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What’s in the magazine?


July 2024 (Issue No 4238)

July 2024

(Issue No 4238)

Inside the July 2024 issue of Psychic News Magazine: Get in tune with the healing power of music Internationally acclaimed singer Jeralyn Glass outlines the healing power of music and sound, and some of their many benefits  Medium and teacher Ceryn Rowntree explores the fascinating field of flower clairsentience  Spiritualist church president Robert Harvey examines various aspects of spirit healing  In her new book, medium Jacqui Rogers details how her brother’s passing triggered a psychic quest  Professional clairvoyant and tarot reader Richard Knight looks at the history and practice of automatic writing, and how you can develop it  Graham Jennings discovers that a clairvoyant’s father worked as a slave in the USA, delves into the controversial physical mediumship of two brothers, and the alleged secret origins of homeopathy  John West travels to the historic city of Canterbury and visits a number of haunted hotspots, including the Cathedral crypt allegedly haunted by the martyred archbishop Thomas Becket  A best-selling author describes intriguing spirit visits from renowned physicist Albert Einstein  Sudoku competition - Five lucky readers will win a deck of Denise Linn’s colourful The Time Traveller’s Oracle  A good read - Details of six new mind, body, spirit books, and three oracle decks   IN THE NEWS ■ Two worlds are one - Topics include good health guru Dr Michael Mosley on near-death experiences, the meaning of colour and a new investigation into animals and consciousness ■ Controversial Conservative ex-minister reveals why she accepts the reality of life after death ■ Animal welfare groups applaud a move by Italy to ban puppies in yoga classes ■ Medium gives snapshot of spirituality in Singapore ■ Paranormal programme is removed after complains from grieving family ■ Hundreds tell paper of spirit returns ■ ‘Ghost’ actor Whoopi Goldberg offers guidance to a wife who fled her home after discovering its gruesome past ■ Hollywood mother and daughter share psychic experiences ■ Researcher refutes ‘shortage of ghosts’ reports ■ Sisters credit medium with locating mother’s remains ■ Psychic says Royals’ happiness is written in the stars ■ Vatican issues guidance on ‘supernatural phenomena’  All this and much, much more.


June2024  (Issue No 4237)

June 2024

(Issue No 4237)

Inside the June 2024 issue of Psychic News Magazine Animals and the afterlife - In this wonderful feature, pet psychic Beth Lee-Crowther explores the fascinating field of linking with animal companions after they pass on   Medium and teacher Ceryn Rowntree suggests a variety of ways to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day Clairvoyant Glynis Amy Allen describes encounters and communication with the ghosts of war Biochemist Christopher G. Cockburn on how a dead German professor returned and provided vital information about a haemophilia research project Radio journalist Anne Marie Geraghty charts her psychic story, which includes premonitions and her daughter seeing a man’s figure Graham Jennings highlights three very diverse topics  a famous palmist, a healer who “saw” into people’s bodies and a clairvoyant shot by the Nazis John West details activity in a haunted residence, on a beach and in a hospital   Win one of five copies of Kim Chestney’s latest book The Illumination Code – 7 Keys to Unlock Your Quantum Intelligence as prizes in our Sudoku competition   IN THE NEWS ■ In the editor’s “Two Worlds Are One,” the subjects include dogs detecting post-traumatic stress disorder in humans, scientists making contact with a whale and a lack of Spiritualist teachings in religious education ■ Psychologist says contacting ‘dead’ can  be ‘special’ ■ ‘Weather can affect psychic atmosphere’ says medium ■ New study looks at children’s near-death experiences ■ Paper says paranormal  activity can affect price of property ■ ‘Time Team’ plans probe into site with psychic background ■ Comedy series ‘Ghosts’  goes fourth ■ Author has dream preview of attack ■ Investigator chimes in about footage on doorbell cameras ■ One of London’s oldest psychic shops closes ■ Clairvoyant is left with large legal bill after a being sued by his own lawyers ■ Postal psychic scam conman is sent to jail for a decade ■ Loch Ness monster hunters call on NASA for space age support ■ Binding is removed from book on afterlife ■ Paranormal team visits William Wordsworth ’s school   All this and much, much more.

May 2024  (Issue No 4236)

May 2024

(Issue No 4236)

Inside the May 2024 issue of Psychic News Magazine: Bestselling author Sandra Anne Taylor explains how past lives affect our current incarnation... and why Victorian architecture made a comeback durring the mid 1980s.   Kitty Greenbrown takes a fascinating look at the folklore of various trees, plants and bees in the UK and Ireland.  Medium and writer Ceryn Rowntree takes stock of a very troubled world and suggests a meditation to promote peace on Earth.  A primary school/special needs teacher for twenty years, Alison Grey explores her seven rules on spirituality.  Now living in Spain, Sandra Francis on how to use forgiveness, love and gratitude to cultivate a positive attitude.  Graham Jennings features three very different subjects, including a ‘Miracle’ medicine man who lived between two worlds, and spirit messages received in Morse code.  John West investigates mysterious events around a church organ that played of its own accord, and the apparitions of the House of Commons.  Former President of the International Spiritualist Federation, Lionel Owen puts mediumship under the microscope.   Sudoku competition - Five lucky readers will each win a copy of Andrew Greig’s new book Heart of the Cards.  A good read - Details of new books on mediumship, ghosts, crystals, and body and soul, and two oracle decks.   IN THE NEWS: ■ In the editor’s “Two Worlds Are One,” subjects covered include a spirit view of disasters like earthquakes, singer Robbie Williams saying he saw the “dead” and China clamping down on the paranormal ■ Medium links with man murdered by IRA ■ A veteran paratrooper claimed British Special Forces found a downed ‘non-human’ craft  ■ Inside world’s largest library of paranormal records ■ Legendary pianist saw ‘dead’ composer’s mask shed tears ■ Charity launches new survey on spirituality ■ Psychic spy claims he located lost toddler’s remains ■ Tarot cards are excluded from Spiritualists’ National Union churches ■ President dedicates new centre in Wales ■ Hospice patients tell of seeing ‘dead’ relatives ■ Roman Catholic Church dismisses visions of Virgin Mary ■ Interior designer comments on ‘haunted’ antiques  All this and much, much more.   Download your copy now at: www.psychicnews.org.uk

March 2024 (Issue No 4234)

April 2024

(Issue No 4235)

Inside the March 2024 issue of Psychic News Magazine:  “Lawyer says case for afterlife is proven” - Douglas Charles Hodgson, retired lawyer and former Dean and Professor of Law, presents graphic accounts of life on the Other Side.   Rebecca Sawyer tells us how she developed her mediumship and what’s it like being a full-time medium.  Ceryn Rowntree looks at the fascinating field of nature spirits including piskies and nymphs.  Author Sandra Bray suggests some wonderful spiritual practices for the month of March.  Tarot expert Wendy Stokes reviews a new oracle deck, which she terms inspirational. Writer, teacher and actor Phill Webster shares an astral projection experience.  Graham Jennings investigates three subjects – the Silent Minute of WWII, full form materialisations and hypnagogic visions. John West unravels haunting happenings at a property in the Forest of Dean and a farm in Somerset. Trance teachings from Silver Birch, who stresses that “spirit is life and life is spirit.” Charity Commission to probe church charity - the Charity Commission has launched an investigation into a charity linked to the London Spiritual Mission This month we have five copies of The Crystal Colouring Book: A Healing Journey of Colour and Creativity as prizes in our Sudoku competition  IN THE NEWS: ■ In the editor’s “Two Worlds Are One,” the topics include a clairvoyant who foresaw the King’s illness, a royal butler on Princess Diana’s spiritual beliefs and a famous singer’s involvement with a TV show which featured psychics ■ A possible time slip involving a being from centuries ago features on podcast ■ An art historian delves into the work of Swedish mystical artist Hilma af Klint, who spent years decoding the symbols in her works ■ Dead’ comedian returns to brother ■ Charity Commission to probe church charity  ■ Psychic predicts pandemic worse than Covid ■ Horror videos linked to belief in paranormal ■ Top footballer consults clairvoyant ■ Poet Laureate continues to write through medium ■ Paranormal book raises thousands for charity ■ Civil War soldiers haunt American battleground

March 2024 (Issue No 4234)

March 2024

(Issue No 4234)

Inside the March 2024 issue of Psychic News Magazine:  “Lawyer says case for afterlife is proven” - Douglas Charles Hodgson, retired lawyer and former Dean and Professor of Law, presents graphic accounts of life on the Other Side.   Rebecca Sawyer tells us how she developed her mediumship and what’s it like being a full-time medium.  Ceryn Rowntree looks at the fascinating field of nature spirits including piskies and nymphs.  Author Sandra Bray suggests some wonderful spiritual practices for the month of March.  Tarot expert Wendy Stokes reviews a new oracle deck, which she terms inspirational. Writer, teacher and actor Phill Webster shares an astral projection experience.  Graham Jennings investigates three subjects – the Silent Minute of WWII, full form materialisations and hypnagogic visions. John West unravels haunting happenings at a property in the Forest of Dean and a farm in Somerset. Trance teachings from Silver Birch, who stresses that “spirit is life and life is spirit.” Charity Commission to probe church charity - the Charity Commission has launched an investigation into a charity linked to the London Spiritual Mission This month we have five copies of The Crystal Colouring Book: A Healing Journey of Colour and Creativity as prizes in our Sudoku competition  IN THE NEWS: ■ In the editor’s “Two Worlds Are One,” the topics include a clairvoyant who foresaw the King’s illness, a royal butler on Princess Diana’s spiritual beliefs and a famous singer’s involvement with a TV show which featured psychics ■ A possible time slip involving a being from centuries ago features on podcast ■ An art historian delves into the work of Swedish mystical artist Hilma af Klint, who spent years decoding the symbols in her works ■ Dead’ comedian returns to brother ■ Charity Commission to probe church charity  ■ Psychic predicts pandemic worse than Covid ■ Horror videos linked to belief in paranormal ■ Top footballer consults clairvoyant ■ Poet Laureate continues to write through medium ■ Paranormal book raises thousands for charity ■ Civil War soldiers haunt American battleground

February 2024  (Issue No 4233)

February 2024

(Issue No 4233)

Inside the February 2024 issue of Psychic News:     Add crystal clear sparkle to Valentine’s Day  With romance in mind, Kris Meredith suggests suitable crystals for Valentine’s Day        Also:  How to celebrate an ancient festival in modern times Ceryn Rowntree highlights the festival of Imbolc, which occurs this month and suggests how to mark the events  Sister leaves secret code to prove life after death Author Mark Ireland details a survival- proving test and describes evidence from a colleague’s “dead” brother  Rituals to refresh mind, body and spirit Writer Vicki Vrint outlines a series of wonderful self-care routines to put aspring in your step  Tap into your intuition A fourth-generation intuitive guide, Sonia Choquette explores the fascinating field of intuition  Publisher offers points to ponder Philosopher and publisher Nigel Peace homes in on a selection of points about life here and hereafter  Famous singer was in tune making spirit returns Amongst other subjects, Graham Jennings describes how Kathleen Ferrier returned from the Other Side  The haunting of Ballechin House John West concludes his detailed look into paranormal phenomena, which riddled Ballechin House in Perthshire  Spiritual art Andrew Western shares his portraits of a Spiritualist pioneer, a well-known healer, four mediums and a rock star  Sudoku competition Five lucky readers will each win a copy of Astrid Carvel’s latest book How to Read the Universe  In the News: ■ In the editor’s “Two Worlds Are One,” the topics include a Brazilian trance medium who paints at speed in the styles of some of the world’s greatest ever “dead” artists, and King Charles’ doctor's advocacy of homeopathy. ■ Séance pictures appear on Duran Duran’s latest album ■ Psychic vision led to arrest for murder ■ Andrew Lloyd Webber reveals that he called in a priest to remove poltergeist ■ Animal communicator is named as ‘Best American Psychic’ ■ Medium ends journalist’s scepticism ■ Medium has over half a million people on his waiting list ■ Housekeeper sees Roman form ‘walk through wardrobe’ ■ Spontaneous combustion causes fire at The Conjuring house ■ Boy communicates with “dead” grandad       All this and much, much more

January 2024  (Issue No 4232)

January 2024

(Issue No 4232)

Inside the January 2024 issue of Psychic News:     Lift your life with light, colour and sound   Gail Lynn explores the fascinating fields of light, colour and sound, and the impact they have on our lives        Also:  Be resolute with your New Year resolutions Therapist and medium Ceryn Rowntree gives some handy hints on how to adhere to New Year resolutions  See whether a featherhas meaning for you Astrid Carvel looks at what feathers can signify, animal visitations and dreams  Precognition saves tourist with ‘priceless’ sphinx In this specially written feature, philosopher and metaphysician Wayne Saalman says he has experienced “many astonishing precognitive episodes”  Captain fired revolver at apparition Graham Jennings reviews a new book by fellow columnist John West  Diana describes golden dawn for humanity The author of over 30 books, Diana Cooper details some of the changes she believes will occur over the coming years  Case of museum’s haunted mummy Graham Jennings investigates Egyptian magic, seeing in the New Year with old traditions and a Russian psychic’s astonishing abilities  Captain fired revolver at apparition Graham Jennings reviews a new book by fellow columnist John Wes  Reader’s psychic experience A resident of Norway, Sybil Richardson tells of a surprise visit from a famous healer  Spiritual art Psychic artist Emma L. Mather shares some of her psychic portraits with comparison photographs  A good read Six books and three decks feature inthis month’s selection  Sudoku competition This month we have four decks of Kipper Oracle Cards by Alexandre Musruck as prizes  In the News: ■ In the editor’s Two Worlds Are One, the topics include new research into secrets, a pet’s devotion to her “dead” owner and Suzi Quatro’s psychic gifts ■ Netflix drama shows Rita Rogers’s royal sitting with Diana and Dodi ■ Star Trek’s Sir Patrick Stewart kept quiet about haunted mansion ■ Estate agent carries out psychic surveys on properties ■ MP’s bill threatens private sittings and healing in Kyrgyzstan ■ New Argentinan president communicates with his “dead” dog ■ University houses archive of the “impossible” ■ Resuscitated patients describe near-death experiences ■ Spiritualists’ National Union clarifies new church rules ■ Book mirrors film John Travolta’s air drama       All this and much, much more

December 2023 (Issue No 4231)

December 2023

(Issue No 4231)

Inside the festive December 2023 issue of Psychic News:  “Angels bring hope, healing and light” The former editor of “Prediction” magazine, angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, channel, healer, poet and presenter, Alexandra Wenman examines various features of angels and how they can help us today.   Medium, therapist, writer and regular columnist, Ceryn Rowntree suggests several ways to celebrate the magic of winter.  Janine Lowe on how to find your perfect partner with the ancient art of Chinese astrology.  In “How to fret less and flourish more,” “Sunday Times” bestselling author Cheryl Rickman gives handy hints on ways to improve your life.  The true meaning of Xmas for Spiritualists and the history of Christmas tree séances.  John West gains an insider’s view of famous author and philosopher Colin Wilson after meeting up with one of his sons.  Veteran Spiritualist Lionel Owen takes a look at mediumship, both past and present.   Sudoku competition - Five lucky readers will each win a copy of ITALIC WhatsApps from Heaven ITALIC by Louise Hamlin.   A good read - Still searching for Christmas gifts? Here are details of eight very different books which might solve present problems.  IN THE NEWS:  ■ New BBC series features famous pioneer Spiritualist Arthur Conan Doyle ■ The Enfield Poltergeist case still makes  news five decades on ■ ‘Strictly’ star turns to meditation ■ Psychic psychologist helps clients to connect with their intuition ■ Medium underwent exorcism as a child ■ Ukrainians turn to clairvoyants for help tracing loved ones ■ Team uses FBI-type photofit to reveal apparition’s face ■ Mediumship marathon raises funds for charity ■ Police make arrests following fire at haunted pub ■ Texas is named most haunted state ■ Spiritualist church receives funding from council ■ Hair salon seeks psychic help to free previous residents ■ Sally’s sitting is high-flying ■ Prince William is unfazed by haunted hall ■ Book features doctor’s home circle sittings  All this and much, much more.   Download your copy now at: www.psychicnews.org.uk

November 2023  (Issue No 4230)

November 2023

(Issue No 4230)

Inside the November 2023 issue of Psychic News:  The author of over twenty books, Lee Brickley looks at the extraordinary life of psychic dogs.  Medium and therapist Ceryn Rowntree shares some life lessons we can learn from fireworks to add some sparkle into your life. Writer and tutor Wendy Stokes interviews Les Fuller, who teaches shamanism. A medium outlines her impressions of the afterlife in "Having a ‘spiritual spa day’ on the Other Side" Psychic artist Ann Bridge Davies features spirit art and the role of guides. Artificial intelligence gives a positive view when asked to write an article on spiritual healing. A retired lecturer examines various phenomena such as meditation, dowsing and an astonishing out-of-body experience. Graham Jennings investigates a bilocation at the battle of Passchendaele, a pioneer trance medium and an unusual time slip. John West explores the cases of a phantom monk that brought out crowds to see it, and victorian poltergeist phenomena centred around two orphaned girls.   IN THE NEWS ■ Two Worlds Are One - Tony Ortzen writes on several subjects including war in the Middle East and a Victorian psychic artist’s long-lost grave being discovered ■ World-famous Findhorn Foundation announces redundancies ■ Celebrity medium John Edward challenges sceptics to open their minds ■ BBC announces two new factual series into the supernormal ■ Three generations of a Dorset ghost hunting family land their own series with Amazon ■ Young Scottish medium’s new book enters Amazon top ten list ■ Premiere is held on series to honour esoteric philosopher Colin Wilson ■ Elton John’s songwriting partner Bernie Taupin tell of staying in haunted château  A good read - With Christmas not far off, here are details of six books and two tarot decks, which would make ideal presents for yourself, family and friends.  Sudoku competition - This month we have five copies of Hay House’s Shaman by Ya’Acov Darling Khan as prizes.  All this and much, much more.

October 2023 (Issue No 4229)

October 2023

(Issue No 4229)

Inside the October 2023 issue of Psychic News:     Artificial intelligence   turns its mind to Spiritualism    Find out how much AI really knows about Spiritualism        Also:  Journeying to birthplace of Hallowe’en Regular columnist Ceryn Rowntree ventures deep down into an Irish cave and describes its link to Hallowe’en.  First Nations medium gives tasty proof Shawn Leonard details how both taste and smell can play a vital part in mediumship.  Orbs contain images of the living ‘dead’ Nancy Myers explains how her entry into the world of orb photography was inspired by her son after he returned at a sitting.  The painful path of Wicca AActor and author Phill Webster tells how thousands of so-called witches were persecuted or cruelly put to death.  Light caught on camera in haunted castle Irish film director Jason Figgis tells of paranormal incidents he experienced with a famous photographer.  Phone calls prove ‘dead’ are alive Graham Jennings reports on three very different topics, including phone calls from the so-called dead and a schoolboy who sometimes vanished into thin air.  Signalman killed by train seen at station In a potpourri of the paranormal, John West investigates a wide variety of intriguing cases.  Spiritual art This month we feature the work of artist, writer, blogger, educator and art historian Helena Domenic.  A good read Details of six of the latest books on psychic matters and two new oracle decks.  In the News: ■ African American medium makes history at Lily Dale ■ Scientific studies confirm that dogs really are our best friends    when it comes to improving human health ■ ‘Mirror’ reflects public’s interest in mediums ■ Prince’s Trust supports new paranormal events business ■ Olivia Newton-John makes spirit return to her family ■ Medium removes remote healing claim ■ Activists take over former Spiritualist church ■ Twins return as ‘imaginary friends’ ■ Church bucks trend with meditation sessions ■ Psychic sisters hit the gold rush trail ■ Presidents sought help from the Other Side  In this month’s Sudoku competition, your chance to win Radleigh Valentine’s 44-card deck and guidebook The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle All this and much, much more

September2023  (Issue No 4228)

September 2023

(Issue No 4228)

Psychic News September 2023 issue is now available  Inside the September 2023 issue of Psychic News magazine, writer, medium and therapist Ceryn Rowntree suggests some wonderful ways to celebrate the autumn equinox.  We present an in-depth look at the past, present and future of dowsing.  Author, Earth advocate and healer Jen Frey looks at plants and how to communicate with them.  A quick-fire interview with astrologer, medium, past-life therapist, author and teacher David Wells, who is an expert on Qabalah. Author Anke Evertz on her near-death experience during a freak accident. Writer Anna Barnes’ ‘alphabet of ideas to boost your wellbeing’.  Graham Jennings on crisis apparitions, how two Presidents sat with mediums and a spirit nurse who still tends to patients. John West explores the astonishing story of how the lid to a mummy’s case caused a trail of misery and misfortune. Medium Claire Broad describes her new book and how she relayed her first spirit message at the age of four. Spiritual art - Julie Hoyle shares nine of her beautiful works of art. Your chance to win a copy of Grief and the Spirit World with our Sudoku competition In A Good Read you can discover some of the latest books on psychic and spiritual matters and three new oracle decks  IN THE NEWS:  ■ Poll shows majority believe in spirit contact ■ Singer Sinéad O’Connor visited psychic college ■ New coffee shop opens at famous sanctuary ■ Bids romp in for medium’s haunted rocking horse ■ Ex-editor tells of ‘amazing’ spirit messages ■ Psychic helps find dog in Russian wilderness ■ ‘Doctor Who’ companion to star in poltergeist drama ■  Journalist tells of ‘dead’ brother’s return ■ Firm compiles list of Scottish ghosts

August 2023 (Issue No 4227)

August 2023

(Issue No 4227)

Inside the August 2023 issue of Psychic News magazine, popular medium TJ Higgs answers a series of pertinent points about her life and gift in our cover story "Medium’s message saves family from disaster." Medium Ceryn Rowntree talks about signs and symbols from the spirit world.  Journalist Miranda Moore describes some simple but effective practices to start the day.  Author and medium Joanne Gregory looks at the potent power of love. PR expert Sarah Lloyd explores lesser-known spiritual events at the Glastonbury Festival. Graham Jennings investigates three very different people and their fascinating experiences, including Sir Winston Churchill's wartime premonition of being bombed.  John West delves into his casebook and presents some intriguing supernormal incidents, including the return of famous “Carry On” comic Sid James.  A third generation Spiritualist, Lionel Owen looks at the process of passing on to the Beyond. Psychic artist Yvonne Cooper shares some of her wonderful art. You have a chance to win a new CD by top medium Darren Brittain in our sudoku competition.  IN THE NEWS: ■ Two Worlds Are One - Editor Tony Ortzen homes in on several subjects including the White Eagle Lodge’s stunning new temple and how a mystery surrounding a much-loved verse has been solved ■ International Yoga Day at UN causes controversy ■ Actor speaks out against ‘demonising’ paranormal  ■ ‘Ghost sat on me’ says Sir Elton ■ Medium tells how she can taste other-worldly sensations ■ UFO remains ‘have been kept for decades’ claims whistleblower ■ Lightning-strike survivor detects oncoming storms ■ Record-breaking racing family was steered by mediums - The psychic story surrounding speed ace Sir Malcolm Campbell and his son Donald ■ Mastermind of psychic scam could face years in jail ■ A warren of unexplained activity in the London Tube’s tunnels and stations ■ Army veteran sees psychic signs in number plates  ■ Glowing figure photographed on island  All this and much, much more.

July 2023 (Issue No 4226)

July 2023

(Issue No 4226)

Inside the July 2023 issue of Psychic News magazine, writing from Australia, award-winning author Inna Segal suggests ways to enrich your inner being in “Ten creative ways to nourish your soul.”.  We interview top medium Gordon Smith on the eve of the publication of his new fiction book. Publisher Nigel Peace charts the astonishing gifts of John Cotton, through whom a Renaissance master known as Perugino produced various works. Medium Margaret West writes on how crystals can enhance communication with the Other Side. Therapist and medium Ceryn Rowntree outlines how to turn gratitude into a daily spiritual practice. Medium Rebecca Sawyer explains how spirit messages can help heal situations. Writer and actor Phill Webster tells how survival evidence from his “dead” mother was life-altering. A British psychic who predicted the 9/11 attacks is one of three topics investigated by Graham Jennings. John West delves into paranormal incidents which occurred during England’s Civil War. Veteran Spiritualist Lionel Owen writes that we “are spirit here and now.” Spiritual art - Visionary artist Degard shares some of her striking works. Sudoku competition - Five lucky winners will each receive a copy of The Seven Types of Spirit Guide.  IN THE NEWS:  ■ Two Worlds Are One - Amongst items highlighted are yoga and meditation sessions for members of the SAS, and singer Tina Turner’s belief in rebirth  ■ Reporter is reunited with his ‘dead’ best man on mediumship course ■ Sceptical Britons still believe in life after death ■ Swimmers collect rock from Uri Geller’s island ■ A fascinating look at some of the most magical places on Earth ■ Brazilian clairvoyant warns about perils of artificial intelligence ■ Dutch psychic is featured in TV true crime series ■ Medium uses psychic ability to relieve eating disorder ■ Expert says authorities have covered up at least 119 UFO crashes ■ Flying saucer panel holds its first public meeting ■ Singer Kesha opens up about her spiritual journey ■ Haunted pub video is watched worldwide  All this and much, much more.   Download your copy now at: www.psychicnews.org.uk

June 2023  (Issue No 4225)

June 2023

(Issue No 4225)

Inside the June 2023 issue of Psychic News magazine, medium, therapist and coach Ceryn Rowntree looks at the summer solstice and suggests some wonderful ways to celebrate it.   Author Sandy Phillips writes about angelic encounters. Former City lawyer Jo Peters shares the importance of breathwork, with some exercises to take your breath away in the nicest possible way.  Medium Salicrow cites various cases of spirit return, writing that the so-called dead “are constantly trying to reassure us that they have not left us.” Graham Jennings investigates three subjects, including two Englishwomen who “heard” a World War Two battle several years after hostilities ceased. We also have an exclusive interview with the new Head of Communications for the Spiritualists’ National Union, Kyle Pedley, where he discusses the launch of the Union’s diversity and inclusion programme.  Sudoku competition - This month we have copies of Heather Askinosie’s Daily Crystal Inspiration oracle deck as prizes for five lucky winners And there’s also a chance to win a deck of Gordon Smith’s new The Healing Spirits Oracle  IN THE NEWS:  ■ Radio 3 broadcasts series on how spirit-inspired art helped to shape modernism and surrealism ■ Most dog owners believe their pet is psychic ■ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s items go under the hammer ■ The UK’s Gordon Smith teams up with top American medium ■ Parapsychology Foundation vows not to ‘give up the ghost’ ■ Studies show possible link between autism and psychic abilities ■ Planning battle over former Spiritualist church ■ New Zealand sceptics launch ‘Prove it’ challenge ■ Railway pioneer’s ghost is tracked to listed house  All this and much, much more.

May 2023  (Issue No 4224)

May 2023

(Issue No 4224)

Inside the May 2023 issue of Psychic News magazine, medium, therapist, soul guide and writer Ceryn Rowntree focuses on May Day – ancient and modern – and suggests some ways we can celebrate it.  International medium Ann Théato looks at remote viewing and how both the US and Russia used it during the Cold War.  Sandra Bray writes on learning to forgive and shares an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping routine. Professional astrologer and cosmic map-reader Shannon Hugman explains celestial cycles.  Energy practitioner and intuitive Suzanne Worthley describes her work, which sometimes takes her to unusual locations.  Graham Jennings delves deep and answers three very different questions sent by readers, including the Akashic records.  John West investigates the haunted pubs of the city of York.   IN THE NEWS ■ in Two Worlds Are One, editor Tony Ortzen covers various subjects, including the Duchess of York’s comment that she believes the Queen’s corgis react to her spirit presence, and the psychic gifts of S Club 7 singer Paul Cattermole ■ Uri Geller’s house goes on sale for just under £8 million ■ TV presenter Paul O’Grady once told of living in a haunted house and seeing UFOs ■ Felicity Medland, the daughter of world-renowned healer Harry Edwards, celebrates her 100th birthday ■ Lottery astrologer Mystic Meg has passed on aged 80  ■ Organisation announces $100,000 award for essay on consciousness ■ International Spiritualist Federation celebrates its centenary ■ Church president’s brain surgery features in TV programme ■ Site gives parents advice on psychic children ■ Psychedelic church ceremonies take off in America ■ South African police station “invaded by ghosts”  ■ Medium’s transfiguration gives TV personality ‘goosebumps’ ■ ‘Corrie’ star Simon Gregson seeks help from paranormal team  In this month’s Sudoku competition, you have the chance to win an oracle deck devised by Gabrielle Bernstein  All this and much, much more.

April 2023  (Issue No 4223)

April 2023

(Issue No 4223)

Inside the April 2023 issue of Psychic News, Medium Steven Smith provides information on how to read the signs we receive from the spirit world.  Chief Reporter Ann Green speaks to one of the world’s most experienced geomancers, 'house healer' Adrian Incledon-Webber.  Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke take a look at the ancient Ogham Tree Language.  Medium Mark Anthony shares some top tips on how to communicate with the spiritual realm.  Roberta Mussato tells of her spiritual transformation when she decided to trust the Universe. Medium and author MaryAnn DiMarco helps us with the respectful spiritual practices of cleansing, grounding and protecting.  Graham Jennings answers your questions on Lightworkers, blind medium Cecil Husk, and the Spanish poem “Dark night of the soul.” John West delves into the history of a Hall allegedly haunted by a king's mistress.  Medium and author Robert Mason shares some experiences of how a reading can change a person’s life.  Lionel Owen on how changing how positive thought waves could benefit the entire planet.  Our founding editor’s guide, Silver Birch, answers questions on the animal kingdom.  Sudoku competition - Your chance to win a copy of Peg Couch’s hardcover book Creating Smudge Sticks.   IN THE NEWS ■ Newlywed mother spots “dead” baby daughter in marriage photo ■ Russell Grant shares his cancer recovery news ■ Medium discovered missing mum Nicola Bulley ■ Victim of racism is now a psychic to the stars ■ Former stand up comic’s supernatural podcast has been commissioned by the BBC  ■ Psychics predicted talent show role for Paula Abdul ■ “Magical” musician’s new album was inspired by Spiritualist retreat  ■ Uri Geller lifts ban and apologises to Pokémon fans ■ Star Trek’s Mr Sulu shares stories of paranormal encounters ■ Netflix partners with paranormal research team to offer free home haunting checks ■ Paranormal researcher hypnotically regressed to haunted chapel’s past   All this and much, much more.

March 2023  (Issue No 4222)

March 2023

(Issue No 4222)

Inside the March 2023 issue of Psychic News, we focus on how you can prepare for or develop further your communication with Spirit.  Ceryn Rowntree shares how we can understand and trust in our own connection with the spirit world, in "Seven steps to trusting your spiritual connection." Medium Bill Philipps shows us how to connect with our higher power, and Clara Apollo explains how Qigong can provide balance to your mind, body and spirit.  Other features include "The healing power of art" where Cat Park introduces the work of talented energy artist Kerry Mitchell. Author Helen Ellwood discusses her spiritual experiences and tells how an angel’s voice saved her life. Graham Jennings takes a look at America’s most haunted town, the life of medium Ena Twigg and Admiral Byrd’s extra-terrestrial experiences in the South Pole.  Lionel Owen takes a Spiritualist view on how scientists made an error in interpreting Charles Darwin’s work.  John West concludes his investigations into the "cursed" stone heads found buried or built into walls all over the UK.  In our Sudoku competition you have a chance to win a copy of Ceryn Rowntree’s book The Divine Feminist.     IN THE NEWS:  ■ Paranormal website wants your 2023 predictions ■ Graphologist helped Helena Bonham Carter find magic in love ■ Mediums raising funds for Comic Relief ■ Bolivian airline hires animal psychic to contact lost cat  ■ Famous singer grew up in a castle and spoke to spirit beings ■ Unique Spiritualist community recognised with award ■ Runcorn Spiritualist Church closes but fights on ■ Census shows that  interest in esoteric  beliefs is growing ■ Most Haunted goes on tour ■ ‘Letters to Heaven’ scheme at crematorium extended by popular demand ■ New film tells of a  True Haunting ■ Half-bare yogi is a social media sensation ■ Driver nearly ran over apparition on haunted road ■ Dowsers refute claim the practice is “discredited”   All this and much, much more.

February 2023 (Issue No 4221)

February 2023

(Issue No 4221)

Inside the February 2023 issue issue of Psychic News:   ‘Top tips to find peace of mind’ Debbi Marco offers practical ways to tackle anxiety during these turbulent times        Also:  ‘All you need is love’ As Valentine’s Day swiftly approaches, Ceryn Rowntree looks at how we can incorporate love into our lives in the soulful sense  ‘The hidden magic in sacred sites’ Author Yolandi Boshoff gives an overview of some very special sacred places to visit around the world  ‘Find hope, health and clarity with crystals’ with crystal expert Kris Meredith  The power of the pendulum Philosopher and author Colin Wilson looks at T. C. Lethbridge’s experiences of divining rods, dowsing and pendulums  When people and pets pass on Medium and author Glynis Amy Allen examines the grief of losing a loved one – even for those with a belief in survival after death.  Graham Jennings answers your questions on spirit photographer John Myers, child medium Cora Lodencia Veronica and the historical person Bram Stoker based his novel Dracula on  John West investigates cursed stone heads found in the UK  Robert Brown shares his thoughts on adhering to the precious virtues of patience, tolerance and kindness, to make the world a kinder place to live in  Sudoku competition Your chance to win one of five copies of medium Rita Haworth’s book Ambassador For Spirit  Spiritual Art Foxes, dragonflies and Native American culture all have a large place in the heart of this month’s artist Roselyn Snead  In the News: ■ Two Worlds Are One – Editor Tony Ortzen takes a look at the spiritual experiences of Prince Harry and Princess Diana, a Spiritualist memorial for Lisa Marie Presley, Uri Geller’s positivity affirmations and the importance love plays when linking to the spirit world. ■ TV dragons snap up a slice of Psychic Sisters’ company ■ New film will feature healer Matthew Manning’s early years  and experiences of poltergeist activity ■ From Rasputin to Putin, Russian elite still fears mystics ■ Astrologer predicts Putin’s potential downfall ■ Spiritualist church hosts food bank ■ Survey reveals top ten paranormal beliefs ■ Holistic health centre is ‘portal for angels’ ■ Psychic helps locate missing daughter’s remains ■ Pentagon receives hundreds of UFO reports ■ Close encounters in the West Midlands ■ Medium says haircut phobia is no joke ■ ‘Don’t admit your house is haunted’ says estate agent ■ Five found guilty of demolishing listed haunted pub And much, much more

January 2023  (Issue No 4220)

January 2023

(Issue No 4220)

Inside the January 2023 issue issue of Psychic News:   Welcome in the New Year with author Anna Barnes taking a look at dreams from various perspectives, giving some clues about their meanings in  ‘Take a wide-awake look at dreams’        Also:  Denise Linn provides on how to discover your past lives in ‘Déjà vu experience triggers memories of previous life’  Popular medium Adam Berry shares his spiritual story and proclaims that "Spiritualism isn’t only communicating with the dead"  ‘Find hope, health and clarity with crystals’ with crystal expert Kris Meredith  Medium Ceryn Rowntree offers some resolutions with a difference for 2023  Graham Jennings answers readers’ questions on medium Helen Hughes, the Shakers and Queen Victoria’s interest in Spiritualism  John West investigates a mysterious leper’s tower and a haunted submarine  In our regular Spiritual Art feature, French illustrator and designer Marine Constant shares some of her work  In the News: ■ Two Worlds Are One – Editor Tony Ortzen features bubbly astrologer Russell Grant, Fleetwood Mac singer Christine McVie and an American Major who used remote viewing to “see” a Soviet offensive weapon ■ MPs criticise mindfulness apps for civil servants ■ Medical research team finds near-death experiences are real ■ Heart attack victim appears to friend ■ Channel 5 plans new series about animal communication ■ Actor uses psychic skills to win at poker ■ Clairvoyants get on board as wellness coaches ■ Paranormal images caught on camera at Oliver Cromwell’s former home And much, much more

December 2022 (Issue No 4219)

December 2022

(Issue No 4219)

Inside the Festive December issue of Psychic News:   Sophie Golding gives tips and techniques on increasing your spirituality and inner happiness in  ‘Developing spirituality  and a gratitude attitude’        Also:   Get in tune with sound healing with song, gong and more with Natalie Farrell  Pit your wits against Wendy Stokes’ cracking quiz for Christmas  Ceryn Rowntree takes a wonderful look at Yuletide past and present  Hypnotherapist Judy Sharp tells of past life in Ancient Egypt  John West explores haunting tales associated with churches  “Angel Lady” Jacky Newcomb shares her spiritual art and psychic story  Medium Robert Brown suggests some kind acts for Christmas  As our new Premier is Hindu, Graham Jennings begins his column by examining its basis and beliefs  Animal communicator offers advice on keeping pets calm during firework displays on New Year’s Eve   In the News: 	■ Tributes paid to medium who was found murdered ■ Institute offers up to $1 million in contest to prove afterlife ■ SNU Interfaith Ambassador and PN columnist    David Hopkins passes to spirit ■ TV chef tells how he made contact with his sister in spirit world ■ “Hilma” actors contact famous psychic artist at sitting ■ Paranormal belief “puts people off Covid jabs”’ ■ Expert unearths Tutankhamun’s return at séances ■ Poll proves millions have had a psychic experience ■ Medium Matt Fraser reveals missing man was murdered ■ Social media dispels Spiritualism’s ‘dusty old books’ image ■ Medium says everyone is born psychic ■ Former Welsh church is strictly off-limits for mediums  And much, much more

November 2022  (Issue No 4218)

November 2022

(Issue No 4218)

Inside the November issue of Psychic News, PR executive, journalist and blogger Sally Brockway describes several complementary therapies to benefit mind, body and spirit, in “Get a holistic healing feeling.”   "New film on mediumship gets five-star reception" - An interview with the writer and director of a film called Dreaded Light, which features Spiritualism and mediumship  A fascinating in-depth feature explaining the beliefs and practices of shamanism in "Shamans tap into power of stones and find shape in sound."  Golden mist dispels clouds of doubt - Award-winning author Helen Ellwood describes happenings which convinced her of survival after death.  In "Find happiness by learning to forgive," best-selling author Matt Khan writes on various topics such as forgiveness and karma.  Expert investigates heyday of mediumship - A new book highlights the heyday of mental mediumship between the 1880s to the 1930s  John West delves into the apparitional appearances of Oliver Cromwell, who became Lord Protector of Britain’s first republican government, in "Oliver Cromwell’s restless spirit."  In "Churches ‘should spark one’s inner spirit’" international medium Robert Brown homes in on the role of Spiritualist churches.  Graham Jennings investigates three very different topics, including how two Oxford academics entered a time slip during a holiday in France  The futility of war - Lionel Owen says that Remembrance Day should not be overshadowed by the military, but “be a civil celebration to commemorate those who gave their lives unselfishly.”  IN THE NEWS:  ■ Two Worlds Are One - Editor Tony Ortzen looks into the psychic stories of several stars including national treasure Dame Barbara Windsor, Craig David and Marilyn Monroe  ■ Dame Hilary Mantel praised ‘very startling’ survival proof ■ Uri fulfils goal with new football team ■ ‘Strictly’ contestant is in tune with ‘dead’ father ■ Jack Osbourne sees apparition in ancient abbey ■ Mystical Mexico is magnet for New Age tourists  And much, much more.  

