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Issues of Psychic News™ magazine

August 2022 (Issue No 4215)

August 2022

In the August 2022 issue of Psychic News:

‘Welcome miracles into your life

One of the world’s most sought after spiritual teachers, Kyle Gray
looks at vibrations and how to bring miracles into your life


Sharon McCrindle describes how she heals both horses
and humans, in 'Healer gives treatment from the heart'

'Mother and daughter see vanishing house'
A woman is still looking for an explanation for the overnight
disappearance of a house she “saw” 43 years ago

 Artist makes a pact with destiny
Lynne Harkes tells how she fought to rediscover her
own spirituality by seeing the beauty of nature

Places of pilgrimage from rock and royalty to religion
Martin Symington on six very different ancient and modern sacred sites

Former law fellow and lecturer describes how
her barrister husband proved his survival in
'Dead barrister returns via WhatsApp messages'

Life design and empowerment coach Kate Taylor
outlines how to harness the body’s wisdom through
dance and movement, in 'The key to Qoya'

Banshees warned of doom, death and disaster
Graham Jennings investigates three very different subjects,
including banshees and home circles.

Author of a new book on world mythologies, Hannah Bowstead
shares ten myths and the life lessons we can take from them in
'Ancient myths contain life lessons for today'

Curse causes coffin chaos in church vault
John West highlights some more intriguing accounts from the casebook of
one of the foremost paranormal investigators of the 20th century

In the News:

■ Two Worlds Are One – Tony Ortzen homes in on various topics, including the perils of prediction, how dogs have been trained to detect Covid in minutes and the health benefits of laughter
■ Image of haunting monk ‘is caught on camera’
■ Apparition is seen at property where Beatles played
■ Paranormal programme pushes singer to top of the charts
■ Grave concerns expressed over paranormal cemetery tours
■ Elvis gives his blessing to new biopic
■ Psychic’s UFO-shaped home is launched on market
■ Lawyer leaves job to become an animal communicator

And much more.
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July 2022 (Issue No 4214)

July 2022

In the July 2022 issue of Psychic News:

Actor William Roache of Coronation Street fame looks at
the reality of an afterlife and the benefits of meditation i




'Sceptical scientist finds proof of spiritual phenomena'
Cognitive neuroscientist Mona Sobhani, PhD, describes her journey
of finding evidence that supernormal phenomena are a reality

Using her training as a criminal investigator, author Ruth Roper Wylde
tours the country searching for supernormal events in
'Psychic researcher recalls living with a poltergeist'

'Association celebrates 150 years of service'
This month, the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain
celebrates its 150th anniversary

'Head to the beach for a wave of calm'
writer and healer Sandra Bray suggests
some activities to lift our spirits during July

Medium Craig Hamilton-Parker tells of meeting the renowned
spiritual leader Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba in
'The medium and  the mystic'

Graham Jennings investigates three topics, including
the fifth dimension and Mae West’s psychic story

In 'Getting to the roots of healing trees'
Angela Paine delves into the fascinating history
and medicinal properties of various trees

John West delves into the casebook of Elliott O’Donnell,
one of the foremost psychic researchers of the 20th century, in
'Sisters flee in terror from apparitional encounter'

'Spiritual art' - Luigi Di Giammarino from Rome
invites readers to view a selection of his surreal artwork

In the News:

■ Two Worlds Are One – Tony Ortzen features various topics including a spiritual healer giving vital help in locating an abducted child and how an optimistic outlook can extend earthly lifespan
■ A new poll reveals that gardening plays ‘a vital role in promoting wellbeing’
■ Rogue rat is removed from Uri Geller’s island
■ Belief in the supernormal ‘is not a sign of gullibility’ investigation concludes
■ Journalist ‘sees’ herself in 30 years’ time

And much more.
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June 2022 (Issue No 4213)

June 2022

In the June 2022 issue of Psychic News: 
One of the UK’s leading colour experts,
Jules Standish, answers questions about colour
and the tremendous impact it has on us in

‘Bring the magic of

colour into your life


In "Bringing our spiritual selves into daily life,"
medium Ceryn Rowntree shows how we can do this.

In “Author offers alphabet of happiness,”
we find out how to find happiness spiritually,
emotionally and in other ways.

Former actor and teacher Sandy Phillips
describes how she and her mother escaped
a doodlebug due to a spirit warning.

In "Connecting with ‘dead’ loved ones,"
mind, body, spirit expert Cassandra Eason
suggests ways to contact loved ones in the Beyond.

PN columnist John West investigates an unusual and
evidential case about medium Leslie Flint and an usherette in
Research confirms identity of voice séance communicator.”

We report on some dramatic accounts of how dogs
and cats have saved humans from death and disaster.

Medium Jane West explains how she became involved
in genealogy in "Medium branches out into family trees."

"Why Native Americans returned as spirit guides"
Graham Jennings features Native American guides,
open-air séances and a child prodigy.

In the News:

■ Two Worlds Are One – Editor Tony Ortzen discovers that the Russians are using dolphins in Ukraine and tells how Prince Charles fled a presence at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate
■ Survey finds that millions believe in spirit contact
■ Singer believed ‘dead’ father phoned him – David Bowie was convinced that his father made contact by phone
■ Widow’s marriage to medium has ‘dead’ husband’s approval
■ A public opinion poll in America finds that 83 per cent of adults have experienced paranormal activity in their homes
■ Pentagon releases secret documents on UFOs – Recently released papers show that America’s Department of Defense investigated UFOs and crop circles

And much more.

