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What your aura can reveal about you by Sue Farrow

I shouldn’t really be writing about auras. I can’t

see them. I wish I could, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Good reason, then, to call in an expert. Edinburgh-based medium Thelma Francis is an acknowledged expert on all things auric. She believes there are a fair few misconceptions around the subject, including what an aura actually is. I asked for her personal definition:

“It’s the electromagnetic energy field around your body. It belongs to you; it’s every bit as much a part of you as any other organ in your body. You can’t detach it – it’s all of you.”

She goes on to describe a situation we encounter pretty much every day: “Somebody walks into your space and you know almost immediately if you want them there, or if you don’t.”

It’s the electromagnetic energy field around your body. It belongs to you; it’s every bit as much a part of you as any other organ in your body. You can’t detach it – it’s all of you.”    

This, says Thelma, is because it’s we who are extending our energy, or retracting it.

“We do it unconsciously. But when you’re aware of your auric energy, when you’re aware of the whole of you, you can actually control it, you can extend or retract it at will.  But it’s usually something we do automatically, until we actually think about it and break it down, then realise what we’re doing.”

Thelma has been able to see auras since childhood and is now one of Europe’s most respected aura photographers and interpreters. It’s certainly not your average job, so how did it happen?

“I’ve always seen energy, I’ve always seen colour around people,” she says. “As a child, you imagine that everybody can see the same thing you do.”

I suggest that might have been a bit isolating for the young Thelma.

“If you’re talking to someone about a person who’s got blond hair, you don’t think about saying ‘the boy with the blond hair and the blue around him’, because you think that everybody is seeing the same thing.  So it was strange to find out that not everyone knew about the blue!

“It was actually my husband who said I should go and find out more about it all. When we were first married, I’d say things like ‘Look at that green around them’ and he would say ‘What are you talking about?’, so he was the one who encouraged me to do something about it.

That ‘something’ involved Thelma’s serious mediumistic development at the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology (ECP). Years later, she experienced an event at the College that set her on the next stage of her personal journey – aura photography.

“I was taking a group at the ECP, and as I was watching the energy within the group, one girl totally disappeared and all I could see was a beautiful vortex of colour.  I thought to myself – ‘God, I really wish I could get that on a photo. How can I explain something as wonderful as that to her?’” 

Thelma told me that in the weeks preceding that experience she had been wondering about her future.

“ Everything in your life registers within your auric energy, so when you’re looking at someone’s aura, you’re looking at their life. ”

“Where am I going?  What am I going to do? Should I get a job in Tesco, or whatever?  And I kept sending this thought out to the spirit world. And then I saw this beautiful colour, and wanted to get a picture of it.

“At that time, there were no home computers, so I couldn’t Google anything; it was more difficult to do research.  So I looked into it and eventually found out about an aura camera. I got in touch with a guy in Colorado who made Kirlian cameras and believe this or not, he sent me a Kirlian camera on loan.”

Unfortunately, the camera wasn’t quite right for Thelma. So she thanked him very much and sent it back to Colorado. Then she heard about the ‘Progen’ camera. She investigated and experimented with it, and thought – “Yep, this is the one for me.”

So how does this photographic process work? How can the camera see an aura that most human eyes can’t see? Thelma explains:

“The person being photographed needs to be connected to the machine to start with. You get these cameras that take photographs of people and they’re not connected to the person, so how in God’s name does it know it’s photographing the person’s aura and not the chair’s aura?

“Everything has an auric energy. The difference between a person and a chair is that the person’s aura will change, because they have a soul, because they themselves will change, but the chair’s will never change.

Kirlian photograph of human fingertips

“With my camera there are two hand sensors on the chair arms. You put your hands flat on them and they pick up the vibrations of the acupuncture points on the hands. They then send the vibration to the computer inside the camera, and the camera marries up the vibration with the colour that connects to that vibration. It’s as simple as that.”

So that means someone has pre-programmed those colours into the computer. But don’t we all perceive colour slightly differently?

“I spoke to Guy, the camera designer, about that, because I wanted to make sure it was right, and asked how he got your colours in the first place. He told me he’d used mediums and got them to tell him what colours they were seeing, and working with that vibration. And to be fair, when I said to my husband that I was seeing a particular colour with a person, that colour was in the photograph, so I know I’m okay with it. It’s compatible with you and the way I experience colour.”

That leads us neatly to the most important question: what exactly can you tell from someone’s aura? What secrets does it reveal? Thelma answers unhesitatingly:

“Everything. Everything in your life registers within your auric energy, so when you’re looking at someone’s aura, you’re looking at their life. “

So that could include our emotional state, our relationships, our work, our physical health?

“Yes, when you’re working with an auric energy you’re picking up everything about the person. You’re working on your psychic level, because you’re working with the person; the spirit world is not involved.  It’s a one-to-one.”

It occurs to me that if the aura can reveal everything of a person, there might be some weighty privacy issues arising for the interpreter.

“I genuinely believe that there’s no medium walking this earth who can get information from someone which that someone doesn’t want them to have. A lot of people wouldn’t agree with me on that, but it’s what I believe.”

Thelma Francis
  “I think everybody can see the aura, everybody can sense the energy,” she answers with reassuring certainty.

As far as interpreting the meaning of the colours goes, that’s sometimes a matter for debate, I imagine. After all, everyone attaches a different significance to colour, and arguably perceives it differently from the next person. So can there really be any objective meaning to each individual colour and shade?

“Yes, everybody sees colour in a different way,” says Thelma. “You know, my husband used to say I was colour blind, because he worked with colour. But I know I’m not colour blind. Of course you interpret the colour in the way it resonates with yourself.  Every colour has its own vibration, and that’s why people can see it and sense it, because it’s a vibration you’re working with.

“As far as interpretation is concerned, there are parameters within it. In the olden days they used to talk about red being a terrible colour because it was about anger, it was anger, it was heat, etc, and that’s garbage. Red is actually the colour of life itself, it’s the colour of your life’s blood.”

That makes me think of the number of colour-related sayings in the English language. Seeing red (angry). Green-eyed monster (jealousy). Feeling blue (down in the dumps).

“You’ve forgotten ‘in the pink’,” says Thelma, laughing.

Moving to an issue that concerns me, I ask what happens if, during an interpretation session, Thelma detects a potential serious illness in her client. Would she tell them?

“No, I wouldn’t. What if I was wrong, and I planted a seed in somebody’s mind? Besides, there are ways of saying things. I might say something like, ‘We all get low sometimes, need a bit of an MOT’. There are ways of putting things over to people.”

Finally, I ask if Thelma if anyone can learn to see these fabulous colours that comprise our auras. Or is it something only a lucky few are able to do? I have an agenda here, of course, because I’m dying to see one myself!

“I think everybody can see the aura, everybody can sense the energy”, she answers with reassuring certainty.

I tell her I’m not bothered about sensing it, I just want to see it in all its glorious technicolour.

“I know,” she says. “But not everybody can see colour. Some people can hear it, some people can sense it, so you are aware of colour whether you see it or you don’t see it.  Lots of people talk about seeing a light around someone.”

I plead for an exercise to develop the ability, (not for myself, honest. . .) to help my readers who haven’t yet seen an aura! If it works for you, please let me know. If it works for me, rest assured I shall shout about it in a future editorial. In the meantime, happy practising! 
If you’d like to learn more about the aura, Thelma’s CD Et Tu contains a wealth of information, including interpretation of the colours. It’s available from One Voice Music at: www.onevoicemusic.co.uk/thelma

Thelma's exercise for seeing the aura


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