October 2022 (Issue No 4217)

October 2022

(Issue No 4217)

Inside the full to the brim October issue of Psychic News, one of the world’s most sought-after spiritual teachers, John Holland, looks at the life-changing power of the soul, in “Medium sets goals to tap into your soul.”   “Doctor gives signs and signals from Beyond” - Overcome with grief after her partner passed on, Wendy Willow found 'strength and courage' when her 'dead' partner returned.  Writer Claire Chamberlain suggests far-reaching ideas to be kind to ourselves and others in “Be kind and find peace of mind.”   In “Son makes phone call from afterlife,” a distraught mother embarks on an epic journey to discover if her son has survived passing on.   “Rescue dog offers healing, happiness and humour” tells the astonishing story of a dog whose appearance at Crufts warmed hearts throughout the world.   Graham Jennings discovers that a captain and flight engineer are seen after a fatal plane crash, in “‘Dead’ captain and flight engineer appear on planes.”   “Spiritual art” - Artist Lynda Stevens tells her psychic story along with some examples of her colourful and abstract work.   John West investigates a much-haunted property in a plush part of London, in “The haunted house of Berkeley Square.”   IN THE NEWS:  ■ Two Worlds Are One - Editor Tony Ortzen devotes his column to the Royal Family, paying tribute to the Queen and highlighting the King’s interest in a wide range of complementary therapies ■ Medium Mavis Pittilla passes to the spirit world ■ New Spiritualists’ National Union President promises to champion churches ■ ‘Psychic wanted’ billboard upsets medium  ■ College of Psychic Studies holds exhibition of spirit-inspired art ■ Clairvoyant says animals choose when to pass on ■ Tradesmen are teleported two miles  ■ Charles Dickens was ‘fascinated sceptic’ of the paranormal, says curator of new exhibition ■ New book is aimed at empathic children ■ Unexplained extra puts James May’s fans in a spin ■ World’s ‘clearest UFO  photo’ finally emerges And much, much more.

September 2022   (Issue No 4216)

September 2022

(Issue No 4216)

In the packed September issue you can “Enter the Zen zone and stress less” as Astrid Carvel takes a relaxed but revealing look at several aspects of Zen.  We interview medium Rita Haworth about her life and new book in “Medium is ambassador for the spirit world.” Editor Tony Ortzen reports on Olivia Newton-John’s belief in life after death, a warning over nuclear bombs to Vladimir Putin and a call for the medical profession to take heed of patients’ spiritual beliefs. An item found in a handbag provides crucial evidence in confirming the identity of a spirit-inspired picture by psychic artistTony Katz. An uninhabited isle owned by motivational speaker Uri Geller is the inspiration behind a video produced by leading director Jason Figgis in “New music video features Uri’s treasure island.”   Wellness coach Jasmine Bilali gives tips on developing trust in your higher wisdom in “Six steps to take you from  believing to knowing.”  Medical herbalist Jo Dunbar takes a look at the bountiful benefits of plants such as mugwort and poppies in “Health-giving herbs and hedgerows.” Leah Shoman offers valuable advice on using crystals to release trauma and heal emotional wounds.  Famous publisher and teacher Louise Hay writes on finding good health and loving yourself in “True healing ‘involves body, mind and spirit’.” Australian channeller Lynne Renoir charts her journey from being brought up in a harsh background to discovering spirit truths in “Nurse shot by firing squad makes spirit return.” American visionary artist and healer Yassica Ferrer showcases some of her artwork. Graham Jennings investigates a talking cat, spirit lights and how an author accidentally created a werewolf. “The reality is the world of spirit, whereas the physical world is but a dream,” says Lionel Owen in his feature “To release the imprisoned splendour within.”    In the News… Celebrity medium didn’t twig secret in his family tree Company brews up teas to help you heal Tests show mindfulness can ease pain Meditation receives ‘serious scientific attention’  And much, much more

August 2022 (Issue No 4215)

August 2022

(Issue No 4215)

Inside the August 2022 of Psychic News Magazine: "Welcome miracles into your life" - One of the world’s most sought after spiritual teachers, Kyle Gray looks at vibrations and how to bring miracles into your life.  Sharon McCrindle describes how she heals both horses and humans, in "Healer gives treatment from the heart." Mother and daughter see vanishing house – A woman is still looking for an explanation for the overnight disappearance of a house she “saw” 43 years ago. In "Artist makes a pact with destiny," artist Lynne Harkes tells how she fought to rediscover her own spirituality by seeing the beauty of nature. Places of pilgrimage from rock and royalty to religion – Martin Symington describes six very different ancient and modern sacred sites Former law fellow and lecturer describes how her barrister husband proved his survival in "‘Dead’ barrister returns via WhatsApp messages." Life design and empowerment coach Kate Taylor outlines how to harness the body’s wisdom through dance and movement, in "The key to Qoya." Banshees warned of doom, death and disaster – Graham Jennings investigates three very different subjects, including banshees and home circles. Author of a new book on world mythologies, Hannah Bowstead shares ten myths and the life lessons we can take from them in "Ancient myths contain life lessons for today." Curse causes coffin chaos in church vault – John West highlights some more intriguing accounts from the casebook of one of the foremost paranormal investigators of the 20th century.   IN THE NEWS: ■ Two Worlds Are One – Tony Ortzen homes in on various topics, including the perils of prediction, how dogs have been trained to detect Covid in minutes and the health benefits of laughter ■ Image of haunting monk ‘is caught on camera’ ■ Apparition is seen at property where Beatles played ■ Paranormal programme pushes singer to top of the charts ■ Grave concerns expressed over paranormal cemetery tours ■ Elvis gives his blessing to new biopic ■ Psychic’s UFO-shaped home is launched on market ■ Lawyer leaves job to become an animal communicator  And much, much more.

July 2022 (Issue No 4214)

July 2022

(Issue No 4214)

Inside the July 2022 of Psychic News Magazine, Actor William Roache of Coronation Street fame looks at the reality of an afterlife and the benefits of meditation in "Corrie’s Ken reaffirms his belief in life after death."  "Sceptical scientist finds proof of spiritual phenomena" – Cognitive neuroscientist Mona Sobhani, PhD, describes her journey of finding evidence that supernormal phenomena are a reality Using her training as a criminal investigator, author Ruth Roper Wylde tours the country searching for supernormal events in "Psychic researcher recalls living with a poltergeist." "Association celebrates 150 years of service" – This month, the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain celebrates its 150th anniversary. In "Head to the beach for a wave of calm," writer and healer Sandra Bray suggests some activities to lift our spirits during July. Medium Craig Hamilton-Parker tells of meeting the renowned spiritual leader Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba in "The medium and  the mystic." Graham Jennings investigates three topics, including the fifth dimension and Mae West’s psychic story In "Getting to the roots of healing trees," Angela Paine delves into the fascinating history and medicinal properties of various trees John West delves into the casebook of Elliott O’Donnell, one of the foremost psychic researchers of the 20th century, in "Sisters flee in terror from apparitional encounter" "Spiritual art" - Luigi Di Giammarino from Rome invites readers to view a selection of his surreal artwork  IN THE NEWS: ■ Two Worlds Are One – Tony Ortzen features various topics including a spiritual healer giving vital help in locating an abducted child and how an optimistic outlook can extend earthly lifespan ■ A new poll reveals that gardening plays ‘a vital role in promoting wellbeing’ ■ Rogue rat is removed from Uri Geller’s island ■ Belief in the supernormal ‘is not a sign of gullibility’ investigation concludes  ■ Journalist ‘sees’ herself in 30 years’ time

June 2022 (Issue No 4213)

June 2022

(Issue No 4213)

Inside the June 2022 of Psychic News Magazine, one of the UK’s leading colour experts, Jules Standish, answers questions about colour and the tremendous impact it has on us in "Bring the magic of colour into your life."  In "Bringing our spiritual selves into daily life," medium Ceryn Rowntree shows how we can do this.  In “Author offers alphabet of happiness,” we find out how to find happiness spiritually, emotionally and in other ways.  Former actor and teacher Sandy Phillips describes how she and her mother escaped a direct hit from a doodlebug due to a spirit warning.  In "Connecting with ‘dead’ loved ones," mind, body, spirit expert Cassandra Eason suggests ways to contact loved ones in the Beyond.  PN columnist John West investigates an unusual and evidential case about medium Leslie Flint and an usherette in “Research confirms identity of voice séance communicator.”  We report on some dramatic accounts of how dogs and cats have saved humans from death and disaster.  Medium Jane West explains how she became involved in genealogy in "Medium branches out into family trees."  Why Native Americans returned as spirit guides? – Graham Jennings features Native American guides, open-air séances and a child prodigy.    IN THE NEWS: ■ Two Worlds Are One – Editor Tony Ortzen discovers that the Russians are using dolphins in Ukraine and tells how Prince Charles fled a presence at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate.  ■ Survey finds that millions believe in spirit contact. ■ Singer believed ‘dead’ father phoned him – David Bowie was convinced that his father made contact by phone.  ■ Widow’s marriage to medium has ‘dead’ husband’s approval.  ■ A public opinion poll in America finds that 83 per cent of adults have experienced paranormal activity in their homes.  ■ Pentagon releases secret documents on UFOs – Recently released papers show that America’s Department of Defense investigated UFOs and crop circles.   And much more.

May 2022 (Issue No 4212)

May 2022

(Issue No 4212)

Inside the May 2022 of Psychic News Magazine, Ellen Evert Hopman suggests wonderful ways to mark events such as Beltaine and the changing seasons in our cover feature “Have festive fun and celebrate the seasons.”  Debbie Munro reveals some unexpected spiritual benefits of spinning and knitting in “Finding meditative moments in ancient crafts.” In “Identifying your soul plan,” healer and medium Debra Kilby explores how souls choose their parents. The feature “Near-death experiences are out of this world” shares first-hand accounts from those who left their bodies and what they encountered. Master hand analyst Brent Bruning explains how palmistry can reveal a blueprint of one’s life and much more in “The power of hand analysis.” Graham Jennings features two unusual mediums and the claim that an American gangster haunted a British criminal “Spirit voices were heard from 1,000 miles.” Lionel and Maria Owen join the debate about the part chance plays in our lives in “Ostrich feather denotes ‘dead’ brother’s presence.” Cheshire psychic Claire Stone believes that the moon can improve one’s health and wealth in “Looking on the bright side with moon worship.” We also pay tribute to four spiritual people who have recently passed to the Spirit World: Eastenders’ actor June Brown and mediums Billy Roberts, Peter Close and Keith Hudson.  In the news: ■ Alicia has the key to inner beauty – singer Alicia Keys’ self-care products soothe both body and soul. ■ Hotel tells guests to beware of pushy ghosts – guests report apparitional antics when staying at a hotel in Liverpool. ■ ‘I was once my great-great-grandmother’ says toddler – a child remembers her previous life as a “dead” relative. ■ Mysterious ‘Men in Black’ follow up UFO encounter – Government officials are believed to be secretly collecting data about alien encounters. ■ Famous paranormal library faces uncertain future – one of the world’s largest libraries of paranormal material must find a new home or risk being broken up. ■ Resident is asked to sign disclaimer to live on haunted street – a seemingly ordinary street is reputedly so haunted that a new resident had to sign a waiver before moving in.  And much, much more.

April 2022 (Issue No 4211)

April 2022

(Issue No 4211)

Inside the April issue, the ‘World’s greatest psychic’ sends daily prayers to Ukraine:  We interview medium June Field, who spent time in Ukraine recording a TV series.  Plus the editor devotes his entire column to the invasion of Ukraine and suggests how Spiritualists can help those fleeing the country.  ‘Author explores sites of mystery and magic’ A lavish new volume features hundreds of enchanted and mystical sites in Britain.  Manifestation trainer Mandy Morris explains how realigning one’s thought processes can have a powerful impact on our lives in ‘Eight great insights that could change your life.’ Writing from Australia, Julie Brett says “The Earth doesn’t belong to us. We belong to the Earth” in ‘Finding healing and hope through nature.’ In ‘Breathwork and activating the third eye,’ a globally recognised authority explains the importance of correct breathing. In ‘New oracle deck is digital delight,’ our tarot expert Wendy Stokes enjoys one of the latest oracle decks. John West gets into gear to investigate a much-haunted stretch of road in’ Motorist drives through apparition on haunted road.’   IN THE NEWS ■ Medium launches new series on Netflix: Medium Tyler Henry appears in a new series on Netflix, which has many millions of subscribers. ■ Actor who praised healing and mediums passes on: Anna Karen of On the Buses and EastEnders fame describes her successful spirit healing and evidence from her “dead” father. ■ ‘Spooky swing’ captured on camera: A Dorset resident feels “creeped out” after witnessing a swing rock back and forth in an empty play area. ■ ‘Father of mindfulness’ is promoted: An influential Buddhist monk who became known as the “Father of mindfulness” passes on aged 95. ■ Man recalls past life as World War One soldier: A man who remembers being a pilot in World War One finds “his” name on a war memorial. ■ First minister offers posthumous pardon to executed witches: Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon offers a formal apology to those accused of witchcraft between the 16th and 18th centuries.  All this plus more news, articles, features, reader’s experience, competition, spiritual art, what’s on at Spiritualist centres and much, much more…

March 2022 (Issue No 4210)

March 2022

(Issue No 4210)
Inside the March 2022 issue of Psychic News, writer and radio presenter Natalie Farrell provides "Top tips for modern-day mystics."  Spiritual healer Pippa Neve gives advice on dealing with grief.  Medical herbalist Jo Dunbar writes on the benefits of natural medicinal plants.  An interview with Ioannis Kontodinas of the Spiritualist Society of Athens, which publishes spirit-inspired books from famous figures.  Medium Ceryn Rowntree highlights a channelled communication from Gaia.  "How to become an Earth Angel" with Sonja Grace.  Ann Green recounts paranormal activity in an old vicarage in "Medium frees haunting entity."  John West investigates ghostly goings-on at Dover Castle.  IN THE NEWS: ■ Two Worlds Are One: some Royal revelations and the news that Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s sister is a medium ■ Hong Kong’s youth turns to crystals and counselling ■ Priscilla Presley felt her “dead” husband Elvis's presence in his home ■ Actor-director Sir Kenneth Branagh has “benefitted enormously” from meditation ■ TV presenter Fearne Cotton foresaw woman falling into the Thames ■ Pop star now offers psychic services ■ Leading zoologist was sacked for believing in Loch Ness monster  All this and much, much more...

February 2022 (Issue No 4209)

February 2022

(Issue No 4209)
Inside the February 2022 issue of Psychic News, medium Ceryn Rowntree offers some practical advice on parenting a child who is psychic in “Grown-up advice on child mediums.” In an unusual article, Debra Kilby describes how to connect with unborn babies in “Ways to connect with your unborn baby.” Intuitive coach Natalie Farrell invites you to take part in a quiz to discover your soul’s purpose, and former nun Phyllida Anam-Aire writes that “Life has been and ever will flow in and through us whether in form or out of form,” in a feature titled “How the Celts viewed passing on.” Medium, reiki master and spiritual artist Katie Curtis tells her psychic story and shares some of her work with us. In a delightfully descriptive feature, Wendy Stokes outlines how to celebrate Chinese New Year, which occurs this month, in “Tiger represents Chinese New Year.” Leading Spiritualist Lionel Owen writes that the pandemic has elevated some scientists “to the level of saviours” in “Challenges of the Covid crisis.” John West takes off to investigate various paranormal happenings at RAF bases in “Apparitions appear at haunted airfields.” Once a member of a rock band, clairvoyant Billy Roberts says that some of the so-called eccentric people he met mostly “possessed an inherent belief in the supernormal” in “Famous singer predicted his own passing.” All this and much, much more…

January 2022 (Issue No 4208)

January 2022

(Issue No 4208)
In the January 2022 issue of Psychic News, crystal healer and angel communicator Kris Meredith describes the many benefits gemstones can bring in “Crystal healing can boost your health.”  Ceryn Rowntree takes a look at mediumship and offers some advice on making spirit contact in “The mechanics of mediumship.”  Top astrologer Julian Venables describes the planetary alignments which will occur this year in “Peek at the planets for what’s in store.”  Author, podcaster and writer Jo Gifford details how wild swimming transformed her life in “Take the plunge with wild swimming.”  Alison Wynne-Ryder covers a variety of  topics, but homes in on various forms of channelling in “How to develop  channelling.”  Andrew Western shares his life-like paintings of famous mediums in our Spiritual Art section.  Publisher Nigel Peace looks at synchronicity and provides some intriguing examples in “Car’s registration is chapter and verse.”  American doctor Prudence Smith outlines her psychic story in “Love is strong as death.” Lionel Owen recalls how his much-loved grandmother manifested at an Alec Harris séance in “Solid forms seen at séance.”  From his extensive casebook, John West details ghostly activity which terrified two security guards and was investigated by the police in “Policemen investigate haunting.”  Plus your chance to win a signed book by medium Mitchell Coombes in our monthly sudoku competition.  In the news: ■ New Age teacher who doubted Covid vaccine catches virus ■ Pandemic fuels increase in requests for exorcisms ■ Apparitions are encountered at the White House ■ Union Zooms off into cyberspace ■ Lottery funds investigation into spiritual healing  All this plus much more.

December 2021 (Issue No 4207)

December 2021

(Issue No 4207)
In the jam-packed festive December 2021 issue of Psychic News, Jacky Newcomb (AKA The Angel Lady) shares her expert knowledge about angels and explains why they are not only for Christmas.  To keep a positive mental attitude, Brighton’s Dorothy Young suggests we focus on something we are grateful for every day in the Editor’s interview with a working medium.  In Artists offer living portraits of the ‘dead,’ Ann Bridge Davies describes her gift of psychic art and provides pictorial proof.  Husband and wife team Anne Stallkamp and Werner Hartung explain how the twelve nights after the winter solstice offer the ideal opportunity for inner focusing, seeing signs and laying the foundation for the year to come in Seeing signs during Yuletide.  Barbara White explores resolutions from various angles in Be resolute with your resolutions.  Author and publisher Louise Hay shares her treasury of inner wisdom in Let your light shine.  Graham Jennings answers your questions and tells how notorious gangster Al Capone attended séances with a Chicago medium, when tobacco was used for healing and how a new religion began after a table-turning session.  In The spirit of Christmas we have some wonderfully inspiring quotes that epitomise the true spirit of the festive season.  John West homes in on paranormal happenings at Lincolnshire’s haunted airfields and David Hopkins takes a philosophical look at who we are as we continue to live through Covid in You are a child of God.  In the NEWS… Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tree is instrumental in Scottish centre’s quartet.  Presenter Yvette Fielding shares some secrets from the hit TV show Most Haunted. A reporter visits Wimbledon Spiritualist Church to find out if animals survive passing on. Lawyer tells of being plagued by a poltergeist as child. Famous scientists sat with pioneer medium. Tarot expert Wendy Stokes reviews the new Gateway of Light Activation Oracle by Kyle Gray.  Plus Spiritual Art, Sudoku Competition, A Spiritual Book Selection to help with that last minute Christmas gift and much, much more.

November 2021 (Issue No 4206)

November 2021

(Issue No 4206)
Inside the October 2021 issue of Psychic News Magazine, Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan tell how “dead” relatives may have an impact on our lives today in “Ancestral healing is a relative matter.”  Therapist Julia Paulette Hollenbery gives some wise counsel on how to care for and appreciate our bodies in “Get in tune with your body’s cosmic concert.”  Drawing on Druidry and other ancient cultures, Luke Eastwood offers unusual green-fingered guidance in “Make your garden blooming lovely.”  Healer Sandra Bray describes helping animals taken into care in “Reiki’s right for animals at rescue centres.”  Medium and mentor Trish Ottone tells how to tune in to your intuition in “Listen to the voice within.”  We have a quick-fire interview with medium John Jemmett, who describes his life and previous career in the NHS.  In an unusual feature, John West presents some cases concerning Britain’s haunted skulls.  Tarot expert Wendy Stokes reviews a new deck, which was twenty years in the making.  Graham Jennings investigates three topics, including the musical mediumship of Rosemary Brown.  Marty Reynolds from California outlines her personal story of how she was punished for seeing psychic phenomena as a child.  Linda Chrisostomou shares a selection of her mandalas.  In the news: ■ Judge sends spiritual healer to prison ■ Apparitions appear at publishing magnate’s mansion ■ Journalist tells of living in a haunted home ■ Psychics joined hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist ■ TikTok medium has waiting list of 24,000 sitters  All this and much more…

October 2021 (Issue No 4205)

October 2021

(Issue No 4205)
Inside the October 2021 issue of Psychic News Magazine, Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan tell how “dead” relatives may have an impact on our lives today in “Ancestral healing is a relative matter.”  Therapist Julia Paulette Hollenbery gives some wise counsel on how to care for and appreciate our bodies in “Get in tune with your body’s cosmic concert.”  Drawing on Druidry and other ancient cultures, Luke Eastwood offers unusual green-fingered guidance in “Make your garden blooming lovely.”  Healer Sandra Bray describes helping animals taken into care in “Reiki’s right for animals at rescue centres.”  Medium and mentor Trish Ottone tells how to tune in to your intuition in “Listen to the voice within.”  We have a quick-fire interview with medium John Jemmett, who describes his life and previous career in the NHS.  In an unusual feature, John West presents some cases concerning Britain’s haunted skulls.  Tarot expert Wendy Stokes reviews a new deck, which was twenty years in the making.  Graham Jennings investigates three topics, including the musical mediumship of Rosemary Brown.  Marty Reynolds from California outlines her personal story of how she was punished for seeing psychic phenomena as a child.  Linda Chrisostomou shares a selection of her mandalas.  In the news: ■ Judge sends spiritual healer to prison ■ Apparitions appear at publishing magnate’s mansion ■ Journalist tells of living in a haunted home ■ Psychics joined hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist ■ TikTok medium has waiting list of 24,000 sitters  All this and much more…

September 2021 (Issue No 4204)

September 2021

(Issue No 4204)
Inside the September 2021 issue of Psychic News:     Neurosurgeon meets unknown sister during near-death trip      Also:   Author and researcher David R. Hamilton presents some astonishing cases of telepathy in “Mother feels pain of her daughter’s acid accident.”     Britta Hochkeppel describes receiving healing symbols from a higher dimension.     An interview with medium and healer Terry Tasker, who was once a tailor.     The fascinating work of artist, designer and author Amy Zerner.     Diane S. Calderon, of Arizona, USA, tells how her son kept an afterlife pact after he passed on following hit-and-run accident in “Spirit lights my darkest hour.”     A tribute to crystal expert Judy Hall, who has passed to the Higher Life aged 77, in Queen of crystals passes to the spirit world.     A former hospital nurse explores the fascinating field of folklore facts on trees, bees and more.      In the News: ■ Medium’s 9/11 TV special is branded “utterly shameful.”  ■ Haunted Scottish village is up for sale.  ■ High Court rules against  tunnel near to Stonehenge.  ■ Covid sign in Spiritualist shop causes anger.  ■ Motorcyclist offers lift to “dead” hitchhiker.  ■ Airport radar detects apparition on the runway at London’s Heathrow Airport.       Plus “ A Good Read,” competition, words of wisdom from Silver Birch, and much, much more.

August 2021 (Issue No 4203)

August 2021

(Issue No 4203)
Inside the August 2021 issue of Psychic News:     Forest therapy guide Sonya Dibbin explains the benefits of forest bathing       Also:  SNU President David R. Bruton outlines the latest guidance on the pandemic and how it affects Spiritualist churches and their congregations.    'Former merchant seaman now sails the psychic seas' - interview with medium and former sailor Billy Cook.    Aromatherapist Julia Oyeleye in 'Seven simple steps to boost your spirits with essential oils'.    Medium Alison Wynne-Ryder performs spirit rescues and cautions against the unwise use of ouija boards.    Top tips on how to transform your life - renowned author Dr Wayne W. Dyer tells how to transform your life with a few simple but very effective steps.      Barbara White charts how a “dead” priest returned to provide graphic details about the Higher Realms.    Spiritual art - medium and pendulum healing therapist Wendi Lindsay shares her work.     'Today’s young are tomorrow’s veterans' with Robert Brown.    Graham Jennings answers three very different questions sent in by readers. Including the origins of ancient oath taken by doctors and a lawyer who saw a spirit form at a séance.     Mystic by association - clairvoyant Billy Roberts writes that “seeing so-called dead people was commonplace to me as a child.”     John West investigates the astonishing story of two couples who spent anight in an hotel which did not exist.     In the News: ■ Pentagon issues report on UFOs   ■ Richard Madeley describes encountering an apparition when staying in Paris   ■ Haunted doll upsets TV presenter   ■ Psychic reading gives help in hunt for missing dog   ■ Medium gives guidance on psychic children   ■ Over 60 million Americans report after-death communications      Plus much, much more...

July 2021 (Issue No 4202)

July 2021

(Issue No 4202)
Inside the June 2021 issue of Psychic News:     Moon expert Judith Hurrell reveals some fascinating facts about the planet and how it affects us      Also:  President of the Spiritualists’ National Union outlines the steps it is taking to help halt climate change     Exclusive interview with British medium Paul Jacobs, who tells of his Spiritualist centre in Germany   Murdered son describes life in the spirit realms  In 'A spark of the Great Spirit' Barbara White looks at the teachings of Silver Birch  In ‘Mum’s not the word in message,’ by medium Robert Brown  Join writer Ann Matkins as she travels to Mexico and Guatemala in her spiritual pilgrimage   Graham Jennings highlights three topics, including how an American President sat on a paranormally-lifted piano  Animal oracle cards are a roaring success! Wendy Stokes reviews Animal Love Oracle Cards   'Sitting in the power' - former President of the International Spiritualist Federation looks at power from various angles  Can mediumship be tested in a laboratory? Asks Billy Roberts   'Phantom hitchhiker appears to motorists' - John West investigates     In the News: ■ Russian scientists seek clues from Tibetan monks to aid space travel. ■ TV presenter Kate Garraway seeks healing help for her desperately ill husband. ■ Hauntings cause property prices to drop in Hong Kong. ■ Prince Harry seeks ancestral healing to break free from ‘genetic pain’ ■ Experts debate whether yoga is losing its spirituality. ■ Superstar singer Lady Gaga spends thousands on meters to detect ghosts. ■ Lonely men turn to astrology and psychic apps. ■ Time slips ‘could cause disappearances’ claim.    Plus much, much more..

June 2021 (Issue No 4201)

June 2021

(Issue No 4201)
Inside the May 2021 issue of Psychic News we Get in tune with a positive lifestyle as writer Shereen Oberg gives some top tips on how to enhance, enrich and transform your life. London’s College of Psychic Studies opens a major exhibition of hundreds of works of art, paranormal photographs, artefacts and books. Former Roman Catholic now spreads spirit truths: An interview with medium Leonard Tatt, who once studied at a Roman Catholic seminary. Barbara White discusses Exercising personal responsibility.  Nayana Morag and Julie-Anne Thorne take an holistic approach towards treating cats and maintaining their health in Experts give purrfect advice on aromatherapy for cats. In The lost land of Atlantis, Diana Cooper, who has produced over 30 books, card decks and CDs, describes where, when and how Atlanteans lived. Graham Jennings investigates science and the afterlife, King Arthur and the mediumship of Hester Dowden.  In Photographs of the dead? John West examines some classic images of ghosts and spirit forms which are still hotly debated to this day. Imagination is the bridge between this world and the next: “We live in a multi-dimensional universe in which innumerable worlds coexist at the same time, interpenetrating each other without interference,” says medium Billy Roberts. David Hopkins takes a look at Life, lockdowns and love. IN THE NEWS: Metal bender and motivational speaker Uri Geller tells of taking shelter as rockets land in Tel Aviv during the recent conflict.  Famous author gives some sage advice on dealing with the pandemic. A study finds that mindfulness can help anxious students. Disability campaigner criticises guided meditation apps. Doctors say ‘spiritual fitness’ may reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Lawsuits are taken out against ‘Sleeping Prophet’ centre. Supermodel is crystal clear on benefits of crystals. Tour guide sees apparition waiting at bus stop. Plus much, much more.

May 2021 (Issue No 4200)

May 2021

(Issue No 4200)
Inside the May 2021 issue of Psychic News:     Look to the stars for our ancient origins      Also:  Healer invited to Buckingham Palace thanks Prince Philip for his support     Mediums of colour are ‘shunned, ignored and demonised’ according to report     The delights of Dowsing with Dowsing expert Dean Fraser    Get tuned in to sonic vitamins - Erica Longdon on the healing impact of sound     ‘Always remember light, love and life’ - medium Janet Glasgow outlines her psychic story     ‘Dead’ guard is seen at Windsor Castle    Uri launches bid to end right Royal rift    New film has paranormal theme - regular contributor John West joins forces with director Jason Figgis     Cosmic Joker is sometimes not a laughing matter - Graham Jennings investigates three very different topics, including dolphins and a lost paradise      Good vibrations and powerful mantras - Billy Roberts features psychometry, telepathy, energy and healing     All this plus News, Spiritual Art, Competition and much, much more

April 2021 (Issue No 4199)

April 2021

(Issue No 4199)
Inside the April 2021 issue of Psychic News:     Angel expert Kyle Gray shares how we can connect to Ascended Masters.      Also:  Fay Johnstone offers some valuable tips on how to connect with plants inside and outside our homes using plant spirit reiki.”    Meditation and spiritual guide and hypnosis practitioner Nicky Sutton gives an insight into how to awaken spiritually.   Meet medium Jeff Phillips, postman by day and medium by night, and how he once had a preview of a blaze, which destroyed a house on his postal round.    New study finds that mindfulness meditation enhances quality of life and reduces fear of activity in heart attack patients.    Former Senior Nurse in the NHS, Glynis Amy Allen looks at what happens after passing on and the views held by various religions and beliefs.    Barbara White examines the meaning of reality, various philosophers throughout the ages and the birth of modern Spiritualism.    Medium Robert Brown features various signs sent by those in the spirit world.   In the News: ■ Society objects to plans to redevelop ‘Sir Arthur’s hotel.’  ■ Famous French fashion house turns to tarot.  ■ Celebrity psychic seeks £150,000 payout after car accident.  ■ Ban may be lifted on yoga in schools.  ■ Camden Art Centre shares their mystical online exhibition.    All this plus “A Good Read,” our monthly suduko competition, news, views and much more..

March 2021 (Issue No 4198)

March 2021

(Issue No 4198)
Inside the March 2021 issue of Psychic News:   World expert Judy Hall tells how crystals can enhance your life in “The Magic of Crystals.”   We interview leading psychic researcher Tricia Robertson, who says “Life after death is a reality.”  Barbara White reflects on how the seasons affect us in “Seasonal spirituality.”   Graham Jennings investigates sympathetic magic, the ancient origins of the swastika and how Spiritualism first reached the UK.   Meet medium Pauline Firks, who is also heavily involved in helping stray cats both in the UK and Spain.  Following the release of the film “The Dig” on Netflix, Roy Stemman digs deep into how a Spiritualist and medium played vital roles in finding hidden Anglo-Saxon treasure at Sutton Hoo in “The lady and the mound.”  Relating to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we hear how  Stourbridge Spiritualist Church has turned into NHS vaccination centre.  Psychics are help “to deal with sudden loss.”   Pandemic has caused a “surge of interest in Spiritualism.”   Spiritualist church in Devon turned into a food bank.    he Spiritualist Association of Great Britain to hold a memorial meeting for all those who passed on during the pandemic.   Billy Roberts unlocks the secret code of precognitive dreams.  Medium Robert Brown answers your questions.   Second part of John West’s interview with paranormal investigators Phil and Sara Whyman.  In the news: Alv Hirst offers some valuable advice on filling in your religion in next month’s census form in “Make Spiritualism count in the census.” Mystery surrounds a historic handkerchief signed by thirteen leading Spiritualists in 1957 after it was purchased from eBay.  American businessman offers almost $1 million in a quest for evidence that life after death exists.  All this plus “A Good Read,” our monthly suduko competition, Psychic News’ new YouTube channel goes live, spiritual art, news, views and much more.

February 2021 (Issue No 4196)

February 2021

(Issue No 4196)
Inside the February 2021 issue of Psychic News we feature the ancient art of smudging – a colourful step-by-step guide on how to use herbs and flowers to cleanse negative energy.  Also:  Medium Jeanie Jackson describes how a relative made a spirit return before his passing was confirmed.  Tony Ortzen reports on the passing of journalist Kay Hunter, who worked for Psychic News for many years.  A memorial at Stansted Hall – often referred to as “Spiritualism’s stately home” – is one of the entries to appear on a local authority’s heritage list.  Experts give findings on mediums who hear the ‘dead’.  Some heartwarming thoughts on love from throughout the ages to celebrate St Valentine’s Day.  A past life murder mystery – Holistic therapist and healer Sarah Truman believes she may have murdered her partner in this life in a previous incarnation.  Some unusual and evidential accounts of how animals proved their survival.  John West meets ghost-hunting couple Phil and Sara Whyman.     Tarot expert Wendy Stokes suggests four decks which could make a perfect gift for St Valentine’s Day.  Plus news, comment, good reading guide, competition, art and much, much more

January 2021 (Issue No 4195)

January 2021

(Issue No 4195)
In this issue...     BOOST your body, mind and spirit with fruitful foods:  Candice Covington details the energetic and spiritual qualities of various foods, saying that they “offer a multifaceted range of gifts.”  FILL your blank pages with love: Some uplifting and soul soothing quotations from thinkers the world over as we greet the New Year.      BE resolute with your resolutions: Barbara White takes a look at the origin of New Year resolutions.      TASSEOGRAPHY could be just your cup of tea: An unusual new deck of cards covers clairvoyance, dowsing, scrying, palmistry and reading tea leaves.     MEDIUM draws the living ‘dead’: Psychic artist Brenda Treadgold describes how she lost her hearing and explains how she still manages to demonstrate in public.     PRACTICAL ways to help save our planet: International medium Robert Brown lists how we can all play a part in the battle against disastrous climate change.     GET in tune with music: Once a member of a rock group, clairvoyant Billy Roberts tells of meeting Jimi Hendrix and believes he was “extremely psychic.”     JOHN WEST presents some intriguing and unusual psychic sightings.     PLUCKY pets make epic journeys to reach home: Some astonishing accounts of how various pets travelled hundreds or thousands of miles to return home after becoming lost     In the News you’ll find:  ■ Prince Harry says the pandemic linked to environmental issues.   ■ Prince Charles backs a BBC TV project for people to plant more trees.   ■ Medium received over £50,000 for TV reality show.   ■ Prince Philip has collection of books on UFOs.   ■ Uri drops case against card character.   ■ ‘Coronavirus restrictions will last until next year’ claims psychic.    Plus two competitions to win new spiritual books.     And much, much more.

December 2020 (Issue No 4194)

December 2020

(Issue No 4194)
In this issue...     Take a wide-awake look at dreams: Serge Kahili King looks at various aspects of dreams from both a contemporary and historical perspective.  Senior hospital nurse tells how angels intervene: Glynis Amy Allen details some of the paranormal happenings which occurred when she was on duty.  Florist flowers as medium: An interview with florist Joyce Bossey who, among other gifts, demonstrates flower clairsentience. Union offers ‘Listening Ear’ service to raise one’s spirits: Minister David R. Bruton, President of the Spiritualists’ National Union, reviews a pandemic-filled year, but finds optimism along the way.  The spirit of Christmas: Some  thoughts which epitomise the true spirit of this time of year.  Your spirit guide could be a relative matter: Medium Yamile Yemoonyah turns her attention to ancestors who could be giving us guidance from the Beyond – PLUS a chance to win one of ten copies of Yamile’s new book. Barbara White homes in on some festive facts about Christmas. Who were the Three Wise Men?  Meditation to lift Christmas woes and lockdown lows:  Billy Roberts suggests a meditation exercise and a sunny, soothing seaside scene to help us chillax.   ‘Dead’ miners warn of disaster: Delving into his extensive files, John West describes some unusual apparitional encounters.  Tasty vegan treats for Christmas: PN’s Amber Wallbank suggests some animal-free recipes for the festive period.      In the News you’ll find:  * Controversial plans for Stonehenge tunnel get green light  * Psychic tunes in to President-elect’s pets  * Poundland is criticised for selling ouija boards  * ‘I helped Scotland win vital match’ says Uri Geller  * Ireland’s most haunted house goes on the market   And much, much more.

November 2020 (Issue No 4193)

November 2020

(Issue No 4193)
In this issue...     Disney actor shares his secrets to create your own reality Actor, writer and film director Royce Christyn outlines a journal keeping method to change your life  You will also find these interesting articles: Former war correspondent is reunited with ‘dead’ partner  Medium’s book is a work of art – An in-depth interview with psychic artist Ann Bridge Davies Barbara White looks at the link between Spirit and culture To find heaven within – a selection of lovely quotes from seers, saints and others Graham Jennings investigates several subjects, including remote viewing and the healing power of forests Is superstition encoded in our DNA?  A good read - Some new titles to treat yourself to or consider as a gift for others Woman time travels to ancient battle Seeking perfection in an imperfect world with David Hopkins  And in the news: Two Worlds Are One: To mark World Animal Day, Tony Ortzen devotes his column to our foot-legged friends, including a brave landmine-finding rat who has been awarded a gold medal Jane Seymour describes having near-death experience  Paranormal happenings at house where child star was murdered ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ judge tells of hearing ‘dead’ brother ‘My wife’s still alive’ says soap character’s partner Preacher at Royal wedding ‘felt presence of slaves’ Medium Gaye Muir is promoted to the Higher Life  PLUS: Win a copy of 'Shaman' by Ya’Acov Darling Khan in our sudoku competition   All this and much, much more.


October 2020 (Issue No 4192)

October 2020

(Issue No 4192)

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September 2020 (Issue No 4191)

September 2020

(Issue No 4191)

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August 2020 (Issue No 4189)

August 2020

(Issue No 4190)

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June 2020 (Issue No 4189)

July 2020

(Issue No 4189)

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June 2020 (Issue No 4188)

June 2020

(Issue No 4188)

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May 2020 (Issue No 4187)

May 2020

(Issue No 4187)

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April 2020 (Issue No 4186)

April 2020

(Issue No 4186)
In this issue...     LIVING LIFE WITH GOOD VIBRATIONS       PLUS...   Nurse sees spirit forms in hospital    SNU President issues  guidance on coronavirus     Unique séance photos saved from skip   Healing organisations plan a big heal    Medium tells of death threats from trolls     Ghosts of monks have haunting habit   How to send universal healing     Past life regression



March 2020 (Issue No 4185)


March 2020

(Issue No 4185)
In this issue...     ‘Spirit beings are around us,’ says Coronation Street star       PLUS...   Ancient oracles    Lost teachings of the divine feminine     How a doorkeeper safeguards mediums   Blind medium has second sight    The power of crystals     ‘Dead’ relatives appear on wedding photos   The magic of spring


February 2020 (Issue No 4184)  

February 2020

(Issue No 4184)
In this issue...     Uri Geller applies for job at 10 Downing Street    John of God is jailed    Superstitions, astrology and Valentine’s Day    Spirit artist Tony Katz    Spirit communication with Cassandra Eason    Ten Golden Rules for life    World’s largest ouija board goes on display    Sketch matches apparition’s features    WIN a five-day residential mediumship course with Eileen davis & Darren BrittaIn


January 2020 (Issue No 4183)  

January 2020

(Issue No 4183)
In this issue...     Spitting Image impressionist makes spiritual impression       PLUS...   Professional pianist isin tune with mediumship      Psychic News archives now online      ‘Trees can help to heal’ says international opera singer     Seeing the future in the present    Shaman who wanted to ‘exorcise’ Putin is arrested    Fill your home with positive energy in 2020   The Mechanics of Mediumship    New Year’s Eve superstitions from around the world


December 2019 (Issue No 4182)  

December 2019

(Issue No 4182)
In this issue...     Discovering past lives       PLUS...   Professional pianist is in tune with mediumship      New book on Doris Stokes published      The ancient art of face reading    Ghost stories for Yuletide    Greet 2020 with 20/20 vision    The symbolism behind Christmas flowers    The power of thought    Medium ‘sees’ newspapers in advance    Your seasonal 
questions answered     Win:  A residential course at the Arthur Findlay College


November 2019 (Issue No 4181)  

November 2019

(Issue No 4181)
In this issue...  TV’s Fern Britton shares her spiritual side   PLUS...   Helping the homeless by sleeping rough   Vinnie Jones now believes in afterlife   Spiritualists invited to Cenotaph for second year running   Tune in to energy healing   Medium is guided by ‘dead’ twin brother   Britain’s most haunted city   Learn the Ancient art of ribbon reading   The hidden history behind some of the world’s most sacred sites


October 2019 (Issue No 4180)  

October 2019

(Issue No 4180)
The magical power of crop circles   Children’s near-death experiences   ‘I accept life after death’ says new Poet Laureate   It’s no joke – laughter’s a great healer    Flower sentience – a blooming good gift   Elaine Thorpe – trance medium   Special ticket offer for Mind Body Soul weekend at Alexandra Palace    Yoga ‘could be a lifesaver after major heart attack’   Tributes are paid to Spiritualism’s ‘Mr Fixit’ – J. V. Trustee Hugh Davis


September 2019 (Issue No 4179)  

September 2019

(Issue No 4179)
In this issue...     Get in tune with sound healing       PLUS...   Barrister puts case for the Ghost Club      Lessons learned from the afterlife      Psychic artist Austin Spare     Royal jelly has royal customers    Soul murmurs, meditation and self-realisation    Royal Navy cadets travel back hundreds of years    Making a comeback with reincarnation


August 2019 (Issue No 4178)  

August 2019

(Issue No 4178)
   In this issue...     Medium has friendship    to sing about!       PLUS...   Nurses tell of apparitional encounters      Karma chameleon  – by George!      Scientist seeks mediums  and healers for research    Previews, precognitions and time slips    The mental health benefits  of synchronicity    Cryptozoology AND the FBI      How to bolster the breath of life    Psychic Surgery      College of Psychic Studies’  ‘unique 
exhibition’ to display  over 1,000 items


July 2019 (Issue No 4177)

July 2019

(Issue No 4177)
In this issue...     Lucid dreaming made easy      PLUS...   The role of spirit guides      Secret healing life of pets      Eamonn Holmes has shamanic cleanse on live TV    Strange case of the missing  magicians and maligned medium    ‘I'm fascinated by supernatural says famous film director    Left-handers are in their right mind      House reveals its hidden secret of séances and spirit controls    Singer Robbie William tells of speaking to the ‘dead


June 2019 (Issue No 4176)

June 2019

(Issue No 4176)
In this issue...     Medium was trapped    inside wrong body       PLUS...   Clairvoyants wanted for  brain wave activity tests      What colour and sound are you?      The history of tarot    Bishop dreamt of assassination    Apports explained    Report claims Russia uses  psychic methods to hack computers      Make your home feng shui friendly!    The universal law of  attraction and creation    Silver Birch’s inspirational teachings    Woman has premonition  of terrorist attack    Former Blue Peter presenter  receives signs about his ‘dead’ wife


May 2019 (Issue No 4175)

May 2019

(Issue No 4175)
In this issue...     URI GELLER ON LENNON, ELVIS AND THE SECRET SERVICE!      PLUS...    Prime minister faces ‘telepathic attack’ on EU referendum      Understanding the I Ching      Can anyone be a medium?    Naturopathy explained    Magic of the Findhorn Foundation    History of palmistry      Fiction becomes fact  on disasters at sea    Olivia Newton-John says Karen Carpenter and John Denver  are her spirit guides?