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May 2022

May 2022

In the May 2022 issue of Psychic News:

Ellen Evert Hopman suggests wonderful ways to mark events
such as Beltaine and the changing seasons in our cover feature

‘Have festive fun

celebrate the seasons’ 


Debbie Munro reveals some unexpected
spiritual benefits of spinning and knitting in
‘Finding meditative moments in ancient crafts’.

In ‘Identifying your soul plan,’ healer and medium
Debra Kilby explores how souls choose their parents.

The feature ‘Near-death experiences are out of this world
shares first-hand accounts from those who left their bodies
and what they encountered.

Master hand analyst Brent Bruning explains how palmistry
can reveal a blueprint of one’s life and much more
in ‘The power of hand analysis.’

Graham Jennings features two unusual mediums and the
claim that an American gangster haunted a British criminal
in ‘Spirit voices were heard from 1,000 miles.’

Lionel and Maria Owen join the debate about
the part chance plays in our lives in
Ostrich feather denotes ‘dead’ brother’s presence.’

Cheshire psychic Claire Stone believes that
the moon can improve one’s health and wealth in
Looking on the bright side with moon worship.’

We also pay tribute to four spiritual people
who have recently passed to the Spirit World:
Eastenders’ actor June Brown and mediums
Billy Roberts, Peter Close and Keith Hudson.

In the News:

■ Alicia has the key to inner beauty
■ Hotel tells guests to beware of pushy ghosts
■ ‘I was once my great-great-grandmother’ says toddler
■ Mysterious ‘Men in Black’ follow up UFO encounter
■ Famous paranormal library faces uncertain future
■ Resident is asked to sign disclaimer to live on haunted street

And much, much more.



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April 2022

April 2022

In the April 2022 issue of Psychic News: 
‘World’s greatest psychic’

sends daily prayers to Ukraine 

We interview medium June Field, who spent
time in Ukraine recording a TV series.

Plus the editor devotes his entire column to the invasion of Ukraine
and suggests how Spiritualists can help those fleeing the country.


‘Author explores sites of mystery and magic’
A lavish new volume features hundreds of enchanted
and mystical sites in Britain.

Manifestation trainer Mandy Morris explains how realigning one’s
thought processes can have a powerful impact on our lives
in ‘Eight great insights that could change your life.’

Writing from Australia, Julie Brett says “The Earth
doesn’t belong to us. We belong to the Earth”
in ‘Finding healing and hope through nature.’

‘Breathwork and activating the third eye’
globally recognised authority explains the
importance of correct breathing.

‘New oracle deck is digital delight’ our tarot expert
Wendy Stokes enjoys one of the latest oracle decks.

John West gets into gear to investigate a much-haunted stretch
of road in
Motorist drives through apparition on haunted road.’

In the News:

Medium Tyler Henry launches new series on Netflix
Actor who praised healing and mediums passes on
‘Spooky swing’ captured on camera
‘Father of mindfulness’ is promoted
Man recalls past life as World War One soldier
First minister offers posthumous pardon to witches

All this plus more news, articles, features,
reader’s experience, competition, spiritual art,
what’s on at Spiritualist centres and much, much more…



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March 2022

March 2022

In the March 2022 issue of Psychic News: 
Writer and radio presenter Natalie Farrell provides

"Top tips for modern-day mystics."


Spiritual healer Pippa Neve gives advice on dealing with grief.

Medical herbalist Jo Dunbar writes on
the benefits of natural medicinal plants.

An interview with Ioannis Kontodinas of the
Spiritualist Society of Athens
, which publishes
spirit-inspired books from famous figures.

Medium Ceryn Rowntree highlights
a channelled communication from Gaia.

"How to become an Earth Angel" with Sonja Grace.

Ann Green recounts paranormal activity in an old vicarage
in "Medium frees haunting entity."

John West investigates ghostly goings-on at Dover Castle.

In the News:

■ Two Worlds Are One: some Royal revelations and the news that
   Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s sister is a medium
■ Hong Kong’s youth turns to crystals and counselling
■ Priscilla Presley felt her “dead” husband Elvis's presence
■ Sir Kenneth Branagh has “benefitted enormously” from meditation
■ TV presenter Fearne Cotton foresaw woman falling into  Thames
■ Pop star now offers psychic services
■ Leading zoologist was sacked for believing in Loch Ness monster

All this and much, much more…


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February 2022 (Issue No 4209)

February 2022

In the February 2022 issue of Psychic News: 
Medium Ceryn Rowntree 

  doffers some practical advice on parenting a child
who is psychic in “Grown-up advice on child mediums.”


In an unusual article, Debra Kilby describes
a very different communication method in
Ways to connect with your unborn baby.”

Intuitive coach Natalie Farrell invites you to take part
in a quiz to discover your soul’s purpose.

Former nun Phyllida Anam-Aire writes that “Life has been and
ever will flow in and through us whether in form or out of form,”
in a feature titled “How the Celts viewed passing on.”

Medium, reiki master and spiritual artist Katie Curtis
tells her psychic story and shares some of her work with us.

In a delightfully descriptive feature, Wendy Stokes
outlines how to celebrate
the Chinese New Year,
in “Tiger represents Chinese New Year.”

Leading Spiritualist Lionel Owen writes that the pandemic
has elevated some scientists “to the level of saviours”
in “Challenges of the Covid crisis.”

