the bases of trees and stems of plants, colouring the flowers by standing through them and allowing their energies to be transmuted into the petals.

He looks at the lake in the park and is fascinated to see people walking on it. He discovers that it can be hard or soft dependent on what he wants from it. There are beautiful fish in the water with far more striking colours than any fish he has ever seen on Earth. They come to the surface and they, too, talk to him, and he is delighted to be able to talk to a fish!

He studies the architecture in this place and it is quite eclectic, with so many different styles and so many different houses. The street is never the same whenever he visits it - sometimes a house has disappeared and sometimes a new one has been added.

There are always new visitors and he finds, as time goes by, that he can talk to them and tell them a little about this place and put them at ease because they, like him, have come from a life in which they hadn't believed in anything and have had to be gradually acclimatised to this ‘between stage’ on the spirit levels. He begins to love his life because it is so wonderful.

Then one day the angel comes back for him and suddenly - in the middle of the street - there appears a big communal building like a town hall. He walks up the steps with the angel, through the open doors into the lovely building, and finds himself in a magnificent chamber of Light where he sits at a table. In the middle of the table there is a huge book and seated around the table are various angels and spirits, and he can also sense the presence of a spirit he cannot see somewhere above him.

It is quite an informal atmosphere but they talk for what seems like days to him about his life and show him scenes in the opened book from other lives that were also his and he remembers them …he remembers being in Egypt …he remembers being a German soldier during the Second World War …he remembers a life further back in which he was a woman …and he remembers many other lives in different areas of the world.

It all seems quite clear to him and he is told that it is time for him to move on to another sphere of existence and that he can achieve this in one of two ways. Either he can revisit the Earth plane (something that has to be his choice but is not recommended in any way for many reasons they explain to him) and experience another lifetime there; or he can work in the sphere he is in now in, helping people by being an intermediary when people cross over. This will, as opposed to the option of reincarnation, allow his vibration to lift up rapidly so that he can enter one of the spheres above the one he is currently staying in. No pressure is put upon him as it is entirely down to him. He is shown glimpses of the life that he would live on Earth should he choose to go back - he would be a doctor and help people, which seems very appealing to him; and he decides that this is what he wants to do, ignoring the fact that a life lived within the effects of the Fall is always harmful and traumatic and that there are many negative and restricting consequences to opting for a further life on Earth. Nevertheless, and against his team’s advice, this is the painful and dangerous path he decides to take... 

So, he now enters a waiting period and, as he goes back to the house he has been living in, he seems detached somehow from the landscape around him and from his mother. He becomes more introspective, spending more time visiting that Love within him. He spends longer and longer periods sitting on a bench going within himself until eventually he doesn't want to come out of that inner feeling and doesn't want to go back out into the landscape. He is bathed in Love from within and he can feel his consciousness mingling with and being absorbed by the Light …until he has a sense of just being and not of thinking.

…And the next thought he has is as a youngster on the Earth being fed by his new mother. It all seems perfectly logical and he knows who he is as a spirit. Then, suddenly, those memories slip away and he tries to grasp them …but they are gone. He is concentrating instead on the food he is being given by his mother and on the bright toys on the table, and his memory of the spirit worlds has, for the moment, gone completely.

[The Persian Gentleman then addressed Michael and myself.]

I wanted to introduce your readers to one of the scenarios in the spirit realms and bring them some information concerning the nature of a place that many people go to. In a future lecture I hope to talk about the higher spheres and also describe what it is like for a spirit who is more spiritually aware to pass over and to bypass some of the things that happened to Mr Johnson. However, you must remember that some of the people who will read this are ‘Mr and Mrs Average’ (at least on the surface - and I mean this with great respect and use the word ‘average’ with regard to their degree of understanding of spiritual concepts) and have no knowledge whatsoever of the spirit worlds. I suppose this lecture could be called 'A Beginner's Guide to What Happens Next'. I hope you have found it entertaining but, before I go, is there anything you would like to ask that might add to the information you have received?

Jane: I am surprised that Mr Johnson didn't go through the ‘tunnel’ that some people who have had near-death-experiences describe.