April 2019 (Issue No 4174)

April 2019

(Issue No 4174)
   In this issue...     Mastering mindfulness!      PLUS...        Autopsy on buried skeleton  confirms psychic’s findings      Woman who accused  famous healer 
takes her own life      Blind medium’s weight loss  boosts confidence    Crawling phantom  seen at Scottish lodge    Pioneer Spiritualist  was arrested as Spy    Glastonbury’s Chalice Well      Getting the 
low-down on ley lines    Discoveries made  by divine inspiration    You can’t die for the life of you!    What does a medium do?


February 2019 (Issue No 4173)

March 2019

(Issue No 4173)
In this issue...     Get going with shamanism!      PLUS...        SILENT POWER in Switzerland      Old Mother Shipton investigated      Apparitions argue in churchyard      TV scientist Brian Cox comments on afterlife    World-famous artists entrance Brazilian medium    Reiki investigated    Old Mother Shipton revealed    Past lives in the present    Spring festivals and superstitions


February 2019 (Issue No 4172)

February 2019

(Issue No 4172)
February 2019 (Issue No 4172)  In this issue...     Pendulum Power      PLUS...        The Akashic Records  – A walk through time      Meditation experiment           Unseen hands play guitar      Valentine’s Day superstitions      An initial guide to mediumship    John of God hands himself over to police    Lost necklace is spirit test     Haunted churches     Win:    Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light 
Oracle Deck


January 2019 (Issue No 4171)

January 2019

(Issue No 4171)
In this issue...     Making crystals crystal clear      PLUS...        Engelbert Humperdinck  discovers his healing abilities      New year 
new you           Guide named Zodiac has  heavenly message      Separated triplet  senses he had unknown brother      Raising the standards of mediumship    The haunting of Rattlesden Rectory    Burned at 
the stake     ‘I accept life after life’  says near-death doctor


December 2018 (Issue No 4170)

December 2018

(Issue No 4170)
In this issue...     Understanding Angels      PLUS...        White Eagle Lodge still flies high         Wellbeing with kundalini      Doctor backs distant healing  sent 6,000 miles      Ghost stories for Christmas      The pagan story of Santa    Try our Christmas cracking quiz!      Figuring out numerology    The aura unveiled      Over £350 in prizes to be won   Spiritualists represented at  cenotaph service for first time ever


October 2018 (Issue No 4168)

November 2018

(Issue No 4169)
In this issue...     Communication with animals      PLUS...        Murdered woman reveals  her killer
 to medium         New film will feature spiritual healing      Union warns against psychic surgery      The ghosts of Dunwich      Sacred oils to soothe the soul        Get a toehold on reflexology      Historic Cottingley photos fetch over £20,000   STOP PRESS:  Spiritualist victory on Cenotaph service


October 2018 (Issue No 4168)

October 2018

(Issue No 4168)
In this issue...     Uri Geller’s intuition finds lost ancient factory      PLUS...        Medium ‘sees’ policewoman’s daughter after earthquake         Spiritual healing is just the tonic for GP      The dilemma of development      The art of lunar gardening       The black cat of Killakee        Mystical Dartmoor’s psychic-friendly B & B       Edinburgh centre plans to bring  mediumship to the masses     Psychic helps find lost pets all over the world!    Right on with reiki!


September 2018 (Issue No 4167)

September 2018

(Issue No 4167)
In this issue...    The magic and mystery of standing stones      PLUS...        MEDIUM PAINTS  LIVING 
IMAGES OF THE ‘DEAD’         How to charge 
your chakras!      ‘Changing gender 
sparked my psychic 
gifts’ says medium      Top tips to beat stress      Spiritualist Association of Great Britain opens new headquarters        A - Z of dreamzzzzzz      Forest bathing, prayer and healing, and the materialistions that  upset a medium’s neighbours!


August 2018 (Issue No 4166)

August 2018

(Issue No 4166)
In this issue...    ‘Live from your heart’  Exclusive interview with James Van Praagh      PLUS...      Actress sees child’s form at 
end of bed         How to 
experience astral 
projection      Michael carries on the 
Chapman family tradition of healing      The Green Man has a colourful past      Simon Marsden: A Life in Pictures        Acts of kindness from your armchair


July 2018 (Issue No 4165)

July 2018

(Issue No 4165)
In this issue...    ‘I believe in afterlife’ says ‘Corrie’ star      PLUS...        Mother returns within minutes of passing on         How colour can enhance your life      WIN a residential course 
at the Arthur Findlay College      Medium helps police after theft of famous painting      Find some spiritual serenity 
in Cornwall           Good vibrations! Learn the art of psychometry       Precognition and coincidences


June 2018 (Issue No 4164)

June 2018

(Issue No 4164)
In this issue...    Spirit and The Royal Family      PLUS...        Unique collaboration preserves Spiritualism’s past      Mediumship in Switzerland       The Setons and the Curse of the Egyptian Tomb     Medium’s message leads motivational speaker  to brother she never knew    Ex-wife says George Best has communicated with her     THE HEALING POWER OF AROMATHERAPY OILS

May 2018 (Issue No 4163)

May 2018

(Issue No 4163)
In this issue...   SEOUL SEARCHING   Spirit messages lead to reunion for Korean ‘orphan      PLUS...        Images of the dead caught on camera?      Is the imbalance between ‘psyche and soma’ killing us?       Impressive collection 
of psychic 
paintings  finds permanent home     Mother’s premonition saves trapped son   London healer cured TV presenter Katie Boyle     Enfield poltergeist investigator passes on     Predictions came true for Kate and Meghan

April 2018 (Issue No 4162)

April 2018

(Issue No 4162)
In this issue...   The spectres of Edinburgh Castle      PLUS...    Princess Diana’s surprise ‘visit’ to former Butler     Personal Responsibility: there are no easy options       Together as one – special announcement inside     The Shape Of Water: director Del Toro reveals spirit visitse     Putting precognition to the test     Fox Cottage kettle: the missing link     Sir Ken Dodd’s connection with Psychic News     Michael Jackson sheds light on his final hours through medium

March 2018 (Issue No 4161)

March 2018

(Issue No 4161)
In this issue...   Animal Magic with     medium Gordon Smith      PLUS...        Hydesville 170th Anniversary  The Fox Cottage: a new discovery     Spiritualism helped give voice to suffrage campaigns       Departed help medium  plan their funerals   Stella McCartney shares Paul’s meditation beliefs   Spiritualism’s unsung hero: Ellie Fristensky     Brazilian medium channels masters of art     You think you have free will? Forget it!

February 2018 (Issue No 4160)

February 2018

(Issue No 4160)
In this issue...   UFOs, ETs and   spiritual dimensions      PLUS...        Amy Winehouse visits me, says father     Plan to demolish Spiritualist church withdrawn       Fleetwood Mac singer’s   mother was a medium   Are meditation and mindfulness selfish?   I’m psychic, says TV presenter Christine Lampard     Healing Hearts and helping charities     What does being spiritual mean to you?     Respect for others’ beliefs is vital

January 2018 (Issue No 4159)

January 2018

(Issue No 4159)
In this issue...   Can the future     really be foretold?      PLUS...        Have we all lived before?     John West discovers that Harry Price  should have focused on Borley Church  as well as the Rectory        Apports – objects that  appear out of thin air      Water divining – utility company  engineers divine for buried pipes       Billy Roberts reveals the protective power  of his grandfather’s spirit intervention      Why I am leaving the SNU by Louisa Marie Sullivan,  with response from President David Bruton      Win:    A pack of Silver Birch Wisdom Cards

December 2017 (Issue No 4158)

December 2017

(Issue No 4158)
In this issue...  Victoria & Georgiana    Intriguing Royal story gets a new twist     PLUS...    Uri Geller: CIA used me to probe Kennedy’s death   Spirit guidance reunites filmmaker with Mexican family   NDE expert tells of ‘self’ watching everything after body is declared dead   Tasty vegan treats for the holiday season   Medium and energy painter Hayley Jones shares her colourful spiritual art   Ghost stories for Christmas

November 2017 (Issue No 4157)

November 2017

(Issue No 4157)
In this issue...   Will & Grace actor  reveals mother’s spirit return   PLUS...    Liam Gallagher claims John Lennon is his 
spirit guide   The power 
of Love   Gloria Hunniford’s daughter sends ‘signs’ from beyond   Gary Mannion emerges 
from the dark … 
but fails to convince   JIMMY: MY 
INVISIBLE FRIEND new school chum was not imaginary   SEEING IS BELIEVING? the illusion of the senses   Win:   A copy of 
Darren Brittain’s inspirational 

October 2017 (Issue No 4156)

October 2017

(Issue No 4156)
In this issue...   Healer’s musical 
talents  welcomed in hospitals    PLUS...        Emanuel Swedenborg:  visionary or madman?     HELPING OTHERS ON THEIR JOURNEY with The Seven Principles       Film-maker’s touring exhibition explores paranormal phenomena    Just a simple life?  ... 
Spiritual artist 
Joan Smee shares her life story and work    THE ENTITY OF LINCOLN’S INN       Doreen no longer sees virtue in mediumship or tarot cards    Why Sir Bruce Forsyth  had no fear of death       LOUISA MARIE SULLIVAN asks:  What’s happening to Spiritualism’s churches?      Van Morrison:  
the truth behind the ‘Spiritualist’ headlines

September 2017 (Issue No 4155)

September 2017

(Issue No 4155)
In this issue...   Blur’s Graham Coxon fights to save Spiritualist church    PLUS...        FINDING GREAT UNCLE GEORGE spirit messages enable an impossible dream to come true     Scole 
  The Final Project to prove physical phenomena       WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ALONE! Billy Roberts reveals why he believes in ETs     Angelina Jolie 
  says acupuncture cured her Bell’s Palsy    Is there a purpose to life?     Win:    Neal Sutton’s book 'Buried By The Church'

August 2017 (Issue No 4154)

August 2017

(Issue No 4154)
In this issue...   How to meditate using simple visualisation techniques    PLUS...        The mystical world of Salvador Dalí     Dalai Lama’s guidance     led Brian Blessed to his reborn brother      KARMA FACT OR FICTION?      Challenge given to mediums who claim  Colin Fry is their spirit guide    The search for psychic aviator Amelia Earhart     Healers Ray and Joan Branch pass to Spirit     The Green Lady of Fyvie Castle and other haunting tales      Win:    Neal Sutton’s book 'Buried By The Church'

July 2017 (Issue No 4153)

July 2017

(Issue No 4153)
In this issue...   How to meditate using simple visualisation techniques    PLUS...        The journey after death:  spontaneous insights   DIVALDO FRANCO - a Spiritist phenomenon   Helen Mirren stars as wealthy Spiritualist in new movie   Channelled Communications   Composer 
John Tavener gives message in a dream   Sir Roger Moore spent two nights with a ghost   New Dior designer divines tarot success   Whitney Houston’s TV spirit return to her husband   Win:    The Archangels & Gemstone Guardians 

June 2017 (Issue No 4152)

June 2017

(Issue No 4152)
In this issue...   FEELING STRESSED? DON’T PANIC! Non-medicinal techniques to overcome anxiety     PLUS...         The difference between psychic and mediumistic links   Theory of everything: vibration is the key    My spiritual journey     Incredible two-world healing partnership   Dalai Lama’s next life dilemma    REIKI for children and dogs   NORFOLK MYSTERIES   Singers’ daughter 
‘saw Sinatra’s spirit’   Let intuition 
guide you 
to happiness       Win:    A copy of The Touch – Healing Miracles and Methods by Doug Heyes, M.A.

May 2017 (Issue No 4151)

May 2017

(Issue No 4151)
In this issue...   Exploring the evidence for 
life after death     PLUS...         Almost half 
of all adults believe in an afterlife   The power 
of thought    ‘I’ve had messages 
from aliens,’ 
  says Dave Davies of The Kinks    Energy healer to star in reality TV series   Find a Spiritualist centre near you   Psychic artist was a film star   Strange case 
of Harry Price and ‘Rosalie’      Famous Titanic victim who ignored  premonitions returned at séances     SAGB property sale: 
  Charity Commission enquiry verdict    Win:    The Cathar Tarot Deck

April 2017 (Issue No 4149)

April 2017

(Issue No 4149)
In this issue...   ‘SOULPHONE’ COULD LINK        US TO SPIRIT WORLD         IN TWO YEARS         PLUS...        Exorcisms making headlines around world   CIA ‘used hundreds of psychics’ to spy on Iran        World-famous Hannen Swaffer home circle revisited    British medium makes global predictions    Titanic: a tragedy foreseen?   Accepting the real you   Psychic story behind ‘The Lost City of Z’   Medium Jill Harland says farewell with a song   ‘Ghosts’ scare Brazil’s president from residence    Win:  Gordon Smith’s new book 'Mediumship'  AND  Kyle Gray’s 'Keepers of The Light' oracle cards

March 2017 (Issue No 4148)

March 2017

(Issue No 4148)
In this issue...   The boy who   knew too much   PLUS...  FAIRIES: fakes on film   but do they really exist?  Cottingley fairies celebrate their centenary     Founding editor’s huge contribution to Spiritualism honoured     Aura-reading machine brings new mystery 
to Tintagel     How to make 
your own 
mandala      Britain’s most haunted theatre   Win: One of ten copies of Mary Mueller Shutan’s new book Managing Psychic Abilities


February 2017 (Issue No 4147)

February 2017

(Issue No 4147)
In this issue...   ANGELS 
GUIDES  Who’s who in 
the spiritual 

January 2017 (Issue No 4146)

January 2017

(Issue No 4146)
In this issue...   WICKED OUIJA…  or channel 
for spirit?     PLUS...        Give spiritual momentum 
     to your journey through 2017    THE WAYS WE SAY GOODBYE    Did respected author turn  blind eye to cult’s child abuse?    Science and Séance: 
  The great paranormal clash  
Interview with Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe    The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui


December 2016 issue (Issue No 4146)

December 2016

(Issue No 4145)
In this issue...   Learn to love yourself  this holiday season    PLUS...        Robert Brown and Gordon Smith  on the importance of giving back   Psychic surgeon Chris Ratter   Spooky Encounters with  
Dame Thora Hird And Sir Paul Mccartney   Rose Elliot’s 
Christmas vegan recipes     Amazing accounts of 
physical phenomena

Magazine 79 November 2016 issue (Issue No 4145)

November 2016

(Issue No 4145)
In this issue...   DO 
DEATH?     PLUS...        Uri Geller predicted Theresa May  would be prime minister!     Replacing hatred  and bigotry 
with RESPECT    Can mediumship be  tested in a laboratory?    First female US presidential  candidate was a Spiritualist   Occult 
in  global 
power struggles    ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE     The hairy hands of Dartmoor

Magazine 78 October 2016 issue (Issue No 4144)

October 2016

(Issue No 4144)
In this issue...   THE HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN  – A PAGAN FESTIVAL WITH A MODERN TWIST   PLUS...        Talking ghost  saves life of vicar’s wife   Near-Death Experiences   Group souls   Fascinating 
feline facts:  
why cats are natural healers    Spiritualism’s 
  How the past is 
being preserved    TIME FOR ACTION...  
Psychic News launches its  TRUTH campaign to end fraud  in physical mediumship

 Magazine 77 September 2016 issue (Issue No 4143)

September 2016

(Issue No 4143)
In this issue...   GORDON SMITH: still developing 
his mediumship 
after 30 years   PLUS...       ANGELS communication 
with beings
 of light  Coincidence 
or sixth sense?  CROP CIRCLES Royal support but the mystery continues  Time Travel 
the illusion of time!  Gary Mannion controversy: ‘We don’t believe you,’ 
say former circle leaders   THE REMARKABLE 

Magazine 76 August 2016 issue (Issue No 4142)

August 2016

(Issue No 4142)
In this issue...   MONICA TEN-KATE: proving reality of 
spirit on TV 
in her 20s    PLUS...       Is superstition 
encoded in our DNA?  Ask a medium… Robert Brown answers your questions  Can finding your GODDESS 
help you on your personal journey?  Fairies come in all shapes and sizes  Film based on Enfield Poltergeist removed from cinemas for audience safety  REVEALED Story behind the infrared exposure of Gary Mannion   Win:  A copy of GORDON SMITH’S first novel

Magazine 75 July 2016 issue (Issue No 4141)

July 2016

(Issue No 4141)
In this issue...   DOUGLAS BALLARD: Healing visionary with a universal connection    PLUS...       CARELESS 
PAST LIVES  Remembering Stella Blair, Eric Hatton and Ronald Hearn  Angelic 
art with 
McIntee  The Royal homes of Queen Elizabeth II  Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre  Mother of modern witchcraft was a wartime codebreaker  Ancient oracles and prehistoric temples  'Physical medium’ exposed on film during séance   Win:  An Oracle Deck or Healing Meditation 

Magazine 74 June 2016 issue (Issue No 4140)

June 2016

(Issue No 4140)
In this issue...   RUSSELL GRANT: Celebrity astrologer and psychic prodigy     PLUS...       Psychic 
paintings astonish 
art world   Jimi Hendrix predicted his own PASSING  PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP: 
 Rare, dangerous and misunderstood  Death of 
Prince left 
its mark on global consciousness?  Beyond science fiction: Forrest J Ackerman makes a powerful return   Win:  An Oracle Deck or Healing Meditation 

Magazine 73 May 2016 issue (Issue No 4139)

May 2016

(Issue No 4139)
In this issue...   TIM BRAUN 
 on mediumship 
and meeting 
mother teresa     PLUS...       Who wrote Shakespeare?   Leslie Flint: 
 YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED  The Haunting of Holy Trinity, York  Revelling in Rebelling  The religion of trees  Everything is consciousness: 
 Craig Hamilton-Parker on the secrets of the universe

Magazine 72 April 2016 issue (Issue No 4138)

April 2016

(Issue No 4138)
In this issue...  REINCARNATION: 


Magazine 71 March 2016 issue (Issue No 4137)

March 2016

(Issue No 4137)
In this issue...  Hollywood star Eric Roberts praises mediums' readings      PLUS...     Rare Spiritualist artefacts go on show   Did psychic draw face of genette tate's murderer?  Multi-dimensional realities  NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell embarks on a new adventure  Your questions answered on mediumship  The curse of Corder's skull  David Bowie's spiritual wish revealed in will  Lawyer opens his case book on survival evidence   Win:  A Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reading DVD

Magazine 70 February 2016 issue (Issue No 4136)

February 2016

(Issue No 4136)

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January 2016

(Issue No 4135)

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December 2015

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November 2015

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December 2013

(Issue No 4110)

Magazine 43 November 2013 issue (Issue No 4109)

November 2013

(Issue No 4109)

Magazine 42 October 2013 issue (Issue No 4108)

October 2013

(Issue No 4108)
From the editor

October 2013

If you’re living in the UK or Europe, you’ll probably have noticed that autumn has begun to sneak in through the back door.

It’s the season I love best – the leaves as they turn to wonderful shades of red and gold, the mists over the fields, the smell of wood smoke in the air as people light their first fires to warm the increasingly chilly evenings.
return to the high street newsagents. In doing so, we’ll be reaching a far wider readership than has been possible for many years, with the vital message that we are spiritual, eternal beings who can never die.

You’ll notice that we’re launching two new regular columns this month. Medium and author Craig Hamilton-Parker is an expert on dream interpretation and has published numerous books on the subject. Each month he’ll be interpreting a selection of your dreams. Details of where to send them are on page 19.

Nic Whitham is an expert in complementary therapies and healing. Fully qualified in numerous therapies, he is co-owner and director of the Banyan Retreat in Kent, a spiritual centre with an emphasis on holistic health. Each month, Nic will concentrate on a particular therapy, beginning this issue with Reiki healing.

John Keats summed it up perfectly in his wonderfully atmospheric poem, To Autumn...

Derren Brown - what makes him tick?

Anyone interested in the paranormal, whether they believe in it or not, whether they are religious or not, has probably heard of Derren Brown, writes Kay Hunter.

He is a hypnotist, illusionist, magician and mentalist, and believes that the practice of these arts can seriously influence the minds of others. Yet he does not set out to harm; merely to display what might crudely be called 'the tricks of the trade', and by doing so illustrate how easily we can be deceived.

Did minister see angel on security camera?

A WEST VIRGINIA evangelical minister believes he caught an angel on his home security camera.

Preacher Charles Shelton, 48, installed the security system because of the increasing amount of criminal activity in his district. Drug addicts were on the streets and there were reports of people having been killed...

BBC TV documentary follows teenage 'exorcists'

THREE young women from Arizona visited the UK in September to 'exorcise' our demons, writes Kay Hunter.

They blamed the Harry Potter books – and made the headlines.

Brynne Larson and Tess Sherkenback (both 18), and Tess's sister Savannah, 21, believe London is "a centre for witchcraft". Their visit was covered in newspapers and TV as they pronounced J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books largely responsible for the UK's "corruption".

Bridging the gulf between medicine and spirituality

THE 4th British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality will take place in London in November.

In announcing the event, Dr Marlene Nobre, Medicine President of AME-International draws attention to the growing academic interest in exploring the links between the medical sciences and spirituality in religious practices and individualised beliefs.

Lady Victoria's five lives

DURING a lengthy interview with Jane Gordon of the Daily Mail, socialite and model Lady Victoria Hervey revealed that she believes she has had several incarnations.

She said "a reliable psychic" at the Coachella Music Festival in Palm Springs gave details of her past lives.

Doga's popularity grows

DOGA – or Yoga for Dogs, has had a rapid rise in popularity, and despite the inevitable criticisms, not all participating dog owners are barking mad, writes Kay Hunter.

It started in America when yoga enthusiasts who were also dog owners sought a way of combining human exercise and canine companionship. Now Doga has crossed the Atlantic and its popularity is growing in the UK.

New clues at Stonehenge

THE origin and purpose of the construction of Stonehenge have always puzzled researchers. They have now discovered new clues to its mysteries.

Theories have abounded about this megalithic monument near Salisbury, estimated to have been built between 3000 and 1520 BC. English Heritage, constantly pursuing investigations, has now announced "a missing piece in the jigsaw".

Samsung and IBM mind power experiment

THE South Korean firm Samsung is experimenting with a mind-control tablet. It hopes this will shake up the way people interact with their devices.

Along with American researchers, Samsung has demonstrated how people can launch/make a selection on a Galaxy tablet by concentrating on a blinking icon. They say it would be invaluable for people with mobility problems.

Lily Dale inspires new musical

THE SPIRITUALIST community of Lily Dale, New York, was the inspiration for a new prize-winning operetta by writer and lyricist Michael McFaden, of Nashville, Tennessee.

The new operetta, City of Light, had its origins in McFaden's annual pilgrimage to Lily Dale, which he describes as "a ramshackle Victorian town that has seen better days, where you meet the most interesting people".

Houdini's scrapbook been found?

HARRY HOUDINI'S 1925/26 Spiritualism scrapbook, missing for 83 years, apparently turned up earlier this year in the hands of a Southern Californian antique dealer. It has been suspected of being a possible hoax.

Author David Haden, an expert on author H.P. Lovecraft, a collaborator of Houdini, says it could be a hoax, but the photographs look genuine.

Inspiration, development and
a spiritual removal company!

Kingswells House, in Aberdeen, Scotland, is a remarkable spiritual centre. Overseen by evidential and trance medium Eileen Davies, it's dedicated to a whole lot more than mediumistic development, writes Sue Farrow.

Though mediumship is certainly a part of its spiritual curriculum, Kingswells' primary emphasis is on development of the whole person – spiritual development.    

Did Diana give permission for screen portrayal?

ACTRESS Naomi Watts believes the late Princess Diana has given permission from the spirit world for Naomi to portray her on screen.

Interviewed in the Mail on Sunday the star of Oliver Hirschbiegel's new movie Diana said she has so immersed herself in the role that she felt a spiritual connection with the late Princess of Wales.

Sally Morgan delivers a surprise

MEDIUM Sally Morgan shocked a TV interviewer during her summer tour of Australia by announcing his wife's secret pregnancy.

Tom Williams, interviewer on Australia's new show Daily Edition, and his wife, fashion designer Rachel Gilbert, had kept their happy event to themselves, and even Tom's colleagues were in the dark.

Exploring your Mediumistic Potential through Hypnosis
– a workshop with Chris Connelly

This fascinating new workshop took place at Banyan Retreat on 21st and 22nd September, writes Nic Whitham.

Chris employed the use of hypnosis to enhance mediumship and communication. All students had prior knowledge and experience of mediumship, enabling Chris to focus on hypnotherapy techniques during the first day.

Swimming for serenity

DO you find meditation difficult? Can you swim?

If you answer "Yes" to both questions, Madonna Gauding, author of The Meditation Bible, can help with a beginner's guide to meditating while swimming.

Spirit plan fulfilled on J.V. Trust week

Psychic artist Coral Ryder tell the extraordinary story of a spirit plan that saw an 'ownerless' psychic portrait find its home at last.

I have heard numerous tales from my parents about the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, and the many hours of fun and learning they've enjoyed within its walls. They've shared so many accounts of people they've met, friends they've made and phenomena they've witnessed, and as a result I have always wanted to go there.

It was with delight, then, that I discovered I had been offered a place on the annual J.V. Trust week, and I would like to thank all those who had a hand in organising and running such a wonderful, empowering week.

Understanding your dreams

CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER, Spiritualist medium, TV host and author of seven books on dreaming, begins a new monthly series on the rich world of dreams. Each month, from our November issue onwards, Craig will be here to interpret your dreams. Details of where to send them are given at the end of this article.

Here, he begins by explaining the meaning of dreaming and how psychics and mediums can use dreams to access their hidden powers.

The PN jargon-buster
What does it all mean?

Every special interest group has its own quirky language – jargon – often unintelligible to anyone else. Just look at the medical profession – or the game of cricket!

Sadly, Spiritualists are no exception, with a plethora of weird and wonderful words relating to mediumship and spiritual matters, most of which would never arise in 'normal' conversation.

So, by popular request, each month we'll attempt to demystify some commonly used Spiritualist terms, so that everyone is fully in the loop!

Sixty years and counting

Angela Redditch reports on her recent visit to the diamond jubilee celebrations of the Churches' Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies, at which a great and much-respected man, Dr Martin Israel, was commemorated.

The CFPSS gathered at Robert Grosseteste University in Lincoln early in September for a very special conference. The Fellowship, founded in 1953, is celebrating its diamond jubilee this year.

Spectacular evidence at 'September Spectacular'

Ann Harrison reports on the visit of talented UK psychic artist Sandy Ingham to the Acacia Centre in Murcia, Spain.

'A September Spectacular' was the heading on the posters announcing Sandy Ingham's first visit to Robert and Barbara McLernon's Acacia Centre in the Murcia region of Spain – and spectacular it certainly was. Having hosted physical mediums David Thompson, Scott Milligan and Kai Mügge during the past two years, this was another first for Robert and Barbara – an outstanding psychic artist.

Would you want to come back as a ghost?

Leading paranormal investigator and medium Ewan Irvine looks at some of the reasons why the 'dead' might be reluctant to leave the old familiar territory of earth.

Have you ever asked yourself why anyone would want to come back as a ghost ? Why would someone want to stick around in this world when there is a world beyond it after we die, the heaven we all hope is waiting for us? it’s a question i was asked a few weeks ago – one that I really had to ponder and think about.

The extraordinary gifts of a dog

London-based writer and spiritual worker Wendy Stokes considers some of the wonderful gifts and abilities of the species known as "(wo)man's best friend".

Many dogs are trained in a special role – some to use their eyes for blind people, some to be the ears of their deaf human companions. Others are trained to fetch and carry for disabled people, to detect the imminent onset of an epileptic fit in the vital minutes before it happens, to sense when a diabetic person is low on insulin, and even to detect cancer through their extraordinary sense of smell.

Travelling in the body of light
(Out-of-body experiences)

Continuing our six-part serialisation of Craig Hamilton Parker's critically acclaimed guide to the next life

A great many people write to me at my newspaper and internet columns and claim to have travelled outside their bodies.

Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) are surprisingly common. Surveys have yielded different results showing that between 25-60 per cent of people questioned claimed to have experienced an OBE. Whatever the true figure, it is clear from surveys, and my bulging mailbag, that this is certainly not an uncommon

The Rector, the Vicar and the ghost of Old Jeffrey
Trevor Davey tells the story of the Wesley family's very determined 'visitor'

The Reverend Samuel Wesley became Anglican rector of the parish church of Saint Andrews, Epworth (at that time in North Lincolnshire), in 1695. He was also responsible for the smaller parish of Wroot. This was under the benevolence of Queen Mary II, although Wesley's ways of thinking were not to the liking of the locals.

Thinking outside the trap

New Zealand medium and teacher Ken Pretty responds to a letter from reader Bob Berry, first published in our August issue.

The answer to Bob Berry's "confusion" (Issue 4106) lies in the fact that far too many students are taught using a set pattern, and no matter how long they work for spirit, they never stray or move on from its rigidity. As such, they are unaware of the trap of what I call common denominators.

From mediumship to Near-Death experiences

Lew Sutton reports on a conference that's seen the Society for Psychical Research making a welcome return towards its roots.

Three interesting accounts of mediumship were on the agenda at this year's Society for Psychical Research's (SPR) conference. In recent years many of the presentations have been perhaps of more interest to professional parapsychologists than to Spiritualists in general. However, this year amongst such material we saw a greater selection of presentations on mediumship, both traditional and the Electronic Voice Phenomena type (EVP), plus intriguing Near-Death Experiences (NDEs).

Where are we now?
by David Hopkins

In the first of two articles looking at what Spiritualism is, David Hopkins explains why its primary purpose is about living life to the full.

Psychic News is in the early stages of a new chapter in its history as it is once again becoming available to the general public through newsagents, rather than its more traditional outlets through groups and individuals connected with or having an interest in Spiritualism, whether in specific or general terms.

Fighting for every heartbeat together

A BIG Charity Night at Rawtenstall SNU Church raised £820 for the British Heart Foundation.

It all began when medium and healer Adam Berry discovered his partner was suffering from heart failure, and decided to do something to support research.

From Cassadaga to Glasgow – with some strange encounters on the way!

GATESHEAD medium Stewart Robertson, recently returned from a successful visit to Florida, had an unexpected non-spiritual encounter while he was there.

"One afternoon I opened the door of the first-floor flat where I was staying, to be confronted by a four-foot long brown snake whose head was just outside the door," he told Psychic News.

Diamond anniversary at Wood Green

IT IS 60 years since Wood Green Christian Spiritualist Church, North London, came into existence. The influence of its founder is still very much in evidence today.

Mrs Ida Stenning, a committed and gifted medium who devoted her life to Spiritualism, was responsible for the origins of the church and healing sanctuary. The project developed until during the 1970s the church doors were opening to a congregation of a hundred.

Psychic questioned by police

THE family of Claudia Lawrence, 36, who went missing in March 2009, called in the police, following a psychic's "grossly intrusive" behaviour.

Claudia, a chef in York University's kitchen, has not been seen since she walked to work from her home in Heworth, York.

From the archives

This month: Harry Edwards scores a TV triumph
Healing praised by press critics but 'spirit doctor' invites ridicule
By Roy Stemman

Magazine 41 September 2013 issue (Issue No 4107)

September 2013

(Issue No 4107)

From the editor
September 2013

What a month it's been. A month of extreme contrasts – good and bad, positive and negative, light and dark.

In South Africa, iconic freedom-fighter Nelson Mandela was released from hospital after many months of speculation about his health. It seems the 94-year-old is still very poorly, but at least he's now back in the comfort and familiarity of his own home, surrounded by family and friends.

Meanwhile, 4,000 miles away in Syria, people died in large numbers as a_result of a horrendous chemical weapons attack unleashedoutside Damascus on 21st August.

New book tells story of Queen Victoria's medium

A NEW book by Irish author J.H. Brennan, Whisperers, is subtitled The Secret History of the Spirit World.

That is exactly what it is, but the already well- known story about Queen Victoria and her psychic Scots ghillie John Brown, widely quoted in recent reviews, has tended to overshadow the book's true intent and content.

Olympian Oscar Pistorius plea by psychic

A PSYCHIC has requested_to be able to address the Pretoria Magistrates' Court in South Africa regarding the "mental state" of Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius, accused of murdering his girlfriend.

The woman, who identified herself as "Annamarie, last_name uncertain, previously Riethmiller", filed papers with the Constitutional Court to have her application heard.

British fortune-teller dies in Vietnam

A BRITISH fortune- teller has been found naked and dead in a rented room in Vietnam.

Julia Anne Jay, 43, left her Sussex home when in her late teens to work her way through South East Asia.

American research study
- fiction meets fact

THIRTY PER CENT of participants in an American study of psychic experiences reported "contact with the dead".

This result was published in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research.

Author Sandra Bateman's new book takes this one step further.

What made UK Ministry
of Defence close UFO desk?

THE Ministry of Defence closed its UFO desk and hotline in 2009. The reason was never fully disclosed - until now.

According to 25 declassified files released from the National Archives the material "served no defence purpose" and was taking staff away from "more valuable defence- related activities".

Stand on your head for charity
and get a free Mind, Body, Spirit pass!

A UNIQUE world record is being sought at this year's OM Yoga Show at London's Olympia.

Intelligent or Religious?

A NEW STUDY claims to have proved conclusively that the more intelligent we are, the less likely we are to believe in God.

Psychologists Miron Zuckerman, and Jordan Silberman of the University of Rochester (US), and Judith Hall of Northeastern University, published the results
of their research in Personality and Social Psychology Review.

Crystal crossfire at Merton

PROTESTS and a verdict of "Bunkum!" were widely reported from Merton, south London, after the local council advertised for a spiritual healer.

An urgent review was called for.

'Moonhenge' dedicated

A 65ft WOODEN version of Stonehenge built by a Cambridgeshire farmer has been publicly opened and blessed, despite a lack of planning permission, reports BBC local news.

Farmer Stephen Parsley and artist Derek Massey created the design using 29 ancient bog oaks on Mr Parsley's land in Woodwalton.

Telepathy killings?

COULD TELEPATHY have been used to compel four young engineers_at a leading Turkish military electronics company to kill themselves?

This theory was put forward as a possible reason for the deaths of the four men who were working on a friend-or- foe recognition system for Turkish warplanes at the time of their suicides.

New sequel to The Shining

BESTSELLING AUTHOR Stephen King's sequel to his novel of psychic perception The Shining is due for publication on 24th September, 36 years after the original book.

According to King's official website, Dan, the young boy who survived the horrific events of The Shining, meets a 12-year-old girl whom he must save from "a tribe of murderous paranormals".

Magazine 40 August 2013 issue (Issue No 4106)

Magazine 40

August 2013 issue
(Issue No 4106)

From the editor
August 2013

Are you passionate about your job? Is it something you’d practically pay to do? For Tanya Smith, general manager of the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, that’s exactly how it is. You can find out what her work involves, and why she loves it so much, in our brand new monthly feature, My Dream Job, on page 24.

Speaking of new features, we’re launching yet another in this issue. It’s called Behind the Scenes and each month it’ll give you the chance to find out what really makes some of our best-known spiritual workers tick. First up is clairaudient medium Steve Holbrook, and you’ll find him on page 28...

Sally Morgan wins libel action against Daily Mail

PSYCHIC Sally Morgan has won an apology and a payout of £125,000 from Associated Newspapers for a libellous article in the Daily Mail.

At the High Court in London Mr Justice Tugendhat heard 61-year-old Mrs Morgan described as “a psychic who had become well known through TV and theatre appearances”.
Sally was quoted as saying: “It was an unjustified and unfair attack, and it has been a very difficult, costly and painful process to get where I am today, and to rectify that wrong...

In defence of homeopathy

IT’S often been asked why conventional medics, scientists, media commentators and even comedians have it in for homeopathy.
Dr Lionel Milgrom’s eBook, Conflict: Homeopathy and Science on Trial, tackles this question and presents a compelling case for the defence of homeopathy, and why it should be accepted as “a healing therapeutic modality in the developed world”.

It may surprise a lot of readers to learn that it has been part of the NHS since 1948. It is practised by some 400 qualified NHS doctors. Yet is it still widely dismissed as ‘quackery’. Even the UK’s Chief Medical Officer is quoted as branding those who practise homeopathy as “purveyors of snake oil”.

Vandals target ‘haven of peace’ in Felixstowe

“THIS tiny sanctuary is Felixstowe’s best kept secret” is the description applied to one of Suffolk’s smallest Spiritualist churches.

Sadly, it was no secret to vandals, who attacked the Temple of Light Christian Spiritualist Church twice in one week. A red cross and the letters RIP were sprayed on the doors and windows of the church.

The attacks took place during the night of 9th July, and between the hours of 1am and 9am on 14th July. Police were informed and asked for anyone with information to come forward...

A séance-room first for Scott Milligan

Physical medium Scott Milligan received the surprise of his life during a recent séance in Stansted.

Though 31-year-old Scott has been in development for many years, he has always been in deep trance during his séances and has no awareness of what is taking place in the room. Up until now his only knowledge of the proceedings has been second-hand, relayed to him afterwards by his sitters.

Imagine, then, when during a séance for 50 people at the Arthur Findlay College, he suddenly found himself awake and staring at two séance trumpets bobbing gently up and down in mid-air in front of him

Water, water everywhere...

That’s what Irish medium Brian Lynch wants to see. He’s a man with a mission, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is, writes Sue Farrow.

Already knowing that millions of people around the world have no access to fresh water, Brian was equally appalled to learn that even in remote places where there is some access to water it’s far from beneficial to health.

“When you see what they are drinking, what they have to put in their mouths, it’s dreadful. It just perpetuates the cycle of disease and infection.”