John West takes off to investigate various paranormal happenings
at RAF bases in “Apparitions appear at haunted airfields.”

Once a member of a rock band, clairvoyant Billy Roberts
says that some of the so-called eccentric people he met mostly
“possessed an inherent belief in the supernormal”
in “Famous singer predicted his own passing.” 

All this and much, much more…

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January 2022 (Issue No 4208)

January 2022

In the January 2022 issue of Psychic News: 
Crystal healer and angel communicator  

Kris Meredith

  describes the many benefits gemstones can bring
in “Crystal healing can boost your health.”


Ceryn Rowntree takes a look at mediumship
and offers some advice on making spirit contact
in “The mechanics of mediumship.”

Top astrologer Julian Venables describes
the planetary alignments which will occur this year
in “Peek at the planets for what’s in store.”

Author, podcaster and writer Jo Gifford details how wild swimming
transformed her life in “Take the plunge with wild swimming.”

Alison Wynne-Ryder covers a variety of  topics,
but homes in on various forms of channelling
in “How to develop  channelling.”

Andrew Western shares his life-like paintings
of famous mediums in our Spiritual Art section.

Publisher Nigel Peace looks at synchronicity and provides some
intriguing examples in “Car’s registration is chapter and verse.”

American doctor Prudence Smith outlines her
psychic story in “Love is strong as death.”

Lionel Owen recalls how his much-loved grandmother manifested
at an Alec Harris séance in “Solid forms seen at séance.”

From his extensive casebook, John West details ghostly activity
which terrified two security guards and was investigated
by the police in “Policemen investigate haunting.”

Plus your chance to win a signed book by medium Mitchell Coombes
in our monthly sudoku competition.

In the News:
■ New Age teacher who doubted Covid vaccine catches virus
■ Pandemic fuels increase in requests for exorcisms
■ Apparitions are encountered at the White House
■ Union Zooms off into cyberspace
■ Lottery funds investigation into spiritual healing

Plus Spiritual Art, Sudoku Competition, A Spiritual Book Selection
to help with that last minute Christmas gift and much, much more…

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December 2021 (Issue No 4207)

December 2021

In the jam-packed festive December 2021 issue of Psychic News:
Jacky Newcomb  
(AKA The Angel Lady)

shares her expert knowledge about angels

and explains why they are not only for Christmas

To keep a positive mental attitude, Brighton’s Dorothy Young
suggests we focus on something we are grateful for every day
in the Editor’s interview with a working medium.

In Artists offer living portraits of the ‘dead,
Ann Bridge Davies describes her gift of psychic art
and provides pictorial proof.

  Husband and wife team Anne Stallkamp and Werner Hartung
explain how the twelve nights after the winter solstice offer
the ideal opportunity laying the foundation for the year to come
in Seeing signs during Yuletide.

  Barbara White explores resolutions from various angles
in Be resolute with your resolutions

 Author and publisher Louise Hay shares her
treasury of inner wisdom in Let your light shine.

Graham Jennings answers your questions
and tells how notorious gangster Al Capone attended séances
with a Chicago medium, when tobacco was used for healing
and how a new religion began after a table-turning session.

  In The spirit of Christmas we have some wonderfully inspiring
quotes that epitomise the true spirit of the festive season.

   John West homes in on paranormal happenings
at Lincolnshire’s haunted airfields.

 David Hopkins takes a philosophical look at who we are as
we continue to live through Covid in You are a child of God

In the News:
■ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tree is instrumental in
  Scottish centre’s quartet.
Presenter Yvette Fielding shares some secrets from
  the hit TV show Most Haunted.
A reporter visits Wimbledon Spiritualist Church to find out
  if animals survive passing on.
Lawyer tells of being plagued by a poltergeist as child.
Famous scientists sat with pioneer medium.
Tarot expert Wendy Stokes reviews the new
  Gateway of Light Activation Oracle by Kyle Gray.

Plus Spiritual Art, Sudoku Competition, A Spiritual Book Selection
to help with that last minute Christmas gift and much, much more…


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November 2021 (Issue No 4206)

November 2021

Inside the November 2021 issue of Psychic News:
Life coach Marie-Claire Donnelly
offers some excellent advice on
How to boost body,
mind and spirit


We interview medium Marlene Woolgar, who once had a friend’s
house covered in cling film by ITV’s Beadle’s About,
in "Medium ‘sees’ name of boy’s murderer."

We have a special report on the sanctuary
founded by famous healer Harry Edwards,
which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary,
in "Healer’s sanctuary is haven of hope."

  Author Chris Allaun looks at healing in its broadest
sense and what happens after we pass on in
"When it’s time to enter the Higher Realms."

  Medium Pam Brittan recalls her turbulent early years
in an “awful” home for children. 

Graham Jennings investigates topics suggested by readers,
including what a psychomanteum is, Nandor Fodor
and William Stainton Moses.

Reader Deborah Donohue, from Santa Barbara, California, describes
her daughter’s spirit returns in "Visitation: A spiritual journey."

  We feature the mystical and spiritual work of
artist and author Nic Phillips.

   Leading Spiritualist Lionel Owen addresses the most pressing
issue in today’s world in "The challenge of climate change.

  "Priceless jewels of the spirit"
showcases more wonderful words from Silver Birch,
the guide of medium Maurice Barbanell.

