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British healer lands regular slot  on American radio station


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SPIRITUAL healer Carol Everett has started a regular slot on an American radio station and invited Psychic News readers to tune in.

CAROL EVERETT: “People can access this energy virtually.” (Photo: Carol Everett C/O Kano Design and Graphics)


CAROL EVERETT: “People can access this energy virtually.”
(Photo: Carol Everett C/O Kano Design and Graphics)

Carol’s first appearance on Nicole Marie Whitney’s News for the Soul was on May 7. She will present her own programme on alternate Fridays.

“Nicole has been dubbed ‘The Oprah Winfrey of radio’,” said Carol. “Her programme has been going for 24 years.

“Listeners phone in and ask questions. I help people with whatever I am inspired to tell them.”

Nicole’s website says her life’s mission “is to be a spirit-driven broadcaster for the purpose of inspiring, motivating and empowering a worldwide audience through writing, teaching, radio and beyond, assisting people in all walks of life to live their purpose from their own true power and potential, making our world a better place to live and grow.”

Nicole does so “by discovering new ideas and ways of being and spreading the word – by interviewing global thought leaders and new innovators, and broadcasting this information freely worldwide 24/7.

“Her vision is, and has always been, to bring live coverage of amazing events and people worldwide to the News for the Soul platform, which is accessible for free 24 hours a day around the world for years to come.”

Carol’s slot is at 8.00 pm UK time. She explained that Nicole e-mailed her “asking me if I wanted to join her broadcasting network radio as a host of my own show.

“Nicole has a team of presenters with their own programmes and always hand-picks people with her own intuition.

“She asked me had I reached out for this? I said yes, I definitely had and was ready for it.

“Just the week before, I said to my husband, ‘Where is that radio programme I am supposed to be doing regularly?’

“Nicole then e-mailed, so it was pretty much a good sign. Also I have always been a big follower of the Field of Dreams motto ‘If you build it, he will come.’

“In a local shop I go into regularly, I saw a painting which looked very much like our farm with ‘The field of dreams’ written on it.

“I bought it and put it up outside our door. With that sign, I had already got my healing sanctuary ready with a microphone, etc.

“Everything was all set up to go. The flow seemed to be going very nicely. I tend to go very much with my instincts, to do what I feel and then figure it out afterwards.”

Nicole “arranged a time for us to talk to get to know one another a bit before I committed myself. I felt very comfortable with her.

“I had a half hour slot for Nicole to talk to me… and we were still talking nearly two hours or more later. Time just flew by.

“Nicole has been dubbed ‘The Oprah Winfrey of radio" here Nicole Marie Whitney is seen with with dog Poppy (Photo: Facebook)

“Nicole has been dubbed ‘The Oprah Winfrey of radio"
here Nicole Marie Whitney is seen with with her dog Poppy.
(Photo: Facebook)


“My first programme was to introduce me to the audience, as everything was new.

“People can listen to this from a link on my sanctuary website or direct from newsforthesoul.com

During the live programmes, people can phone in to ask questions as well as get help, which I like.”

Carol told PN that during the pandemic, “I have had many requests, mainly to uplift people and help their immune system deal with extra stress caused by the virus.

“I direct people to the healing sanctuary, so they can sit daily building themselves up and feeling more able to cope. Making a regular commitment to positive habits is good for strengthening mind, body and soul.

“One of my aims at the healing sanctuary has always been to reach further afield to help those at a distance.

“An increasing number of people want to be able to help themselves more by getting in a relaxed state and being part of the higher energy which is available via the sanctuary.

“Not everyone is able to travel, which in some cases is restricted, but they can certainly link with their minds.

“I really do think that there are different dimensions trying to help us, but they can’t get through the thick negative fog around the Earth’s atmosphere.”

Addressing those who feel lonely, Carol advised: “Reach out to someone. Even if it’s only one person you can talk to, don’t be afraid to say how you feel.

“They are probably feeling and needing you in much the same way. Also join a positive and upbeat group online that keeps your mind active.

“If you are able to, also join a dance or exercise group just to move about a bit. Do something you have lost contact with like painting or writing.

“Join my healing sanctuary and be part of its daily positive energy. It’s all at a distance and a virtual experience of energies to tap into.”

Over the years, Carol’s gifts have been verified by scientific and medical tests. She has patients all over the world in countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Monaco, New Zealand, Australia, France, Menorca, America, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Switzerland.

She once told PN, “It’s impossible to remember how many people I have treated over the years, but it is certainly thousands.”

Of her success rate, Carol commented: “It all depends on where the starting point is and what you call a success. However, I would put my success rate at eight out of ten.

hands received on light heart soap bubble-4153925


"Healing is a three-way process – higher energies, me, and a patient’s
way of life. All play their part.”


“I have also helped many animals with healing. They have no barriers and are so open to work with.

“With humans, people have to take responsibility for themselves and their bodies. Healing is a three-way process – higher energies, me, and a patient’s way of life. All play their part.”

Carol’s healing sanctuary in the Murcia region of southern Spain is “located in farmland in a large valley between two mountain ranges in an area known for many earth energies and ley lines.

“It is increasingly being used as a focal point or ‘porthole’ to gather and distribute collective energies.

“These energies allow anyone asking for healing and inspiration from the sanctuary to obtain it spiritually.  

“By dedicating a little time each day to relax or meditate, people can access this energy virtually and also tap into the healing energies available.”

■ Carol Everett’s website is www.caroleveretthealingsanctuary.co.uk Her e-mail is caroleveretthealingsanctuary@outlook.com


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