SNU and same-sex marriages

Physical medium Scott Milligan received the surprise of his life during a recent séance in Stansted.

Though 31-year-old Scott has been in development for many years, he has always been in deep trance during his séances and has no awareness of what is taking place in the room. Up until now his only knowledge of the proceedings has been second-hand, relayed to him afterwards by his sitters.

Imagine, then, when during a séance for 50 people at the Arthur Findlay College, he suddenly found himself awake and staring at two séance trumpets bobbing gently up and down in mid-air in front of him

Colin Fry returns to Cornwall – with a guest

I have seen Colin Fry demonstrate his mediumistic skills several times now, writes Billy Roberts. You can always be certain of a professional show and that he will give value for money. 

My wife and I went along to see Colin on his return visit to the Hall for Cornwall, Truro, on 31st July. Once again there was a capacity audience, consisting of holiday-makers and locals, with an age range from 16 to 80.

Although it was an extremely humid night, the audience was attentive and extremely responsive, as it usually is when Colin is demonstrating.

Wicked Wikipedia?

OFTEN referred to as “the people’s encyclopedia” Wikipedia is available to anyone with access to a computer, writes Kay Hunter.

The concept is brilliant – no rummaging through heavy books, no need to go to the library. It’s all there at the tap of a few keys; a fund of knowledge literally at our fingertips.

Now, however, cracks are beginning to appear in this wonderful window on the world. Uncomfortable questions are being asked, and some serious doubts are being cast upon its integrity.

The mystical world of the Tarot

Mark Stone is an evidential medium and teacher with a passion for the Tarot. Here, he answers editor Sue Farrow’s questions about the cards and offers PN readers a personal guide to mastering the art of reading them.

What is the first recorded mention of the Tarot? How did the cards come into being?

The origins of the Tarot are open to much debate but we do know that the earliest decks were created by artisans in Italy in the 1400s and used like modern-day playing cards for games. It’s thought that using the cards for divination came into general practice in the 1700s but some believe the Egyptians used papyrus with images for divination.

These days the market for Tarot is huge, corresponding with the rise of interest in all things spiritual. Whether reading for others or for yourself you will be sure to find a deck that suits your interests and artistic tastes. All the decks differ in imagery, but have the same underlying meanings and associations.

College of Parapsychology
mourns former president

Members of Edinburgh’s renowned College of Parapsychology are mourning the loss of their former Principal. Magnus Carnie Young McInnes passed at Blackpool Victoria Hospital on 28th July. He was 72.

College historian Gerald O’Hara writes:
Magnus first came through the College doors in the early 1980s; he had no background in Spiritualism. It was during the strain of a divorce and the bringing up of his two children by himself that he ‘chanced’ upon a medium named Flannigan, with whom he had a sitting which greatly changed his outlook on life. He became a member of the ECP in the early 1980s and was elected to the College council in 1986. In 1996, he became Principal, a role he was to hold until 2010.    

Mediumship’s Dr Doolittle

International medium Colin Fry, known to millions around the world through his TV shows, is famous for reuniting audiences with loved ones they thought were lost to them forever. But to those who know them well, Colin and his partner Mikey are famous for something completely different – the fantastic work they do for unloved and unwanted dogs. Here, Colin tells their heart-warming story to Sue Farrow.

A little faith?

Spiritualism is viewed in a variety of ways both by those who are Spiritualists and by the wider world, writes David Hopkins. It would be seen as a faith group in the broader context. It’s in this light that recognition is being sought for Spiritualism to become part of the general body of the Inter Faith Network For The UK (IFN).

That might seem to be a reasonably simple idea but it may be a while yet before our religion gets the recognition it is entitled to. How important do you think it is for Spiritualism to be accepted on the same basis as other faiths?

Ingo Swann:

A New York artist arrived in London in 1978 to promote his novel, Star Fire, and agreed to give me an interview. His book was about a pop star with psychic powers who used ESP to acquire code that enabled him to manipulate the internet.

It was a good storyline, but not nearly as interesting as the author himself, Ingo Swann, whose psychic powers, I knew, were just as impressive as those of his fictional hero. And so it was we spent the entire time talking about his parapsychological exploits and beliefs, whilst giving the book just a cursory mention.
It was Ingo Swann who, in June 1972, inspired physicist Dr Hal Puthoff of Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Menlo Park, California, to conduct a few “clairvoyant” experiments with him, such as attempting to describe the contents of sealed containers.

My dream job
In the first of a new series, Tanya Smith, General Manager of the Arthur Findlay College, tells Sue Farrow why she “couldn’t be happier” with her job.

Tanya is passionate about her job, and has carried out many improvements to Spiritualism’s most famous centre of learning. Every day brings its
challenges, but because of her respect for the history of Stansted Hall, and affection for the Findlay family who lived there, she enjoys every minute of her busy days.

As the daughter of Linda Smith, president of Norwich Spiritualist Church, it was reasonable to suppose that Tanya grew up as a Spiritualist.

The power of positive
thought on your health
by Billy Roberts

A little consideration of the fundamental principles of thought should very quickly allow us to see just how logical this concept really is. We all know how we feel after a fit of rage. An outburst of anger affects every nerve, tissue, fibre, and cell of our body and leaves us feeling totally exhausted. In fact, after such outbursts, it takes some time before our heart rate settles and our skin cools down. Even then, physiologically and psychologically, the effects of the outburst are still felt.

Although jealousy leaves us feeling much the same, this negative emotion produces other effects, such as sleeplessness, agitation and irrational behaviour. These negative emotions are like poison to our bodies and as a consequence produce significant biological changes that ultimately affect our health. It makes a lot of sense that if our emotions really do affect the cells of our body, then with the use of the same mental process the opposite effects can just as easily be achieved.

Behind the scenes with...
Steve Holbrook

How old were you when you had your first mediumistic experience, and what was it?

I was a young boy when my granddad came to visit me in the early hours of the morning. He woke me up at 4am. I was told I was dreaming and to go back to bed, only to find out the next day that my granddad had died at 3.55am.

From then on, pretty much nothing happened, until I was 16 years old. Randomly, I put my hand in a supermarket freezer and accidentally touched a lady’s hand. At that exact moment, I heard a voice say, “Tell her it’s Michael. I only died in September, and please wish Chloe happy birthday for next week.” So I turned to the lady and told her, and she burst into tears.

James Van Praagh
talks to Psychic News

American medium James Van Praagh has brought spirit communication to millions through his television appearances and books, one of which, Talking to Heaven, became a New York Times bestseller. He was also the first medium to be interviewed on prime-time US TV shows Larry King Live and Oprah. Editor Sue Farrow caught up with him on his recent UK tour.

James, you were raised in a devout Catholic family – not a typical breeding ground for Spiritualist mediums. How did it all happen?

I was raised a Catholic and went to the seminary in my teens to become a priest. My mother went to Mass every day, but she could see the spirits. When I was a little boy I asked who were those people around the bed and she said: “They’re guardian angels. Do you see them too?” She told me she used to see them when she was a little girl.

Reader James Tarrant shares his views.

I Am supremely enthusiastic about what the SNU’s Fourth Principle (The continuous existence of the human soul) excludes as well as what it includes.

All Seven Principles set boundaries, founding the belief system of the SNU, which is part of their value. But for me, the boundaries of this Principle are particularly valuable.

Belief systems are constantly challenged. One of the most challenging developments for the Seven Principles has been the strands of New Age thoughts which use some of Spiritualism’s vocabulary together with mysticism and Hinduism. Some beliefs in New Age thinking, such as reincarnation, are proscribed by SNU Principles, though one hears them in Christian Spiritualist churches and workshops.

Psychical research and Spiritualism
– what do they have to do with each other?

Quite a lot, says Scottish psychical researcher, author and tutor Tricia J. Robertson.

Let’s start by addressing a few issues first. Many people will ask: “What is psychical research?” Answer – it’s the rational study of events labelled as paranormal, including much of the phenomena (communication through mediums, healing, etc) reported within the religion of Spiritualism.

If you’re new to experiences within the phenomena of Spiritualism you may have other questions, such as “What good is that research to us? What do the two things have to do with each other and will this research add anything to my knowledge or experience?”

Well, it should add plenty. There’s a great history of eminent people who have studied these matters from 1882 onwards with the formation
of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), based in London.

Sun, sea, sand and... SNU!
by David Hopkins

You might have thought that ‘sangrilla’ was coming next, but this article is about the recent Spiritualists’ National Union AGM! It covers a collection of items that arose, together with some personal observations. It won’t be in order of significance, or mention all that happened, but I hope it will give a flavour.

Why anything at all about the SNU? Well, it is the major Spiritualist organisation in the UK and a leader in world Spiritualism so, member or not, ‘sympathiser’ or not, what happens in the Spiritualists’ National Union impacts upon the Spiritualist world.

For the first time in over 50 years the AGM came to the west of England. The English Riviera is one of the crown jewels in British holiday-making and this year the sun shone on Spiritualists at the Imperial Hotel. It was very hot in the conference room, mainly the result of the outside temperature, but just occasionally from internal debate.

Margaret Pearson –
60 years a medium!

Reader Ian Dreaver shares a recent experience of visiting his old friend Margaret Pearson, a hugely respected medium now in her nineties.

I would describe Margaret Pearson as one of the unsung heroes of Spiritualism. She worked as a medium for over 60 years, and although she never ‘officially’ retired, she can now be said to have done so.

Margaret recently moved to sheltered accommodation in the heart of Scarborough in a lovely period building in the heart of Scarborough, originally opened by Queen Mary. I and our church organist John Hopkinson recently visited her there. “Its not a care home!” Margaret was quick to point out, in her usual down-to-earth manner.

PN reader and third generation
medium Nikki Kitt goes

Both my gran and great gran were mediums, and I have always been aware of spirit around me. But it wasn’t until I was seventeen that I first went to a Spiritualist church.

Within five minutes of my arrival the guest medium approached me and said “Don’t be afraid of what you see!” I have to admit that before that moment I had always been a little apprehensive about what I knew was around me.

From then on I frequented local Spiritualist churches but it was not until some years later that I decided to develop my own mediumship, first by sitting in open circle, and later a closed circle. I happily chaired on the platform and started as a fledgling to do my own demonstrations. I also joined the church committee as secretary.

with graham Jennings

Practical Miracles: Choices That Heal & Build Resilience
by Arielle Essex – Paperback 273 pages – £12.99 – Hay House

“We think we take good care of our heath,” writes Arielle Essex, “by following a good diet, taking vitamins, exercising regularly, meditating and maybe following a spiritual path as well.”

Arielle did all this. She also qualified in healing therapy and had experienced complementary techniques. It was a gifted healer who helped before, when
a large cyst developed on her left ovary. When it magically disappeared within a few days, she thought the situation was resolved.

“So it was a big shock,” she writes, “to be diagnosed with a brain tumour.” What she describes as the underlying cloud of stressful thoughts, that was supposed to have gone away, was still present.

The spiritual
call of Cornwall

THE lure of her native Cornwall could not be ignored by Christdina Bishop, a Spiritualist since the age of 18.

In 1998 she moved to Lancashire, and attended Blackburn Spiritualist Church. She was perfectly happy living in the North, and later moved to Darwen, where she trained as a healer with tutor George Hudson.

“But whenever medium George Sherwin visited the church he told me I would go back to Cornwall,” Christdina told Psychic News.

Bodmin church
makes a move

AFTER a lot of hard work during the past year, Bodmin Spiritualist Church, Cornwall, held the first service in its new home on Tuesday June 11th.

President David Gay OSNU, described it as “a wonderful occasion.” The service was conducted by David, and church secretary, Minister Janet Gay.

“The presence of our spirit friends could be felt by those sensitive to that energy,” David told Psychic News.

Edinburgh Spiritualists
raise funds at the double

EDINBURGH Association of Spiritualists – based, along with the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, at 25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh – has the Midas touch when it
sets out to raise money, whether it’s for church or charity.

President John Blackwood told Psychic News about the group’s highly successful Summer Open Day on 27th July when, in just two hours, more than £800 was raised for church funds.

winners announced

THE three inaugural winners of the Spiritualists’ National Union Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship were introduced and presented with
their awards at the Union’s Torquay AGM.

Within the three months between the launch date in December 2012 and the closing date of 31st March this year, 47 applications were received.
After three days of interviews, assessments and practical sessions the three successful candidates were chosen.

with mediumship
by Chris Connelly

I was interested to read in July’s issue of PN about the experiment conducted with four mediums giving evidence to empty chairs prior to recipients choosing the particular chairs they would sit in.
Having witnessed first-hand the quality of evidential mediumship of both Eileen Davies and Jackie Wright, I certainly agree that their work is of the highest calibre. I will only assume, not personally knowing either Brian Lynch or Paul Brereton, that they too are exceptional mediums.

This month: Medium Craig Hamilton-Parker
on the danger of making predictions

There has recently been some debate in our chat rooms about the purpose of a psychic reading. Many who visit our site believe psychic readings should be about telling people the future. Others say that the work of a psychic – and particularly of mediums – should have nothing at all to do with prediction.

I agree with those who say it is inappropriate for predictions to be included in mediumistic readings. Mediumship should give proof to the grieving that we survive death. This doesn’t mean to say that mediums cannot see the future or be told it by spirit communicators. However, the primary purpose of their work is to give comforting proof of the survival of the personality after physical death.

In PN, there was an interesting article by Lew Sutton about the now “dead” medium Gordon Higginson. For many of us mediums working today, Gordon is considered as the mentor and an example of good mediumship that we try to aspire to.

Part of Lew’s feature read: “Gordon Higginson used to quote a story about when he asked one of his students, auragraphic medium Joyce Jamblin, to draw an auragraph of well known medium Nella Taylor.


Magazine 39 – 29th June 2013 issue (Issue No 4105)

Magazine 39

29th June 2013 issue
(Issue No 4105)

From the editor
July 2013

Much as I dislike nationalistic pride, as a tennis fan I can’t fail to be a bit elated that after a 77-year wait a Brit has finally managed to win Wimbledon! UK tabloid The Sun summed up
Andy Murray’s stunning three-straight-sets victory with the headline – “And of Hope and Glory!” Hats off to the person who thought that one up!

Speaking of pride (which of course is not very spiritual), the PN team and I confess to having just a little bit of it concerning our decision to go double-size and monthly.

Of course 64 pages mean we can include a far wider range of material than we’ve so far been able to do. As you’ll see from this packed issue, we’ve news and features on everything from palmistry to experiments with mediumship, from animal healing to psychic spying!


Was ‘Jesus’ saved by angel?

A Sheffield man, thrown across the street by a gas explosion, claims his life was saved by an angel.

Self-employed window-cleaner Agostinho Jesus, 36, said it was “miraculous” that he survived the blast which demolished his house... 


Ghost’s evidence accepted in court

As Michael Jackson’s family’s court battle rumbles on, matters have now taken a bizarre turn. The judge has allegedly accepted evidence from a ghost.

Randy Phillips, of the concert firm AEG Live, claimed that Michael Jackson had insisted from beyond the grave that his death had been an accident. If that proved to be true, it would clear Jackson’s doctor, Dr Conrad Murray, who was jailed for allegedly killing Jackson by administering a fatal drug overdose...

Will the real Uri Geller
please stand up?

Entertainer, bender of spoons, psychic prankster, or serious spy? his talents are wide ranging, but it is the latter activities that are the subject of a new BBC documentary which has set news-rooms buzzing.

The film, The Secret Life of Uri Geller – Psychic Spy, had its premiere at Sheffield’s Doc Fest on 13th June, attended by Geller. Film-maker Vikram Jayanti discovered while making the film that there is another side to Uri Geller, and there is proof of his espionage activities....

Psychic locates missing pony

A team of rescuers in Seattle, Washington State, carried out a difficult horse rescue after the animal, a fjord pony, was located by an animal psychic.

Gemma, a four-year- old pony with a history of escaping, disappeared from Saddle Rock Stables. Her owner, Barbara Linstedt, led a search party and spent hours trying to find her...

The ghost of the Middletons’ manor

Having bought your manor house, you must next acquire your ghost, writes Kay Hunter.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, have done just that. Research reveals that their local restless spirit is not new. She was first recorded in 1898, and is not resident in their house, but in a nearby lane adjacent to the original Manor House, which was demolished...

Dog thoughts– and a
whole new industry

We must all have met – or even owned – a dog said to understand every word we say, writes Kay Hunter.

If that is true, then there must be doggy thoughts. Then comes the inevitable question as to what those thoughts might be...


An Egyptian relic, said to be 4,000 years old, has started to move of its own accord in its Manchester Museum display case.

Some think there could be “a spiritual reason” behind the mystery.

The 10-inch-high black statuette, which has created worldwide interest, gradually turns around to face the rear of the locked glass cabinet, and has to be turned around by hand to face the front. Nothing else in the cabinet is disturbed...

Mass apport at
David Thompson physical séance

In what is almost certainly a ‘first’ in the history of physical mediumship, 40 coins (one for each of the sitters) were apported during a séance held at Banyan Retreat on Friday 21st June, writes Sue Farrow.

Though I was not present myself, I understand that tight séance room controls were in place at the Kent centre owned and run by Nic Witham and Steven Siu...

Ancient Mayan city discovered

Deep in the Mexican jungle, hidden for more than 1,000 years amid the rain forests, archaeologists have made an exciting discovery.

The heavily forested area has yielded up its secret in the form of an ancient Mayan city they named Chactun, meaning ‘Red Rock’ or ‘Large Rock’. Chactun was probably at its height during the late Classic period of Mayan civilisation, between 600 and 900 AD...

Dr Anabela Cardoso challenges
fairness of BBC programme on EVP

Back in March, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a short series of half-hour programmes by Jolyon Jenkins. The series bore the overall title Out of the Ordinary, and dealt with topics not everyday in nature. One programme concerned the electronic voice Phenomenon (evP) and was reported in PN by Angela Redditch. in not quite thirty minutes it covered a large number of aspects of this controversial field.

Since the broadcast, both Jolyon Jenkins and the BBC’s complaints department have received angry emails from specialists in Instrumental Transcommunication, of which EVP is a major sector. What has caused the protests? The view of the complainants is that the BBC’s presentation was weighted in favour of sceptical scientific opinion, allowing far too brief a slot for EVP and deliberately making use of weak, unclear clips of EVP recordings as though these were typical...

Four mediums
– sixty empty chairs

Stansted Hall played host to a rare experiment on 2nd June, writes Sue Farrow.

Any good medium knows that stepping on to the platform can be nerve-wracking, no matter how experienced you are. You want to be the best you can, giving evidence that has real meaning to the person it’s intended for. Imagine, then, how much harder it must be when you’re asked to get up there and give that evidence to an empty chair. And which empty chair, when there are 60 or so to choose from?

by Scottish medium Ewan Irvine

My interest in the paranormal has been lifelong and I have always been fascinated by the subject of ghosts. I recall tuning into Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World on television, which for many years was the only programme dedicated to the stranger side of life. Now, of course, the subject of the paranormal is much more prevalent in newspapers, magazines and television, and often a topic of social discussion.

Ask anyone if they’ve had a paranormal experience and the answer will be either that they have, or know someone else who has. So, it’s not surprising that interest in the subject is high. The chance to explore a reputedly haunted location is exciting, and completely different from the work I usually do up and down the country as a medium...

A haven of healing for animals
– right in the heart of London
by Sue Farrow

James Baydar, Spiritualist and healer, has recently done something dear to my heart. he’s opened a healing clinic dedicated exclusively to animals. Those readers who share my view that animals – all too often exploited by the human race – are our equals, and deserving of all the kindness, love and respect we humans hope for, will no doubt be delighted to hear that this clinic is held at one of the Uk’s foremost Spiritualist centres, the London Spiritual Mission.

I asked James when he had first become aware of his healing gift. “It was in 2005 when suddenly, and without even knowing why, I had the urge to take up a Reiki course,” he told me. “Although I learned a lot from this popular Japanese technique, after a while I hit the wall, couldn’t progress more and gave up healing. Only after discovering Spiritualism and walking past the gates of the London Spiritual Mission did I realise that I could be a proper channel for healing energy.”

Tony Stockwell answers
your spiritual questions

Dear Tony, I would like to do automatic writing so that I can spread the truth of life after death. Could you please tell me how to go about it, and what is required of me?
Mrs A.F.H., Romford, Essex

Dear Mrs A.F.H., The first thing I would like to say is that, with most if not all forms of communication from spirit, our own minds can influence the messages that we mediums receive.
The fact that communication is coming through automatic writing certainly does not mean it’s a pure link, and that everything received will be totally accurate or free from the influence of your own mind. You will need to be discerning about the writing that flows through you, and of course look for evidence within it that can be validated... 

What’s the point of
psychical research?
– an introduction by Lew Sutton

For most of us older ones, our first experience of mediumship was at a local Spiritualist church or a demonstration in a local hall or theatre by a nationally-known medium. How times have changed!

Increasingly these days the introduction to Spiritualism is through seeing a demonstration on TV, classified as ‘entertainment’ to satisfy the media regulatory authority or the policy of the TV company.

Unfortunately, along with this regulatory requirement comes an apparent necessity for so-called ‘balance’ by giving airtime to sceptics to put their supposedly rational or scientific alternative explanations for mediumship... 

Nourishment for mind, body
and spirit at Peace Festival

Imagine an idyllic summer’s day deep in the Kent countryside. Butterflies flutter past as the sun glints on the waters of a still, clear lake. The surrounding fields and trees are vibrantly green after weeks of rain in this south-eastern English county known as the Garden of England, writes Sue Farrow.

In the grounds of Lake House, home of the Banyan Retreat, marquees are laid out on the lawns, each host to some form of spiritual activity. In one, palmistry and tarot, with Toni Jode, seem to draw a constant stream of people. In another, healing is offered under a copper pyramid. The largest marquee holds a vast array of items for sale – everything from carved buddhas to crystals, from séance trumpets to multi-coloured butterfly sun-catchers...

by Gaye Wilson-Smart

The very last expectation I had as I fell into a wave of overwhelming grief when my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly, was to receive any kind of message from the other side of life. And yet, just six hours after his physical body expired, he began sending me images of white light portraits of himself to reassure me he was already transforming and healing his spirit-energy self.

The first image was quickly followed by a white light sphere, revealing the spirit world where he now found himself. Over the following weeks, whilst I was pretty much switched away from my own normal physical level of being, a continual flow of images, messages and inspiration came through from him to me...

Palmistry – your life in your hands

Internationally renowned palmist Johnny Fincham (who will take no money before a sitting and only accepts it at the end if a client is fully satisfied) explodes some age-old myths for editor Sue Farrow.

Ever wondered if palmistry is for real? Or have you (like me) seen it simply as end-of-the-seaside- pier entertainment, performed by a wizened crone complete with sequinned headscarf and big hoop earrings?

Backwards and Forwards
Part 2
by David Hopkins

In Part 1 of this article I touched on things that lie behind us. I mentioned the centenary of the Derby- Day 1913 event when Emily Davison died for the suffragette cause. Then there were references to two outstanding Spiritualists and mediums, both long-time friends of mine, Gordon Higginson and Robin Stevens, and finally some ‘paranormal’ happenings I witnessed or know about through my family.

Before I get to the ‘forwards’ section of this two- part series I am still in ‘looking back’ mode. As a child I had the opportunity of visiting the then-local physical medium Alec Harris and of knowing people who sat regularly with him. Alec always gave a ‘party’ around Xmas for Lyceumists from Cardiff church...

Spirit inspirers have no
respect for privacy!
By Mike Goodall

I count myself a progressive Spiritualist, more interested in the scientific side of Spiritualism than the religious side. It appears there are some on the other side who think in the same way. I was prompted by them with thoughts put into my head, which started, strangely enough, while I was in the smallest room of the house. Spirit don't seem to worry about such things as privacy!

I've experienced inspiration in a similar way with automatic writing in the past. This time they put their words and thoughts into my head and left me to type them out on the computer. Whether you agree with their message or not, it does contain some interesting points...

William Shakespeare
– a psychic investigation

The plays and poetry of William Shakespeare have made him the brightest light in English culture. But when a writer uses paranormal themes, we can't assume he or she endorses them. Tolkien wrote in detail about elves, goblins and hobbits, but he was a Roman Catholic. Denis Wheatley described magical rites, but did not indulge in them, and used his novels to express hostility to mediumship. So however many entities appear in Shakespeare, that does not mean he believed in them.

A second problem these days is that few know Shakespeare’s work as a whole. Today it’s possible to go through education without ever reading a Shakespeare play. There is also a decline in the public’s general level of historical knowledge behind the plays...

Things You Can Do
When You’re DEAD

By any standards this has to count as one of the most intriguing book titles that has ever crossed my desk, writes Sue Farrow. Itshouts from the rooftops that death is not a state of terminal unconsciousness and inactivity as so many believe, but rather an active and exhilarating new phase of life.

Its author, Tricia J. Robertson, has thirty years’ experience in researching the paranormal and much of her book contains original material previously unseen by anyone. Tricia has also tutored for many years along with her colleague, the late Professor Archie Roy, in the Department of Adult Education at the University of Glasgow, a course entitled An Introduction to Psychical Research... 

My life with Electronic
Voice Phenomena
Reader Linda Woolliscroft shares
her journey of experimentation with EVP

My journey with Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) started around 2005. I had read a story in a magazine written by a lady named Judith Chisholm. She told how she had communicated with her son who had passed away, using a tape recorder that had captured his voice.

This fascinated me and I needed to know more, especially as I had lost my own son Michael in 1995, aged just 25.

I have been a member of Wolverhampton Spiritualist Church since 1991 so I have a good understanding of spirit. I've also have been aware of spirit myself since I was very young. I now felt it was time to extend my knowledge through new adventures. Little did I know that spirit were behind me...

All change at Sarasota

The Sarasota Centre of Light in Florida (SCOL) has recently undergone some significant changes, Gerald O’Hara told Psychic News.  On 25th May, the Rev Tom Newman, who has had connections with the centre for 50 years, retired to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Rev Drew Vogt, from San Francisco, has now been appointed Senior Pastor.

Members of the congregation held a Hawaiian Luau (Colourful Fun) farewell party for Tom, with traditional Hawaiian singing and dancing. A lavish buffet was provided, and a bench in the Healing Garden was dedicated to Tom's  work.  President of the governing board is English-born Kathy Curtin, who gave an address in the garden. Also born in England, the Rev Lisa Johnson, who trained with Harry Edwards, was on hand to offer healing... 

Spirit face or pareidolia?

Reader Ashley Hook has sent us an unusual photo and we’d like to know what you make of it.

Ashley writes: “I was washing up yesterday and had just washed my coffee cup (hence the beige water) when I happened to look in the sink and saw this. I know my granddad is around me and it actually looks like him. I’m a Spiritualist and believe that he is just letting me know he is there. Unfortunately, I was staring at it too long, and a bubble dropped off my finger!”

Dedicated to helping others

The amount of money dedicated Spiritualists and spiritual workers raise for various charities would be impossible to assess. The total must run into millions.

Behind all the generosity of time and effort, so willingly given for the benefit of others, there are many inspirational personal stories which occasionally find their way to Psychic News. One such story is that of Scottish medium Graeme McLaren, who describes himself as “a working class boy from Glasgow who lives in Edinburgh”.

It’s up, up and away for
former RAF officer turned medium

One look at medium Andrew Dee’s itinerary for the rest of 2013 and the indication is that this former RAF officer doesn’t touch down anywhere for very long.

As part of his tour, Spiritual Awakenings, he was at Darwen, Lancashire, on 8th June, before hitting Colchester on 20th June, to be followed by visits to Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent, Shrewsbury, Banbury, Peterborough, and Oswestry, Shropshire...

Robin Foy broadcasts

Physical mediumship researcher Robin Foy, now living in Spain, contacted Psychic News to let us know about his broadcasts.

“Back in March, I was a guest for two hours on the Supernatural Girlz Radio Show,” he said. “I know some of you listened in and enjoyed that programme.”

Andy Byng strides out for charity

It's not long until medium Andy Byng embarks on his gruelling 500-mile charity walk across Spain to raise funds for WaterAid, the Spiritualists’ National Union’s 2013 charity partner.

This epic journey was due to take place in August. However, there has been an unforeseen hitch, as Andy explains... 

Healer makes extraordinary claims

A school drop-out, a young man from kesang Tua, Malaysia, has made up for his lack of academic progress by becoming a sought-after spiritual healer.

The rich and famous flock to the home of K.M.Thinageswar, 28, to seek a cure for their ailments, including such afflictions as tumours and gangrene...

‘Significant lies’ from healer

A man described by the Daily Telegraph as “a Christian faith healer” has been jailed for two years for indecently touching three women patients.

George Boak, 70, treated the women at his home near Halifax. His wife of 34 years was in the house at the time...

Graham Jennings looks at Neolithic Shamanism
by raven Kaldera and Galina Krasskova

Subtitled Spirit Work in the Norse Tradition, the history of Shamanism as told here goes back a long, long way.

Towards the end of the last Ice Age, the Norse, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon peoples followed the receding glaciers. Theirs was a harsh, unremitting, hand-to-mouth existence. They were grounded in the sheer physicality of daily living. Yet they came to possess a strange, practical spirituality they thought crucial to their survival.

They forged links with the Gods (spelt with a capital letter throughout) and the spirits of nature. These they worshipped, appeased, nourished, sacrificed to, and bargained with...

Magazine 38 1st June 2013 issue (Issue No 4104)

Magazine 38

1st June 2013 issue
(Issue No 4104)

From the editor

I’ve a few things on my mind this week.

First off, an international hunger summit, held in London last weekend, was attended by politicians, scientists and welfare organisations from around the world. The purpose of this extraordinarily important gathering was to address the shocking levels of malnutrition affecting an estimated 37 million children worldwide.

It was supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, set up by the billionaire founder of computer giant Microsoft in 1994, which has given hundreds of millions of dollars to vital global causes...

Recent passings

Jenny Mansell, a member of Longton Spiritualist Church, has passed to spirit. She was 63 and had been suffering from cancer.

Jenny was a committed Spiritualist who served Longton church in a number of capacities. She leaves behind John, her husband of 41 years, until recently vice-president of Longton church, and one son. The couple have another son who passed to spirit eight years ago. No doubt mother and son will now be enjoying a wonderful reunion...

First ordination at Hereford church

Medium and Christian Spiritualist Susan Moss was recently ordained as a minister at the first ceremony of its kind in Hereford.

Susan, a 69-year-old mother of three, says she specialises in helping people “who have lost souls.” Her group, Seeking the Light, meets weekly at Hereford Town Hall.She has been running her own

Spiritualist centre since 2007, and has raised £15,200 for local charities.

Referring to her ordination she told the Hereford Times: “I feel very humbled by it all. It’s a big thing to be bestowed upon you.”

William Roache faces new charges

Actor William Roache, 81, made a second appearance in court on 10th June, charged with historical sexual offences against five girls.

At Preston Crown Court the fresh charges put to him concerned two alleged indecent assaults in relation to a 14-year- old girl, and one to a 16-year-old girl in 1965.

He faced five charges of indecent assaults involving four girls aged from 12 to 16. The second hearing was brief, lasting only six minutes. He denies all charges, which he says are deeply upsetting, and vowed to protest his innocence vigorously...

Reader’s prize was just the ticket

One of our PN competition winners has written to say how delighted she was with her unusual prize, writes Kay Hunter.

Margaret Michell, from Stoke-on- Trent, was a winner in our regular Sudoku competition. Her prize was in the form of a ticket for a Saturday open day of events at the Arthur Findlay Centre in Stafford.

Margaret certainly had a full agenda for her visit, and said she was “absolutely inspired by the wonderful demonstrations throughout the day”...

Butterflies for sale – lots of them!

If you have a thing for butterflies, you’d have been like a kid on Christmas morning at the Butterfly Fellowship’s auction on 25th May, writes Sue Farrow.

A total of 60 new items, all butterfly- related and donated by members, were up for grabs.

The Fellowship was founded by medium John Conway in 2008, in memory of much-loved Spiritualist Heather Hatton. Heather, who loved butterflies, passed to spirit in June 2007...

Seafordspirit welcomes
New York medium

Seafordspirit, an independent Spiritualist church in the small seaside town of Seaford in East Sussex, recently hosted New York Medium Richard Schoeller.

Church president, medium Robin Hodson, met Richard through their work with the International Spiritualist Federation and a plan was hatched to bring Richard to the UK and have him serve the church...

The peace and power
of true trance mediumship

Sue Farrow introduces extracts from an outstanding demonstration of philosophical trance mediumship given by Eileen Davies at the Arthur Findlay College earlier this month.

Make no mistake – true trance mediumship is rare. I’ve written often about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and so on, and occasionally referred to that most widespread of all the ‘clairs’ – clairdelusion. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the field of trance.

Visiting numerous demonstrations as part of my job, I’ve not yet made use of all five fingers on one hand to count genuine examples of what I believe to be entrancement of a medium by a spirit entity. I’ve listened to everyone from ‘Jesus’ and ‘Michael Jackson’ (allegedly) to an alien from the future who, strangely, sounded remarkably like ET!

Pushing the boundaries of mediumship

Medium Gaynor French has been through a lot in life, but her enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of her mediumship and experimenting with new ways of working is stronger than ever, writes Sue Farrow.

Her story so impressed us that we decided to share it in the hope that other mediums might be Tinspired to step out of their own comfort.

This story started because I was puzzled by a tutor who told off a student for linking in with spirit a few minutes before going on a platform to demonstrate. This seriously knocked the confidence of the student and so her experience on the platform was far from positive. That made me think about some of the research I had carried out regarding the pioneers of mediumship...

The meditation circle that saved a life

Reader Eleanor Landreau, who lives in france, shares the results of a fascinating experiment (which included a visit from a curious psychiatrist) in the meditation circle she leads.

For some time I have been holding regression workshops at the Spiritualist Association here in Paris, and the reason these came about was because of the results we’d been having with our meditation circles, during which people claimed having sensed being someone else in a past life... 

Trance discernment and
the case of the sniffing dog...

By James McQuitty

In the spiritual world of trance, and in all forms of mediumship, discernment is needed. I say this because there are many ‘funny’ people in this world,
and a fair number have attached themselves to all that is New Age, psychic or Spiritualist in nature.

Entranced by a dog?

Some people will believe almost anything. For instance, I know a female medium who was asked to sit as a guest in a circle where on regular occasions one of the sitters supposedly went into trance and was taken over by a dog. (If she’d known this in advance she wouldn’t have gone!)...


New Zealand spiritualist, author and neurotherapist desmond Long responds to the views of ken Pretty and June Godfrey

I very much respect the views of my neighbour Ken Pretty (Issue 4101), but admittedly I don’t agree with everything he says, any more than I agree with everything said by June Godfrey (Issue 4099).

I am almost certainly the only person to have explored the afterlife with an amalgam of clairaudience and Induced After Death Communication (IADC®), a neurotherapeutic trance modality developed by psychologists in the USA.

I have been clairaudient since childhood, and personally developed a self-IADC delivery mechanism in consultation with the lead scientist, Dr Allan Botkin. Reincarnation was regularly discussed with spirit during the nine months I was involved, although initially I disagreed with some of the information...

Survival – but of what?

Reader Frederick Kenward shares
some thoughts on survival of a different kind...

What is it that we seek the survival of in the current widely-held desire for change in Spiritualism? Is it our local churches and commercial bodies, with their mediocre psychic demonstrations, striving to meet financial liabilities and interests?

I think it certainly has nothing to do with the substance of Spiritualism. I have visited a lot of churches down the years and have found little anywhere to stimulate enthusiasm in understanding what Spiritualism is to me...

Backwards and Forwards

In the first of a two-part series, David Hopkins looks back on some great mediumship and on people who sacrificed their lives for justice. In part 2 he’ll consider how those people and events can take us forward into the future.

Looking back is a pastime we all indulge in. Each year there are major world events to remember, national and international occurrences to recall, and personal experiences to relive and review...

Magazine 37 18th May 2013 issue (Issue No 4103)

Magazine 37

18th May 2013 issue
(Issue No 4103)

From the editor

What kind of world are we living in? Apparently a world in which adherence to a so-called ‘religious’ creed affords you carte blanche to hack someone to death with a machete on a London street in broad daylight.

Drummer Lee Rigby, of 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, joined the Army in 2006. A husband and father, he was just 25 years old when he was brutally killed outside his barracks in Woolwich, south London.

Media reports tell us that Drummer Rigby, a lifelong Manchester United supporter, had always wanted to be a soldier. In what seems like a particularly cruel irony, he was wearing a ‘Help for Heroes’ T-shirt as he was murdered...

Double event at Harrogate

Harrogate Spiritual Healing Church is hosting a double event on 2nd July, featuring psychic surgery and psychic art.

Psychic surgery will be demonstrated by Gary Mannion, still in his twenties, who believes his hands are guided by Abraham of the Old Testament.

At the age of thirteen Gary was taken to a Spiritualist church by his father. He remembers hearing a voice telling him he could do the work the medium was doing...

Unholy matrimony (and the
‘ridiculous sect’called Spiritualism)

he topic of same-sex marriages rumbles on. It’s reported that MPs are considering whether or not humanist weddings should be given legal status.

Humanism, a movement based on ‘reason and humanity’ rather than religion, has around 40,000 followers in Britain. Some 600 humanist weddings are carried out each year in England and Wales.

For these unions to have legal validity the couples must additionally be married by a registrar. The possibility that this would not be necessary under new legislation is ringing alarm bells rather than wedding bells...

Robert Brown in America

Much-travelled British medium Robert Brown has sent news from America, where he was taking part in Our Soul Life Conference at Virginia Beach.

The weekend event took place at the headquarters of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, and was apparently sold out.

Guest speakers included Suzanne Giesemann, interviewed in Psychic News in 2010, author of nine books, perhaps the best known being Messages of Hope...

Re-run of musical medium play

Musical medium, the late Rosemary Brown, is undoubtedly the inspiration for a play performed by TheatreSquared, Arkansas, USA, writes Kay Hunter.

Written by Robert Ford, artistic director of TheatreSquared, the play, The Spiritualist, which opens the 2013 season, introduces the character of Rosemary Dunn, an English widow and school dinner lady who takes dictation of classical piano works, given to her by composers from the next world...

Is ‘synthetic telepathy’ a threat?

“Information transmission from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction.” I’ve quoted that as a simple description of telepathy, writes Kay Hunter.

According to reports, the US army aims to take us into the realms of ‘synthetic telepathy’ – a means of telling machines what to do by telepathic thinking...

Life without food!

Breatharianism is defined as the belief that humans can live on light instead of consuming food and liquids, writes Kay Hunter.

If that is true, by learning how to adapt, we could transform the entire global economy. International trade in foodstuffs would disappear. Supermarkets and restaurants would go out of business, with chefs and waiters in the dole queue. Obesity and its grim side effects would vanish, but on the downside this would probably be cancelled out by a severe increase in anorexia, so any clinical advantage would be lost...

The séance that started
my amazing journey

Talented psychic artist Sandy Ingham shares her experiences of sitting with physical medium Stewart Alexander.

I first sat with Stewart about four years ago and have often wondered how I came to be there and who arranged it for me. That night started an amazing journey for me – one I will never forget...


The Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies will shortly celebrate 60 years of work. But as Leslie Price reveals, its founder had recently become a prominent figure in Spiritualism.

On 5th November 1949, a new contributor appeared in Psychic News identified only as a “Fleet Street Journalist”. He had lost his wife the previous Christmas and been saved from despair by investigating Spiritualism and receiving remarkable evidence of her survival. Within a few months, he was known to be Colonel Reginald Lester, a leading freelance journalist.

At the time, Lester was editor of three journals (one weekly and two monthlies) and wrote a weekly column for a London daily newspaper. He had written fourteen books. He was already on the council of the Institute of Journalists and would eventually become its president...

June Godfrey responds to the views of
Roy Stemman, Ken Pretty and Helen Gandoff.

Roy Stemman’s letter suggests in Issue 4100 that a newly- born baby’s spirit must have been pre-existent. I can only ask – why?

I can see no reason to believe in pre-existence of that little spirit – it comes into the world with no knowledge whatsoever, gradually developing through experience. We come into this life a new and ignorant spirit bringing no former experience with us. What appears to be evidence of the recent doctrines of reincarnation can be explained by subconscious conditioning and expectation... 

