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Queen of crystals passes to the spirit world


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CRYSTAL expert Judy Hall passed to the Higher Life last month after suffering from a long illness. She was aged 77.

JUDY HALL: “Do what you love and abundance follows.” (Photo: Judy Hall)


JUDY HALL: “Do what you love
and abundance follows.”
(Photo: Judy Hall)

A mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Judy published a selection of books with John Hunt Publishing, including the critically acclaimed and much-beloved Crystal Prescription Series.

An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy was a karmic counsellor for over 45 years and was the author of the million-selling Crystal Bibles.

Judy’s books have been translated into sixteen languages. Her first novel Torn Clouds was published by O Books in 2005.

The same company published Crystal Prescriptions: the A-Z guide to over 1,200 symptoms and their healing crystals and seven further volumes.

Judy was voted the Kindred Spirit Mind, Body, Spirit personality of the year in 2014 and appeared four times on the Watkins MBS list of the 100 most spiritually influential living writers.

Publisher John Hunt said: “I first worked with Judy Hall in publishing her books 30 years ago and we’ve brought out a dozen of them more recently.

“She was one of the nicest of authors to work with – a sympathetic listener, a lovely character with an encyclopedic knowledge and a true professional.

“Judy’s work has inspired and touched millions of people worldwide with her healing and uplifting research and knowledge.

“All of us at John Hunt Publishing offer our sincerest condolences to Judy’s family, friends and fans.

“In a personal or professional capacity, her light will continue to shine on in their hearts and through her books.

“Likewise, all of us at John Hunt Publishing have been greatly enriched by working with Judy, who will be greatly missed by all who knew her.”

A trained healer and counsellor, Judy was psychic all her life and had a wide experience of many systems of divination and natural healing methods.

Her other specialties were soul healing, reincarnation, psychology and divination.

Judy held a BEd (Bachelor of Education degree) in Religious Studies and a MA (Master of Arts) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.

Earlier this year, Psychic News highlighted Judy’s Crystal Prescriptions Volume 8. Running to 297 pages, it includes a massive amount of information and is subtitled, Crystals for Prosperity – The A-Z Guide.

In it, Judy says that crystals “are potent tools for prosperity and abundance. With their power of attraction and energy generation, they support and amplify your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and attract energy towards you.

“This means that when you are working with crystals, you need to be sure that those thoughts, feelings and emotions focus on the positive side of what you want to achieve rather than what you fear might happen or on apparent lack.

“The same applies if you feel sorry for yourself or think that the world owes you a living. It is much more productive to believe that you can support yourself in all ways.

“Be honest with yourself if you have fears or doubts because you can work with crystals to transmute these into positive feelings and beliefs.

“To work at their best, crystals need to be prepared and magnetised. If you ask them specifically to assist in your endeavours, whatever they may be, it avoids any confusion over what a crystal’s role in your life is meant to be.

Judy was voted the Kindred Spirit Mind, Body, Spirit personality of the year in 2014. (Photo: Judy Hall)
Judy was voted the Kindred Spirit Mind, Body,
Spirit personality of the year in 2014.
(Photo: Judy Hall)

“But do not limit them. ‘This or something better’ should be your watchwords.” Next, Judy listed “Twelve steps to abundance.” They read:

• Obey the fundamental law of attraction: like follows like
• Change your mental program: remember what your mind conceives, it achieves
• Measure your self-worth by who you are, not what you do or what you have
• Follow your bliss: do what you love and abundance follows
• Believe you can fulfil your dreams
• Notice and appreciate all the small joys of everyday life
• Recognise that the universe wants you to succeed
• Focus on exactly what you want to attract right now
• Give yourself time, kindness and compassion
• Avoid doubt and guilt and no longer procrastinate
• Let go of fear or self-pity
• Share what you have and take pleasure in the giving

Asking readers “What else enriches your life?” Judy wrote: “Spirituality, joy, nature, arts, crafts, music, sport, culture, friendship, hobbies and community service are all intrinsically rewarding and make life meaningful, giving it passion.

“Passion is vitality, drive, intention and sheer joy in living. When you have it, there is no room in your life for doom, gloom or depression.

“Passion enables you to find the one thing that you shine at that makes you unique and special. So passion is a great life enhancer as is creativity.

“When we create, we put something of our own self into what we produce whether it is writing, painting, music or craftwork, and that feels satisfying and good.

“You’ll notice that most of the valuable assets do not necessarily entail spending money, although some of them require you to make an effort.”

Turning to friendship, Judy said: “If you have friends with whom you share affection, mutual support and laughter, who broadly share your worldview and your values and of whose integrity you are in no doubt, then your life is immensely enriched.

“These are the kind of friends who bring out the best in you, who make you feel richer for having known them. The friends who stimulate inner resources that you didn’t know you had: patience, tolerance and infinite kindness.

“This is where fun and joy and wonderment lift you up and make you see the world in a different way.”

A Rose Quartz heart (Photo: Judy Hall)


(Photo: Judy Hall)

Then came: “If your so-called friends are needy and constantly drag you down, then perhaps you may need to look on friendship from another angle.

“Are you with them because they make you feel needed – or superior? Many people confuse being needed and being useful with feeling good about themselves because by meeting other people’s needs they believe they must be meeting their own.

“But is this true? There is an enormous difference between supporting a friend when it is appropriate knowing that, in turn, you receive the same support and so the friendship is mutual, to spending endless hours propping up someone who is never there for you.

“The first one energises and enriches your life; the second depletes it. Similarly, if you have a friend who constantly tells you how to improve yourself and your life, you are being disempowered by ‘friendship’ rather than empowered.”

Friends “who believe in you and in themselves equally enrich your life. A friend who says ‘Go for it!’ when you try for that job that seems just out of your league and who helps you practise for the interview is a wonderful gift.

“So is one who tells you when you are truly out of order and freely forgives you for it. And you, in turn, derive great satisfaction from returning the favour.

“In other words, friendship is a two-way process; give and take are balanced and the friendship is money in your inner piggy bank.

“Friendship also makes many of the other inner wealth factors much more fun: sport, art, music, hobbies and so on are much more enjoyable when you have a good friend with you.”

Writing about spirituality, Judy said that many people “find great comfort in religion and may find good companionship through their church, but this is not what spirituality is about.

“Spirituality means having an inner faith that sustains you and a connection to something greater than you, no matter what name you give to it or indeed whether you name it at all.

“Daily meditation or ongoing mindfulness that connects you to this ‘something greater,’ and the deep well of peace you experience during meditation, immensely enriches your life, and crystals make a perfect focus for meditation.

“Crystals are like little packets of joy and are only too happy to share their abundant happiness with you.

Crystal Prescriptions Volume 8” is available from www.o-books.com or can be ordered from any bookshop. It costs £13.99.

“Simply having one near you raises your happiness quotient as they constantly radiate good vibes out into the environment.”

All told, Judy wrote over 45 books. Stephanie Jackson, her publisher at Octopus, said she was “one of the most respected mind, body and spirit writers of modern times, with a hugely influential body of work published over a 40-year career at the forefront of MBS thought and practice.

“Since 1998, Judy worked with Octopus on more than twenty books, primarily for the Godsfield imprint, becoming one of our bestselling authors and a much-loved member of the Octopus family.

“Thanks to the perennial popularity of her books, her authority in the field of crystals and a number of new titles yet to be published, Judy Hall’s legacy will live on through her readers all over the world for years to come.

■ “Crystal Prescriptions Volume 8” is available from www.o-books.com or can be ordered from any bookshop. It costs £13.99.



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