In the News:
■ Medium’s husband passes on from coronavirus – Celebrity medium Sally Morgan pays tribute to her partner.
Dog detects owner’s cancer – A much-loved Chihuahua is credited with alerting her owner to serious illness.
Medium is ‘told’ to find missing children – An American medium uses his gifts to help police.
And New Zealand’s official wizard, an adviser to Elizabeth I, paranormal metal bender Uri Geller, comic Vic Reeves and others all make news in the editor’s column.

Plus A Good Read, sudoku competition, news, features and more…
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October 2021 (Issue No 4205)

October 2021

Inside the October 2021 issue of Psychic News:
Ancestral healing is

a relative matter

Therapist Julia Paulette Hollenbery gives some wise
counsel on how to care for and appreciate our bodies in
Get in tune with your body’s cosmic concert.”

 Drawing on Druidry and other ancient cultures,
Luke Eastwood offers unusual green-fingered guidance
in “Make your garden blooming lovely.”

Healer Sandra Bray describes helping animals taken into care in
Reiki’s right for animals at rescue centres.”

Medium and mentor Trish Ottone tells how to tune in
to your intuition in “Listen to the voice within.”

  We have a quick-fire interview with medium John Jemmett,
who describes his life and previous career in the NHS.

  In an unusual feature, John West presents some
cases concerning Britain’s haunted skulls.

Tarot expert Wendy Stokes reviews a new deck,
which was twenty years in the making.

MGraham Jennings investigates three topics,
including the musical mediumship of Rosemary Brown.

  Marty Reynolds from California outlines
her personal story of how she was punished
for seeing psychic phenomena as a child.

  Linda Chrisostomou shares a selection of her mandalas.

In the News:
■ Judge sends spiritual healer to prison.
Apparitions appear at publishing magnate’s mansion.
Journalist tells of living in a haunted home.
Psychics joined hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist.
TikTok medium has waiting list of 24,000 sitters.

All this and much more…
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September 2021 (Issue No 4204)

September 2021

Inside the September 2021 issue of Psychic News:
Neurosurgeon meets

unknown sister

during near-death trip

 Author and researcher David R. Hamilton
presents some astonishing cases of telepathy in
Mother feels pain of her daughter’s acid accident.”

Britta Hochkeppel describes receiving
healing symbols from a higher dimension.

An interview with medium and healer
Terry Tasker, who was once a tailor.

The fascinating work of artist,
designer and author
Amy Zerner.

Diane S. Calderon, of Arizona, USA, tells how her son
kept an afterlife pact after he passed on following
hit-and-run accident in “Spirit lights my darkest hour.”

  A tribute to crystal expert Judy Hall,
who has passed to the Higher Life aged 77,
in "Queen of crystals passes to the spirit world."

A former hospital nurse explores the fascinating
field of folklore facts on trees, bees and more.

In the News:
■ Medium’s 9/11 TV special is branded “utterly shameful.”
Haunted Scottish village is up for sale.
High Court rules against  tunnel near to Stonehenge.
Covid sign in Spiritualist shop causes anger.
Motorcyclist offers lift to “dead” hitchhiker.
Airport radar detects apparition on the runway
   at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Plus “ A Good Read,” competition, words of wisdom
from Silver Birch, and much, much more.


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August 2021 (Issue No 4203)

August 2021

Inside the August 2021 issue of Psychic News:
Forest therapy guide Sonya Dibbin

explains the benefits

of forest bathing 

SNU President David R. Bruton
outlines the latest guidance on the pandemic and how
it affects Spiritualist churches and their congregations.

'Former merchant seaman now sails the psychic seas'
interview with medium and former sailor Billy Cook.

Aromatherapist Julia Oyeleye in
'Seven simple steps to boost your spirits with essential oils'.

Medium Alison Wynne-Ryder performs spirit rescues
and cautions against the unwise use of ouija boards.

Top tips on how to transform your life - renowned author
Dr Wayne W. Dyer tells how to transform your life
with a few simple but very effective steps.

  Barbara White charts how a “dead” priest returned
to provide graphic details about the Higher Realms.

Spiritual art - medium and pendulum healing
therapist Wendi Lindsay shares her work.

 'Today’s young are tomorrow’s veterans' with Robert Brown.

 Graham Jennings answers three very different questions
sent in byreaders. Including the origins of ancient oath taken
by doctors and a lawyer who saw a spirit form at a séance.

 Mystic by association - clairvoyant Billy Roberts
writes that “seeing so-called dead people was
commonplace to me as a child.”

 John West investigates the astonishing story of two couples
who spent anight in an hotel which did not exist.

In the News:
■ Pentagon issues report on UFOs.
■ Richard Madeley describes encountering an apparition when staying in Paris.
■ Haunted doll upsets TV presenter.
■ Psychic reading gives help in hunt for missing dog.
■ Medium gives guidance on psychic children.
■ Over 60 million Americans report after-death communications.

Plus much, much more...


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July 2021 (Issue No 4202)

July 2021

Inside the June 2021 issue of Psychic News:
Moon expert Judith Hurrell

reveals some fascinating facts about

the planet and how it affects us.

President of the Spiritualists’ National Union
outlines the steps it is taking to help halt climate change.

Exclusive interview with British medium Paul Jacobs,
who tells of his Spiritualist centre in Germany.

 Murdered son describes life in the spirit realms.

In 'A spark of the Great Spirit'
Barbara White looks at the
teachings of Silver Birch.

In ‘Mum’s not the word in message,’
by medium Robert Brown.