Under the microscope
Lew Sutton takes a cool scientific look
at the heated issue of vegetarianism

The ethical issues of a vegetarian diet, or the    me only three months to live.” Prof Plant remembered stricter vegan diet, tend to dominate discussion whenever the matter is raised, be it in the Spiritualist press or elsewhere. Strong views are almost invariably expressed. whether for or against vegetarianism. But so often missing from the argument is scientific evidence concerning the health issues of a diet that doesn’t rely on protein derived from animal or fish products.

Recent months have brought awareness to the general public of the increased risk of serious health problems through regularly eating processed meat products. The evidence has been pointing this way for some time, but knowledge has only been readily available to the general public through publications such as What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY). This monthly magazine includes reports on worldwide health research. More importantly, it tries to establish who is funding reports, which, as we will see, is crucial to the reliability of such reports. Until recently WDDTY was only available on subscription but is now stocked by larger newsagents...

Signs of things to come?
by david hopkins

You may well have read that a well-known film personality has announced that she has had an operation called a double mastectomy. This means that both her breasts have been surgically removed. This was done not because the breasts were diseased but because there was a chance that they might become diseased. The prognosis was that there was an 87 per cent chance of this happening. I have read further reports that this may not be the final operation this person is going to undergo; the next one will also be based on what might happen.

This saddens me very much. Of course I feel sympathy for this woman but I have far more concern that this could become the standard on which women (and men) base future decisions. Is it also an indication of how the medical profession intends to ‘guide’ patients in the years ahead? Do we now face the prospect of ‘preventative medicine’ being based on ‘cut it off’ or ‘cut it out’ just in case something develops at a later date? What a frightening thought that is!

Magazine 36  4th May  2013 issue (Issue No 4102)

Magazine 36

4th May 2013 issue
(Issue No 4102)

Guest editorial
by Angela Redditch

“In a fully scientific view of the world, only material things are real.” This was the political philosopher John Gray in his ten-minute talk The Limits of Materialism in the Radio 4 series A Point of View on 5th May. Such scientific materialism is not John Gray’s own world view, it seems. His ten-minute talk gently and courteously pointed out to those of a strictly materialist turn of mind that their “creed...is actually a contradiction, for science isn’t a fixed view of things, still less a dogmatic faith.”

For John Gray, the “distinction between what’s natural and what’s not isn’t as straightforward as it seems...Many religions don’t distinguish between nature and the supernatural. For animists and polytheists, the natural world is full of spirits.” For Christians of various denominations, as for adherents of several other major world faiths, it’s important to honour the spirits of the dead...

The man who saw God

An American whose heart stopped beating while he slept awoke in hospital, claiming to have witnessed angels and spoken to God.

Don Houston, 62, of Oklahoma City, had a history of heart problems. His wife, Rita, woke one night around Christmas last year, to find he had stopped breathing. She immediately phoned 911 and was given lifesaving CPR instructions until the paramedics, Frankie Burch and Carey Crump, arrived...


Faith can help depression

New research in America has found that belief in God or a higher being significantly improves the condition of patients suffering from depression.

The research was carried out at McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, to investigate the relationship between a patient’s level of belief in God, their expectations of treatment outcome, and the actual outcome...

William Roache charged with rape

Actor William Roache, 81, who has often appeared in the pages of Psychic News because of his interest in spiritual matters, was arrested at his Cheshire home on 1st May.

He is charged with raping a 15-year- old girl 46 years ago, a charge he strenuously denies.
Through his lawyers he said: “I am astounded and deeply horrified by the extraordinary events of the last 24 hours...

Healer wins appeal against prison sentence

After receiving an immediate custodial prison sentence of four months for a sexual offence, a Norfolk healer has successfully appealed against it. William Workman, aged 77, of Sprowston, who attended Norwich Crown Court with the aid of a walking frame, admitted sexually assaulting a woman who visited him for treatment. After sentence was passed by Judge

Nicholas Coleman, Mr Ian James, acting for Workman, lodged an appeal, saying prison would have a devastating effect upon his client, given his age and physical difficulties...

Celebrating two decades of service

AnA West Sussex church has celebrated 20 years of service to spirit and the local community.

East Grinstead Christian Spiritual Church of Love was founded on 11th April 1993 by Sigrid Humerston and her late husband Eric, along with Rose Dixon.

Eric was a lifelong Spiritualist and Sigrid had sixteen years’ experience of chairing and committee work with Tunbridge Wells Christian Spiritual Church. Rose Dixon was a medium who joined the couple to support their new venture...

Happy 103rd birthday Edith!

Late news has reached us of a very special birthday celebrated in April, writes Kay Hunter.

Mrs Edith Morgan, described by Coventry Minister Lynette Coulston as “one of Spiritualism’s most senior stalwarts”, reached the age of 103 on 29th April...

Paul Jacobs – a man with a plan

One of Spiritualism’s most popular evidential mediums is to launch a new initiative to help UK churches and student mediums.

Paul Jacobs, a professional medium of many years’ experience, has been a long-time tutor at the Arthur Findlay College and as a young medium was mentored by the legendary Gordon Higginson...

The price of life

David Hopkins sets out some home truths about genetic modification of food, patenting age-old medicinal plants for profit, and calls for Spiritualism to return to its radical campaigning roots.

There are so many things we take for granted and it’s often only when there is some threat that we begin to take a close look at the things which are important in our lives...

Spiritualism in the Republic of Ireland

London-based writer and spiritual worker Wendy Stokes introduces medium Tom Colton, president of the Spiritualist Union of Ireland.

As a child, Tom communicated and interacted with spirit. He was very close to his great grandmother, who was psychic, but adds that “this wasn’t talked about in Catholic Ireland in those days.

“When my uncle Richard died in 2001, I reconnected with spirit and spent nine years studying a wide variety of disciplines, both in Ireland and the UK. I became a reiki master and completed the National Federation of Spiritual Healers’ qualification and then advanced my mediumship by studying at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted.”

By Billy Roberts

Our parents are no doubt unwittingly the architects of our destinies, and from the earliest moments of our life on this planet our future is essentially in their hands. In fact, from a very early age our parents programme us and chastise us by imposing upon us their likes and dislikes, effectively creating us psychologically, emotionally and sometimes spiritually in their own image, in very much the same way their parents did to them.

However, if we’re fortunate enough to have well- grounded, intelligent and far-seeing parents, it’s a fairly safe bet that we will do well in life, circumstances permitting. Even so, there are other psychological factors to be considered, such as the impressions made on us by our peers, and how much we are influenced by the people we mix with...

Angela Redditch on Lou Gentile and Derren Brown

Lou Gentile – compassionate investigator

Lou Gentile was a name I’d never heard until a recent repeat of a TV programme. He was an investigator into the paranormal in the USA, based in Philadelphia. A broadcaster with his own radio show, he (and a number of assistant researchers) spent many years trying to help and support people who felt they were being in one way or another persecuted by malicious discarnate entities.

Some four years ago Lou and his work as a “demonologist” were the subjects of an investigation by Derren Brown, who spent several days in and around Philadelphia accompanying Lou as he visited people in their homes, and other locations, where seemingly paranormal – and certainly frightening and unpleasant – events appeared to be taking place...

PN reader Nicky Rayment thinks
you should pluck up your courage
and share it. Read on to find out how...

Everyone has a story to tell. Every life lived becomes a story to be passed on and shared with others, because there are untold treasures in each and every one. There should be some kind of law that states everyone must pass on the knowledge they’ve acquired!


Psychic News Magazine 35

Magazine 35

20th April 2013 issue
(Issue No 4101)

From the editor
April/May 2013


facebook editorial picDo you believe that animals have souls? And if so, do you believe that every animal has a soul, or just those we in the western world have chosen to make our domestic companions?

Last week, as I browsed on Facebook, I saw a captioned photo that made me stop in my tracks.

Underneath this photo, various people had made comments, including one which said – “They eat dogs in China.” I knew this, of course. We all know it. And not just in China, but in many other countries too.

I have a dog. She’s the centre of my universe. Like each dog (though naturally mine is the most beautiful!) she has a unique personality and character.

She feels happiness and occasionally sadness, has strong opinions and makes her own choices on everything from people to other dogs, trees, types of grass, food, toys, places to sleep, etc...

New project researches clinical benefits
of mediumship for the grieving

An appeal has gone out to Psychic News readers from Julie Beischel PhD (pictured right), Director of Research at the Windbridge Institute, in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr Beischel, a respected scientist, has devoted many years of sympathetic research to mediumship, and has now begun an important new project which needs support...



Gateshead-based medium Stewart Robertson, now in his 38th year of service to Spiritualism, reports the March re-opening of the local Conan Doyle Club, writes Kay Hunter.

Nearly 40 people came to the inaugural evening, including several who had never previously attended a Spiritualist meeting. The clairvoyance of popular medium Lynda Bland, of Trimdon, was, he says, well received. Some newcomers have already started to attend nearby Wrekenton church. (Wednesdays at 7pm in the Community Centre.)

Scott Milligan to give séance
for Psychic News readers

We’re delighted to announce that physical medium Scott Milligan is to give a physical séance specially for Psychic News readers, writes Sue Farrow.

The event will take place on Thursday 20th June at the fabulous Banyan Retreat. Nic Whitham and Steven Siu, who founded and run this beautiful spiritual centre in the Kent countryside, have kindly made their purpose-built séance room available to PN for this very special sitting.

Scott, just 30 years old, is a hugely gifted physical medium, and has generously made his services available for the benefit of PN...

Camborne church has a new home

Cambourne Christian Spiritualist Church, Cornwall, has reason to celebrate.

Founded 39 years ago, it has finally achieved a home of its own.

The new meeting place is the former register office in Roskear, known as Jane Hooper House. The church was able to purchase the building, and after gaining consent for a change of use, held its first service there on 18th March...

AFC Stafford holds free photographic
and digital image competition

Yes, of course many of you can recite the Spiritualists’ National Union’s Seven Principles, but have you ever thought of them in visual terms?

For instance, how would you depict The brotherhood of Man, Personal Responsibility, or perhaps number three – The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels?

If you are sufficiently inspired by any of the seven to attempt to illustrate them, you should consider entering the photographic competition organised by the Arthur Findlay Centre, Stafford. Entry is free and open to everyone, but those under 18 must have parental permission...

Windsor pioneers remembered
April 2013

There were many dedicated and determined people responsible for founding Spiritualist churches, and guiding them through their early days. We would do well to remember the work they did, often against great odds, writes Kay Hunter.

Duncan Leadbetter, a former president of Windsor Spiritualist Church (pictured right), has told Psychic News his recollections of two very special ladies who have important places in the history of their church.

One was Kittie Simpson, who founded the church in 1930...

Remembering Nick Mcglynn
– the man who always said it straight

Nick McGlynn, medium, maverick and passionate supporter of physical mediumship, has passed to spirit, writes Sue Farrow.
The 83-year-old former builder made his transition on 23rd March at the Keech Hospice, Luton, following a long battle with cancer.
Throughout his last months, Nick, always the most independent of men, was helped greatly by his friend Ravi Pattani, who told Psychic News...

A Woman of Spirit returns

For those who don’t remember her personally, Doris Collins was a world-famous medium and healer who demonstrated to an audience of thousands at London’s Royal Albert Hall, writes Sue Farrow.

The first sign of Doris’s exceptional gift came at the age of twelve, when she heard a disembodied voice giving information that saved her sister Lily’s life. Though Doris didn’t know it, this opening burst of clairaudience signalled the start of a remarkable link with the spirit world which would see Doris demonstrating spirit communication all around the world...


New Zealand-based medium, healer and teacher Ken Pretty (pictured right) joins the ongoing reincarnation debate in response to reader June Godfrey’s letter of Issue 4099.

Quick reincarnation, and for someone to come back to the same family, is, in my long experience, rare. Indeed, it’s said that most folk rarely know their family further back than two or so generations (a generation is about 30 years). Certainly, after four or more generations, virtually nobody on either side of life would know one another, so contact would no longer be an issue. I am not dogmatic about this – it’s just common-sense logic...

Harnessing the power of colour
Colour specialist Margaret Davis talks
with Psychic News editor Sue Farrow

The concept of colour having the power to affect our bodies, minds and spirits is far from new. The ancient Egyptians employed coloured bottles of water containing gem stones, and used to place them in the
sunlight to infuse. They also put people into coloured rooms so they could absorb the particular colour emanations there, and people wore personal amulets of varying colours. Persia, Greece, China and Tibet had similar colour-based customs.

Spiritualist medium Margaret Davis has been fascinated by colour since childhood. She both sees and senses the aura, and gives colour readings to individuals, drawing with pastels as she works. I asked her how it all began.

“Colour has always been part of my life,” she told me. “During my school holidays one year they decided to change the whole colour scheme. When we went back for the new term,the subdued colours had been replaced with strong, vibrant blues, oranges and so on. In some of the classrooms there were three different colours.”

The séance that never was
Leslie Price on a missed opportunity that
could have changed the course of psychical research

What Tom Harrison wrote in his book ‘Life after Death – Living Proof’:

“Dr J.B. Rhine – renowned USA psychologist, was on a UK visit in the late 1940’s, and was staying in the Middlesbrough area.

“A good friend of Sydney’s [Sydney Shipman, home circle member], Mr Waddington, was Dr Rhine’s agent at that time, and arrangements were made for Mr Brittain Jones [hospital surgeon who used infra-red photography at the Harrison circle] and Mr W. Fletcher, Headmaster of Middlesbrough High School, to meet Dr Rhine and tell him about our circle...

“The meeting with Dr Rhine was on a Wednesday and he was due to sail back to the USA at the weekend on the Queen Mary. After a number of telephone calls between us, my mother agreed to sit on the Friday evening, the only evening available to us all, including Mr Fletcher. We had understood this would be suitable for Dr Rhine, only to be told that he had a meeting in Glasgow that evening – so he never attended the circle.”

Ewan Irvine on

The subjects of the paranormal and the afterlife often seem to divide people, rather than bring them together. There frequently appears to be a no-man’s land between the trenches of the believer and the sceptic. Sometimes, we pluck up the courage to join each other for a short time, but more often than not we are back in our respective trenches before the day is out.

Science is not keen on topics such as the afterlife. Indeed, I have found that most studies look at the need to disprove the existence of an afterlife, rather than at proving it. I have never been sure why this is. After all, science has been proved wrong so many times throughout history. We only have to look at the early scientists who said the world was flat to see a perfect example of this...

Book review of All is Well
with Stephen Wollaston (aka Santoshan)

THE GAY GOSPELS: Good News for Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and Transgendered People
by keith Sharpe Circle books ~ 160 pages ~ paperback

As much as I greatly enjoyed reading The Gay Gospels, and am deeply grateful to the author for putting together numerous key issues in a stimulating and clear way, I was torn between ‘recommending’ or ‘highly recommending’ it. It was the writer’s conviction that he had arrived at the only possible conclusion that left me slightly disappointed in one or two places.

For instance, that the hotly debated issue around the disciple Jesus loved had no other interpretation than being a gay relationship. There are about five perspectives taken by various authors on who that disciple was...

Psychic News Magazine 34

Magazine 34

6th April 2013
(Issue No 4100)

From the editor
April 2013

A few weeks ago I received a letter from someone who had lost their partner of many years. It’s not the first time I’ve had such a letter, and will almost certainly not be the last, but generally the writers are asking me to recommend a medium, or to direct them to a Spiritualist church or centre, which I’m always pleased to do.

In this case, the writer was naturally distraught at the physical loss of someone so much loved, but already had a belief in the afterlife and a connection with a church. So why were they writing?
They had no doubt of their partner’s survival beyond death but were very anxious indeed about what form their relationship might take in the spirit world. Would it be the same as it had been on earth? And if not, how might it differ?

This, I suspect, is a question that bothers many of us who have lost a beloved partner. We long for the familiar life we shared, and the loss of that shared life is in its own way as great a bereavement as the loss of the partner him or her self...

The Edwardian Lady

Edith Holden, perhaps better known as the Edwardian Lady who wrote a famous, and best-selling Country Diary, has been making her spirit presence felt.

What was not widely known about Edith was that she came from a family with a great interest in Spiritualism. All seven children of Emma and Arthur Holden had mediumistic gifts. The family held sittings in order to contact their mother Emma, after she had passed in 1904 ..

Mediums in partnership

Mediums Bill Parkins and Nick Kenning have worked together for eight years. They serve Spiritualist churches in and around Bill’s home town of Stevenage and Nick’s district of Norwich.

Together, they also teach trance and mental mediumship workshops, and give private sittings here and in Europe, especially in Sweden...

Meditation Keeps You Warm

Forget those terrifying winter heating bills writes Kay Hunter. Turn off the radiators, pack away the electric blankets and rejoice! Help is at hand.

Researchers have discovered the perfect no-cost central heating system, described in one word – meditation.

Meditation is an accepted and valuable technique, particularly in the field of spiritual healing. But imagine what it could achieve if pursued on a far more mundane and unworthy level...

Celebration at Bournemouth

Bournemouth can mark up 108 years of Spiritualism, an anniversary which Bournemouth Spiritualist Church celebrated at a memorable service on 16th March.

At the same event, the church was rededicated by David Bruton, president of the SNU, who paid a special tribute to its pioneers. The rededication was symbolised by the handing of the church keys to President Al Potts.
Guests included the Mayor of Bournemouth, Cllr Phil Stanley-Watts and his escort Cllr Cheryl Johnson, and Cllr Anne Rey...

Off-beat in ‘The Met’

Among the 31,000 London policemen are four mediums, two Pagans and a Druid.

These facts were revealed following a Freedom of Information request for details of ‘non mainstream’ religions practised by police officers in ‘The Met’.

The MailOnline announced the results and briefly explained the ethos of each group. Two thousand years ago, the Romans claimed that Druids practised human sacrifice. Modern Druidism – called neo-Druidism – focuses on the worship of nature, especially trees...

Journeying back to the UK

Talented overtone singer, sound healer and multi-instrumentalist instrumentalist Rami Shaafi returns to the UK for a short tour during April and May, offering healing journeys and workshops.

Places are limited and are taken quickly, so don’t wait too long before booking one of these wonderfully uplifting events, writes Paul Brett.

Rami, 37, works in concord with the spirit world – which he has been aware of since he was a child. Before leaving the UK last year he told Psychic News, “I have been involved with Spiritualism for a long time, and have served two Spiritualist churches as a healer and committee member for years...

Gordon Higginson honoured
at Arthur Findlay College 

The Spiritualists’ National Union has held a special service to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the passing of its longest-serving president, writes Sue Farrow.

Minister Gordon Mons Higginson, who made his transition to the higher life on 18th January, 1993, was president of the SNU for almost 23 years, and for much of that time principal of the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted.

Welcoming 150 guests to the College sanctuary on 3rd April, SNU president Minister David Bruton invited them “to share this special tribute to the life and work of arguably one of the greatest pioneers of Modern Spiritualism”.

Witches, fairies and pellars
Billy Roberts takes a light-hearted
look at some very weird legends...

Folk tales can be divided into two categories: narratives dealing with actual beliefs, yet purely fictional; and legends which are believed to be based on events that actually occurred, witnessed by people and accounted for in parish and court records, and in newspapers.

As with all stories regarding paranormal figures or events, there is always an element of Chinese Whispers at work, from the witnessing of the event to the time it was actually recounted on paper...

A Winter Wonderland at Lily Dale

The Lily Dale Assembly is the world’s largest centre for Spiritualism. Currently in its 134th year, it’s a residential community where mediums and like-minded people live and work. It has its own churches and shops, and even its own fire service. Dr Susan B. Barnes, a member of the community, explains a little about day-to-day life in winter, at what is affectionately known as “The Dale”...

Adventurers in Time and Space

James McQuitty explains some basics about this world and the next for those who are new to the spiritual journey.

If you enjoy sci-fi, Dr Who may have come to mind when you read this title. What you may not realise is that you, just like Dr Who, undertake adventures in time and space...

Book review of Portraits from Spirit
by Graham Jennings

by Ann Bridge Davies ~ Paperback
167 pages ~ £12.50 ~ AuthorHouse UK

There are three ways, as a psychic artist, to draw those on the other side of life who wish to communicate with loved ones: by sensing their presence using clairaudience or clairsentience, and drawing whatever you sense or hear; by allowing an amanuensis to guide your hand, otherwise called automatic drawing; or by drawing what you can see clairvoyantly.

I say “you” because after describing how she herself works, Ann Bridge Davies shows how all aspiring psychic artists may do likewise...

The Creative Teacher,  the Unfolding Student
by Glyn Edwards

When teaching students about mediumistic development we are often faced with ideas, views and demands that can challenge us and make us question ourselves. One particular area of concern can be that students have already made up their minds about how their own particular unfoldment can or should be brought about.

Another area needing consideration is how some teachers can be more interested in pushing their own ideas about development, rather than investigating what is actually happening with the student and seeing what is the best way forward for them. Instead, room needs to be found for the spirit world to bring forward their influence, intelligence, wisdom and abilities, which may not have anything to do with individual desires and agendas...

Psychic News Magazine 32

Magazine 33

23rd March 2013
(Issue No 4099)

From the editor
April 2013

Sometimes I’ll sit down to write my editorial knowing exactly what I’m going to say. After all, I’m usually on my soapbox about something! At other times, though, I’ll have
no specific idea of what I want to write, and so I send out a thought to friends ‘upstairs’ asking for inspiration as to the topic. That’s what I did yesterday, but all was unnervingly

Sitting at my computer earlier today, that spark of inspiration had still not arrived and I had no idea what I would write about – a nail-biting situation for any writer confronting a blank
page. I got up from my

desk, made coffee and turned on the news. And then I knew exactly what I had to write about...

Harry Franks passes to spirit

Northampton Spiritualist Church has lost one of its most respected members with the recent passing of Harry Franks, DSNU.

Harry served the church for more than 23 years in many capacities. He was a fine healer who for the past 16 years was deputy healing leader. He was also a very popular church president. In addition to the work he did for his own church, he served many other churches as a dedicated platform medium...

Edgar Cayce’s youngest son passes at 95

Edgar Evans Cayce, youngest son of the great American psychic Edgar Cayce and his wife Gertrude, passed away peacefully on 15th February at the age of 95.

His earliest recollection of being helped by his psychic father was a physical reading given when he was seven years old. He was standing near a fireplace when the leg of his pyjamas caught fire. It was rapidly dealt with by his mother, who smothered the flames with a shirt.

The accident caused serious burns from his ankle to his back. A remedy described in a psychic reading by his father successfully treated the injury...

‘Most Haunted’ screening breached broadcasting code

An episode of the paranormal TV show Most Haunted, shown at 6pm, breached the broadcasting code, states regulator Ofcom.

The Mail Online was one of several newspapers carrying the story, relating to an episode shown on 17th October last year.

This episode featured ghosts at Chatham Dockyard, with medium Derek Acorah “possessed” by a number of spirits, including that of a woman who had murdered children. It was screened by Pick TV, which is owned by Sky...

National Portrait Gallery hosts Native American exhibition

George Catlin (1796–1872) has been described as “an amateur artist,” yet his output was prolific, and the subject of many exhibitions, writes Kay Hunter.

The latest showing of his work in the UK opened at London’s National Portrait Gallery on 7th March, and will run until 23rd June. The last time such a substantial collection of Catlin’s portraits of American Indians came to London, it was brought here by the painter himself and exhibited at the Egyptian Hall on Piccadilly...

Leslie Price returns to news College of Psychic Studies

Psychic News contributor Leslie Price is returning to London’s College of Psychic Studies, where he served as librarian from 1968-9. At that time, Roy Stemman, then assistant editor of PN, photographed him on the steps of a ladder in the library, as part of a feature on the College, which was then headed by Paul Beard.

When Leslie told assistant secretary and medium Don Galloway that he intended to leave the role, Don observed: “You’ll go, but you’ll come back.”

William Roache apologises for controversial remarks

Coronation Street actor William Roache (pictured right) has apologised after appearing to suggest sex abuse victims are paying for their misdemeanours in previous lives.

The 80-year-old actor made the controversial comments in an interview with New Zealand’s TVNZ.

During the interview, in which the recent sex abuse scandals were referred to, Roache said, “If you accept that you are pure love, and live that pure love, these things won’t happen to you.”

Elvis sighting at Stansted

The SNU’s charity fundraising has had to change course for legal reasons. The Charity Commission advised that Spiritualist Aid was not legal, on the grounds that the SNU was raising money in advance of knowing where it would be donated.

SNU Public Relations Officer, Minister Steven Upton, told Psychic News: “As a result, it has been decided to select a ‘Charity Partner’ for the twelve-month period from one AGM to the next – July to July. For this year, ending at the July AGM, we chose WaterAid. Next year’s choice will be Crisis.”

Australian Spiritualists Love London!

Australian Spiritualists Stephen and Tuppy Richardson recently spent three months in London. Here, Tuppy tells Psychic News about their adventures in London and
reflects on some differences between Spiritualist practice in London and Australia.

It was a really wonderful experience for us to come and be part of the London Spiritualist community. We are dedicated Spiritualists and work hard for our local churches in Adelaide...

Out Of the Ordinary – the BBC examines EVP

Angela Redditch reports on a Radio 4 documentary

Out of the Ordinary was the title of a series of half-hour programmes by Jolyon Jenkins on “out-of-the-way topics” broadcast recently on BBC Radio 4. The 25th March programme
covered the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) which first hit the headlines just over forty years ago, and has never ceased to be controversial.

As I understand it, EVP researchers use a blank tape to record from a radio tuned to an unused frequency (ie between stations) so that the only sound to be heard during the recording is the hiss of ‘white noise’. When the tape is played back there may (or may not) be sounds in addition to the white noise. If extra sounds are present, they may resemble spoken words or phrases, and researchers claim that the voice or voices on the tape may sometimes be identifiable...


In 1969, a book was published which lifted the lid on the Spiritualist movement. It was, naturally, reviewed in Psychic News – by Gordon Turner (pictured), then the paper’s star reviewer. (Gordon joked that having to review a book a week was purgatory!)

It was, he said in the 12th April 1969 edition, “one of the most brilliant books on Spiritualism ever to be published”. The author was an SNU member, Dr G.K. Nelson, a university sociologist, and the book was entitled Spiritualism and Society...

Book review of The Edwardian Afterlife
Diary of Emma Holden

by Graham Jennings

Rewritten by K. Jackson-Barnes ~ Paperback
427 pages ~ £11.99 ~ Psychic Book Club Publishing

It is thirty-six years since the enchanting The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady was first published. The lady of the title was Edith Holden, an artist and illustrator, who recorded in words, sketches and paintings the countryside around the family home at Olton, Warwickshire.

What readers would not have known is that she was a natural-born medium, as was her sister Evelyn, a gift they inherited from their mother, Emma. Readers would also not have known that Emma too kept a diary, but on the other side of life...

by Carolyn Molnar and Benjamin Gleissera

Two churches are celebrating their 95th anniversary this year, and not only are they located at opposite ends of Canada, their recent
experiences are as different as chalk and cheese...

Congratulations and Celebrations
by David Hopkins

When I was born, I arrived late – something that seems to have become part of my nature! I shall blame that aspect of my character on my mum, knowing she will
accept it with the same sense of humour she exhibited throughout the years I had with her in this part of life.

Hydesville babe or April Fool?

However, even at two weeks late I didn’t last out that extra day. Had I managed to do so, many Spiritualist meeting places would have had a big celebration on my birthday. They would have disguised it by calling it Hydesville Day, of course, but I could have accepted that! You may well be thinking that in just one more day I would have been an April Fool - but I shall despatch that idea to the recycle bin!



Psychic News Magazine 32

Magazine 32

9th March 2013
(Issue No 4098)

From the editor
March 2013

What would you say are the most important qualities necessary in politics, in religion, or in any other ‘public service’ for that matter? For
me, there are three main contenders: ability, integrity and empathy, in equal measure.

Ability must of necessity include the possession of sufficient knowledge and skill to carry out the job in question. Training will help, provided there is at least some
spark of natural aptitude (and dedication) on which to base it.

Integrity is (hopefully) self-explanatory – it encompasses honesty, good intention, trustworthiness, kindness, self- awareness and personal responsibility....

Psychic siblings battle in court
Two famous mediums in one family can lead to trouble

American clairvoyant and medium James Van Praagh (pictured) recently filed papers in a Long Island federal court to prevent his sister Lynn from using the family name of Van Praagh for her own psychic business activities.

It is forty years since Lynn took her husband’s name of Gratton. She now uses the name Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton on her website...

The only way is Essex

It is 20 years since Philip Rossell and his mother Dawn set up a fund- raising group in their living room in Hornchurch, Essex.

The idea was not only to raise money for local charities, but to do so with the attraction of monthly evenings of clairvoyance. These proved so popular that eventually the house became too small.

New premises had to be found, and Hornchurch Christian Spiritualist Church was launched in a rented hall owned by the Labour Party...

Dangerous ‘healer’ jailed

Michael Ireland, 60, of Stockport, a so-called healer, was jailed for 16 years at Manchester Crown Court on 5th March.

His website advertised his services as “Psychic Clairvoyant & Reiki Master; Teacher and Shamanic Healer”.

The site added: “I have been serving Spiritualist Churches and Psychic Centres for over 40 years. I have worked with some of the most respected mediums.”

Belper Spiritualist Church mourns
much-loved lifelong member

Mrs Hilda Thorpe, a lifelong member of Belper Spiritualist Church, passed away peacefully at Derby Royal Hospital on March 1st, aged 94, attended by her family.

When one month old, the former Hilda Kerry was named in Belper Church by Mr Ben Carter. Hilda was a Lyceum pupil between the ages of four and fifteen. She joined the choir of which her grandfather was founder and conductor. Because some church records were stolen, the earliest account of Hilda’s church connections only date from 1957...

Tom Harrison crosses the Channel

Life after Death: Living Proof, Tom Harrison’s well-known book about the extraordinary materialisation mediumship of his mother Minnie, was first published in 2004, writes Angela Redditch. It proved so popular that a revised and expanded edition was brought out in 2008.

Since then, the book’s fame has spread far and wide. Saturday Night Press Publications, founded by Tom and his wife Ann, has now brought out a third edition – but this time, not in English...

Colin Fry answers your questions
on aspects of mediumship

Dear Colin you have recently been ordained and i’m interested to know what is involved in the training of a Spiritualist minister in your particular denomination. What subjects did you have to study during your training course? Were you required to undertake fieldwork placements among Spiritualist congregations? How did you personally fit in the work involved, given your heavy schedule as a medium?

The curse of the archdeacon
Billy roberts recounts the tale of a weekend break with a difference

I was invited to conduct a psychic weekend at the newly-owned Hotel Commodore in Llandrindod Wells, mid-Wales, a picturesque but remote mountainous part of the beautiful Welsh landscape. The 19th-century hotel had once been the home of Archdeacon Henry De Winton, a respected yet bigoted man who, it was said, had fathered thirteen children.

The new proprietors, Andrea Murdock and her husband Rohan, took over the hotel in 2012, knowing full well that the now-tired building was in great need of updating. Faced with the arduous task of extensive refurbishment, the couple soon learned there was far more to the historic building than they had realised...

Book review of All is Well
by Graham Jennings

ALL IS WeLL ~ By Louise L. Hay & Mona Lisa Schulz
Paperback ~ 249 pages ~ £10.99 ~ Hay House

The largest publisher of books in the Mind, Body and Spirit category is Hay House. Its best-selling author – more than 40 million books – is its founder, Louise L. Hay. Some three decades ago she wrote Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them. A best-seller, it helped many overcome health problems by making simple affirmations.

One person it helped was Mona Lisa Schulz, a medical student in the early 1990s. The rigours of medical training, and the constant worry of taking out loan after loan to finance it, resulted in sinusitis, post-nasal drip and sciatica...

Where Two Worlds Meet – Part 2

Concluding Sue Farrow’s coverage of theSNU’s Scienceand Spirituality Day, held at the Arthur Findlay Centre, Stafford, on 16th February.

Readers of our previous issue’s coverage will know that this day of impressive and constructive dialogue between the often mutually wary worlds of science and
Spiritualism featured two principal speakers. They were Professor Chris Roe and Dr Elizabeth Roxburgh (pictured below), both of Northampton University’s Centre for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes, of which Chris is the director...

The World We Live In
by David Hopkins

As a fairly avid ‘news’ watcher, several stories have caught my attention of late. I commented in the last issue on events taking place in Italy, and as we have seen that cloud of white smoke appear, I suppose I should start there.

Pope Francis (the first to choose that name and the 266th to hold the office) is said to be a simple man, spurning his palace in Argentina for a modest abode where he cooked for himself, used public transport instead of his chauffeur-driven limousine and worked to help the poor and disadvantaged...

Psychic News Magazine 31

Magazine 31

4th March 2013
(Issue No 4097)

Guest editorial

Kay Hunter ~ March 2013

Despite the fact that the media largely ignores or dismisses Spiritualism as a religion, we are accorded our occasional moments of fame.

These moments occur when the purveyors of news show a sudden consuming interest if a member of our Brotherhood of Man is hauled into a court of law. Editors rub their hands. Spiritualists make good headlines.

The crimes occasioning such flashes of limelight can range from the comparatively trivial to the extremely serious, but whatever the degree of criminality, the newshounds make sure that readers know when these offences are committed by ‘a spiritualist’ with a small ‘s’...

Renowned operatic soprano passes to spirit

THE renowned operatic soprano Ava June has passed to spirit, writes Sue Farrow.

The 82-year-old made her transition on 22nd February, following a short illness.

Ava had a glittering career spanning almost 30 years, during which she worked with many of the world’s finest conductors and graced the platforms of some of the world’s greatest opera houses...

Telepathy for couples

JULIE BEISCHEL and Mark Boccuzzi met at a conference, and agreed to participate in an experiment in telepathy. Both are co-founders and Directors of Research at the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential in Tucson, Arizona...

Jailed church founder is ‘every parent’s nightmare’ says judge

THE founder and leader of a Coventry Spiritualist Church group has been jailed for 26 months and banned from working with children.

Gareth Edwards, 33, set up and ran the Society of Spiritual Friends Church in Holbrooks, Coventry. He admitted one charge of sexual assault and four of making indecent images...

Generous donations from Spiritualist centre distributed to charities

TWO large cheques were distributed in February to Hampshire charities.

Annette Blann and her husband Colin, facilitators of the Woolston Spiritual Centre, Southampton, went to Sutton Scotney, Winchester, to visit Naomi House Children’s Hospice,
where they handed over a cheque for £600...

Whickham’s winning window

A NEWLY OPENED shop attached to a spiritual centre was a winner in a Christmas window display competition.

The Sacred Spirit of Healing centre in Whickham, Tyne and Wear, came joint second with Barnardo’s in the ‘Brighten up Whickham’ Christmas competition, organised by the local Rotarians...

Popular medium returns to the platform

EVIDENTIAL MEDIUM John Conway has returned to public demonstrating after a long period of illness, writes Sue Farrow.

He stepped on to the platform at Stourbridge National Spiritualist Church on Saturday 17th February, having agreed to stand in at short notice following an unavoidable cancellation...

The importance of trance mediumship
London-based spiritual writer Wendy Stokes introduces
trance medium Sarah Tyler-Walters to PN readers

Trance mediumship is an increasingly popular form of spirit contact. Edgar Cayce, Maurice Barbanell, Ivy Northage, Eileen Garrett and many other prominent Spiritualist mediums were trance specialists.

When we can access information and philosophy from elevated spirits, we gain on both personal and societal levels. Spiritualism offers a valuable resource which other religions ‘of the book’ fail to offer, i.e. a method of gaining spiritual knowledge which can stay abreast of the modern world...


World Congress of Spiritualists

NEXT year the Spiritualist community of lily dale, New york, will host the Historic World Congress of Spiritualists 2014.

Among the delegates will be representatives from the UK, who will join others from around the world to help secure the future of Spiritualism...

Birthday event sells out

TICKETS have been selling quickly – and are now sold out – for a special March event at Carpenders Park Christian Spiritualist Church, Hertfordshire.

The church opened on 2nd March 1997, and as part of its birthday celebrations they decided to hold a shamanic workshop at the end of the month...

It’s official – Mediums are not normal!

by Billy Roberts

Although the saying “Mediums are born, not made” has become something of a cliché, it’s now an established fact! As I mentioned in one of my earlier articles, the scientific research began in Russia in 1903, when a notable neuroscientist became so fascinated with the unusual mental abilities of a ten-year-old Russian orphan that he compromised his professional integrity by devoting seven years to studying the young boy, and others who were brought to him during the research project...


Deeper Dimensions of DEVELOPMENT

by Glyn Edwards

Strictly speaking, mediumship’s prime purpose is to prove survival after death of the physical body. But is that all mediumistic development is about? For if all life – including not only the realms of human existence but also therealms of nature and creation – is an expression of the spirit, then it seems to me that we need to expand our understanding of the spirit world to encompass wider spheres of awareness. This will enable us to recognise numerous important areas of spirituality that profoundly link with mediumistic unfoldment...


Personal Opinion –
Sherry Wakeman takes a second look.

There are some things we should only ever try once in a lifetime. You know the sort of thing you really enjoy, so you do it a second time. Then you have a huge disappointment because the second time didn’t meet your expectations.

So I had some hesitation about booking a place on the second Science Meets Spirit session at the Arthur Findlay College, after having had such a wonderful time last year...

Where Two Worlds Meet
In the first of two articles, Sue Farrowreports on the recent Spiritualists’ National Union Science Day

Discerning readers may be wondering why I’ve chosen the title of a classic Arthur Findlay book to headline this article. When Findlay was writing of the two worlds, he was of course referring to the meeting of the spiritual and physical realms through mediumship.

That, however, was not the main point of the SNU’s Science Day, held at the Arthur Findlay Centre in Stafford on 16th February, when the two-world meeting was of a rather different kind...

Not Built in a Day?
by David Hopkins

Not built in a day? That is what we have been told repeatedly about the great city of Rome. At the moment, however, it seems that our Italian cousins are hell-bent on going in the opposite direction at a break-neck speed. It can take a century for a tree to grow but it can be cut down in minutes.

Rome yet again seems to be the centre of attention for people across the globe. This time it is not concern that armed warriors are going to sweep across the country and take over our many nations by open force; what is happening in that part of the world is going to have consequences of equal magnitude...

Psychic News Magazine 30

Magazine 30

9th February 2013
(Issue No 4096)


From the editor February 2013

So hungry you could eat a horse?

his past couple of weeks the UK news has been dominated by a scandal in the food industry. Following a discovery by trading standards officials that horse meat had been found in beefburgers sold by supermarket giant Tesco, further revelations emerged daily.

Little by little it became clear that numerous outlets had been selling allegedly pure beef products that were anything but. We were warned that Findus lasagne contained horse...

Sanctuary wants your healing experiences

THE world famous Harry edwards Healing Sanctuary has a wealth of success stories.

Since Harry edwards founded the Sanctuary in 1946, it is impossible to say how many patients have benefited from healing given there...

‘The New age is now’ says politician

AN Ohio Congressman is recommending meditation as a means of seeking a slower pace of life and promoting clear thinking, writes Kay Hunter.

Tim Ryan, 39, of Youngstown, Ohio, has a 30-minute meditation ritual each morning, slowing his breathing and clearing his head of clutter...


THE Spiritualists’ National Union, along with many other Spiritualists, is mourning the physical loss of one of its best-loved members, writes Sue Farrow.

Violet Kipling FSNU, known to most as Vi, passed to spirit on Wednesday 16th January. She held the Union’s highest honour – a Fellowship – which she was awarded in 2004...

Spiritualist Association of Great Britain responds to PN’s questions

SAGB vice-president Stella Blair responds to some of the questions posed by Sue Farrow in the previous issue of PN regarding the sale of its property in London’s exclusive Belgrave Square.

In her article about the sale of our Belgrave Square premises, editor Susan Farrow quite rightly raises a number of questions (Issue 4095). We are delighted, and welcome the opportunity to answer them.

Regarding the artefacts formerly housed in Belgrave Square, Spiritualists can rest assured that these are safe and sound. Indeed, some of them are on display at our current home in Belgrave Road...

