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Moon ‘can help health during pandemic’
KIRSTY GALLAGHER: “Moon meditation is tuning into cycles of the moon.”  (Photo: Facebook)

ACCORDING to an expert on the moon’s benefits, it could play a vital part in maximising optimum health during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Kirsty Gallagher, the author of Lunar Living, made the comment when she appeared on ITV’s This Morning, which is presented by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

“Moon meditation is tuning into cycles of the moon,” she told viewers. “Our ancestors used to live by the moon, using that kind of ancient wisdom and guidance and rhythm and flow of the moon to help us live our lives in a similar cyclical way.

“Especially at the time we’re in now, we’re not the same every day.

“We’re going through so many different emotions daily, sometimes hourly, that once we start to live in a cycle we allow ourselves again to be that bit more cyclical: we allow it rather than fight it.”

Phillip Schofield replied “So the moon has power over us,” before taking part in a brief meditation session with Kirsty Gallagher.

On her website, Kirsty says: “Often described as down to earth, warm-hearted, compassionate and inspiring, I am known for bringing ancient mystical practices and wisdom to modern-day life.

KIRSTY GALLAGHER: “Our ancestors used to live by the moon."


KIRSTY GALLAGHER: “Our ancestors used
to live by the moon." 
(Photo: Facebook)

“One of my greatest passions is women’s wellness and imparting my wisdom of the moon through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

“I bring my heart and my soul and the depth of my knowledge to all of my teaching and speaking.”

Of her online Lunar Living programme, Kirsty says: “Every monthly moon, and each of her phases, offers us different opportunities, challenges and lessons.

“Lunar Living provides an understanding of emotional impulses and clear guidance on how to use the energies of each moon phase to not only take control of your life, but to hold yourself accountable and to start living a life of true purpose.

“Lunar Living is a tool of immense self-awareness, self-care, nourishment, manifestation and purpose.”

Reporting Kirsty’s TV appearance, on www.express.co.uk Katrina Turrill wrote: “As the moon comes closer to the Earth, its gravitational pull changes and the Earth’s large bodies of water respond with higher tides.

“Some experts have looked at whether the changing gravitational pull might also affect how fluids react inside the body.”

In a study eight years ago involving male university students, researchers measured the effects of changing lunar cycles on their cardiovascular systems.

The students also “took a step test. Their heart rate and blood pressure were both lower during full and new moons.

“Their heart rates also returned to normal levels more quickly during full and new moons.”

Research from 2016 suggested, said Ms Turrill, that “regular stargazers often report increased happiness, relaxation and peace.

“Looking up at celestial bodies such as the moon may prompt feelings of awe, oneness with the universe and a deeper sense of the greater meaning of existence.”

In Ayurvedic medicine, “moonlight is believed to help heal and soothe the body.

“Moonlight exposure is thought to relieve anxiety and stress, and to improve relaxation by prompting the natural release of melatonin.”

In Ayurvedic medicine, “moonlight is believed to help heal and soothe the body.”

In Ayurvedic medicine, “moonlight is
believed to help heal and soothe the body.”


Ayurveda is a form of holistic medicine, which is focused on promoting balance between body and mind.

According to Ayurveda, five elements make up the universe – vayu (air), jala (water), akash (space), teja (fire) and prithvi (earth).

Ms Turrill added that some research supported the benefits of trataka meditation, “an ancient practice of meditation used in Ayurvedic medicine that involves focusing the eyes on an external object, which could suggest moon gazing is beneficial.”

Research also suggested that it seemed to help improve cognitive function in older people, and that in young adults “it may help relieve anxiety.”

Kirsty Gallagher’s website is at kirstygallagher.com

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