Join writer Ann Matkins as she travels to
Mexico and Guatemala in her spiritual pilgrimage.

 Graham Jennings highlights three topics,
including how an American President
sat on a paranormally-lifted piano.

Animal oracle cards are a roaring success!
Wendy Stokes reviews Animal Love Oracle Cards

 'Sitting in the power' - former President of
the International Spiritualist Federation
looks at power from various angles.

 Can mediumship be tested in
a laboratory? Asks Billy Roberts.

 'Phantom hitchhiker appears to motorists'
- John West investigates.

In the News:
■ Russian scientists seek clues from Tibetan monks to aid space travel.
TV presenter Kate Garraway seeks healing help for her desperately ill husband.
Hauntings cause property prices to drop in Hong Kong.
Prince Harry seeks ancestral healing to break free from ‘genetic pain’
Experts debate whether yoga is losing its spirituality.
Superstar singer Lady Gaga spends thousands on meters to detect ghosts.
Lonely men turn to astrology and psychic apps.
Time slips ‘could cause disappearances’ claim.

Plus much, much more...

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June 2021 (Issue No 4201)

June 2021


Inside the June 2021 issue of Psychic News:
Get in tune with

positive lifestyle

London’s College of Psychic Studies
opens a major exhibition of
hundreds of spiritual works of art.

Former Roman Catholic
now spreads spirit truths.

 Experts give purrfect advice
on aromatherapy for cats

The lost land of Atlantis with Diana Cooper

Graham Jennings investigates
science and the afterlife.

John West - Photographs of the dead?

 Imagination is the bridge between
this world and the next by Billy Roberts

David Hopkins takes a look at
Life, lockdowns and love.

In the News:
■ Metal bender and motivational speaker Uri Geller tells of taking shelter as rockets land in Tel Aviv during the recent conflict.
■ Famous author gives some sage advice on dealing with the pandemic.
■ A study finds that mindfulness can help anxious students.

■ Disability campaigner criticises guided meditation apps.
Doctors say ‘spiritual fitness’ may reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
■ Lawsuits are taken out against ‘Sleeping Prophet’ centre.
■ Supermodel is crystal clear on benefits of crystals.
■ Tour guide sees apparition waiting at bus stop.

Plus much, much more...


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May 2021 (Issue No 4200)

May 2021


Inside the May 2021 issue of Psychic News:
Look to the stars for our ancient origins

with Rebecca Campbell

Healer invited to Buckingham Palace
thanks Prince Philip for his support.

Mediums of colour are ‘shunned, ignored and demonised’.

 The delights of Dowsing with Dean Fraser.

Get tuned in to sonic vitamins – Erica Longdon details
the therapeutic and healing impact of sound.   

‘Always remember light, love and life
says medium Janet Glasgow.

 ‘Dead’ guard is seen at Windsor Castle.

Uri Geller launches bid to end Royal rift

Get tuned in to sonic vitamins – Erica Longdon details
the therapeutic and healing impact of sound.   

New film has paranormal theme – regular PN contributor
John West joins forces with director Jason Figgis

 'Cosmic Joker is sometimes not a laughing matter'
with Graham Jennings.

 Good vibrations and powerful mantras
Billy Roberts features psychometry,
telepathy, energy and healing.

All this plus News, Spiritual Art, Competition and much, much more.


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April 2021 (Issue No 4199)

April 2021


Inside the April 2021 issue of Psychic News:
Angel expert Kyle Gray shares how
we can  

connect to Ascended Masters.

Fay Johnstone offers some valuable tips on
how to connect
with plants inside and outside
our homes using plant spirit reiki.”

Meditation and spiritual guide and hypnosis practitioner
Nicky Sutton gives an insight into how to awaken spiritually.

 Meet Jeff Phillips, postman by day and medium by night,
and how he once had a preview of a blaze, which
destroyed a house on his postal round.

New study finds that mindfulness meditation
enhances quality of life and reduces fear of activity
in heart attack patients.

Former Senior Nurse in the NHS, Glynis Amy Allen looks
at what happens after passing on and the views held
by various religions and beliefs.

 Barbara White examines the meaning of reality,
various philosophers throughout the ages
and the birth
of modern Spiritualism.

Medium Robert Brown features various signs
sent by those in the spirit world.

In the News:

■ Society objects to plans to redevelop ‘Sir Arthur’s hotel.’
Famous French fashion house turns to tarot.
■ Celebrity psychic seeks £150,000 payout after car accident.
■ Ban may be lifted on yoga in schools.
Camden Art Centre shares their mystical online exhibition.

All this plus “A Good Read,” our monthly suduko competition,
news, views and much more.

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March 2021 (Issue No 4198)

March 2021


Inside the March 2021 issue of Psychic News:
World expert Judy Hall tells how crystals can

enhance your life in “The Magic of Crystals.”

We interview leading psychic researcher
Tricia Robertson, who says “Life after death is a reality.”

Barbara White reflects on how the seasons
affect us in “Seasonal spirituality.”

Graham Jennings investigates sympathetic magic,
the ancient origins of the swastika
and how Spiritualism first reached the UK.

Meet medium Pauline Firks, who is also heavily involved
in helping stray cats both in the UK and Spain.

Following the release of the film “The Dig” on Netflix,
Roy Stemman digs deep into how a Spiritualist and medium
played vital roles in finding hidden Anglo-Saxon treasure
at Sutton Hoo in “The lady and the mound.”

Stourbridge Spiritualist Church
turned into NHS vaccination centre.

