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Your Spiritual Art – This month we are showing the work of three artists you’ve seen featured here before – Tony Katz, Andrew Western and Colin Hall – and one who makes a Your Spiritual Art page debut – Jane Lang. All are very different in both the style and execuction of their art, but it all comes from a spiritual source for a spiritual purpose.
Safe Passage by Tony Katz

Safe Passage  (above) by Tony Katz
“This picture symbolises hope. Whatever traumatic things happen in life, with faith in the Great Spirit all will be well and you will be led into the safe haven of light.”

The Temple of Inner Peace (top right) by Tony Katz
“This picture is for relaxation and healing.”

Spiritual Heights (bottom right) by Tony Katz
“This mountain scene represents a person’s journey through life – or lifetimes – eventually reaching their ‘spiritual heights’.”

  The Temple of Inner Peace by Tony Katz
Spiritual Heights by Tony Katz


by Andrew Western

“This is my second spiritual painting in soft pastels. It represents the freedom we experience when we are aware of the spirit world around us. But not only that, it also represents that we are spirits in our bodies right now.”


Morning Spirits (right)
by Colin Hall

“Each morning brings a new energy of activity to all the elements of the nature spirits; from the fairies to the great Devas kingdom. Unfolding God’s beauty to humankind; from dew drops on a leaf with a rainbow in every drop to the mighty ocean’s mounting volcano and sky, we are connected to all the elements.”

• Suggestion: Spending time in nature can help us come closer to understand the great power of God with in us.

• Affirmation: “I will liberate myself from all fear.”

• Element: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.


Morning Spirits by Colin Hall

Jane Lang is an artist by trade, with a degree in Fine Art from Central St Martins.

She told Psychic News: “I was taught to draw as a child by my artist mother Selma, herself a Spiritualist. I sat in a development group at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain when it was in Belgrave Square, London, studying with the lovely Sharry Clark. I was working towards an art show then and she pushed me to use the drawing, which was my day job, in my spiritual work. I took some persuading because I simply couldn’t see how it would work, but as soon as I put pencil on to paper something happened; it seemed to flow through my arm, hand and pencil and, bless her, I’ve been doing it ever since! It continues to guide and amaze me. I am so grateful every time it happens.

   Jane Lang

“I’ve picked three pictures that have something in common – I drew them all on platform. Hence you will see traces of words scribbled down as well. The young woman in blue (bottom right) came though with a very strong feeling of love and light, and I really didn’t know who she was for. I was at Edward Street Spiritualist Church, Brighton, UK, doing a demonstration with my development group. In the audience was a group of Buddhists, who immediately said that she was ‘with’ and for them. They had just come from a study day at the local Tibetan temple where they were focusing on female Buddhist deities.

“The Angel (top right) was the same. Again, I couldn’t make out who this energy was for, but one member of the congregation (Boundary Passage Spiritualist Church) was very adamant that this was who he felt (literally) around him. The Green Coloured Celtic Woman (bottom left) was drawn at a church in Eastbourne. She was immediately claimed by two separate women who had both been working with female Celtic energies. All three images were ‘taken’ by a number of folk. I now feel they wanted to reach a number of people to be of use to them in their meditation/work/development.”

Jane Lang   Jane Lang

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