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When will I, 
will I be . . .  a healer!
Matt Goss

SINGER and songwriter Matt Goss, once the lead singer of the pop group Bros, gave spiritual healing to one of his fans.

The highly successful group of the 1980s and 90s, consisting of Matt, his twin brother Luke and bass player Craig Logan, broke up in acrimony and with financial problems.

Matt based himself in America, but in a recent interview with the Telegraph before appearing at London’s Café de Paris he revealed an unexpected side to his personality.

“Bros were very decadent,” he said. “We were outrageous.”

There were hard times. He broke up with his girlfriend, actress Melanie Sykes, and his sister Caroline was killed by a drunk driver.

Then his bodyguard died suddenly from a brain tumour.
Reflecting on the past he became emotional as he said, “My family and my country have kept me going. I’m a London boy and my mother’s son.”  He then began to speak of his grandfather.

“He was a healer,” he said, adding, “I do healing.” Pressed for further information he said, “There was a fan who had cancer, and she asked me to give her healing. It was in the Gossy Room. I gave her healing after the show.”

“I know what I feel and I respect 

His patient was cured, but Matt added: “I’m not saying it’s because of me. It may be a state of mind. But it’s something my grandfather told me to pursue and not be ashamed of.”

He was totally unfazed at the idea that people may be sceptical and make fun of him. “I know what I feel, and I respect sceptics,” he said. “Do I want Bigfoot to exist? I’d love it if Bigfoot existed. Am I sceptical? Yes. When are we going to start using the other two-thirds of our brains? How do we know we can’t levitate? How do we know we can’t heal or move objects?”

Will Bros get together again? We don’t know, but it’s being talked about.


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