Psychics are help “to deal with sudden loss.”

Pandemic has caused a “surge of interest in Spiritualism.”

Spiritualist church in Devon turned into a food bank.

Spiritualist Association of Great Britain
to hold a memorial meeting for all those
who passed on during the pandemic.

Billy Roberts unlocks the secret code of precognitive dreams.

Medium Robert Brown answers your questions.

Second part of John West’s interview with
paranormal investigators Phil and Sara Whyman.

In the News:

■ Alv Hirst offers some advice on filling in your religion in next
   month’s census form in “Make Spiritualism count in the census.”
■ Mystery surrounds a historic handkerchief signed by thirteen
   leading Spiritualists in 1957 after it was purchased from eBay.
■ American businessman offers almost $1 million in a quest for
   evidence that life after death exists.

All this plus “A Good Read,” our monthly sudoku competition,
Psychic News’ new YouTube channel goes live, spiritual art,
news, views and much more.


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February 2021 (Issue No 4196)

February 2021


Inside the February 2021 issue of Psychic News:

The ancient art of smudging

A colourful step-by-step guide on how to
use herbs and flowers to cleanse negative energy.



Medium Jeanie Jackson describes how a relative
made a spirit return before his passing was confirmed.

Tony Ortzen reports on the passing of
journalist Kay Hunter, who worked
for Psychic News for many years.

A memorial at Stansted Hall – often referred to as
“Spiritualism’s stately home” – is one of the entries
to appear on a local authority’s heritage list.

Experts give findings on mediums who hear the ‘dead’.

Some heartwarming thoughts on love from
throughout the ages to celebrate St Valentine’s Day.

A past life murder mystery
Holistic therapist and healer Sarah Truman
believes she may have murdered her partner
in this life in a previous incarnation.

Some unusual and evidential accounts
of how animals proved their survival.

John West meets ghost-hunting
couple Phil and Sara Whyman.

Tarot expert Wendy Stokes suggests
four decks which could make a perfect
gift for St Valentine’s Day

Plus news, comment, good reading guide,
competition, art and much, much more.


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January 2021 (Issue No 4195)

January 2021

Inside the January 2021 issue of Psychic News:

BOOST your body, mind and spirit

with fruitful foods:

Candice Covington details the energetic
and spiritual qualities of various foods, saying
that they “offer a multifaceted range of gifts.”


You will also find these interesting articles:

FILL your blank pages with love:
Some uplifting and soul soothing quotations from
thinkers the world over as we greet the New Year.

BE resolute with your resolutions:
Barbara White takes a look at the origin of New Year resolutions.

TASSEOGRAPHY could be just your cup of tea:
MAn unusual new deck of cards covers clairvoyance,
dowsing, scrying, palmistry and reading tea leaves.

MEDIUM draws the living ‘dead’:
Psychic artist Brenda Treadgold describes how she lost her hearing and explains how she still manages to demonstrate in public.

PRACTICAL ways to help save our planet:
MInternational medium Robert Brown lists
how we can all play a part in the battle
against disastrous climate change.

GET in tune with music:
Once a member of a rock group, clairvoyant
Billy Roberts tells of meeting Jimi Hendrix
and believes he was “extremely psychic.”

JOHN WEST presents some intriguing
and unusual psychic sightings.

PLUCKY pets make epic journeys to reach home:
Some astonishing accounts of how various pets travelled
hundreds or thousands of miles to return home after becoming lost.


Plus two competitions to win new spiritual books.
In the News you’ll find:

■ Prince Harry says the pandemic linked to environmental issues.
■ Prince Charles backs a BBC TV project for people to plant trees.
■ Medium received over £50,000 for TV reality show.
■ Prince Philip has collection of books on UFOs.
■ Uri drops case against card character.
■ ‘Coronavirus restrictions will last until next year’ claims psychic.

All this and much, much more.


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December 2020 (Issue No 4194)

December 2020

Inside the December 2020 issue of Psychic News:

Take a wide-awake look at dreams:

Serge Kahili King looks at various aspects of dreams
from both a contemporary and historical perspective.


You will also find these interesting articles:

Senior hospital nurse tells how angels intervene:
Glynis Amy Allen details some of the paranormal
happenings which occurred when she was on duty.

Florist flowers as medium:
An interview with florist Joyce Bossey who,
among other gifts, demonstrates flower clairsentience.

Union offers ‘Listening Ear’ service to raise one’s spirits:
Minister David R. Bruton, President of the Spiritualists’
National Union, reviews a pandemic-filled year,
but finds optimism along the way.

The spirit of Christmas:
Some thoughts which epitomise the true spirit of this time of year.

Your spirit guide could be a relative matter:
Medium Yamile Yemoonyah turns her attention to
ancestors who could be giving us guidance from the
Beyond – PLUS a chance to win one of ten copies of Yamile’s new book.

Barbara White - some festive facts about Christmas.

Who were the Three Wise Men?

Meditation to lift Christmas woes and lockdown lows:
Billy Roberts suggests a meditation exercise and a sunny,
soothing seaside scene to help us chillax.

‘Dead’ miners warn of disaster:
Delving into his extensive files, John West describes
some unusual apparitional encounters.

Tasty vegan treats for Christmas:
PN’s Amber Wallbank suggests some animal-free
recipes for the festive period.