Visualisations, blessings and paranormal phenomena

Medium and teacher Glyn Edwards continues the story of his life-changing meetings with the Indian spiritual master Sri Jammu Maharaj.

In the first part of my article I described my early visits to Jammu, which made a huge impression on me and my friend Stephen Wollaston. I related how fruit and herbal remedies would materialise in
broad daylight, and the spiritual wisdom and guidance that came from this extraordinary Indian gentleman.

I recall that on another occasion I talked to a young, wealthy and well-educated Indian couple in the waiting area. They told me the story of how they had come to see Jammu and had become great devotees of his...


by David Hopkins

Happy New Year to us... and our Chinese helpers. It seems often to be the case that at least one of our ‘guides’ hails from that vast area of the world. So, 10th February
was a day to celebrate and prepare for the year ahead. You probably know that there is a twelve-year cycle of creatures, and this is the Year of the Water Snake. As I am a snake, I’m looking forward to what the coming year will bring...



Director Steven Spielberg’s latest epic shows how President Abraham Lincoln persuaded Congress to adopt the 13th Amendment. Following the Emancipation Proclamation, it finally prohibited slavery across America. Historians generally take a less-flattering view of Lincoln: that he affirmed white supremacy, condemned interracial marriage and considered shipping the freed slaves to other countries.

Whatever the truth, the story behind the story of the abolition of slavery, as told by Spiritualists who played a part in it, is all but forgotten.


by James McQuitty

The following is a quote from a White Eagle book entitled Walking With The Angels:

“In spiritual life, do not expect to catalogue everything, for by so doing you are limiting the universal. try to conceive the heavenly state as being a perfect fitting-in and harmonious outworking of exact law; but never limited, always expanding. We do not like to make things too set, so that a sense of limitation comesover, or a closed-in comprehension of the truth. Remember that you enter infinity when you are in the world of spirit...


PN’s Kay Hunter wonders whether psychic ability may have had a hand in the recent discovery of Richard III’s remains.

We English appear to be very untidy with the mortal remains of our early kings, writes Kay Hunter. We leave them lying around and then lose track of them.

Those of King Richard III were, as we now know, discovered underneath a Leicester car park, having started off in a church on the site, long since demolished. How the monarch’s resting place was pinpointed so precisely is almost as interesting as the discovery itself...


by Carolyn Molnar and Benjamin Gleisser

The Rev Joe Brown, CSNU, founder of the Divine Light Learning Center in Ajax, Ontario, grudgingly calls himself “a rebel”. But he adds that all great Spiritualist leaders should probably think of themselves as rebels, because they step out of their own comfort zones and do their best to educate people about the spirit world...

The Man who wrote Spiritualism’s ‘Bible’


Describing a sitting, Stainton Moses wrote: “During the whole time this communication was written, my spirit was separated from the body. I could see, from a short distance, the hand as it wrote. The next thing I remember was standing in spirit near to my body which was seated holding the pen. I saw that my body was there, and that I was joined to it by a thin line of light...

Psychic News Magazine 29

Magazine 29

26th January 2013
(Issue No 4095)

Mission’s guiding light passes

The London Spiritual Mission’s guiding light for the past 53 years has passed to spirit, writes Sue Farrow.

Rosalind Cattanach, who stepped down as the famous church’s resident secretary in 2011, passed at a nursing home on 18th December following a long period of illness. She was 92.

Ros, as she was widely known, first visited the Mission in 1953, after a bereaved friend had begun to attend services there. At that time she had a successful career in banking, being one of the first women in the field to rise to managerial level...

Healer investigated by the BBC

Following an undercover investigation by the BBC, a spiritual healer claiming to cure cancer has been
condemned by medical experts for giving “dangerous advice”.

Dr Corascendea Cathar, 62, of Cheltenham, who has no medical qualifications, charged £280 a session and issued a £90 dietary menu, including vegetable juice and a herbal mixture. She called it “Dhaxem” healing.

She has now removed price list and treatment details from her website...

Science Day programme unveiled

The Spiritualists’ National union has unveiled the programme for its forth- coming Science Day, writes Sue Farrow.

As previously reported in PN, the event is the brainchild of SNU president David Bruton, who told us that the Union’s long-term aim is “to further our understanding of where we are in relationship to current scientific thinking and develop both dialogue and understanding which will potentially support future research in the field.”

Ten years of scientist’s research
into mediumship available on Kindle

Can psychic mediums really talk to the dead? That is a naïve question for Psychic News readers, but the fields of science, psychology and medicine will always pursue the search for yet another answer, no matter how positive the existing evidence has proved to be.

Dr Julie Beischel, co-founder and director of the Windbridge Institute in Tucson, Arizona, has just produced a book entitled Among Mediums, in which she discusses her 10 years of research.
The Windbridge Institute is an independent research organisation investigating the capabilities of body...

'Truly miraculous' says spiritual healer’s patient

“Truly miraculous!” is how Anita Perry describes the results of spiritual healing.

In November 2011, Anita, of Bury St. Edmunds, suffered a mini-stroke. The most debilitating symptoms seriously affected her before and after the stroke, but spiritual healing achieved a remarkable result.

Anita told Psychic News about her experiences and hope for the future...

'Prolific Oscar-nominated composer
had musical mediumship connections

The world-renowned composer Sir Richard Rodney Bennett has died, writes Sue Farrow. The 76-year-old passed in his adopted city of New york on 24th December.

He was responsible for 50 or so film scores, three of which were nominated for an Oscar. But his compositions were not confined to the movie genre. He wrote numerous classical works, including three symphonies, seventeen concertos and five operas, along with chamber music, choral pieces, jazz and keyboard music...

The Man who wrote Spiritualism’s ‘Bible’

Part One by Geoff Griffiths

Back in 1872, Mrs Stanhope Speer, the wife of a doctor, read a book by Robert Dale Owen, The Debatable Land.

Intrigued, she asked her young son’s tutor, an ordained clergyman, if he knew anything about the subject of Spiritualism. He replied that he did not and – although he knew the view of the Anglican church – said he would nevertheless investigate on her behalf....

Visualisations, blessings and paranormal phenomena

In the first of a two-part series, medium Glyn Edwards talks about his life-changing periences with the unique Indian spiritual master, Sri Jammu Maharaj.

Twenty-one years ago, the spiritual author Stephen Wollaston (aka Santoshan) and I made our way down a dirt-track alley in the back-streets of Ilford, Essex. We climbed up a rusty iron staircase in order to enter what we had been told by some respected Indian friends was a place where we would be able to meet a renowned Indian Tantric master...

Angela Redditch reviews
The Big Book of Reincarnation by Roy Stemman

A tantalising subject, reincarnation, to which Roy Stemman has devoted many years of study. The result of his labours is this handy-sized paperback which has a touch of the Dr Who and Harry Potter worlds about it: open it, and you find it’s much bigger than you’d think. It covers succinctly a far wider range of topics, and in more detail, than could be guessed from its weight and shape. For a bookworm, this is a tasty and satisfying read....

The golden age of Spiritualism, spirits
on the stairs and sagging sofas!

The history of London’s College of Psychic Studies

London’s College of Psychic Studies has been in the news lately. It’s been a time of change, with a new president, vice- presidents and principal. But what is the College, what does it do, and where did it come from? Leslie Price explains....

Earth Energies and Dowsing

and how to use a pendulum

Dowsing, sometimes known as divination, has been used for hundreds of years to locate underground water, oil, minerals, and even lost items. usually carried out using rods or a pendulum, no one is sure exactly how it works. london-based writer Wendy Stokes spoke with dowser and past-life consultant Vicky Sweetlove to find out more. She began by asking how long vicky had been dowsing, and how useful she’d found the process...

Personal Opinion:

For reader Gary Lammin, it’s simple – total love would change the world

Have you ever wondered why it should be that no one seems able just to come forward and apply a little common sense to what we all know in our hearts to be true, yet struggle so hard to articulate?
We are living in very difficult times. Wars, conflicts and the breakdown of society prevail. It’s happening in any town, city or country you care to mention, yet we seem to be trying to put out these raging fires of conflict and dispute by throwing gasoline on them...


by David Hopkins

In a period when we are enduring pretty difficult times financially, as individuals and as a society, much emphasis is being placed on the work of volunteers, part of the so-called ‘third sector’.
Spiritualism has always been part of that sector, as it is volunteers who have helped develop and maintain the structure of organisations at local, regional and national level...

Psychic News Magazine 28

Magazine 28

12th January 2013
(Issue No 4094)

'Truly miraculous' says spiritual healer’s patient

“Truly miraculous!” is how Anita Perry describes the results of spiritual healing.

In November 2011, Anita, of Bury St. Edmunds, suffered a mini-stroke. The most debilitating symptoms seriously affected her before and after the stroke, but spiritual healing achieved a remarkable result.

Anita told Psychic News about her experiences and hope for the future...

A field day for June

Christmas Eve was a very special one for Scots medium June Field. She was pro- nounced winner of the Ukrainian TV show, International Psychic Challenge, and awarded the £19,000 prize.

An excited June told Psychic News: “I took 50 per cent of votes from the Ukrainian people, even though they had a Ukrainian participant.

“I am the only English speaking participant ever to win this competition.”

It was not an easy assignment as it meant spending six months in Kiev, away from her home in Dundee. But she won, and June, 52, never failed a task or a challenge...


Chairman’s book makes an unexpected TV appearance

Psychic Press chairman Roy Stemman (pictured below) has found himself unexpectedly in the spotlight, writes Sue Farrow.

His latest book, The Big Book of Reincarnation, published in 2012, was seen by millions of BBC viewers in an episode of a popular comedy series.

Writing on his blog paranormalreview. com Roy commented: “The big event for me in 2012 was publication of The Big Book of Reincarnation and the biggest surprise was to see it featured on a TV comedy programme. It turned up in an episode of BBC Three’s Cuckoo...

Comedian takes a look at poltergeist activity

A report about bizarre poltergeist incidents in Enfield, north London, in the late 70s left comedian Al Murray (aka The Pub Landlord) with some questions, writes Kay Hunter.

He wondered why the supernatural seems to have become suburbanised, affecting not only ancient castles, but extending to modern housing estates.

On New Year’s Day this year, three decades after the ghostly events, Al Murray was guest editor on Radio 4’s Today programme, and wanted to know more about poltergeists...

Sadness follows charity fundraising event

Portland Street Spiritualist Church, Southport, held a special evening of mediumship on 17th November 2012.

The occasion was to raise funds for Queenscourt Hospice on behalf of the Rev Glenys Clarke, minister of Portland Street Church, who had the benefit of wonderful treatment at the hospice. She was hoping to lead the demonstration herself, but due to failing health was unable to do so.

A drier touch of The Healing Weekend for Cumbria

Elaine Fenton’s annual Healing Weekend, at Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Somerset, proved to be the most challenging she’d ever faced.

Elaine, who took over as custodian of the weekend following the death of its founder Bill Harrison in 2008, told Psychic News: “We have many hundreds of Spiritualists come, and so faithful are they through thick and thin! The rain came down and did not stop.

We suffered floods and were ankle deep in mud – but through it all people came, and many went home saying it was the biggest testament to spirit they had ever seen...

Andy Byng prepares for mammoth
task to raise funds for WaterAid

Andy Byng, chairman of the SnU’s Spirit of Youth, is planning a mammoth task that most of us wouldn’t even think of attempting. on behalf of more than a billion people who can’t perform the simple act of turning on a tap and having a drink of water, he’s going to walk 500 miles. if you believe a drink of water is a fundamental human right, read what Andy has to say...

Today, a staggering 1.1 billion people have no access to clean, safe drinking water, and 2.4 billion people are without appropriate sanitation. Today in Africa, millions of people have walked an average eight-mile round-trip just to get water. How, in the twenty-first century, can anybody justify this situation?

Searching for ghosts

Ewan Irvine tells of his logical approach to searching for the existence of ghosts

Ask anyone and they will either claim to have had a paranormal experience or to know a person who has.

Ghosts have been part of our human existence since the beginning of time, yet we still spend our lives searching for the ultimate proof that they are ‘real’, and I guess I am one of those people.

Ask anyone and they will either claim to have had a paranormal experience or to know a person who has.

Stewart Alexander answers your questions on all aspects of physical mediumship

Dear Stewart, We would like to start a physical circle with four sitters and I have a few questions I hope you might be able to help with. First, please could you tell me if four will be enough? And second, does it matter if there’s not an equal mix of male and female? Also, three of us are clairvoyant mediums, so how do we decide who sits in the cabinet to try and develop physical phenomena? Thank you in advance for any advice you can give us...


The term ‘Shaman’ was first applied to the ancient religion of the Turks and Mongols, but the shamanic practice of reaching altered states of consciousness (sometimes with the aid of drumming and other traditional instruments) in order to communicate and interact with the spirit world is thought to date back thousands of years. In essence, shamans work with she soul, healing illnesses at a soul level. Traditionally they have a close connection with nature and work with the spirits of humans and animals. Here, Geoff Hutchison talks to PN about his strange journey from miner to shamanic practitioner...

with Graham Jennings

The Potential of Mediumship
by Glyn edwards ~ Paperback ~ 104 pages £9.99 ~ The Gordon Higginson fellowship

There has always been a gulf between mediumship and orthodox religion. Why, when all religious people believe in the continuity of life in one form or another? Why would they not welcome the opportunity to prove their beliefs? Perhaps because they fear those beliefs might not match up to reality.

Happily, more and more people are becoming open to other possibilities, such as discovering truth for themselves. It is for such people that Glyn Edwards’ book provides an accessible stepping stone to evidential spirituality.

with Graham Jennings

NO TIME TO DIE, Wim Grotenbreg’s Story
by Kay Hunter ~ Paperback ~ 111 pages £7.00 ~ Saturday night Press Publications

‘AS THeY SAiD He WAS DeAD He KnoCKeD AT THe DooR,’ ran the newspaper headline. The year was 1945 and the war was over. An elderly Dutch couple were entertaining two British officers at their flat in Haarlem. The conversation turned to their nephew, who they knew had been active in the Dutch Resistance, been captured by the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp. “We have heard nothing from him,” said the uncle, “and can only assume he is dead.”

Willem Grotenbreg, however, had survived – just about – after years in the camps. Liberated by the Americans and held by the British, he was desperate to return to what was left of his family...

We have been in the spirit world
all our lives by David Hopkins

As a regular contributor to Psychic News, I have an unusual opportunity to have my say on a variety of topics related to Spiritualism, and more widely. I also have the luxury of saying those things to an audience which does not have too much opportunity to get back at me!

Because of this I try not to take up space in the ‘Comments’ section, though quite often I do want to comment. So in this contribution I am going to add my sixpennyworth on some items that have appeared in recent issues, with discussion on the Seven Principles...

Psychic News Magazine 27

Magazine 27

29th December2012
(Issue No 4093)


Giant of inner and outer space journeys on

Professor Archie Roy, the renowned Scottish academic who inspired countless students to explore astronomy and psychical research, has died at the age of 88. He made an enormous contribution to both subjects and it is difficult to write a tribute to this modest man without using a host of superlatives.

As Professor Emeritus of Astronomy at Glasgow University and a Fellow

of the Royal Society of Edinburgh he enjoyed a long and distinguished career, conducting research in areas such as astrodynamics, celestial mechanics, archaeoastronomy and neural networks...


Medium launches online educational courses

Medium and author Stephen O’Brien has launched a range of online educational courses for people who are unable to attend his Swansea Academy of Psychic and Spiritual Studies, now in its ninth year.

Stephen is founder and principal of the academy. His new certificated correspondence courses are designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of mediumship and other psychic and spiritual subjects...


An extraordinary case of absent healing
– not for the squeamish!

Medical intuitive and healing therapist Carol Everett, of Crediton, Devon, has sent Psychic News an account of a recent extraordinary case of absent healing.

Carol was in Spain and her patient, whom she calls Phyllis, was in Devon. She has helped Phyllis and her family...


Vice-President (Spiritual) stands down from office

Minister Judith Seaman has stepped down from the position of Vice- President (Spiritual) of the Spiritualists’ National Union for health reasons.

The news was received with regret by SNU president, Minister David Bruton, who issued the following tribute to Judith’s long service...


Census shows 20.5 per cent increase in Spiritualists

The citizens of England and Wales appear to be turning their backs on organised religion, according to The Guardian.
In the 2011 census, apart from the leading faiths, 14 million people declared themselves as having no particular religion. The remaining believers showed greater diversity of belief than ever before.

Asked what faith they followed, 6,242 answered Heavy Metal, 1,893 said they were Satanists and 650 signed up as New Age...


Study reveals long-lasting effects of meditation

A new study has concluded that mindful meditation may produce lasting effects on the brain’s emotional processes.

Writing on Brainblogger. com, Jennifer Gibson, clinical pharmacist and medical writer, reports that 51 adults aged between 25 and 55, all with no prior experience of meditation, underwent mindful attention training (MAT), cognitively- based compassion training (CBCT), or participated in a health discussion group.


News from the North-East of England

Medium returns from USA

Gateshead-based medium Stewart Robertson is back from a return visit to churches in Florida. He gave PN an account of his stay, as well as news from churches in the North-East of England...


Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship launched

A new scholarship has been created to honour the memory of one of the greatest mediums of all time.
The Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship has been launched by the Spiritualists’ National Union to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its longest-serving president’s passing, on 18th January, 1993.

“Anyone who has studied the Spiritualist religion will be aware of arguably one of its greatest modern day exponents, Gordon Mons Higginson,” says SNU president, Minister David Bruton...


SPIRITUALISM: Gerard smith discusses what it has to offer the world

Gerard, you were brought up as a Catholic, not a Spiritualist. What changed?

Well, at the age of 17 I had a major loss in my life and couldn’t find any answers or comfort within Catholicism.

Attending my brother’s funeral service and burial, I just couldn’t think that he had gone. Catholicism to some extent helps people to think about the afterlife, but when I asked questions the priest just wasn’t prepared to answer them...


The Seven Principles of Spiritualism
by ada McKay

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the Seven Principles of Spiritualism and whether they should be updated to be more in tune with the modern world. I think this would be a good idea, provided we do not lose their original meaning...


New light on the man who changed Arthur Findlay’s life

Arthur Findlay’s On the Edge of the Etheric is by any standards a Spiritualist classic, writes Sue Farrow. Together with his later book, Where Two Worlds Meet, it gives detailed accounts of the Scottish direct voice medium, John Campbell Sloan, whom he met in September 1918. Sloan’s mediumship quite literally changed Findlay’s life and set him on the road to becoming one of Spiritualism’s greatest ever ambassadors...


with Graham jennings

The Meditation Lifestyle by colum Hayward
paperback ~ 144 pages ~ £8.99 ~ polair publishing

What exactly is meditation? Many people believe they have some idea, but is that belief correct? For example, meditation takes time, which many believe they can’t spare. Yet if life really is too busy, meditation is just what is needed! “Meditation is for busy people,” says David Barclay, and he should know. Vice-chairman of merchant bank Kleinwort Benson, he is also deputy chairman of the John Lewis Partnership...


Plumbing The Depths, Scaling The Heights
David Hopkins looks back at 2012

As one year ends and another begins, it’s customary to review the preceding twelve months. Not always a traditionalist, I’ve decided to follow that custom this year...



Psychic News

Magazine 26

Christmas double issue2012
(Issue No 4092)

From the editor
From the editor 1st - 28th December 2012

sue on boat-headshotUnless you live on a remote island with no access to TV, radio or newspapers, you're unlikely to have missed coverage of the Church of England General Synod's extraordinary and head-scratchingly baffling decision not to allow its already ordained female clergy to become bishops.

The decision wasn't just baffling to wider society, or to the many ordained women who feel the progress of their vocation has been stunted by blatant sexism - it was baffling to the Archbishop of Canterbury himself, and, indeed, to the vast majority of his episcopal and priestly colleagues.

In the aftermath of what millions around the world saw as an incomprehensible and deeply unjust decision, a visibly shocked Dr Rowan Williams told the General Synod: "We have, to put it very bluntly, a lot of explaining to do. Whatever the motivation for voting yesterday, whatever the theological principle on which people acted and spoke, the fact remains that a great deal of this discussion is not intelligible to our wider society. Worse than that, it seems as if we are wilfully blind to some of the trends and priorities of that wider society."


PN ARCHIVES  A CHRISTMAS TREE SÉANCEThe tradition of holding ‘Christmas Tree' séances (festive parties with presents around the tree for visiting spirit children) dates back to the early years of the 20th century. Here is Fleet Street journalist Hannen Swaffer's wonderful account of a very special festive party, attended by guests from both worlds.

The most remarkable séance held in London for weeks past was probably the party given for spirit children by Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Perriman. It began with a Christmas tree. It ended with a bit of "psychic research." Belle [one of medium Mollie Perriman's controls] had invited nearly forty people to attend a direct voice séance at which there was a big tree, covered with toys. They had been sent - over three hundred of them - from all over the country, many of them for spirit children whose names were given. Others came from former sitters of Mrs. Perriman's, or people who had been helped. A huge doll was sent to Belle by someone overseas...

All you need to know about... Crystals

All you 
to know about...   CrystalsNo one could deny that crystals can be beautiful, and many of us have them in our homes, whether as ornaments or jewellery. If you're scientifically minded, you'll know that they're made up of atoms arranged in a regular repeating pattern and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, from the tiniest ice crystals that make up a snowflake to structures the size of a house. For millennia they've been thought to possess mysterious healing properties. But do they? Cassandra Eason (pictured) thinks they do, and explains some of the ways she believes they can help us and our pets.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years in every culture to bring power, harmony and protection to people and places. In the modern fast-moving world, our personal crystals create a small oasis of calm at home and work and accumulate energies upon which we can draw whether we are becoming over-stressed or need to focus our attention on an urgent task and temporarily shut out distractions...

Iceland welcomes the International Spiritualist Federation

Iceland welcomes 
the International Spiritualist Federation By Susan B. BarnesSome say it's like the moon. Others say it resembles Mars. The place is unlike anywhere seen in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, which are all the continents I've visited. In short, the landscape is unique to Iceland.

Iceland and spirituality are not generally thought about as a pair, unless you have been there. Their belief in elves (70 per cent of the population according to Icelandic Air) helps to create a spiritual opening. For this reason, the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) held its recent meeting from 22nd to 25th November at the Icelandic Health Hotel. It's a venue for the health-conscious tourist, recommended for both spiritual and health retreats...

Leslie Price gets on the trail of C of E bishops who’ve taken an active interest in matters psychic.

THE BEST OF BISHOPS Leslie Price gets on the trail of C of E bishops who’ve taken an active interest in matters psychic.A bishop is a person who has oversight in the Christian church. In some traditions, he (yes, he) may be called a superintendent. According to the King James Bible: "A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach." (I Timothy 3.2.)

PN readers would also want bishops to have an intelligent understanding of the psychic field. Some-times this is lacking. For the Church of England, the bishops' misguided decision in 1939 not to make public the now famous report on Spiritualism is perhaps the worst example.

On the other hand, there have been bishops who properly understood the issues. Let's consider some names - those you may recognise, those you may not -and I will offer my candidate as ‘The Best of Bishops'...

The Day I "Died"

The Day I “Died”In 2002 Anita Moorjani was diagnosed with cancer, which slowly spread throughout her whole body. Within four years she had tumours from the base of her skull all the way down to her abdomen. By February 2006, her organs began to shut down and she slipped into a coma. Doctors informed her family that she was in her final hours of life, and would not make it through the night. It was, apparently, the end and yet an incredible event occurred that changed her life forever and those of her family and doctors.

The following extract from Anita's extraordinary book, ‘Dying to be Me – My Journey from Cancer to Near Death, to True Healing', gives a privileged glimpse into her remarkable near death experience. Although seemingly in a coma to all who looked on, she experienced a heightened awareness of everything that was taking place around her, as well as great clarity and understanding of her life and purpose here on earth. Anita subsequently chose to return to life when she understood that ‘heaven' is a state, and not a place. This understanding subsequently led to a remarkable and complete recovery of her health, which is powerfully encapsulated in this true life story...

The science of Automatic Writing

The science of Automatic Writing  Ten heroic mediums endure 
a daunting laboratory 
experiment by Angela RedditchHow does mediumship ‘work'? An unsolved puzzle for many, many people over a hundred years and more. A research report recently published online may at last be shedding some light on the mystery... There are ten heroic mediums on the other side of the Atlantic, all Brazilian, all with the gift of automatic writing. They volunteered to take part in an investigation, undertaken by researchers from universities in Brazil and Pennsylvania, which aimed to discover what is going on in the brain of a medium while her or his hand is writing under the control of what the medium believes is a spirit communicator.

Why were the ten mediums so heroic? The investigation put them through what sounds like a long and quite tough endurance test, in a laboratory, while being observed by researchers throughout. The ten were asked to undertake two tasks, one involving 25 minutes of automatic writing, or ‘psychography', as the report calls it. The other was a separate ‘control' task, as it was called, during which the mediums were asked to write under their own steam, also for 25 minutes, unaided, a ‘free composition', on whatever came into their minds, or about the sorts of topics that appeared in the scripts which they wrote automatically for bereaved people who came to them in hope of contacts from loved ones...

Shadowy figure seen at church
PN reader Louisa Sullivan shares her personal experience
of an evening with a paranormal investigation team

Shadowy figure seen at church    PN reader Louisa Sullivan shares her personal experience of an evening with a paranormal investigation teamThe team consists of four paranormal investigators. Mick and Sue Churchill, a husband and wife team with a spiritual background, have performed over 200 clearances and numerous paranormal investigations. Mick can actually stand outside a building and tell you which room is affected.

The other two team members, Danny Winters and Leigh Prout, have been actively involved in this line of work for over twenty years. Danny has been carrying out paranormal investigations for thirteen years and prefers to concentrate on looking for ghosts. He is also a professional lecturer on wildlife, specialising in the study of wolves. Leigh does paranormal investigation and assists with clearances, and has been working in the field for over twelve years. He has also worked as a paranormal psychologist for fifteen years. His first experience with spirit occurred when he was just ten years old, and he has been studying and exploring the paranormal ever since...

Scrumptious Christmas Fayre

Looking for something a bit different to cook for Christmas? How about having a very veggie festive season with these two mouth-watering recipes from the the Uk’s leading vegetarian cookery writer, Rose Elliot MBE?
Rose has written over 60 vegetarian and vegan books, with sales of around three and a half million worldwide. During the period in which Rose has been writing, the number of people who are vegetarian, or partially vegetarian, has surged from a few hundred thousand to over four million in the Uk, and many have said it was Rose’s books that helped and inspired them to change.

Spiritualism and Centralisation
by Lionel Owen

Immediately post 1848 in the USA, all mediums were developed in home circles and home séances or emerged as strong, natural mediums. For some years the development of mediums proceeded rapidly and many of them were powerful,
including several physical mediums. The same process appears to have been followed in other countries. After a while, as the religious implications of the new Truth became apparent, people felt the need to form societies and churches.

Images of Native American spirituality:
Painter James Ayers shares his journey

Artist James Ayers is renowned for his paintings of historic North American native cultures. His most popular images are those that involve American Indian spirituality – a complex and delicate topic for any artist to portray.
After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, James began his career in the early 1990s by learning about world indigenous cultures.
In his two-year quest, he explored the innermost parts of Africa as well as many of the American Indian reservations throughout the United States. Most notably, he lived with the Hopi people of Arizona for fourteen months, working the fields and participating in everyday Hopi life.

Here, James shares the philosophy, research and motivations behind his spiritually-themed work.


Silver Birch, speaking through Maurice Barbanell at the Hannen Swaffer Home Circle, describes how the festive season is celebrated in the spirit world.

It is a practice among those of us who belong to certain groups to retire to the inner spheres at two festivals which long pre-date your Christian counterparts, Christmas and Easter. These, as you know, have their origin in the celebrations in ancient times of the passage of the sun as it appeared to those who saw in its appearance, its lengthening and shortening, the symbols of divine activity. When the sun attained its full glory it was regarded as the period of resurrection, when nature sang its paean of praise and displayed its profound beauty for all to see. That which had been sown was reaped in its splendour of growth.

William Roache joins Stewart Alexander and friends at Cober Hill
By Lew Sutton

Once again delegates to Stewart Alexander’s latest seminar enjoyed an uplifting long weekend featuring many aspects of mediumship. As
usual the event included overseas speakers and delegates, travelling from nearby Europe and the more distant lands of America and Australia. In all, about 90 people attended.

The seminar commenced on Friday 26th October at the excellent Cober Hill Conference Centre.

Follow the star: spiritual astrology the White Eagle way
by sue Farrow

The White Eagle Lodge’s School of Astrology is highly regarded among the astrological cognoscenti. Its work is a far cry from the one-size-fits-all horoscope columns so beloved of national newspapers and magazines. The school was started in 1941 by Joan Hodgson, elder daughter of White Eagle’s medium Grace Cooke. It is dedicated to the practice of spiritual astrology. I asked its long-time principal, Simon Bentley, what had first ignited his own passion for the ancient science and art of drawing up and interpreting people’s natal charts.

Scrumptious Festive Fayre Rose Elliot’s Christmas day recipe

White nut Roast with Herb Stuffing

Makes about 12 large slices Ready in 2 hrs 10 mins (freezable)
25g butter 1 tbsp olive oil 2 large onions, chopped 600g cashew nuts finely ground – an electric coffee mill is great for this 300g fresh soft white breadcrumbs juice of 2 lemons 4-12 tbsp water or vegetable stock grated nutmeg, salt and pepper.

The bleakness of Christmas for the recently bereaved

Whatever your religious views on Christmas, it’s traditionally a time when family and friends gather, exchange gifts, share festive food and drink, and generally celebrate in some way, writes Sue Farrow. It’s a time of
togetherness and, very often, happiness. But for those who have suffered a devastating loss during the year, the festive season can be very painful. Memories of a dearly loved one
who was present last Christmas, but cannot be this year, surface unbidden, and it can be difficult in the extreme to take part in the seasonal good cheer.
PN reader Frederick Kenward shares some thoughts on a subject that will affect every one of us at some time in our lives – bereavement.

The Spirit World is not a place
by Billy Roberts

The one single thing we all have in common is that we are going to die. As yet, nobody has found a way around that, so I think we can safely assume that death is unavoidable.

Unless of course you are one of those people who perceives death as the beginning of a new life, you probably believe that when your physical body dies some spiritual part of you will continue to live on in some other more refined dimension, popularly referred to as the spirit world.

A beacon for Spiritualism shines at inter faith forum

For the first time, the Beacon of Light Spiritualist Church, Kendal, took part in the South Lakes Inter Faith Forum, held in November.

Representatives from many religious organisations attended, and although it was a new experience for the Spiritualist church, secretary Gill Berry described the people as "a welcoming group".  

Gill was joined by other committee members from Beacon of Light SNU Church – Anne Oppenheimer and Sarah Harvey.

Animal Rights in Spiritualism
Supporting a spiritually compassionate lifestyle

Many concerns of Spiritualist animal lovers are covered in the 2012 Newsletter from ARIS (Animal Rights in Spiritualism), writes Kay Hunter.

Badger culling has now been postponed unless bovine tuberculosis increases. However, activists have been warned against attempting to sabotage any licensed cull. One of the legal charges which could be brought against them is that of "disturbing the badgers". Work that one out!

In a county round-up, animal welfare news and views come from Essex, Cheshire, Surrey and Devon, and Maggie Keynes launches a talking point entitled Why Shouldn't We Communicate With Animals?

German visitors at Mansfield 

Mansfield Spiritual Centre was proud to play host recently to 15 visitors from Germany who wished to experience spiritual healing.

Many had never visited a Spiritualist church, and as some members of the group spoke very little English, they had brought an interpreter with them.

Spiritualists invited to House of Lords

It was a significant evening for the Spiritualists' National Union on 26th November, when two of its officers attended by invitation a multi-faith meeting at the House of Lords.

Inclusion in such an important event, along with 24 other faiths, is an indication that the SNU is regarded as a mainstream religion.

The occasion was hosted by Lord King and organised by ‘Religions Working Together'. The meeting was entitled ‘Religious Freedom and Religious Equality in the 21st Century'.   

Mediums for Mondays   

The Light Within Spiritual Healers and Spiritualist Church in South East London is looking for mediums who can serve the church on Monday afternoons.

The centre, which is affiliated to The Spiritual Pathway Healing Association, holds healing sessions and mediumship demonstrations on Mondays from 12.30pm to 2.30pm and on Thursdays from 7.30pm to 10pm.

New Welsh centre has Charisma   

The new Charisma Spiritual Centre, Cardigan, opened its doors on 9th September.

It was formed by a group of four - Jacqui Day, Mary Curtis, Paula Harris and Sandra Littleproud. The four believe that the creation of Charisma was planned by spirit several years ago. Since then work has gone ahead to create it, and its four guardians look forward to welcoming old and new friends to the centre.

Harrogate prepares for 70th anniversary

Harrogate's Spiritual Healing Church is already making plans for March 2013, when it will celebrate its 70th birthday with a special programme of events.

The church had its beginnings during World War II, when a dedicated group of people met in private houses until suitable premises became available.

Golden Gate president takes the rainbow bridge to spirit 

We are sad to report the passing on 20th November of Sonny B. Gee, president of the famous Golden Gate Spiritualist Church in San Francisco, USA. He will be greatly missed for his tireless work and dedication to Spiritualism.

The news was given to PN by medium Mary Armour, who had served Golden Gate church and was a longstanding personal friend of Sonny and his wife Carla.

Scottish medium battles for Ukraine's ‘best psychic' title

Dundee medium June Field is in Ukraine, testing her skills against the world's best psychics. Her spiritual evenings regularly pack Scottish venues and she has raised thousands for various charities. She also works in the US and Canada, but when she received an email invitation from Ukraine, on behalf of STB.uaTV channel, she didn't reply.

The invitation was to participate in the Ukraine Inter-national Psychic Challenge.

News From Canada
by Carolyn Molnar and Benjamin Gleisser

The curious case of the missing church

In January 2013, Canadian author Margot McKinnon travels to England to defend her PhD thesis at Oxford University. Her dissertation: Charting the Territory for Spirituality in Secular Schools: Conversations with Canadian Educators. In a nutshell, McKinnon will argue that it is imperative that teachers and administrators find a way to discuss spirituality with youngsters in public schools.

But first – call Sherlock Holmes! It's the mystery of the missing church!

Pull in those crowds again, Mr President!
Researcher and PN reader Mary Temple-Guinan has a soft spot for London's famous College of Psychic Studies. Reading our recent news report (Issue 4091) about the election of lawyer Stephen Chapman as the college's 23rd president, she wrote that it had caused her to "muse about my own happy memories of the place in Paul Beard's time as president." Below she reflects on some of the outstanding events she attended, and offers the new president a few hints for the future...

Psychic News

Magazine 25

17th November 2012
(Issue No 4091)

From the editor
17th November - 1st December 2012

sue on boat-headshotCommunication, communication, communication! Isn't that what we're all about? With the spirit world, for sure, but, just as importantly, with each other and the wider world.

It's often said that Spiritualists are great at talking with the dead but not much good at talking with each other.

Maurice Barbanell, founding editor of Psychic News and quite possibly the most passionate ambassador for survival and communication who ever lived, wrote in his 1940 book Across the Gulf:

"For nearly twenty years I have studied and investigated Spiritualism from every aspect and read nearly every book for and against this fascinating subject. And for the last seven years I have edited a Spiritualist newspaper and have been behind the scenes of every important psychic happening. I can claim to write with some authority on this subject. Often I find it easier to talk to the dead than the living."

Love Birds at Hampton Hill

Love Birds at Hampton HillA Spiritualist wedding with a difference took place at Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church, south-west London, when Martin Twycross and Linda Wright married in a unique ceremony involving owls, candles and a demonstration of mediumship.

The highlight of the service was when the wedding rings were delivered by a beautiful Barn Owl. At a pre-arranged signal, the owl flew the length of the church to the groom's waiting hand, much to the amazement of the congregation.

Barnstorming at Nailsea

Barnstorming at NailseaAn ancient Somerset tithe barn was the recent scene of a major row, when Nailsea town councillors sought to axe the booking of a Spiritualist group.

The group, Vibrant Souls, had booked the barn to hold a one-day seminar on Sunday 4th November entitled Who on Earth Am I? Their publicity described it as "a one-day experience aimed at helping people to understand who they are and what life is about".

Spiritualist Sanctuary honours
war dead at public ceremony

Spiritualist Sanctuary honours war dead at public ceremonyMilngavie and Bearsden Spiritualist Sanctuary opened its doors for the first time in August and is already popular with the local community.

It also has a special reason for being proud.

The founder, medium Elizabeth Halliday, had the rare honour as a Spiritualist of laying a wreath at the local war memorial on Armistice Day.

Historic Twinning Ceremony in Edinburgh

Historic Twinning Ceremony in EdinburghIt was ‘hands across the ocean' in Edinburgh on Sunday 4th November when two special services, at 11am and 1pm, attracted packed congregations at Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists (EAS). 

The services marked the historic and unique twinning of two churches - the beginning of a special relationship between the Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists and the Open Door Spiritualist Sanctuary (ODSS) in Canada.

EAS is the oldest Spiritualist organisation in Edinburgh, having been founded in 1901...

A Christmas gift from Psychic News

A Christmas gift from Psychic NewsMany people start to think about their Christmas shopping around now. Instead of giving friends and loved ones a single gift this year, why not give them a gift every fortnight for the WHOLE YEAR!

How do you do this? Give them our very special gift subscription to Psychic News and we will post them a copy of every issue produced during 2013.

Scottish psychic night raises £2,000 for charity

Scottish psychic night raises £2,000 for charityA highly successful psychic charity night in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, on 9th November attracted a large audience of 175 people to the Craigbank Community Centre.

Medium Alan Welsh arranged the event to raise funds for Macmillan Nurses, and was delighted with the result.

Help Support Malala at change.org

Help Support Malala at change.orgAfter David Hopkins' article in issue 4089, in which he wrote of 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai (pictured), seriously wounded in her brave stand for girls' rights to education, David received the following letter which he has passed to Psychic News.

It comes from Birmingham-based Shahida Choudhry, founder of Change.org, the web's leading platform for social change.

Northern Ireland Spiritualism
- bringing healing after troubled times

Northern Ireland Spiritualism 
– bringing healing after troubled timesNorthern Irish medium Brian Lynch hails from a Catholic background, but says that his grandmother was psychic and mediumistic. He first became aware of spirit on a boyhood visit to her house. "I was a wee bit clairvoyant and saw two spirits," he says, "but I certainly wasn't able to communicate with them at the level I do now."

He credits evidential medium Glyn Edwards with having taught and mentored him. "He was my main teacher. I've always had the greatest respect for what Glyn has to say. The gentleman is a walking encyclopaedia of our work."

Is your life mapped out?
A book review by Graham Jennings

Is your life mapped out? A book review by Graham JenningsIs your life mapped out?
By David R. Hamilton PhD
~ 265 pages £10.99 ~Hay House  

All is one. The Self is one. We are all a part of God, on different pathways but with the same goal. Life is continuous. The most powerful force in the universe is love.

Yes, yes, you are probably thinking - we know all this! Our spirit guides and the great spirit teachers said so. 

A solid foundation for Bitterne's future

A solid foundation for Bitterne’s futureNot many Spiritualist churches have at different times built three churches on the same site during the past 65 years. The SNU church at Bitterne, Southampton, has done just that.

It was in 1947 that a small group of people gathered in the front room of a house in Mousehole Lane, Bitterne...

CPS president to combine new
practices with best of the old

CPS president to combine new practices with best of the oldStephen Chapman, elected by the trustees of the College of Psychic Studies (CPS) as its new president at the September AGM, is looking to a review of fresh practices combined with the best of the old.

The CPS website reports that Mr Chapman, the College's 23rd president, has been a trustee since 2004. A City-based lawyer, he joins a long line of presidents which began with the Rev William Stainton Moses in 1884...

Physical mediumship
- A legacy for the future

Physical mediumship 
– A legacy for the futureFor over 40 years I have made an in-depth study of the Spiritualist movement, particularly in respect of all aspects of historic physical mediumship and its phenomena. During that time I have amassed an extensive library of books (many long since out of print) and also paraphernalia relating to the subject.