Persian Gentleman: He went through the tunnel - as some people perceive it - when we talked about entering the bright Light with his companion and suddenly finding himself in the other world. I also didn’t want to bring through a transition where someone goes over on 'the Boat' because the Big Indian is going to talk about that [see the following lecture] and the other collection points that are around the Earth (for example, some people go to the spirit realms in an ‘aeroplane’). I wanted to simplify the process of transition from your side to our side, so I just said that he went through the Light and found himself on our side.

Jane: He didn't seem to recognise the spirit worlds for quite a while, even though he had been through that process many times before at the end of his previous incarnations. Was that because he had become so ingrained with the earthly existence in his life as Mr Johnson?

Persian Gentleman: The physical mind is a very powerful thing and, if you don't believe in an afterlife whilst you are on the Earth, minute by minute you are constructing that disbelief around you. People can, in fact, find themselves in a void where they remain for a long time because they have constructed 'no-thing' and so 'no-thing' is what they find. Eventually, they will hear voices in that void and someone will pull them out and they will then find themselves in that same way station. I didn't want to frighten people by saying that their own disbelief could cause them a great deal of discomfort when they pass over.

People are also frightened of letting go of the Earth plane but what you let go of in the spirit world you keep forever. So, when they let go of the confines of the little physical mind they suddenly find that they exist more abundantly and have a great deal more to look forward to in their new life. That is why it took some time for Mr Johnson to come round. A more advanced spirit with a greater soul memory can throw off the earthly persona quite quickly.

Jane: When people are in their new surroundings initially, does it cause them distress when people just disappear again - such as when Mr Johnson was reunited with his mother the first time and then she suddenly went away?

Persian Gentleman: It is a simplified story but there is always someone there to advise them and to explain: 'Don't worry, your mother will come back again but has gone to her own sphere where she needs to live for a while and to rest.' So, there is always advice and the moment that a soul questions - the answer is given. Their panic sometimes has to be dampened down so they can hear that answer but the answer is always there for them so they are never left alone or ignorant. The time of ignorance was when they were on the Earth plane and that time has passed.

Jane: When he saw other people, such as those sitting on the grass listening to the lecture, did they really exist or was it part of his own 'construct' or illusion?

Persian Gentleman: Yes, he was seeing other spirits - those people that were around him, and one of the things that immediately strikes those who have passed is the great sense of community and Love on the spirit side. They may have been isolated on Earth but they will not be so here. On Earth you do not realise that you are linked to each other but on the spirit side that instantly becomes apparent, and there is a natural fascination with what other people are doing in this strange land you have entered. So, yes, they are real people.

The first village was a construct of Mr Johnson's mind; it is what he believed so he had to be eased out of that mindset into a true spirit realm. That often takes time and can be quite difficult because people can cross over in distressing circumstances and keep reliving them. For example, someone can pass in a fire and be reliving that experience of being burned until we can ‘get in’, calm them down and show them that it is an illusion. That may seem unfair but it is because of the way the mind works. It is also to do with the nature of the Earth plane and the consequences of the Fall that we keep talking about.

There are echoes of that belief still built into people because of what happened in the past. It is a complex subject but all suffering comes from separation from God. There was a time when man separated himself in consciousness from God (he could not truly do so because he is a part of God) and at that point he began to suffer. Is it not true that an illness is a separation from the belief that you are whole? And the belief that you are whole comes from the God within you. You cannot be separated from your loved ones, and if you know that you are a part of God and the spirit worlds exist then there is not that pain because you know you are going to meet them again one day.

All pain comes from separation - so when people cross over in distressing circumstances, they maintain those circumstances until we can convince them that they are not separated from peace and from Love …and at that point they become calm again. There is always help for souls who do not realise where they are, and what might seem like years is only the blink of an eye until we can get them out of their mindset and into one of the communal realities.

[The Persian Gentleman ended the address with a personal message for Michael.]

I think it is time for me to go now and to stop using Michael, who has generously donated his time again. Will you please tell him that we do appreciate what he does? Often he thinks that we use him without concern for his wellbeing but that is not true. Quite the opposite! We do love him and hold him in high regard, and he is our special brother because of what he is doing.

Extract from Many Voices, One Mission – part of The Joseph Communications – by Michael G. Reccia and R. Jane Kneen. For further details visit: thejosephcommunications.co.uk



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