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British psychic makes global predictions for 2017
Craig Hamilton-Parker

MEDIUM and psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker, whose name will be familiar to most Psychic News readers through the serialisation in these columns of excerpts from his book Messages From The Universe, has gone out on a limb and made some very bold predictions about events he believes will happen in the current year.

These have been made public in a YouTube video so, although Psychic News seldom publishes predictions, it was felt appropriate to share these with readers.

• A world-wide flu-like epidemic around December 2017 from a strange disease that attacks the immune system and will kill many in the Third World. It will, Craig says, be reminiscent of the 1918 flu pandemic that killed between 20 and 50 millions worldwide.

An assassination and kidnap attempt will be made on Pope Francis at the Vatican during which multiple Swiss Guards will be killed.

The Stock Market will collapse around the summer of 2017 and coincide with long-term inflation.

A major eruption from Iceland’s largest volcano.

Fire will destroy Britain’s Houses of Parliament, caused by maintenance issues rather than terrorism.

Shakespeare’s remains will be exhumed and forensic analysis will show he was poisoned.

Naturally, we will assess the accuracy of these predictions at the end of 2017.


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