One of my most prized possessions is Volume 3 of the American Society for Psychical Research Proceedings 1926-1927, entitled The Margery Mediumship...

It’s all in the mind ...or is it?

It’s all in the mind ...or is it?Those who saw a recent Panorama programme featuring the work of Professor Adrian Owen might well have pondered this question. The programme was about people who had been classified as being in a ‘vegetative state' for periods of up to a dozen years. Professor Owen's research has led to the development of tests which look not just at the physical responses of a patient (the method used for many years) but directly assessing responses of the brain using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment.


psychic newsR The IndependenT VoIce of SpIrITualISm Issue no 4090	magazine Twenty-four 2012	£1.40 (fortnightly)

Magazine 24

3rd November 2012
(Issue No 4090)

From the editor
3rd - 16th November 2012

sue on boat-headshotI'm sure that, like me, you've watched the horrifying scenes of devastation left behind by the relentless progress of Hurricane Sandy across portions of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. People and animals killed, homes and businesses destroyed, treasured mementoes no more. In short, lives changed forever.

Sitting in front of our televisions, probably warm and safe, and perhaps with loved ones close by, it's almost impossible to imagine what it might mean to have to rebuild everything from scratch, especially for those who are elderly or sick.

What does the spirit world have to say about the seemingly random events that can in the blink of an eye take away the people and places we love, and all that we've worked for? The philosophical guides, it seems, take very different views...

Master Classes at Leicester Progressive

Master Classes at Leicester ProgressiveThe weekend of 27th October saw a gathering of mediums, speakers andSpiritualist programme facilitators at Leicester Spiritualist Church and Training Centre.

They came from across the East Midlands and beyond to attend a weekend of master classes facilitated by Ellesmere Port medium Peter Jackson (pictured right), of the Spiritual Truth Centre.

Devon’s new Guiding Light

devon’s new Guiding lightGuiding Light, Devon’s newest Spiritualist centre, opened on 25th September, reportedly in response to public demand. It was instigated by medium, healer and Reiki Master Sonia Clatworthy, together with healers Marlene Mitchell and Pauline Powel.

They gratefully acknowledge the help they have received from many other people...


FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITYWhen Judy Simmance and her family moved from Kent to Norfolk in 1987 their dream was to have a big and beautiful garden, but things turned out very differently.

There was certainly no thought of starting an animal rescue organisation. Instead she offered occasional help at a local rescue centre, having worked with animals for many years before the move to Norfolk...

Sterling work celebrated at Stirling

A recent fedglings charity night at Stirling SNU Church was not only a special event for the new mediums, but also a touching occasion for one who had given many years of service.

When the eight fledglings took to the platform they may not have been aware that their audience included a group of experienced and accomplished mediums...

Camilla balances her mind, body
and spirit at healing centre

Camilla Parker BowlesAt the end of October, facing a three-week tour of Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand, the Duchess of Cornwall (pictured) prepared herself in advance by visiting a southern Indian holistic health centre.

The Daily Mail reported that Camilla arrived at the Soukya International Holistic Health Centre with a party of ten, believed to include members of her family, bodyguards and a personal assistant.


NATIONAL RECOGNITION FOR SPIRITUALISTSFour more Spiritualists have been recognised by articles in the online New Dictionary of National Biography, writes Leslie Price.

Oxford University Press issued the book version of the New DNB in 2004, and it included Spiritualists such as Stainton Moses, medium for Spirit Teachings, D.D. Home, the physical medium who was tested by William Crookes and Helen Duncan who was said in her entry  to have mixed feelings about the campaign to quash her 1944 conviction under the Witchcraft Act.

The spirit who came back to heal
Gabriele Twohig on her healing experience with Ray Brown and his spirit helper Paul

The spirit who came back to heal    Gabriele Twohig on her healing experience with Ray Brown and his spirit helper PaulIf someone had told me that feet can hurt this much, I would have thought they were grossly over-exaggerating. Having enjoyed excellent foot health all my life, despite being an obsessive hobby photographer who often walks for hours on end hunting suitable subjects, it came as a nasty surprise when one day, standing for ten hours on the same spot at work, a feeling started and quickly increased as if someone from down below was pushing an enormous sword tip-first into my heels, like a magician's trick gone wrong...

Exploring the Threshold
A book review by Graham Jennings

Exploring the Threshold A book review by Graham JenningsExploring the Threshold – Life as a Medium
by Dilys Gater ~ Paperback
205 pages ~ £10.95 ~ Anecdotes Publishing

Dilys Gater's earlier working life was spent as a journalist, with a special interest in the performing arts. Not until she was in her forties did she begin to attend Fulham National Spiritualist Church in West London. It was there that she came to know the mediums and develop mediumship herself...

Channel 4 discusses afterlife communication

Andy ByngAn announcement in the Radio Times on Monday 29th  October stated its arrangements for its five-minute slot on Channel 4 at 7.55pm (4thought.tv): "This week's episodes focus on communication with the dead," writes Kay Hunter. 

Cynically, one might conclude that this topic was chosen because it tied in neatly with Hallowe'en programmes.

Lakota Spirituality

Lakota SpiritualityContemporary Spiritualism is cited as having been started by the Fox Sisters in 1848. However, spirit communication existed in America long before the raps were heard in Hydesville. From my interactions with Lakota American Indians, I discovered that the Lakota (also know as Teton Sioux) were working extensively with spirit long before Western culture invaded their society. Spiritualists probably did not have much contact with these Indians because the latter were busy fighting battles with the United States government.

Sun, sea and Séances

Sun, sea and Séances   In part 1 of his exclusive interview concluding PN’s coverage of the Gordon Higginson Fellowship’s (GHF) physical mediumship and trance week, Glyn Edwards talked with Sue Farrow about his mediumistic development through the tuition and mentorship of Gordon Higginson. Here, he explains why he decided to found the GHF and offers some frank opinions on the state of mediumship and teaching today.In part 1 of his exclusive interview concluding PN's coverage of the Gordon Higginson Fellowship's (GHF) physical mediumship and trance week, Glyn Edwards talked with Sue Farrow about his mediumistic development through the tuition and mentorship of Gordon Higginson. Here, he explains why he decided to found the GHF and offers some frank opinions on the state of mediumship and teaching today.

A matter of Principle
by David Hopkins

A matter of Principle by David HopkinsIn the previous issue I wrote about Malala Yousafzai, the subject of a Taliban assassination attempt, leading on to wider comments about the treatment of women. In that same issue editor Sue Farrow also wrote about the plight of Malala Yousafzai and its further implications. There was no collusion – honest! 

In her editorial, Sue wrote: "...I feel even more awkward than I usually do about typing [the] words ‘Brotherhood of Man', for very obvious reasons. How much I would love to see the phrase replaced with ‘Brother and Sisterhood of Humanity'."




Magazine 23

20th October 2012
(Issue No 4089)

From the editor
20th Oct - 2nd Nov 2012

sue on boat-headshotDoes our front cover surprise you? A beautiful young girl wearing a traditional Muslim hijab, or headscarf?

You'll undoubtedly have heard of 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai and her fearless campaign for the education of girls in her native Pakistan. Who hasn't?

The Taliban's attempt to assassinate this extraordinary girl has dominated headlines worldwide since 9th October, when members of the extremist Muslim group boarded a school bus (yes, a school bus), asked for Malala by name and then shot her.

Not surprisingly, the story has shocked the world, including most of the Islamic community. The Taliban's action can be seen only as abhorrent and despicable by anyone possessing a shred of humanity - the attempted murder in cold blood of a child, for no other reason than that she believes girls should have an education, and had the guts to say so publicly.

Saying it with flowers – the art of flowersentience

Saying it with flowers – the art of flowersentienceThe art of flowersentience was demonstrated at the London Spiritual Mission (LSM) on Saturday 20th October, writes Sue Farrow.

Flower reading, as it's also known, was very popular in late Victorian and Edwardian times, and though sometimes viewed with a raised eyebrow by those who now question the point of it, still attracts interest today.


‘Was this Heaven?' asks neurosurgeon

Saying it with flowers – the art of flowersentienceHas an American doctor experienced the afterlife?

Most scientists are sceptical about its existence. American neurosurgeon Eben Alexander (pictured) was one of them until four years ago.

He claimed to be "nominally" a Christian, and at the age of 58 knew too much to accept the seemingly fanciful out-of-body experiences his patients sometimes described. He knew that a brain undergoing immense physical stress can induce hallucinations due to lack of oxygen.


Preston's Spiritualists take to the streets
– on a double-decker bus

Preston's Spiritualists take to the streets – on a double-decker busIn September a group of Spiritualists and healers made a prominent journey through Preston on an open-top bus.

They were members of Spiritualists and Healers United, and were travelling on one of the many spectacular floats in the Preston Guild Community procession.


Thank you, Jim - for a job well done!

Psychic News would like to thank Jim Howat for his sterling work in promoting the magazine during this summer.

Organisers and owners of churches, centres and shops will have received a phone call from Jim explaining the benefits of stocking PN and how they can only ever make a profit by offering the magazine to their congregations and customers.

Dream foretold Obama's visit

Dream foretold Obama’s visitA 19-year-old student at the University of Pittsburgh told the Huffington Post she was "stupefied" when President Barack Obama suddenly walked into the shop where she was working. 

Lia Brunetti, a psychology student who has worked for three years in The Squirrel's Den candy store in Mansfield, Ohio, said the president's visit was the re-enactment of a dream she had a month previously.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you
by David Hopkins

Our prayers and thoughts are with you by David HopkinsThere is a new girl in my life. She's young, energetic, strong and courageous. And yes, my wife does know about her. She knows her name – and you probably do too. It's Malala Yousafzai. As I write these words she needs all her courage and strength just to stay alive, as she lies in a hospital bed, brought to the UK from her home, Pakistan.

Malala was shot in the head, deliberately, in cold blood, for her crime. She is fourteen. What is her ‘crime' and who could have carried out this act? She was shot by the Pakistani Taliban because "she is a Western-minded girl. She always speaks against us. We will target anyone who speaks against the Taliban." (Words from a ‘Taliban' spokesman.)

Spiritualist church comes to aid of banned yoga class

Spiritualist church comes to aid of banned yoga classA spiritual yoga class, banned from a Southampton Catholic church hall in September, has been offered a new home by Spiritualists, writes Sue Farrow.

As reported in Issue 4088, yoga instructor Cori Withell's classes were cancelled at short notice by Father John Chandler, parish priest of St Edmund's, who ruled that they were "not compatible" with the Catholic faith.


The Society for Psychical Research
– taking psychic science seriously

The Society for Psychical Research Taking psychic science seriouslyThe Society for Psychical Research (SPR) has held its 2012 conference at the University of Northampton, writes Lew Sutton.

In his opening remarks, vice-president Prof Bernard Carr said how appropriate it was for the SPR to revisit the university as it had become the leading centre for parapsychology research in the UK. Indeed, it probably leads the world, being now the home of the Centre for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes.

Sun, sea and séances
Sun, sea and SéancesContinuing her series of articles on the Gordon Higginson Fellowship's (GHF) physical and trance week, Sue Farrow speaks to Glyn Edwards, respected evidential medium and founder director of GHF. Glyn begins by describing his highly unusual first meeting with Gordon Higginson

I met him in a dream, about 40 years ago. I went to bed one night and just dreamt that I was working with him and that he would become involved with my mediumship. I even knew there would be times when the relationship would be rocky. The dream was so vivid that I knew there was something important about this connection with Gordon. I'd been involved in Spiritualism for three or four years at that time and I'd heard of Gordon but never met him in person.


by Billy Roberts

SURGEONS FROM ANOTHER WORLD  by Billy RobertsIn 1976, after I'd suffered a lengthy and serious illness, a good friend suggested I should see a well-known healer who was holding a clinic in Bath Street, Southport. I agreed and an appointment was made. Since my friend was driving me there, he also made an appointment for himself.

I have suffered with bronchiectasis since I was three, and this had been exacerbated by what one could only call ‘excessive' living through the 1960s as a musician in a rock band, touring Europe with some of the biggest names in the world of music. I was all burnt out, so to speak.




Magazine 22

6th October 2012
(Issue No 4088)

From the editor
6th - 19th October 2012

sue on boat-headshotFortune telling: the art or gift of prophecy by supernatural means

Fortune teller: a person who claims to be able to predict the future (thefreedictionary.com)

Fortune telling?"Not in Spiritualism!" I hear you groan.

We say that mediumship is about proving survival beyond death, or delivering philosophical teaching. And so it is, or should be. But is there anyone reading this who, hand on heart, can say they've never heard a medium give a prediction from the church platform, the stage, in a private reading?

I certainly couldn't say it. I've heard predictions given time and time again, and had a fair few given to me personally over the years.

And did they come true? Well, one certainly did. In 2005 I was told through the trance mediumship of someone I'd never met that I would give up the (fairly successful) career for which I'd worked all my life, so that I could "write for Spiritualism". I was extremely disgruntled. It was not what I wanted to hear, and I replied on the lines of - "No chance!" Suffice to say, I've since eaten my words on that one!

Priest claims church was ‘misled'
as yoga class is banned from hall

Priest claims church was ‘misled' as yoga class is banned from hallA Roman Catholic priest has banned yoga from a Southampton church hall because the class was "not compatible" with the Catholic faith.

This was announced on the local BBC News on 26th September.

Instructor Con Withell, from Eastleigh, said her yoga and pilates classes at St Edmund's Church building were cancelled "with 10 days to go".

Petition fights cull of ‘defenceless badgers'

Petition fights cull of ‘defenceless badgers'Reader Elissa Rattigan, a dedicated worker for the welfare of animals, has alerted PN to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary's petition concerning a proposed badger cull which has been widely reported in the UK media.

The sanctuary urges everybody to sign this  e-petition "to stop the brutal killing of these defenceless animals". 


Church organ's precarious weekly
pilgrimage on a sack barrow

Church organ's precarious weekly pilgrimage on a sack barrow!In 1991, a group of people banded together to bring Spiritualism to Seaford, a growing south coast seaside town between Brighton and Eastbourne.

Until then there was no Spiritualist church in the town. Local Spiritualists had to travel some distance to attend services and demonstrations...

Tribute to David Nason
I know Grandpa is still with us' says 12-year-old grandson

Tribute to 
David Nason I know Grandpa is still with us' says 12-year-old grandsonFamily members, friends and colleagues gathered on 29th September at a service to celebrate the life of medium and healer David Nason.

Around 100 people were present at the service, held at Jury's Inn Hotel, Croydon, conducted by the Rev Alan Bowley, United Spiritualist Ministry Co-ordinator and president of Orpington Church.


Fair raises £710 for Water Aid

Fair raises £710 for Water AidA special event in a Plymouth church has raised a magnificent sum for the SNU-nominated charity WaterAid.

Brunswick Spiritualist Church in Stoke, Plymouth, attracted more than 100 visitors to its Mind, Body and Spirit Fair, which resulted in the sum of £710 being donated.
Julie Harper, bookings secretary and events organiser for the church, said: "It was a resounding success. We had so many people through the door who don't normally come to church...


Remembering Marjorie Heath
- a dedicated worker for spirit

Remembering Marjorie Heath – 
a dedicated worker for spiritMembers and friends of Longton Spiritualist Church in Staffordshire are mourning the physical loss of one its most dedicated and longest-serving members.

Marjorie Heath, a loyal friend of the church's long-time president Gordon Higginson, passed to spirit on 2nd October, at the age of 97. She had been admitted to hospital the previous day, following a serious fall...

Battersea celebrates 90 years of service
"Over the last 90 years this church has kept its doors open to anyone who needs help, or who is seeking a new path in life. We ask spirit that this may continue."

These were the words of Margaret Cutler, president of Battersea Spiritualist Church, in her speech of welcome at the church's 90th anniversary celebration on 29th September...


Sun, sea and Séances

Sun, sea and Séances In the second in a series of articles on the Gordon Higginson Fellowship’s physical mediumship and trance week, editor Sue Farrow reports on a physical séance given by Scott Milligan and a demonstration by the world-renowned trance painter, José MedradoIn the second in a series of articles on the Gordon Higginson Fellowship's physical mediumship and trance week, editor Sue Farrow reports on a physical séance given by Scott Milligan and a demonstration by the world-renowned trance painter, José Medrado.

News From Canada
by Carolyn Molnar
and Benjamin Gleisser

News From Canada by Carolyn Molnar and Benjamin GleisserHello again! We're happy to be back with Psychic News, and looking forward to doing our best to keep you informed of what's happening in Spiritualism across the pond.

Let's begin with ‘One Mountain, Many Paths, Many Travelers', the theme of The Spiritualist Church of Canada's 84th Annual General Meeting, to be held on 27th October in Oshawa, Ontario. The Spiritualist Church of Canada (SCC) is the governing body of Canadian Spiritualist churches...


Tell My Mother I'm Not Dead 
A book review by Graham Jennings

Tell My Mother 
I'm Not Dead - A book review by Graham Jennings Tell My Mother I'm Not Dead by Trevor Hamilton
Paperback ~
191 pages ~ £8.95 ~ Imprint Academic

Trevor Hamilton's ten-year search for survival of physical death began with an ominous announcement on an aeroplane. 

"If Mr and Mrs Hamilton are on board, would they please remain in their seats till the other passengers have left." Trevor and Anne had just landed after a holiday in Paris. They looked at each other. What could it possibly mean?


Dear madam editor...
Judging the PN Writing Competition
by The Adjudicator

A bittersweet task...  Judging the PN Writing Competition by The Adjudicator  The five prizewinning entries in your recent competition encapsulated eloquently - and, amazingly, in 150 words or fewer - major themes within the purpose of mediumship.

There were of course many more entries offering impressively interesting ideas than there were prizes available.
Now I crave some space in your pages to allow these writers' ideas to speak for themselves, because I think your readers will find what they have to say stimulating, heartening and thought-provoking...



Part 2

by Billy Roberts

KARMA - THE REAL GOD?  Part 1 by Billy RobertsThey say that the Law of Karma is in constant operation all through our lives, that we reap what we sow, not as a punishment for what we have done wrong, but because the effect must always follow the cause. The masters of wisdom always affirmed that even accident is the result of ignorance, and is due to the working of laws whose presence was unknown or overlooked.

They also taught that in the mental and the moral worlds, as much as the physical, results can be foreseen, planned for, calculated on; nature never betrays us, we are betrayed by our own blindness...


Doing what comes naturally!
by David Hopkins

Death Question or Answer? by David HopkinsA line from a song, but I suggest it has particular significance for Spiritualists when dealing with all aspects of our activity. It seems to me that one of our main aims is to establish that what we say and do fits with natural law, can be backed by logic, is rational and is in no way beyond the understanding of the average intelligence.

Having been in and around Spiritualism for donkey's years, I suppose I could be considered as being amongst the ‘old codgers' referred to in a recent PN item. Yet those donkey's years I trust do not automatically mean that I am an ass...   




Magazine 21

22nd September 2012
(Issue No 4087)

From the editor
22nd Sept - 6th Oct 2012

sue on boat-headshot

I'm writing this while sitting on a third-floor balcony overlooking the sea in Eastbourne, on the south coast of England. There's a gentle salty breeze and the sun is shining, the weather almost freakishly warm for late September in the UK. ‘What a hard life!' I hear you cry. ‘Why is she not at her desk?'

Actually, I am... at least in a way. 

I'm in Eastbourne to cover what must be an almost unprecedented event - a full week of physical mediumship, trance and evidential mediumship, organised by the Gordon Higginson Fellowship.



Resentment as church is blamed for halting bridge's completion

Resentment as church is blamed for halting bridge's completion A Lancashire Spiritualist church has played a major role in negotiations regarding the completion of a half-built bridge.

Church officials are now at war with the council over the matter, as the church is being blamed for the delay.

Blackburn's £12 million ‘Bridge to Nowhere' will finally have a destination six years after construction started. A deal worth up to £800,000 to buy the local Spiritualist church opened the way for £7 million to be spent completing Blackburn's orbital road.


Derek Jameson and Spiritualism

Derek Jameson 
and SpiritualismIT is perhaps not widely known that former Fleet Street editor and radio host Derek Jameson was a great supporter of Spiritualism, writes Kay Hunter.

He and his wife Ellen attended the annual Psychic News Dinners as invited guests.

Mr Jameson passed recently, aged 82, as the result of a heart attack. He leaves his third wife Ellen and four adult children.

He rose from an impoverished childhood to become one of Fleet Street's most successful and colourful personalities.


Then and Now: Horwich celebrates 90 years

Then and Now: 
Horwich celebrates 90 yearsThis month a special party was held to mark the 90th anniversary of Horwich Spiritualist Church, Lancashire, at its present building in Chorley New Road.

Committee member Trina Parr told Psychic News that the origins of Spiritualism in Horwich can be traced back 113 years, to 1899, when meetings were held over a small shop in Siemens Street, half a mile from the present church. The banner currently displayed in the church was always carried between venues.



‘Call a Psychic' fraudster jailed

A Leeds fraudster has been jailed for his part in a ‘Call a Psychic' phone scam, reports the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Paul James Jones was paid thousands of pounds in commission for calls made on premium-rate numbers to five psychics who turned out to be completely bogus.

Not only did Jones pocket the commission money, he left phone companies with more than £30,000 of unpaid bills after he failed to pay the phone accounts he used to call the psychics requesting ‘readings'.

Leeds Crown Court heard that he was caught after inquiries were made into unpaid accounts in various names at his home, and it was discovered he had run up thousands of calls himself to the five psychics.


All go at Leicester Progressive Church

All go at Leicester Progressive Church

Leicester Progressive Spiritualist Church and Training Centre (LPSC) has informed Psychic News of a lively table-tilting event held recently. 

The workshop, when no less than nine tables were in action, took place on Friday 30th August and closed the summer calendar at the church.

LPSC has maintained a very busy and varied schedule since its inception in the mid-1960s.



Seeking the wonder of Spiritualism

K. Patrick Moody: “For the sake of ‘those who have been supporting the church for years’, we are refusing to attract those who will propel it forward for years to come.”Andy Byng's feature Where has all the wonder gone? in Issue 4085 has certainly kept Psychic News' mailbag overflowing recently - see this issue's letters pages. Here K. Patrick Moody from Southampton shares his own opinions on seeking the wonder of Spiritualism.

Who is this Andy Byng? Who is this ‘boy'? What does he know at his age? At 27 years old, or so, Andy Byng is chair of the SNU Spirit of Youth Committee and has a better handle on the Spiritualist movement than many of the ‘old codgers' who have been at it for donkey's years.


A Journey of Psychic Discovery
A book review by Graham Jennings

A Journey of Psychic Discovery A book review by Graham Jennings A Journey of Psychic Discovery by Alan E. Crossley ~ Paperback
Saturday Night Press Publications ~ 131 pages ~ £7

The name of Alan E. Crossley will be familiar to some readers as the author of The Story of Helen Duncan (1975).

He was more than qualified to write her biography, having not only attended her séances, but also those of other great physical mediums of the period.


Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences
Scientific and Spiritual Perspectives on the Subtle Body
conference report by Lew Sutton

Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences Scientific and Spiritual Perspectives on the 
Subtle Body conference report by Lew SuttonThe Scientific and Medical Network's latest conference looked at the nature of and evidence for non-physical counterparts of the physical body. In Spiritualistic terms, this includes the etheric and mental bodies together with phenomena such as Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) and Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). The conference's title ‘Scientific and Spiritual Perspectives on the Subtle Body' may seem a bit obscure to many!

Neuropsychiatrist Dr Peter Fenwick, as president of the SMN, introduced the conference's theme by commenting that this was a wonderful time for examining phenomena associated with the subtle body, as there are now people trained in neuroscience with experience of meditative techniques and altered states of consciousness. The observations of such people make it possible to begin to infer what changes are taking place when the phenomenon occurs.


A bittersweet task... 
Judging the PN Writing Competition

by The Adjudicator 

A bittersweet task...  Judging the PN Writing Competition by The Adjudicator  Dear Competitors all,

An adjudicator‘s task is bittersweet. In my several years of adjudicating in essay competitions (I'm not a member of PN staff, by the way) the task has always been at one and the same time a privilege and a torment, a delight and a nightmare!

For the PN competition there were so many bright, pithy entries, so many different and interesting ways of defining the purpose of mediumship. Conversely, so many hopefuls who had obviously tried hard at the task, but waffled on far beyond the word-limit, wandered off the point, or - alas - didn't actually "answer the question as set", that traditional pitfall for exam and competition candidates down the generations.


Part 1

by Billy Roberts

KARMA - THE REAL GOD?  Part 1 by Billy Roberts"The great Law of Karma is ok, as long as it doesn't affect me," said one cynic. And that's exactly my sentiment too! But what exactly is Karma? ‘What goes around comes around,' they say, and ‘Cheats never prosper'. These, I think, are more or less Karma.

But is it true that cheats never prosper? I think not. ‘But then, punishment for a misdeed may not be delivered in this lifetime,' say the righteous and spiritually minded. Some expert cheats and professional rogues most certainly do prosper, and the ones that get caught don't always learn from their mistakes and go on to repeat their crimes.




Magazine 20

8th September 2012
(Issue No 4086)

From the editor
8th - 21st September 2012

From the 
editor: 25th Aug - 7th Sept 2012

In our survey earlier this year, we asked whether you regarded Spiritualism as a religion. A resounding 77 per cent of you did not. Most of that 77 per cent saw Spiritualism simply as a way of life.

But whatever our individual views, Spiritualism is a legally recognised religion here in the UK, and we have literally hundreds of Spiritualist churches and centres, plus many more worldwide.<

One feature common to all religions, whether Spiritualism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism or any other, is ordination. Each has its own ministers, priests, rabbis, etc - in other words, people whose life and work are dedicated to leadership and service of their own particular religious community.

The ordained person's role is one of huge responsibility, since it involves direct pastoral interaction with the vulnerable, such as the sick and newly bereaved. It also includes the conduct of religious services such as weddings and funerals, offering advice and guidance, providing a safe and confidential listening ear, visiting prisoners, putting forward the religion's teachings coherently and appealingly, and many other related tasks...


Writing competition winner announced

Writing competition winner announcedIn Magazine Thirteen we offered you the opportunity to win a fantastic prize - a free full week-long mediumship course at the fabulous Ershamstar, on the Kent coast. The prize, worth £400, was generously donated by medium and tutor Sheila French, who runs Ershamstar.

For a chance of winning, we asked you to tell us, in no more than 150 words, what you believed to be the purpose of mediumship. Not surprisingly, we received a huge number of entries and were really impressed with the way you expressed your thoughts on such an important topic...


All new at Hoddesdon

Having been based at the Quaker Meeting Hall in Lord Street for more than 70 years, Hoddesdon Spiritualist Church had to find alternative premises. Since April it has operated from the Mayhem Function Hall, Brewery Road, Hoddesdon, with a new committee and several new features.

President Pauline Wing told Psychic News that the church now has its own Facebook page and website, plus a quarterly newsletter to keep everyone updated.

"The church is proud to welcome everybody through its doors," said Pauline. "Those who have never visited a Spiritualist church before, and do not know what to expect, will not be disappointed...


SNU buys Adult Education Centre

SNU buys Adult Education CentreThe Spiritualists' National Union has added another property to its growing portfolio.

According to local sources, Walkley Adult Education Centre was sold to the Union by Sheffield College. Situated next to St Mary's Church, it was erected as a church school in the 1870s, but has since been used for adult education.

The property was on the market for £325,000, though a spokesperson for SMC Chartered Surveyors told PN that the SNU had not paid the full asking price...


Meditation and the elderly

Meditation and the elderlyOlder people who take up meditation could boost their immune systems and reduce feelings of loneliness.

Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles revealed these findings after an eight-week programme of studying the effects of meditation on the elderly.

An account of the 2005 study is published in the current online edition of the journal Brain, Behaviour and Immunity.

In the study, which involved 40 adults between the ages of 55 and 85, it was found that nearly 60 per cent of people aged 70 and over experience some type of loneliness. This is not just an emotional issue. It is a form of stress that has been linked to a higher risk of heart disease, Alzheimer's, depression and earlier death...



HEAVY BLOW TO ESOTERIC STUDIESThe community of esoteric scholars around the world has been left desolate by the passing on 29th August of Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, writes Leslie Price.

Nicholas, just 59, who held the specially created Chair of Western Esotericism at the University of Exeter, passed after a short illness. The pain of his passing is felt acutely by his 120 past and present postgraduate students, because his courses made it possible for them to explore subjects such as Theosophy and the Hermetic Tradition in a sympathetic but academically rigorous environment. His books, dealing with pioneers such as Blavatsky, Paracelsus and G.R.S. Mead, are on the shelves of many libraries.


Paignton celebrates 100th anniversary with rededication

Lew Sutton has been a member of Paignton Spiritualist Church for 18 years. Here, he reports on its 100th anniversary service and gives a potted history of what is a thriving seaside Spiritualist community.

Paignton celebrates 100th anniversary with rededication  Lew Sutton has been a member of Paignton Spiritualist Church for 18 years. Here, he reports on its 100th anniversary service and gives a potted history of what is a thriving seaside Spiritualist community.In the first few years of the 20th century the Paignton Spiritualist Society started on their project of building their own church. By 1912 sufficient funds had been raised to start procedures and trustees were appointed. A local builder, H.P. Rabbich, had given them a great incentive with the gift of an excellent site on the coastal road linking Paignton to Torquay. What a golden opportunity it must have been to build the first Spiritualist church in Devon in such a prominent position...


Psychic art discovery

The Girl Elizabeth JaneRegular readers may remember that in Magazines Fourteen and Sixteen we published some spectacularly beautiful psychic portraits, signed ‘Cedric and Maurice'.

We could find nothing about the artist(s) in our archive, and asked if you could shed any light on who they were.

Thanks to long-time reader, Edgar Goatcher, we can now reveal that ‘Cedric' was none other than Cedric Bagnall, who, says Mr Goatcher, "was an established artist and illustrator in the early 1950s for Eagle and Victor comics...


Passing inspires new generation to continue spirit work

Passing inspires new generation to continueA diagnosis of brain cancer in October last year, caused Fred Dartnall to retire from the Pure Spirit Centre in Corringham, Essex.

Fred and his wife Deidre had run the centre for eight years, but Fred's passing, far from meaning the end of his influence, heralded the formation of a new centre, founded in his memory.

Gaye Newby, daughter of Fred and Deidre, told Psychic News that her father had said he didn't want anyone who had no personal knowledge of him to conduct his funeral, and he asked Gaye if she would do it for him...


Can there be a brotherhood without God?
by Leslie Price

Can there be a brotherhood without God? by Leslie PriceThe second principle of the Spiritualists' National Union is the Brotherhood of Man. It was a popular concept a century ago, but how does it stand today?

In 1900 the leading German theologian Adolf von Harnack published a book which asked What is Christianity? He answered that it was the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, the commandment of love and the infinite value of the human soul. This was not far from the Seven Principles and was known as Liberal Christianity...



BEAR ARMS – YOU’RE IN THE ARMY NOW!The Polish armed forces, soldiers and airmen, produced countless heroes during the Second World War, but perhaps the strangest story to emerge is that of Private Wojtek of the 22nd Company of the 2nd Polish Corps.

The extraordinary exploits of Wojtek (pronounced Voycheck) have become the subject of a book, which will appeal especially to animal lovers. Why? Because Private Wojtek was not a human, but a supremely intelligent bear...


by Oliver Booth

MY JOURNEY INTO SPIRITUALISM by Oliver BoothI was introduced to Spiritualism in the early 1950s and though I did not attend a service again until late 2011, I have had many discussions about the subject, and may have had psychic experiences, though these would be very difficult to prove. I have spoken at length with a former president of the Society for Psychical Research and read several academic journals on the subject...


Spiritualism's Who's Who remembered
as Spiritual Mission celebrates 100 years

by Sue Farrow

Spiritualism's Who's Who remembered as Spiritual Mission celebrates 100 years by Sue FarrowFrom its earliest days, the London Spiritual Mission (LSM) has been renowned as a venue for the highest quality mediumship and philosophical speaking.

The beautiful church, tucked away in a quiet west London street, was built in the early years of the twentieth century on land purchased by the Beard family, following spirit direction which guided them to stables belonging to William Whiteley's Store. A Trust was formed and the church was consecrated in September 1912...


Death – Question or Answer?
by David Hopkins

Death Question or Answer? by David Hopkins"Here is the News. We have just heard of the death of...." and then the newsreader gives us the name of someone well-known from the world of politics, sport, entertainment or science. We then express sadness and remember that person's career or achievements.

That is usually how things go.  Recently, however, a death was reported that probably produced a different response - "Thank goodness." Who was it that we were so glad had died, and why should we have been so pleased at his death?




Magazine 19

25th August 2012
(Issue No 4085)

From the editor
25th Aug - 7th Sept 2012

From the 
editor: 25th Aug - 7th Sept 2012

Recent news headlines in the UK have been dominated by the unexpected death of Tony Nicklinson, from pneumonia, for which he refused treatment.

Tony, who had endured ‘locked-in syndrome' since 2005, when he suffered a massive stroke which paralysed him from the neck down and robbed him of the power of speech, passed just days after learning that his application to the High Court for the right to have assistance in ending his life had been rejected. 

Communicating via his blink-controlled voice synthesiser after the court judgement was handed down, tears poured down Tony's cheeks, wiped away by his wife, as the world's media recorded his heartbroken reaction to the news that the judges had turned down his application. "I am crestfallen, totally devastated and very frightened," the machine communicated for him. "I fear for the future and the misery it is bound to bring."


Historian casts doubt on Crookes' spirit photos

Historian casts doubt on Crookes' spirit photosThe triple alliance of scientist William Crookes, medium Florence Cook, and the materialised spirit of Katie King, forms an eternal triangle; eternal in the sense that they never cease to cause controversy, and probably never will, writes Kay Hunter.

Spiritualist historian Paul J. Gaunt has recently published an article in Psypioneer Journal, of which he is editor, throwing new light upon the famous photographs of Katie King.

The experiments of William Crookes with medium Florence Cook took place over three years. The materialised Katie King claimed to be the daughter of Sir Henry Owen Morgan, ex-buccaneer and Governor of Jamaica under Charles II. For some reason never satisfactorily explained, he took the name of John King.


Hollywood actor experiences the healing side of Glastonbury

Hollywood actor experiences the healing side of GlastonburyEven the famous appreciate the benefits of spiritual healing, which could explain the surprise sighting of a Hollywood celebrity leaving a Glastonbury healing centre.

Award-winning actor and director Nicholas Cage was recently spotted emerging from the Bridget Healing Centre (pictured below) in Glastonbury, where he is said to have spent an hour.

Later, he and his wife, Alice Kim, are reported to have met up at the Abbey Tea Rooms for lunch.


Spiritualist kayaker killed by lightning

An Essex Spiritualist was killed when struck by lightning while kayaking in the sea near his home.

Keith Kirkum, 59, a builder of Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, described as a "spiritual atheist," was reported missing in the early hours of 7th August. He was out in the open water when he was caught in a freak thunderstorm.

When his body was found washed up on shore the following day, it was first assumed he had drowned, but a post-mortem revealed he had died of a heart attack caused by an electric shock.


Irene Sowter joins her husband Gerald in the spirit world

Irene Sowter joins her husband Gerald in the spirit worldWe regret to report the passing of Irene Sowter, highly respected healer, evidential and trance medium.

Together with her husband Gerald, a former Methodist preacher, she founded the Reigate Centre for Psychic and Spiritual Studies.

"The centre does not really belong to us," Irene told PN in 1976. "It belongs to the spirit world."

Irene was a natural medium, aware of her abilities even as a child. "Even today my family think I am nutty," she joked.


Spirit worker loses battle against cancer

Ronald Stein has informed PN of the recent passing of Agnes Freeman - medium, healer, astrologer and author. He writes:

Spirit worker loses battle against cancer  Ronald Stein has informed PN of the recent passing of 
Agnes Freeman - medium, healer, astrologer and author.   He writes:Agnes was born in June 1940, née  Pollak, in wartime Budapest, Hungary, and exhibited from a very early age her psychic abilities by being able to reveal the information inside sealed envelopes that came to her parent's house.

Her mother's side of the family were all gifted in psychic activities, and on her father's side there were many opera singers.

She went on to be trained as an artist, sculptress, poetess and opera singer. Unfortunately she did not have a good singing teacher, and hearing her strained voice as she sang to him...


Star no longer shines in Devon

Star no longer shines in Devon It is with sadness that we announce The Shining Star Centre in Exmouth, Devon, closed its doors for the last time after the service on Sunday 19th August.

Described by the founders, Suzy Hilton and Julie Miles, as "an open-hearted meeting place for like-minded people who have an awareness of the spiritual aspect of living and of Mother Earth," and as "fun and friendly," the centre served local Spiritualists for three years.

Suzy told PN: "The centre has been forced to close due to my ill health and our family commitments. It has been a difficult and emotional decision to make. We both love the centre, and thank everyone who has either served or attended Shining Star over the years."


£440 worth of tickets to be won for
London Mind Body Soul Experience

£440 worth of tickets to be won for London Mind Body Soul Experience "Bigger and better" and "back with a bang!" promises the flyer for the popular London Mind Body Soul (MBS) exhibition at Olympia this September.

The 10th anniversary show promises more than ever before with a new Experience Zone running sessions throughout the three-day event. With tai chi, belly dancing, pilates, yoga and salsa on the menu, visitors will be positively Hula-Hooping their way home.

The fun-packed weekend event is a great way to experience new and exciting things, and the perfect pick-me-up. On offer is an eclectic assortment of complementary health, spiritual awareness, and personal development...


SWANS spreads its wings

SWANS spreads its wings Founded in June last year, S.W.A.N.S. (Spiritual Workshop And Nurturing Sanctuary) is beginning to grow and serve the community.

The group is based in West Sussex, and was launched by Denise Mascherpa, Teresa Mummery and Nicola Collins, all trained mediums and healers. President Denise is also a reiki master/teacher, while Teresa and Nicola are reiki level 2. 

The aim of S.W.A.N.S., as Denise told Psychic News, is "to help people understand more about Spiritualism, the spiritual realms, and to prove survival of the soul. We are dedicated to spreading the spiritual message and bringing comfort and enlightenment to as many people as possible."


Paratroopers present Queen's birthday greeting to Spiritualist

Paratroopers present Queen's birthday greeting to SpiritualistNews has reached us from Colchester Spiritualist Church that one of its members celebrated her 100th birthday this summer.

Life member Mrs Hazel Swift celebrated her century with a party for family and friends, and received a birthday card from the Queen which, in view of her former military connections, was formally presented to her by two Paratroopers.

Hazel was born on 24th June 1912, together with her twin brother whom she has survived. 


New physical phenomena in home circle
by Katie Halliwell

New physical phenomena in home circle It was just over ten years ago when Freda Johnson in spirit (speaking through Stewart Alexander in trance) asked me to stay behind with June Lister at the end of a guest séance held in Hull, on the east coast of England. Following her instructions, the red light was switched on and the other sitters quietly left the room. 

Freda then asked me to take hold of Stewart's left hand and June to take hold of his right. I noticed that his eyes were firmly closed as Freda began to speak. (I had by this point completed 15 pilot copies of my first book on the circle's work, along with its accompanying cassette tape). Freda thanked me for the work I had done and added that it was only the very beginning of what was to come. She then invited me on behalf of the spirit team to become an honorary member of the Alexander Home Circle. You can imagine how delighted I was to accept such a wonderful offer.


The Spirit  Whisperer

I'd certainly not describe myself as an ordinary man, in that I don't get up and go to work in the morning, sit at a desk all day, work in a shop, or anything like that. When I get up, my days are quite different. A totally different language governs my whole world rather than what many people are probably used to. It's a special language that transcends time and space - a language that's not constrained by the limitations of mere words - but one that consists of signs, symbols, energy and thought. A language that can only be heard when one truly listens. It's the language of The Spirit Whisperer, which in my case is another way of describing myself as a medium.

 In my first book, Born Knowing, I explained how I came to terms with, and learned to accept and embrace my spiritual gifts as a psychic medium; and how people could develop their own intuitive psychic abilities. I was born in the tough suburbs of Boston, USA, and like many kids around my area, I coped with a difficult childhood. Except that in my case my family and society ridiculed me, leaving me often feeling isolated due to my psychic abilities. I refused to acknowledge my gift until a near-fatal car accident amplified my abilities to the point where I had to learn how to control what was once pushed away...


