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Did famous singers’ daughter see Sinatra’s spirit?

  Frank Sinatra in Pal Joey, 1957
Frank Sinatra in Pal Joey, 1957

CURRENTLY on a world tour, Grammy award-winning country singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are in demand on TV and radio chat shows as they take their Soul2Soul show to major cities in North America. It opened in New Orleans on 7 April.

But it was not only their music that interested one interviewer. When they appeared on The Blair Garner Show – an overnight programme that goes out to 150 radio stations – their host asked them to share with his listeners an extraordinary story they had told him earlier.

In the early 2000s, Tim and Faith were seeking a house to rent in Los Angeles. Among those they viewed was the former home of Frank Sinatra, who had died in 1998. It still contained his furniture.

Faith Hill on the Soul 2 Soul II tour (Photo: sisterphotography)   
Faith Hill on the Soul 2 Soul II tour
(Photo: sisterphotography) 

They were disappointed to learn, however, that the owners, Frank’s family,  wanted a buyer not a tenant. Disappointed, the couple decided to take another look, this time accompanied by Gracie, their four-year-old daughter.

What happened during that visit led them to believe that she may have sat at the piano with the spirit of “Old Blue Eyes”.

Having immediately spotted the piano, Gracie promptly installed herself on the long “duet” piano stool, perching at one end, as though leaving room for another person.

“We started to go upstairs and called Gracie to come with us,” McGraw told the radio host.

“At the top there’s a black and white photo of Frank Sinatra with his eyes  painted blue. Gracie stopped in the middle of the stairs. She said, ‘Dad, that’s the guy who sat at the piano with me.’     

“Where did he go?” asked her father.

“He went to the kitchen,” Gracie replied, “He loves the kitchen.”

The woman conducting them around the house confirmed that Sinatra loved to hang around the kitchen with his guests. He used a secret door.

“I’ll show you,” their daughter volunteered.

“She took us straight to the kitchen where he went through the door,” explained a very puzzled Tim.

The Sinatra family took the strange happening as a sign that Frank really liked the McGraws. That afternoon, Tim and Faith had a call to say that they would be allowed to rent the house.

Below left: Country singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at the 50th Annual CMA Awards 2016 (Photo: ABC/Image Group LA)

Below right: Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, is back ... in spirit

Country singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at the 50th Annual CMA Awards 2016 (Photo: ABC/Image Group LA)  Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, is back ... in spirit

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