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Cultivating clairvoyance by scrying BY BILLY ROBERTS

IN ONE form or another – from reflections in shiny surfaces to gazing into a crystal ball – scrying has been used from time immemorial as a way of extending our senses.

It was particularly favoured by the ancient seers who used either a crystal sphere or some other form of mystical speculum to allow their consciousness to transcend space and time. While in that altered state of mind, he or she would have glimpses of the future.

In fact, scrying is an extremely effective optical tool that will encourage the development of a clairvoyant skill. Scrying causes retina fatigue, a process that occurs during the cultivation of the image-making faculty, the neurological body that allows images to pass through the consciousness.

Unless a person is able to use their imagination to actually “see” images with their eyes closed, the full development of clairvoyance is really not an option.

Remember, I am talking about a clairvoyant skill, the ability to “see” things nobody else can see, and not a mediumistic skill, which is something quite different altogether. Not all mediums are clairvoyant, and not all clairvoyants are mediums.

Scrying causes retina fatigue, a process that occurs during the cultivation of the image-making faculty, the neurological body that allows images to pass through the consciousness   

Simple clairvoyance allows the seer to see future and past events with an “inner eye” and foretell the future; but when a clairvoyant skill is accompanied by a mediumistic one, the person is able to actually “see” and communicate with a disembodied energy, an ability that is quite specific.

The whole process of clairvoyance really does vary from person to person, simply because the response of our eyes is very limited. We accept the fact that our eyes respond to vibrations of light that are thrown off by the surfaces of an object, and that our consciousness translates those vibrations into ideas of form and colour.

The process of clairvoyance transcends the parameters of matter, allowing an individual to actually “see” through the astral light. Although a clairvoyant skill can spontaneously occur for any number of natural reasons, it still needs to be cultivated and refined, so that the person controls the ability, instead of the ability controlling the person.

It is an axiom of physics that no two bodies of matter can occupy the same space at the same time; but it is generally accepted that millions upon millions of vibrations can and do exist in the one space, without interference. Clairvoyance allows the consciousness to discriminate between vibrations of physical and astral matter, to actually “see” things as they really are.

There are numerous scrying techniques to encourage the development of clairvoyance, but the one I have always used in my workshops is perhaps one that is used in yoga to make the mind quiet, serene and introspective. This is called in eastern parlance “Trataka”, a process of directing the eyes either towards a spot between the eyebrows or, in this case, focusing attention on the flickering flame of a candle.

In Buddhism, more or less the same process is referred to as the “Kasina”, meaning “total field”: concentrating the mind on an object until it becomes totally absorbed by it. This object can take any form, from a stone or crystal, to a lighted candle.

Crystal ball and sky


•    Light a candle and place it on a table, approximately three to four feet away from you, and as near to eye-level as possible. Please remove contact lenses before scrying.

•    To create the right ambience, it helps to burn some pleasant incense, but make certain the room is well ventilated.

•    So as to avoid distractions, make sure the lighting is fairly subdued. It sometimes helps to have some conducive background music.

•    Sit comfortably on a straight-back chair, and breathe rhythmically until the rhythm is fully established, and you feel quite relaxed.

•    With your hands resting lightly on your lap, and your eyes half open, focus your gaze on the flickering flame, whilst remaining conscious of the rhythm of the in-flowing and out-flowing breath.

•    It is important that you resist the temptation to blink, or move your gaze from the flickering flame even for a moment, as this will defeat the object of the whole exercise.

•    When your eyes begin to tear, gently close them, and place the palms of your hands over them, applying a little pressure to the eyeball.

•    Within moments the after-image will appear in your mind’s eye, usually in the complementary colour of the flame itself – in this case pale blue.

•    At this point you should be conscious of the inflowing and outflowing breath, holding the after-image steady in your mind for as long as you can.

•    When the after-image begins to break-up and fade, open your eyes and return your gaze to the flame, and repeat the whole process.

Repeat the exercise three to four times every day. The after-image will remain in your mind’s eye a little longer each time you do it, eventually not fading at all.

Trataka also improves concentration and focus, and encourages a more serene and relaxed mind. As I have already explained, it stimulates the image-making faculty of the brain, encouraging the overall awareness and sensitivity that are prerequisites for the cultivation and development of the clairvoyant skill.

Candle gazing may also be integrated into your meditation programme. Precede your meditation with some rhythmic breathing, followed by Trataka, as a contemplative process before your meditation.


Crystal gazing is another excellent tool for cultivating the psychic faculties. Using more or less the same process as with candle gazing, the crystal ball should be placed right in front of you, and as near to eye level as possible. The lighting should be subdued as much as possible, but not to total darkness.

Fix your gaze at a selected spot on the crystal sphere, and do not move your eyes from that point.  Only blink occasionally, primarily to clear your eyes.

Scrying eye    

The first thing you can expect is that the crystal sphere will seem to come alive, and will have a slightly green effervescent appearance. At this point, do not be tempted to relax the eyes by looking away, as this will interrupt the whole process.

This optical illusion will be followed by a shadow descending on the crystal sphere. As the shadow can remain there for some time, the majority of practitioners usually abandon the process at this point. Be patient, as this is when things really begin to occur.

Eventually, the shadow will rise, rather like the curtains at the beginning of a theatre show, revealing anonymous faces, abstract images, landscapes and much more. At this point, you may also be aware of dancing shafts of light in your peripheral vision. Do not be tempted to move your gaze from the crystal to look directly at them, as the entire optical display will disappear and the crystal sphere will once again fall into darkness.

If you are truly intent on using a crystal sphere, then ideally it should be used every day. However, do not make the exercise a labour by forcing yourself to sit with it. Take your time and, most of all, be patient.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: Always remove contact lenses before any scrying exercise.


The first thing you can expect is that the crystal sphere will seem to come alive, and will have a slightly green effervescent appearance. At this point, do not be tempted to relax the eyes by looking away, as this will interrupt the whole process
Crystal ball and candles

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