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British medium to take a
spiritual look at historical places


robert brown-NEW
World-renowned British
medium Robert Brown

A new TV series now in preparation will provide a rare treat for those interested in the spiritual aspects of historical events and legendary geographical sites.

The Aegis Film Group seeks answers to a series of questions asked for generations, such as Where is the Ark of the Covenant buried? Where is the true final resting place of Mary? Where is the final resting place of her son Jesus? What was it like in the final hours of Pompeii? What did Nostradamus really want to know?

In its advance publicity for the series, Aegis Film Group says, “Dead History takes a page from time itself and marries it with an intriguing twist – the psychic. With this pairing of history and present-day psychic interpretation, we hope to present historical events through re-creation, current investigation and in-depth analysis, and in the process perhaps uncover the truth behind events surrounding historical mysteries.” 

During the first half-hour of each programme, presenter Brian Flint will make a historical examination of the site with the aid of interviews with experts.

The final half-hour will be spent with world-renowned British medium Robert Brown (pictured). Robert will describe the impressions he is receiving, and relay any information gleaned from those who have passed on, and had knowledge of the site during their earthly life.

He has worked with the Edgar Cayce Foundation, and holds a metaphysical “boot camp” each summer in the Bahamas.

Among the sites visited will be the ruins of Ostia in Italy, which was mysteriously abandoned, and the Egyptian Pyramids, where seer Edgar Cayce maintained that information about Atlantis is held under the left paw of the huge Sphinx, half human, half feline.

The Paris Catacombs, the temple of Angkor Wat, and the sites of Inca tribes and Mayans will feature, as well as a visit to the more recent historical site of Adolf Hitler’s bunker, where he committed suicide.

Back in Britain there is a visit to Stonehenge, plus the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

Robert Brown told PN: “I have turned down so many TV projects both here and in other countries; many have little to do with mediums or even Spiritualism.

“I believe with this show we will be dealing with things seriously and may also get the opportunity to lay down in front of people the truth of life after so-called death.

“It is a very challenging project yet a very exciting one, and hopefully I will be able to make a difference in how people perceive mediums and mediumship.”

Paul Brett interviewed Arianna Eisenberg, CEO of the film company, who has a personal interest in the subjects explored. He asked her some questions about the programmes.


Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza in Mexico


Has the series been recorded?  

No. We are currently working on the first segment, which is on the Anasazis in the American Southwest. The history of these peoples is that they are referred to as the “Star People” by current tribes today, whom we are speaking with – the Navajos, Lakota etc.

We’ll be shooting the first segment this September, as the desert where we’ll be shooting gets up to 130F degrees in the summer.


Will Robert be visiting the locations mentioned?

Yes, Robert will be on location for all the segments.


How many countries will it involve travelling to, and which ones?

Aside from the pilot, which is the US Southwest, we’re looking at Italy, Turkey (Ephesus) and the UK (Stonehenge). You can view all the segments on the website www.aegisfilmgroup.com, under “Television”.


Is the series primarily for UK or US television?

We’d like it for both. As I’m originally from Britain I think it would be perfect for ITV or BBC.


What stage are you at?

Currently pre-production. We have the plot script, which is riveting.


Are the programme makers sympathetic to mediumship and psychic abilities?

As the CEO of Aegis Film Group this project was my conception. I’m also a writer – Mata Hari, Jemiyah Jones, Principles of Empowerment – so yes, Aegis Film Group is definitely very sympathetic to mediumship.

We also have a faith-based division, Aegis Faith Films (www.aegisfaithfilms.com) which also houses our two Foundations – the Aegis Young Women’s Mentoring Programme as well as the Aegis Angel Fund. We believe in giving back and paying forward.

We are a very creative, business-orientated company, but with strong foundations in the realm of the Universe. One of our other upcoming TV projects is Universal Truths.


machu picchu overview
Machu Picchu, Peru.


What made you choose Robert Brown as the medium?

Robert is not one of the flashy “I-see-your-great-aunt-standing-behind-you” mediums. He brings authority and gravitas without all the trivialities of many others. This is a serious endeavour and we wish to have a serious mind working with us. We feel Robert is that, and more.


How did you hear of Robert?

Through friends in Europe. He has wonderful curriculum vitae.


What do you think the programmes bring to the subjects discussed?

We’re hoping to give detailed historical information on the various chosen locales while at the same time hoping to get the “impressions” from the energy left behind, as well as any spirit still remaining at that site, or who may come through to give us more detail.


With what scientific angles will you be looking at the subjects?

We are incorporating the talents of well-known scientists, scholars and other experts in the fields of endeavour we’ll be examining. All of them have high credentials in the particular subject matter we’ll be discussing and examining for each episode.


Do you feel the programme slant is more spiritual or scientific?

Personally I believe there is no science without the ethereal or spiritual – even Einstein hypothesised and understood that fact. I do believe the scientific aspect of the programme will lay the foundation for our discussion. However, the spiritual will most likely trump that and be the most compelling.

• For further details on the series and the work of Aegis Films and Television, visit: www.aegisfilmgroup.com

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