Plus two competitions to win new spiritual books.
In the News you’ll find:

■ Controversial plans for Stonehenge tunnel get green light
■ Psychic tunes in to President-elect’s pets
■ Poundland is criticised for selling ouija boards
■ ‘I helped Scotland win vital match’ says Uri Geller
■ Ireland’s most haunted house goes on the market

All this and much, much more.


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November 2020 (Issue No 4193)

November 2020

Inside the November 2020 issue of Psychic News:

Disney actor shares his secrets  

to create your own reality

Actor, writer and film director Royce Christyn
outlines a journal keeping method to change your life

You will also find these interesting articles:

Former war correspondent is reunited with ‘dead’ partner
Medium’s book is a work of art – An in-depth interview
with psychic artist Ann Bridge Davies

Barbara White looks at the link between Spirit and culture
To find heaven within – a selection of lovely
quotes from seers, saints and others
Graham Jennings investigates several subjects,
including remote viewing and the healing power of forests
Is superstition encoded in our DNA?
A good read - Some new titles to treat yourself
to or consider as a gift for others
Woman time travels to ancient battle
Seeking perfection in an imperfect world with David Hopkins


In the news:

Two Worlds Are One: To mark World Animal Day,
Tony Ortzen devotes his column to our foot-legged friends, including
a brave landmine-finding rat who has been awarded a gold medal
Jane Seymour describes having near-death experience
Paranormal happenings at house where child star was murdered
‘Strictly Come Dancing’ judge tells of hearing ‘dead’ brother
‘My wife’s still alive’ says soap character’s partner
Preacher at Royal wedding ‘felt presence of slaves’
Medium Gaye Muir is promoted to the Higher Life

Win a copy of 'Shaman' by Ya’Acov Darling Khan
in our sudoku competition

All this and much, much more.


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October 2020 (Issue No 4192)

October 2020

Inside the FREE October 2020 issue of Psychic News:

Use your Chinese medicine 

personality type to solve life’s problems.

An exclusive article from author Jean Hanner,
an expert on Chinese medicine.
You will also find these fascinating articles:

Native American wisdom
Some beautiful thoughts from Native Americans
to soothe our souls during these trying times.
Medium Darren Brittain tells how an
orange proved a “dead” mother’s survival.

Medium gives policeman arresting evidence
with SNU minister Val Williams.

Portraits of the living ‘dead’
Barbara White explores psychic art
and receives a spirit portrait of her young son.
Forms seen at séance
PN’s founding editor Maurice Barbanell describes an astonishing
at which the “dead” fully materialised.
Graham has novel idea for a book
this month sees the release of PN
columnist Graham Jennings’ first book.
Photo confirms identity of woman seen in dream
with medium Alison Wynne-Ryder.


In the news:

In Two Worlds Are One...
A psychic who helps the police, an “unlucky” house
and two “Coronation Street” stars all make the news.
Union plans to hold its first ever virtual AGM this month.
Judge awards medium over £50,000 after tripping on sunbed.
Birmingham comes top of survey seeking psychic services.
Medium ‘saw’ second wave of coronavirus in advance.
It’s back! Our monthly Sudoku competition.
This month we have ten copies of Denise Linn’s
“Sacred Destiny Oracle” as prizes.

All this and much, much more..


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September 2020 (Issue No 4191)

September 2020

Inside the FREE September 2020 issue of Psychic News:

Your chance to take part in a

major new survey into the afterlife.
You will also find these interesting articles:
Making premises safe - Environmental Health Officer
Geoff Nunn outlines the steps taken to make
Bournemouth Spiritualist Church safe,
as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
Exclusive interview with medium Suzanne Gibson-Foy.
Dialogue with heaven - Barbara White on how
those in the Higher Life communicate with us.
Table ‘talks’ with famous ‘dead’ author Arthur Conan Doyle.
Lighthouses of the spirit - the wonderful
trance teachings of Silver Birch.
Learn the art of psychometry with Craig Hamilton-Parker.
When the white angel calls - A truly inspirational
funeral service from famous trance medium J. J. Morse.
Medium Robert Brown answers your questions
about mediumship and Spiritualism.
Psychic artist Alan Stuttle’s spiritual art.
Graham Jennings investigates some weird and wonderful
British superstitions.


In the news:

Hospital garden helps explorer to recover from coronavirus.
‘I’m A Celebrity…’ will be based in haunted castle.
How being in space had a profound effect on astronaut.
TV presenter Paul O’Grady describes seeing UFOs.
Therapy dog is nominated for Health Hero award.
Separated twins are reunited after a chance encounter.
And much, much more.


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August 2020 (Issue No 4190)

August 2020


Inside the FREE August 2020 issue of Psychic News:

A letter and cigarette case King George VI

sent to his Spiritualist speech therapist,

Lionel Logue, sell at auction for over £76,000.
You will also find these fascinating articles:
To celebrate acts of love - A selection of inspiring quotes to mark
countless examples of kindness during the coronavirus pandemic.
Gina Lorraine Murray describes some of the pets
who have returned through her mediumship.
Spiritualist minister David Hopkins discusses
replacing hatred and bigotry with respect.
In "All life is spirit" third generation Spiritualist
Lionel Owen shares some thoughts
prompted by COVID-19 lockdowns.
Dutch medium José Gosschalk tells how a client's
mother communicated within minutes of passing on.
Mediums, professors and forensic tests offer powerful evidence of
"giant of science fiction" Forrest J Ackerman's spirit return.
Columnist Barbara White writes on
the origins of belief in the afterlife.
Painting and the unseen - A fascinating feature about
Swedish artist Hilma af Klint and her
spirit-inspired works now her place in art history
is being recognised due to a new documentary film.


