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Medium reveals missing man was murdered


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IN an interview with showbiz journalist Gina Ragusa, celebrity American medium Matt Fraser revealed how he reluctantly uncovered a murder case.

MATT FRASER “I never know what I’m gonna walk into.” (Photo: meetmattfraser.com)  
MATT FRASER “I never know what I’m gonna
walk into.”
(Photo: meetmattfraser.com)

“Even psychics get surprised during readings,” Gina wrote on cheatsheet.com “Medium Matt Fraser recently admitted he was a little stunned during an online reading.

“The reality TV star recently encountered an individual whose brother had been missing for seventeen years. It turns out his brother had been murdered.”

Matt, who hosts weekly live group readings online, told the reporter “I go where the spirits pull me one minute I can be talking to somebody in California who lost their mum; the next minute I could be talking to somebody in Florida who lost their dad.”

On this occasion, a “couple bought a ticket to attend. And I had no idea what I was going to encounter.

“All of a sudden, the moment that I was looking over at him, I saw that his brother had passed away.

“Right away I started to get these visions that I had never seen before. The moment that I started to read for him, the more I got into this reading, the more I got freaked out.”

Matt added “I’ve got to tell you that I do get surprised. People say ‘Matt, you’re a medium. This is your job. Why do you get surprised?’

“It’s because you don’t understand. Nothing’s scripted… When I walk into any event, whether it be online, in-person or a private reading, I have no idea what the Other Side is going to tell me.

“That’s the freaky part because I never know what I’m gonna walk into. And this was one of those situations.”

Gina wrote that what Matt walked into was a cold case murder. He learned that the man’s brother was involved in organised crime and was murdered.

Sharing this was difficult, he admitted, because delivering bad news can be heartbreaking, but could also be healing.

      FLEUR EAST said her father “will be watching over the ballroom in Spirit.” (Photo: Dasha Miller/TheArches on Flickr)

BECAUSE the murder was the result of organised crime,
the man wanted to remain anonymous

Matt said that sometimes there are details “I really don’t want to say. Sometimes I’m really in a war with myself, but I made a pact with the Other Side to say anything that the Other Side tells me, whether I like it or not. It’s not up to me to decide. If it is, I’m in the wrong business.”

Of the missing man episode, Matt had to tell the recipient “that unfortunately his brother was killed and his body was never going to be found.

“I didn’t know how he was going to react to that situation. I was so concerned about him, and that’s the reason why I didn’t want to say it.”

Over the years, Matt has learned about the healing power of his revelations, “and that’s exactly what this reading did because immediately you could see that he was all tensed up and nervous.

“All of a sudden you could see that with everything his brother started to say during this reading, he started to loosen up to release all of that pain.

“For years he was trying to find the answer to his brother’s passing. Finally, he realised ‘I don’t have to search any more. I can be at peace with my life and be at peace knowing that my brother’s OK.’

“So although there was no justice served here in this world, knowing that his brother’s soul was safe and at peace in heaven and that his brother was watching over him was something which brought him peace.”

I just feel like my whole gift should be helping families to heal.” (Photo: Facebook)  

I JUST FEEL like my whole gift should be
helping families to heal.”
(Photo: Facebook) 


Because the murder was the result of organised crime, the man wanted to remain anonymous and did not report the new information to police.

“I think he also got real answers because his brother said to him basically in the reading to leave this alone because he didn’t want to put his family at risk as well,” Matt said.

In the past Matt has worked with police and private investigators to help families locate missing children. He also worked with detectives to solve cold cases, but eventually redirected his gift to help families in the healing process instead.

He told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that although the Other Side could show him who had committed murders, without hard evidence it did not bring families resolution for healing, which preyed on his mind.

“The sad part was that I realised what I was doing wasn’t beneficial to anybody,” he added. “Yes, the Other Side could say who killed them, who their murderer was or what had really happened.

“But if there wasn’t enough evidence, there’s no way to convict the person. So what was I really doing? Because of that, I decided to stop.”

Without criticising mediums who liaise with police, Matt concluded “My job isn’t to solve crimes or to help people to solve crimes.

“It’s really about bringing hope and peace to the family… I just feel like my whole gift should be helping families to heal.”   


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