While in other news:

A patient ‘meets’ a Norse god during an out-of-body experience.
Major mystery is solved over giant stones at Stonehenge.
Mediums Mary Armour and Margaret Pearson
pass on to the Higher Life.

Famous comedian sees his “dead” stage partner.
And much, much more.


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July 2020 (Issue No 4189)

July 2020


Inside the FREE July 2020 issue of Psychic News:

SNU President David Bruton offers advice on

how churches can reopen after lockdown.
You will also find interesting interviews
with mediums Gordon Smith and Tim Braun,
spiritual healer Michael Chapman
and Paul Gaunt from the Britten Museum and Library
at Stansted Hall.

 Plus fascinating articles on mediumship, helping people deal with life’s challenges, animal spirit returns, royal jelly, feng shui, the role of spirit guides, spiritual pioneer Victoria Woodhull amongst others.
While in the news:

Nella Jones and a spirit form in a red scarf, how colour affects us emotionally and Winston Churchill’s UFO cover-up.
Lynda Bellingham’s husband testifies to actress’s spirit return.
Astonishing rise in harmful exorcisms.
Comedian Joan Rivers communicates from spirit world
with best friend.
Queen guitarist strums medium’s praises.
‘Coronation Street’ star tells of her spirit healing.
Tyler Henry’s uncannily accurate health warning to actor on TV.

And much more


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June 2020 (Issue No 4188)

June 2020


In this issue...

Inside the June 2020 FREE 200-page

bumper issue of Psychic News,

you will find fascinating articles on

Mediumship, Psychic Abilities, Mindfulness,

The Aura, Chakras, Trance States, Dowsing,

Divining, Sacred Oils, Lunar Gardening,

Scrying, Reiki, Angels, Shamanism, Numerology,

Reincarnation, Finding Your Goddess,

Spiritualism, Precognition, Time Slips,

Borley Church, Palmistry and many more.

You will also find interviews with

Coronation Street star William Roache,

Near-Death Experience Doctor Raymond Moody,

Mediums John Holland, Uri Geller, Monica Ten-Kate,

Steve Holbrook, Becs Sawyer, Gordon Smith,

Petrene Shames, and Psychic Artist Sandy Ingham,

along with news views and much, much more.


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May 2020 (Issue No 4187)

May 2020


In this issue...

200 pages of spiritual news,

features, articles and art,

John Edward, James Van Praagh, Russell Grant,

Gordon Smith, Kyle Gray, Fern Britton, John Holland,

Lisa Williams, Will and Grace’s Shelley Morrison,

Radleigh Valentine, Charlie Morley, T J Hobbs,

John Cleese, Olivia Newton-John

and much more


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April 2020 (Issue No 4186)

April 2020


In this issue...


Nurse sees spirit forms in hospital

SNU President issues

guidance on coronavirus

 Unique séance photos saved from skip

Healing organisations plan a big heal

Medium tells of death threats from trolls

Ghosts of monks have haunting habit

How to send universal healing

Past life regression


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March 2020 (Issue No 4185)

March 2020


In this issue...

‘Spirit beings are around us,’
says Coronation Street star

Ancient oracles

Lost teachings of the divine feminine

 How a doorkeeper safeguards mediums

Blind medium has second sight

The power of crystals

‘Dead’ relatives appear on wedding photos

The magic of spring

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February 2020 (Issue No 4184)

February 2020


In this issue...

Uri Geller applies for job
at 10 Downing Street

Superstitions, astrology and Valentine’s Day

John of God is jailed

 Spirit artist Tony Katz

Spirit communication with Cassandra Eason

Ten Golden Rules for life

World’s largest ouija board goes on display

Sketch matches apparition’s features



A five-day residential 
mediumship course

Eileen Davis & Darren Brittan


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January 2020 (Issue No 4183)

January 2020


In this issue...

Spitting Image impressionist
makes spiritual impression

Professional pianist is in tune

with mediumship

Psychic News archives now online

‘Trees can help to heal’

says international opera singer

 Seeing the future in the present

Shaman who wanted to

‘exorcise’ Putin is arrested

Fill your home with positive energy in 2020

The Mechanics of Mediumship

New Year’s Eve superstitions

from around the world


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December 2019 (Issue No 4182)

December 2019


In this issue...

Discovering past lives

Professional pianist is

in tune with mediumship

New book on Doris Stokes published

The ancient art of face reading

 Ghost stories for Yuletide

Greet 2020 with 20/20 vision

 The symbolism behind

Christmas flowers

The power of thought

 Medium ‘sees’ newspapers in advance

Your seasonal 
questions answered


A residential course at

the Arthur Findlay College

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November 2019 (Issue No 4181)

November 2019


In this issue...

TV’s Fern Britton
shares her spiritual side

Helping the homeless by sleeping rough

Vinnie Jones now believes in afterlife

Spiritualists invited to Cenotaph

for second year running

Tune in to energy healing

Medium is guided by ‘dead’ twin brother

Britain’s most haunted city

Learn the Ancient art of ribbon reading

The hidden history behind

some of the world’s most sacred sites


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October 2019 (Issue No 4180)

October 2019


In this issue...

The magical power
of crop circles

Children’s near-death experiences

Lessons learned from the afterlife

‘I accept life after death’

says new Poet Laureate