Peace of Mind

A short time ago I read an article in which ‘Peace of Mind' was presented as the ultimate in spiritual gifts. I would like to suggest that it is not a gift but an achievement. It is a condition realised only when the mind is released from conflict; when much of emotional disturbance is due to our own activities we shall only be released from it when we have given the necessary attention to its causes.

Conflict arises from many causes - anger, greed, impatience, intolerance, outrage and desire for revenge, to name but a few. These often arise from activities and circumstances beyond our control and not of our own making. We must ask ourselves whether any of those reactions is going to alter the cause of our discontent. Unless they are able to do so, we must recognise that fact and consider other measures. That more constructive manner of thinking will almost immediately reduce the level of stress and tension, bringing us nearer to the peace of mind we seek.


Launch party for book

Launch party for book Saturday 11th August saw the official launch of the long-awaited second book by Minister Eric Hatton.

Eric, a former president of the SNU, was president of Stourbridge National Spiritualist Church for almost 40 years, and has been a member since 1947. He is now its honorary president.

The newly published book is a personal history of the church he has served for so long, and which is seen by many as one of the brightest stars in the Spiritualist firmament. The book's production has been a labour of love which has taken more than a year to complete, interrupted by frequent periods of ill-health...





11th August 2012
(Issue No 4084)

Guest editorial
11th - 24th August 2012

What are we to make of the Immortality Project which has received $5 million (£3.19m) funding from the John Templeton Foundation.

Exciting? Possibly.Ground-breaking? Maybe. Conclusive? Unlikely.

The outcome is likely to be disappointing on several levels, however optimistic we may be that it will provide decisive proof of what Spiritualism teaches. Spending £1m a year on an exploration of life after death, over a three-year period, sounded promising when I first learned about the project. And I was encouraged by a statement from the University of California, Riverside, USA, where the Immortality Project will be led by Prof John Martin Fischer, its Distinguished Professor of Philosophy. It made all the right noises...


Professor receives $5 million to study life after death

Professor John Martin Fischer"Our little life is rounded with a sleep," wrote Shakespeare. But what happens to us after that? The official scientific version of that "sleep" and its consequences is about to be investigated, writes Kay Hunter.

A grant of $5 million has been made to the University of California, Riverside, to undertake a rigorous examination of the question of immortality

Countless millions of us believe in the afterlife and offer our proof of its existence. Adherents of the world's major religions believe in "the life everlasting," from reincarnation to resurrection in the next world. Convincing anecdotal reports of glimpses of an afterlife abound, but there has been no comprehensive scientific study of the subject...


Celebrating 50 years at Yardley

Celebrating 50 years at YardleyThe 50th Anniversary celebration of St Michael's Healing Sanctuary in Yardley, Birmingham, on 17th June, attracted larger than usual congregations.

President and trustee Mrs Doris Couchman reported an attendance of 32 for the afternoon service and 31 in the evening.

"We had mediums Chris and Virginia Richards of Coventry, plus songs and music," Mrs Couchman told Psychic News, "and there was plenty of food for everyone!"


Telephone calls from the dead

Callum CooperIt is more than 30 years since Raymond Bayless and D. Scott Rogo wrote their ground-breaking book, Phone Calls from the Dead.

There have since been many radical changes and developments in the telephone and communication systems, yet people continue to receive anomalous messages.

Callum Cooper (pictured above), pursuing doctoral research in psychology and parapsychology at the University of Northampton, has decided to bring the work of Bayless and Rogo up to date.

Cooper presented some of his findings at a recent London meeting of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), based on his new book, Telephone Calls from the Dead.


Vice-president commemorated with special evening at Woking

Eric Wright SmithWoking Spiritualist Church recently commemorated the passing of its vice-president, Eric Wright Smith (pictured), with a special evening of clairvoyance.

Mr Smith, known to everyone as Rick, had been a member of the church for many years, and will always be associated with it.

Jenny Docherty and Christine Mason were the mediums for the evening, which raised £250. This was donated to Woking Hospice in memory of Rick.


Spirit activity at Newcastle's famous keep

Newcastle CastleThere was no lack of reported spirit activity recently, when Gateshead medium Stewart Robertson organised an overnight charity fundraising vigil in the famous castle keep in Newcastle.

Stewart, who has been serving Spiritualist churches for 35 years, arranged the event with his development group and friends.

The castle dates back to the 10th century, and is built over an ancient Roman settlement.

Trainee medium Julie Hempsall caught a man's face on camera, against a wall in the former castle gaol. Later she felt someone slowly trying to tighten the scarf around her neck, and in no uncertain terms ordered the spirit to leave!


Ask a medium

Colin Fry answers your questions on aspects of mediumship

Colin FryDear Colin,

Can you give any information on how mediumship actually ‘works'? I have been psychic and mediumistic for as long as I can remember, but am somewhat disappointed that I still have no idea who works through me, in spite of everything I have done in order to receive that information.

Also, although I am ‘receiving' while sitting with friends, at present I receive absolutely nothing when sitting quietly alone, which has never occurred before. Do you think that the new energies and the current transformation taking place, are responsible for this? I would appreciate your thoughts and comments.


Unicorn workshops for children

Unicorn workshops for childrenStevenage, Hertfordshire, is the venue for re-launch of a series of children's workshops, to awaken or increase their spiritual awareness.

The ethos is that there are many children already living spiritual lives through their elder family members, or simply those who wish to develop, who will benefit from welcoming and fun monthly meetings.

The workshops are run by Michelle O'Brien and Carol Holmes, both members of the Spiritual Workers Association.

Children fall within the codes of conduct covering vulnerable people in the community, and on this basis parents or carers must accompany children, and stay during the workshops.


Spiritualism has influenced the Church of England, new book concludes

by Leslie Price

Spiritualism has influenced the Church of England, new book concludesIt was July 1939, and at one of their regular meetings, the bishops of the Church of England (C of E) had an item on the agenda about the report on Spiritualism. This had been produced by a committee set up in 1937 by Cosmo Gordon Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury. The bishops agreed with him that it should remain unpublished and private.

This was a critical moment in the unskilful C of E response to Modern Spiritualism, the movement which began in Hydesville, New York State, in 1848, and reached England by 1852. There had been many such enquiries into Spiritualism - including those of the Dialectical Society in 1870, the Seybert Commission in 1887, and the Church of Scotland in 1923. Only the C of E one was kept secret.


The unification of Spiritualists

Eddie BraimThe United Spiritual Fellowship was founded in 1996, under the title United Spiritualists (US). It now also encompasses United Spiritual Healers. In the words of its president, Eddie Braim (pictured): "The 20 founding members were people who had belonged to other spiritual organisations in the past and for various reasons had become disenchanted and disheartened. United Spiritualists grew steadily over the next fifteen years and we currently have nearly 600 members. To mark our fifteenth anniversary we donated £1,000 to each of fifteen major UK charities." 

Here, Eddie talks to editor Sue Farrow about the work of US, and its hopes for the future.


Win a signed copy of Journey Into The Light

Iris WrightPsychic News is giving readers the chance to win one of five signed copies of Journey Into The Light by Iris Wright (pictured).

Reviewed by Graham Jennings in issue 4082, the author recounts her experiences of rescue work in circle - and offers advice on how to start and run one yourself. 

For your chance to win one of the five signed copies, complete the spiritually-inspired crossword puzzle below, created by Jean Stevens, and send the completed crossword or just the answers to...


The True Comforter:
Hardcore Repeatable Evidence Versus Faith
by Kenneth Sarri

In October 2010 I received a phone call from a friend who had just lost his father. The father was 90 years old when he passed and my friend is 67. I know they were extremely close because my friend, whom I shall call Louis, was an only child and lived with his parents his entire life. So he saw his father every day for 67 years. I must add that I have never in my entire life seen anyone grieve over the loss of a loved one as much as he did.

He advised me when the wake and funeral would take place, and knowing how close he was to his father, I decided that I must go, at least to the wake. I frequently attend such things because I know that seeing familiar faces and letting the bereaved know you care can really make a difference in helping that person deal with such a great loss...


by Billy Roberts

DAMNED IF YOU DO AND DAMNED IF YOU DON'T by Billy RobertsMy wife Dolly and I had always said that one day we would live in Cornwall, and it was while filming Living with Angels and Demons there, a television series to be broadcast next year, that we decided there was no time like the present.

In November 2011 we moved to Padstow, a quaint fishing port in north Cornwall, made popular by television celebrity chef, Rick Stein. In no time at all we had made many friends, and as soon as people realised what I did for a living, we were invited to functions, parties and other social events.

We love living in Padstow and find the majority of people extremely friendly, warm and welcoming. Opposing the fact that I am a medium, only a small minority seem to give us a wide berth, assuming that I did not believe in God and in fact worship some sort of dark force...


Personal Reflections on the SNU AGM
by David Hopkins

David Hopkins-redAs a member for over 50 years, and with a family connection going back much further, few would question my allegiance to the Spiritualists' National Union. However, it is not an Animal Farm allegiance - "SNU good, non-SNU bad". Anyone with knowledge of me knows that throughout my membership I have followed the example of my father and been one to question, comment and sometimes criticise a wide range of issues.

Even if the SNU is not ‘top of the pops' for you, I hope you will read through this article, arising from the recent AGM, as I think some points have relevance outside the organisation as well as within it.






Magazine 17

28th July 2012
(Issue No 4083)

From the editor

sue on boat-headshot

As I write, the UK is in the grip of full-blown Olympic fever. Whether it’s profiles of the athletes (looking dazzlingly fit, tanned and ready to fight with all their might to win that coveted gold medal), film footage of the Olympic Park, front-page headlines about the problems of G4S, or supermarket aisles choc-a-bloc with sponsored products bearing the Olympic logo, the games are inescapable.

I confess I’m not much of a sports fan, but I can readily understand why people around the world are so fired up about the Olympics and Paralympics. They’re a demonstration of the brightest and best in human physical achievement – years of training and dedication have been necessary for each and every one of those athletes to be selected for the world’s most prestigious sporting event...


Maori healing labelled ‘witchcraft’

Wanganui hospital-black thumb

Christian prayer and traditional Maori healing are to be offered at Wanganui Hospital, New Zealand, as part of a natural therapy service.

Some members of the medical profession have denounced the service as “bizarre”,  “witchcraft”, its values unproven.

The new facility is focused on spirituality and the healing and strengthening of the mind. Reiki, massage and meditation will also be available.

Maori health director Gilbert Taurus says: “This isn’t about trying to replicate or duplicate anything our medical practitioners are providing. It’s trying to deal with the person as a whole – a holistic approach. We’re trying not to normalise, but encourage people to think about those natural ways that have been used for years.”


Doctors go public on amazing spirit return of patient


Writing on his website (www.paranormalreview.com) Roy Stemman has reported that when the husband of author Faye Aldridge was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, both Faye and her husband Burke, devout Christians, put their faith in God to perform a miracle.

“I expressed my faith,” said Faye. “I covered Burke in the word of God. I read the Bible to him every day.”

Just 21 days after the diagnosis, 53-year-old Burke passed away, and there was indeed a miracle, but a most unexpected one.

Within hours of his passing, and before they had been informed of it, two members of the medical team who had treated Burke received a “visitation” from him in their own homes...


Newport medium sentenced

Karl Lang 3

Newport medium Karl Lang, 49, (pictured) has been jailed for two years for what a judge described as “an abuse of his position” by making “naïve” women perform sex acts for him.

Sentencing Lang at Cardiff Crown Court on July 20th, Judge Patrick Curran said Lang had an “almost hypnotic ability to make his victims overcome their inhibitions” for his own sexual gratification.

He was found guilty of 12 counts of causing two women to engage in sexual activity without consent between November 2005 and September 2009.

During a week-long trial in June (reported in PN issue 4081), a jury heard how two grieving women – one who had lost her father, the other her grandfather – asked Lang to help them to get in touch with their late relatives.


‘Why would anyone believe in life after death?’ professor thinks aloud

“Why would anyone believe in life after death?” asked Professor Laurie Taylor, on his regular BBC Radio 4 programme Thinking Allowed.

A man of many facets, Laurie Taylor was professor of sociology at York University, visiting professor at Birkbeck College, London, and is editor of the New Humanist magazine.

His recent broadcast proved to be very controversial, infuriating a Church of England priest and bringing forth 130 comments online. The Rev Dr Peter Mullen responded in the Daily Telegraph.

Former Rector of St Michael’s, Cornhill, and St Sepulchre-without-Newgate in the City of London, Dr Mullen has written for many publications.

Professor Taylor mentioned the Society for Psychical Research, stating that among its members were eminent philosophers, the co-inventor of the theory of evolution Alfred Russel Wallace, and other “notably intelligent men”, so how could they be foolish enough to believe in a life after death?


Doncaster’s special evening of mediumship for the deaf

Helen Riley BSL

Tuesday 10th July was a landmark in Doncaster, in the north of England, when the National Progressive Spiritualist Church held a special evening of mediumship for the deaf.

Organiser Mike Jameson told Psychic News: “It was aimed at the deaf community who would not normally be able to access a mediumship demonstration. It was very much an experimental evening which we believe to be the first of its kind in our area.”

As well as local people, the audience of 43 included those who travelled from Huddersfield, Leeds, York, Sheffield and Lincoln.

Presiding over the evening was SNU South Yorkshire District Council president Minister June English, accompanied by her husband Don. They said it was a unique experience for them to connect and pass on messages with the aid of British Sign Language. This was provided by BSL communicator Helen Riley.


New Spiritualist sanctuary for Scotland

Make sure your diaries are clear for Sunday 12th August so you can attend the opening of Scotland’s latest Spiritualist meeting place.

The Milngavie and Bearsden Spiritualist Sanctuary is the brainchild of medium Elizabeth Halliday, member of the SNU since 1998 and of the Glasgow Association for almost 30 years.

Milngavie town is in East Dunbartonshire, at the northwestern edge of Greater Glasgow. “There is a great need for a Spiritualist sanctuary in this area,” Elizabeth told Psychic News.

The Sanctuary will open its doors every Sunday at 1.15pm and a Divine Service will start at 1.45pm.


Double suicide at Spiritualist camp

Two people were found dead in a house at Florida’s Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp on 15th July. No foul play is suspected.

“A woman and her adult son are dead by their own hands,” reported the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the house in the evening, in response to a request for a well-being check. Neighbours had not seen the residents since 11th July. Their car had not been moved and the rubbish had not been emptied.


Is science catching up with intuitive animals?



If you’ve shared your life with a pet, chances are you’ll know very well how psychic and intuitive animals can be. Now it seems that science may be catching up with the idea, as Angela Redditch found out when she attended a talk by veterinary surgeon Dr Jenny Remfry. Read on...

Many people have paranormal experiences; they can talk about them. Many of those who listen to their anecdotes would be willing to believe what they hear: just as many would be very sceptical: a third contingent would be undecided.

But how about animals? Some animals seem to be able to predict their owners’ comings and goings without obvious tell-tale signals. Some seem to be able to predict earthquakes. True, or not? Dr Jenny Remfry tackled this intriguing topic at a recent meeting of the London branch of the Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies (CFPSS).


John Blackwood speaks to SUE FARROW

snu trust logo

To many outside the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), the SNU Trust is little known. It started life in 1926 under the name of the Building Fund Pool (BFP) and, according to those who were around soon after its creation, was set up to assist Spiritualist churches at a time when mainstream financial institutions were either unwilling, or decidedly reluctant, to grant mortgages or other loans to Spiritualist groups.

Arguably, we now live in less prejudiced times and those from all religious groups are more likely to benefit from mainstream finance. With that in mind I asked the Trust’s chairman, John Blackwood, what specific benefits the Trust could offer its members.



leslie price

In the summer of 1875, the young English medium J.J. Morse, whilst visiting America, had the time of his life at Spiritualist camps, writes Leslie Price (pictured). There were demonstrations, lectures and fancy-dress parties, leading to “some comical and grotesque rencontres [encounters]” .

According to Pat Deveney, in his new history of the camps, “The use of French by an English-speaking Victorian is a sure indication that something risqué was intended”(p31). And indeed Morse was so carried away he even proposed a resolution at one camp in support of free love, which was difficult to explain back home!

Pat Deveney is the biographer of the medium Paschal Beverley Randolph (1997) and has a mastery of both American and British early psychic newspapers. He was also the first person to realise that Emma Hardinge Britten gave conflicting accounts of her early life in different interviews.


Both Worlds
A book review by Graham Jennings

both worlds

by Susan Bond with Barbara Grant
Paperback ~ 159 pages ~ £7.99
Vanguard Press, an Imprint of Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers 

Ten-year-old Susan awoke at 5am. It was still dark and she switched on the light to read, hoping it would help her sleep again. Unable to concentrate, she just lay back with her thoughts. Suddenly, she was in the room no longer. She was on a bench beside a lake that she recognised, from a rare day trip, as Virginia Water.

A car pulled up, and by the moon’s light she saw three men get out. They dragged an old, rolled-up carpet from the boot down to the lakeside and along the shore. Then they heaved it into the water where it slowly sank. The men raced back to the car and sped off.





Magazine 16

14th July 2012
(Issue No 4082)

Gordon Smith’s complete course in mediumship

complete course in mediumshipAlready the author of several best-selling books on mediumship, Gordon Smith’s inspiration for his latest – Intuitive Studies: A Complete Course in Mediumship – came, fittingly enough, after a demonstration, writes Graham Jennings.

A young man, Steven Levett came forward. Gordon quickly realised that he was interested not in receiving messages, but in learning how to develop mediumship for himself.

Although he had seen clairvoyantly and subsequently sat for development, he had been taught badly. He expected to be presented with all sorts of images and sensations – the ‘messages’ that would demonstrate his gift...



Has psychic portraitist mystery been solved?

John Hocking Psychic art2In Issue 4080 we published three portraits sent to us by reader John Hocking, who was seeking further information about them. He hoped readers might be able to help.

They showed his late mother’s three spirit workers, a Chinese gentleman (pictured right), a German Sister of Mercy and an American Indian. The portraits were dated March 1954, and said to be the work of “Cedric and Maurice”.

One response came from Edward Parker of Eastbourne, who says: “I too have a collection of paintings by a similar artist – The Nun, The Priest, The American Indian, The Chinaman, The Egyptian and The Young Girl.

“They were left to me about ten years ago by Ivy Gibbs, a well known Seaford medium. I understand they were painted by a French artist named Marcel while in trance...



Independent spiritual centre in Hatfield

Medium Linda Wainwright, from Welwyn Garden City, has written to tell us about New Light, an independent spiritual centre in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

This is a Friday evening group which Linda not only attends regularly, but serves as a medium twice a year, and for two evenings of private readings. 

“For the rest of the year I just go to enjoy the company of friends, and to meet and see other mediums work,” she says. “Everyone is welcome and well received, and they enjoy an evening with like-minded people.”



The 2012 White Feather Gathering

white featherThe 2012 White Feather Gathering will take place on Saturday 11th August at the Cotswolds Conference Centre, Farncombe Estate, Broadway, Worcestershire  WR12 7LJ.

There is surely something for everyone in this year’s line-up of speakers and demonstrators: Robert Goodwin (trance mediumship demonstration), Anthony John (Tibetan sound healing), Jaqui Worrall (aura photographs), Pam Brittan (mediumship), Di Merrick (animal healing) and Jill Cooper (Reiki).

The entrance cost of £75 includes a three-course meal, tea/coffee, cold drinks and access to all demonstrations. The day starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm...



Prince Charles was right – plants can communicate

flowerHe was slammed for it and publicly ridiculed, but it seems Prince Charles was right after all. It’s official now – plants not only have feelings, they can communicate.

The Mail Online reports that “research has revealed how plants talk by modifying a cabbage gene which triggers the production of a gas emitted when a plant’s surface is cut or pierced”.

The protein luciferase, which causes glow worms, lightning bugs and deep-sea shrimps to glow in the dark, was added to the plant’s DNA so that any emissions could be viewed on camera...



Paradise in Dudley

andy byng bwWhat better place for Spiritualists to meet than a Paradise Centre? That is the significant name for the building which is now home to Dudley Spiritualist Centre in the West Midlands.

The group was founded 30 years ago by Moreen Walsgrove, and was known as Dudley & Great Bridge Spiritualist Church. Meetings were at Dudley Library. President Sebra Whittle has updated its history for Psychic News.

In 2010 two local Spiritualist groups who held their meetings at the library decided to work together...



Will biblical secrets be revealed?

Temple Church-AvonJohn Thomson, a former journalist/producer at ITV Scottish Television, is calling on English Heritage for permission to investigate an ancient site of faith in Bristol where he believes there is evidence of buried biblical artefacts.

Thomson claims these can relate to the most controversial woman in religious history – Mary Magdalene.

Temple Church, the site in question, is owned by English Heritage.

Thomson has spent the last eighteen months in Bristol, researching places of faith. He believes 2,000-year-old artefacts relating to the beginnings of Christianity are buried within the grounds of Temple Church, in particular, evidence of the woman known as Mary Magdalene...


Florida church has a British seaside link
– without the ‘Kissimmee quick’ hats!

Kissimmee church outsideKissimmee? Where is it? Members of Bournemouth Spiritualist Church could give an immediate answer. Their church has been twinned with The Church of Spiritual Awakening in Kissimmee for some years.

It lies about 20 miles west of the City of Orlando, Florida, an area well known for the tourist attractions of Disney World and Universal Studios. But it isn’t all entertainment. The district also caters for followers of a variety of religions, among them Baptists and Spiritualists.

Kissimmee’s Church of Spiritual Awakening offers services, healing and a full programme for local people and visitors, the latter always finding a great welcome when they include the church in their tour...



Choose your meditation wisely

Adam BurkeMore often than not, the first ventures into meditation are difficult and frustrating. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to reach the peaceful plateau offered by meditation, many novices simply give up, deciding that it is not for them. 

Advice is at hand. A new study suggests they may be using a method which is simply unsuitable for them as individuals. They should select a method that makes them feel comfortable, rather than choose a technique merely because it is popular.  

“Because of the increase in both general and clinical use of meditation, you want to make sure you’re finding the right method,” says study author Adam Burke...



Leicester looks at its Spiritualist history

Although local newspapers cherish their archives, they seldom publicise their Spiritualist church when looking back at past events.

Not so with the Leicester Mercury. In a ‘50 Years Ago’ article on Friday 29th June it celebrated the Golden Anniversary of Leicester Progressive Spiritualist Church, which moved to its current premises in 1962, as the Mercury recalled...


The view through a newcomer’s eyes


Call them what you will, the openings, revelations and messages just kept coming during my week of learning about Spiritualism at Arthur Findlay College.

When the tutor introduced the subject of Colour, and its relevance to the spirit world, I was instantly reminded of a vivid dream. This dream occurred long before any thoughts of Spiritualism were even a twinkle in my mind’s eye. In the dream, I was visited by a wise and gentle figure who I immediately thought of as my ‘companion’. I did not exactly see my companion, as he stayed by my side throughout, but somehow I knew that he was male, and dressed in a long white robe. Behind the calm gentleness of his demeanour, I also sensed a huge energy which was ‘reined in’ to leave a tremor in the air, like an electrical charge...



A husband's tale

Basil Brown shares the story of his beloved  wife’s passing and subsequent return

DUBLIN 12 April 1927: a baby was born in 97 Lower Baggot Street and christened Basil Brown. Family moved to London. Parents divorced in 1937 and Basil grew up a lonely fellow.

On 22 April 1929 a baby was born in Paignton. Christened Jean Iris Martin. She grew up a very loving soul, and her life purpose was to spread love to others and to find her own voice. In her teens she looked after her mother who was slowly dying of TB, and she loved all animals, birds, nature, and especially leaves...



Sensing Spirit with Colin Fry

Billy Roberts reports on Colin Fry’s recent visit to Cornwall as part of his Higher Senses tour

colin fry & billy roberts

Although our paths have crossed many times over the last 25 years or so, I had only ever seen Colin Fry demonstrate his mediumship on television. And knowing just how such programmes are edited, when I saw that he was appearing at the Hall for Cornwall, Truro, my wife Dolly and I decided to go along to see him.

 I really do have to admit to being a little more than surprised at the spectacular demonstration he gave, showing beyond a shadow of doubt that he surely must be one of the best exponents of stage mediumship today. In fact, in my opinion his television programme does not in any way do Colin justice. He is entertaining, amusing, and as well as relaying one accurate message after another to members of the audience, his stage-craft, delivery and audience control show him to be one of the UK’s leading ambassadors for Spiritualism...


SWA keeps it professional

simon curwood-singleThe Spiritual Workers’ Association (SWA) has announced full details of its new professional qualification for the spiritual industry.

As previously reported in PN, the new BTEC level 3 advanced award is the first ever nationally recognised qualification for spiritual workers. It is backed by  Edexcel, part of Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding organisation, and will be recognised across the UK.

Simon Curwood of the SWA told PN: “The qualification does not teach one how to be spiritual but teaches spiritual people who want to work in the community (i.e. spiritual workers), how to do so in a manner that is professional as a business, and understanding their roles and responsibilities under UK law...



A review by Graham Jennings

journey into lightby Iris Wright ~ Paperback
170 pages ~ £8.99 ~ Con-Psi Publications

We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. When it ends, in what the world calls ‘death’, we know that our guides and loved ones will be there to meet us. 

Sadly, there are many who have no inkling of a more subtle existence and think that physical life is all there is. These earthbound entities find they can still move around and visit their old haunts. Their guides, of course, are ready to help, but they can only do so if those individuals are ready to be helped...



Congratulations and Jubilee...tions

by David Hopkins

David Hopkins-redApologies to Sir Cliff! Recently there have been numerous reasons for flag-waving, personal and community pride, and general happiness. Somewhat unusually, a parade went past the end of my road a few Sundays ago. The pavements were lined with cheering locals and visitors, all ages and backgrounds, mixed in joyous celebration, the television cameras whirred and there was much excitement.

The reason for this outpouring of spontaneous gaiety was not, I must confess, my latest piece of writing for PN but something far more momentous – the journey of the Olympic torch, passing through Devon on the second day of its journey across the UK...





Magazine 15

30th June 2012
(Issue No 4081)

Medium found guilty of causing women to
engage in sexual activity without consent

Karl Lang 3Medium Karl Lang, 49, of Newport, South Wales, was released on bail after being warned that a lengthy custodial sentence is “absolutely inevitable”.

Both the Daily Mail and the South Wales Argus gave detailed accounts of the case.

Lang (pictured) was finally found guilty at Newport Crown Court of twelve charges of causing women to engage in sexual activity without consent – in one case telling a victim to “perform like a porn star”.



Hadley: new revelations

andrew hadleyThe Spiritualists’ National Union says it has filed a Serious Incident Report with the Charity Commission in connection with a former trustee of the SNU Trust, writes Sue Farrow.

A statement in the accounts booklet circulated to SNU members in advance of their July AGM reads:

Post Balance Sheet Events

On 13th April 2012 Mr A Hadley, a trustee, tendered his resignation following a Finance Committee meeting. Through its professional advisors the Union has sought guidance and conducted a full investigation of events leading up to the resignation. The Union has made a serious incident report to the Charity Commission and the Office of the Scottish Charity Registrar. Following professional advice the trustees consider that these events will not have any material effect on the 2011 accounts...



Explore, sample and enjoy Letchworth Festival

letchworth-festival-logo“Explore Spiritualism, sample spiritual healing and mediumship, and chat to those who believe in it.”

That was the open invitation to a Charity Open Afternoon hosted by Letchworth Spiritual Centre on 9th June. Featured as part of the Letchworth Festival, the event proved to be a great success and raised £620 for the local Garden House Hospice. For many people it was not only their first visit to the Grade II listed Vasanta Hall, but their first introduction to Spiritualism...

Rose garden honours pioneers

Croydon awardCroydon Spiritualist Church found an unusual way to celebrate its 86th birthday on 16th June. Members created a rose garden in honour of the church’s many pioneers and workers.

This was officially dedicated to them by SNU president David Bruton, who also unveiled a plaque commemorating the occasion. 

After a meal prepared by the church social convenor Jennifer Barnett and helpers, David cut the birthday cake and, in his speech, praised the church for its memorial plaques honouring past presidents, and for preserving the historic photograph albums dating back to the laying of the building’s first brick in 1954 to the present day...



Dynamic duo bring comfort and proof of life after death to the bereaved

stephen-holbrook-new fixed3Clairaudient medium Steve Holbrook (pictured) was nine years old when his grandfather appeared at his bedside at 4am to tell him he had “gone” and had come to say goodbye.

Young Steve rushed into his mother’s bedroom to tell her what had happened, learning later that his grandfather had passed away at 3.55am. For whatever reason, Steve’s mother made him promise never to mention the incident to anyone.

Now the secrecy is unnecessary, and Steve shares his psychic gifts with a wide public. During a recent visit to Hull, he told the Hull & East Riding Mail how his mediumship developed...



Diamonds, bunting and the AFC’s best-kept secret

Paul BreretonMedium Paul Brereton (pictured) has given an outstanding demonstration of survival at the Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted, writes Sue Farrow.

The demonstration, which formed part of the regular Wednesday evening service, was given to a near-full congregation in the college sanctuary as part of the annual Senior Citizens’ Week organised by the SNU’s Fund of Benevolence whose chairman is SNU honorary president Eric Hatton.

Paul has been in development for many years but, under the guidance of Doreen Elston, a wise and experienced teacher now in her eighties, was not allowed to step onto a platform until he knew how to do his job properly...



Controversial book was channelled from author’s wife

New Zealand psychotherapist and neurotherapist Desmond Long has produced what is said to be the first scientifically validated exploration of the after-death state.

Through the eyes of a dying woman it examines minute by minute the process of detaching from the physical, then finding the breathtaking vistas beyond.

Naturally, such a controversial book has been described in a variety of ways, but perhaps one statement sums it up.

“A Pandora’s Box. Its contents are variously appalling, inspiring and beautiful, because no question exists for which an answer is not available. This Pandora’s Box can never be closed.”



Lisa Williams ordained

British-born medium and author is now a minister with The Universal Life Church

Lisa Williams-thumbBritish born renowned medium Lisa Williams has become an ordained minister in Florida.

As well as being noted for her mediumship, Lisa is an international speaker, author and teacher. The Universal Life Church World Headquarters of Carabelle, Florida, announced her ordination by presiding bishop, Brother Michael. Lisa is now officially known as the Rev Dr Lisa Williams, DD.

“I have had many life-changing experiences from which I have realised that my calling in life was to help others and to change lives,” Lisa states on her website...



Protecting the public and instilling confidence

Colin BakerUK Healers (UKH) is a respected national umbrella body for numerous healing organisations. It is dedicated to setting and maintaining the highest standards of training and ethical practice. In this exclusive interview, its chair Colin Baker speaks to PN editor Sue Farrow about the early days of the organisation, accreditation and regulation of healers, and explains why he believes UKH is at a crossroads.

When and for what reason(s) was UK Healers set up?

In 2000 the House of Lords’ Science and Technology Select Committee produced a paper (the Sixth Report) that called for a number of complementary health therapies to introduce voluntary self-regulation for their practitioners. Healing was on this list...



The view through a newcomer’s eyes

CHRISTINE SIMMONSRetired teacher Christine Simmons (pictured) spent much of her career working with boys who had been permanently excluded from school for behavioural reasons. She also taught in a college of further education, supporting individual students who were in danger of dropping out.

A published writer, Christine is a relative newcomer to Spiritualism, approaching the subject with fresh eyes. In sharing her experiences and impressions with PN via this third in her series of articles, she hopes that some of her reflections “may strike a chord with readers and assist them in their own spiritual journey”.


PN Survey Results
77 per cent of readers do not consider Spiritualism a religion

our logo for social networking-black®  

We asked – you told us! Many thanks to the hundreds of you who took the time to respond to our 2012 Readers’ Survey. We received completed questionnaires from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and India.

Your answers have been frank and revealing. They’ve also brought some surprises ­– not least the fact that although 84 per cent of those who responded regard themselves as Spiritualists, a staggering 77 per cent do not regard Spiritualism as a religion. The vast majority see it as a way of life. If this statistic is reflected nationally and internationally, the implications for Spiritualist churches and centres are potentially far-reaching...


Beyond Reasonable Doubt

A book review by Graham Jennings

graham jenningsby Trevor Davey ~ Paperback 
90 pages ~ £3.50 ~ Con-Psi Publications   

With both parents and a grandfather being either Spiritualist ministers, mediums or speakers, the author says it was in his DNA to work for spirit.

After nearly seventy years of study, development and mediumship, he has naturally acquired a wealth of knowledge which he presents here...


The Joy of Spiritualism

by David Hopkins

David Hopkins-redIt is said that churches are the “shop window of Spiritualism” as they are the first contact many have with Spiritualism. That first visit may be the result of one of many reasons. There may be misgivings about what will happen. Having been brought up in a Spiritualist family I never went through that process but I know that both my parents were far from enthusiastic on their first visits.

For my dad the subject arose when he found out that folks he knew well and respected were Spiritualists. Eventually he was persuaded and went to their church, sitting as near to the door as possible – just in case...




Magazine 14

16th June 2012
(Issue No 4080)

The Big Book of Reincarnation

Major American publisher Hampton Roads has released a new book by author and journalist Roy Stemman, an internationally acknowledged authority on reincarnation.

“The Big Book of Reincarnation is a 300-page in-depth exploration of rebirth covering everything from early beliefs through to the latest and best-documented cases,” says Roy on his website www.paranormalreview.com...


Undershaw Saved

Cheers all round as long battle to save Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s home succeeds

Spiritualists are among the many conservationists rejoicing that the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Hindhead, Surrey, is to be preserved.

It has been a long hard struggle to save Undershaw, the Grade II listed home Conan Doyle designed for himself and his family in 1897, and where he lived for ten years. While in residence the author wrote thirteen Sherlock Holmes stories, including what is perhaps his most famous work, The Hound of the Baskervilles...



Leicester Progressive members develop their listening skills

Four members of Leicester Progressive Spiritualist Church and Training Centre have gained the Level 4 Mentoring Award after attending a course at South Leicester College.

Peter Keeffe, a college tutor and also a church member, explained that the short course was organised and delivered by the Adult and Community Education Faculty as part of the college’s community outreach and development...


New minister for Portland Street church

After its recent refurbishment, reported by PN in May, Portland Street Spiritualist Church, Southport, based in the old Welsh Chapel, has appointed the Rev Glenys Clarke (pictured) as its minister.

An ordained minister with the Association of Universal Healers and Spiritualists (AUHS), Glenys is also their deputy president. The organisation was started in Gateshead some 20 years ago by the Rev Stewart Robertson and his wife Christine, using the front room of their home for services and healing. Today, as a healing association, it has 200 members and is growing rapidly...


Author needs your help

Already the author of several books on various aspects of Spiritualism, James McQuitty (pictured) is planning a new book on psychic art and artists.

He intends to feature psychic portraits of relatives and friends, together with comparable photographs and details of any messages received with the artwork or at a later date – perhaps even through a different medium...


Help needed – do you recognise psychic artist’s work?

Inspired by our recent articles on psychic art, Psychic News reader John Hocking has sent us some outstanding portraits of his late mother’s spirit workers, along with a request for information.

John explains: “The lady was a German Sister of Mercy, the Chinese gentleman was a helper and the Indian was her guide.
“They were drawn by Cedric and Maurice, and dated March 1954. Since there are two names I’m not sure how the artists worked, but if any reader could shed light on them it would be appreciated.”


Centenary celebrations at Castleford

Saturday 12th May was a perfect day in Castleford, West Yorkshire. The sun shone, and after weeks of decorating and preparations, so did the 100-year-old Spiritualist church, which was holding its centenary anniversary celebration.

A microphone and loop system had been installed, and a new carpet laid, ready for the great day. Special guests were SNU president David Bruton and vice-president (spiritual), Minister Judith Seaman, both of whom led the service...


True Spiritualism prevails as victim and family forgive driver

The family of a Spiritualist pensioner who died after being hit by a new driver while on her way to church, say they bear the driver “no ill will”.

Motorist Lee Harrison, 23, did not see 88-year-old Margaret Cowen as she crossed Stockton Road, Sunderland, on  her way to a church service in June, 2011.

Mr Harrison, who had passed his driving test just six weeks before the accident, had access to his stepfather’s car for a fortnight...


Wilton’s two-cake anniversary

The first Sunday in May brought a double anniversary ceremony to Wilton Spiritualist Church. It was 74 years ago that the church was established as Salisbury Christian Spiritualist Church, after a public meeting in Salisbury’s Assembly Rooms, now the upstairs of Waterstone’s bookshop.

The second anniversary celebrated the move 50 years ago from rented premises in Greencroft Street to the former Wilton Workhouse Chapel in 1962, when it was re-named The Chapel of Light...


MEDIUM RARE - The psychic life of Ena Twigg

Continuing Chapter one – The Misty People – from Roy Stemman’s newly republished account of the extraordinary medium Ena Twigg.

Ena was taken with acute appendicitis into a Floriana hospital, in Malta, where Harry’s ship had docked. During an operation she “floated” out of her body and looked down at it as the doctors carried out the surgery. She should have made a normal recovery; instead her condition worsened. No one knew what was wrong with her. The doctors told her to pull herself together. She tried, but it was impossible. She felt sapped of her energy, rapidly lost weight, her glands and heart were affected...


For and against REINCARNATION

For and Against is a series in which two well-known commentators with opposing views on a particular spiritual or philosophical topic debate the issue.

Here, Roy Stemman and Leslie Price get stuck into the thorny issue of reincarnation. To have your say on this subject, post a comment or write to the Letters pages...


Ask a medium

Colin Fry answers your questions on aspects of mediumship

Dear Colin,

Please forgive my ignorance. I have been very interested in Spiritualism since shortly after my mother died, in 1983. I was 19 at the time (now 49). I have found learning about Spiritualism to be a long road, where I have sometimes drifted away, then come back again. I now have an overwhelming need to find and work with my spirit guide, and wondered how to start?


The unique Brighton National Spiritualist Church

During the 110 years of its existence, Brighton  National Spiritualist Church in Edward Street has had only six presidents.

Church secretary Michelle Lieberman asks, “Is this a record?” and suggests the reason for the long-stayers is that the church is unique, and “once you’re here you just don’t want to leave.”

Michelle has been secretary for 14 years, and the current president, Joan Bygrave, LSSNU, has occupied the presidential position for 20 years...


Get ready for the year 2117!

by David Hopkins

Well, if you missed it this June you can see it again… in 105 years! Then you will have two chances in eight years. Even for younger readers it seems an unlikely happening in your future, at least this time around.

So – what is or was this event? The transit of Venus (pictured below) was what got scientists across the globe in a high state of anxiety and excitement. Here, it seems, was an amazing opportunity to extend our knowledge of the solar system and indeed of the universe itself, opening doors to greater understanding of how we all got started, where it began and where we might be headed...




Magazine 13

2nd June 2012
(Issue No 4079)

Theosophical Society under threat

blavOne of Britain’s oldest occult centres is under threat from pressures similar to those besetting Spiritualist groups, writes Leslie Price.

The Theosophical Society (TS) is finding its headquarters in the West End of London expensive to maintain, and is hoping to sell land around its conference centre at Tekels Park, Camberley, to enable it to continue in central London. But Tekels’ ownership has been disputed and opposing solicitors have been deployed for and against the sale...


What’s in a name?

Multiple naming ceremony for Mansfield Spiritualists

naming ceremony-thumbMansfield Spiritualist Centre, Nottingham, was proud to hold a recent naming ceremony for seven members of its development group.

After much discussion they agreed upon a joint ceremony, and asked president Jean Stevens if she would approach Tom McCrory CSNU to officiate at the service.

Tom, who runs the Quiet Haven Healing Sanctuary at Ruskington, was more than happy to accede to the request, although he had not previously conducted a naming for so many candidates all at the same time...


Rare spirit wax moulds explained in new booklet

The  history of spirit wax moulds is not clearly defined, but records suggest that they were first produced in the latter part of the 19th century, writes Kay Hunter.

Compared with copious available information and photographs of materialised spirit beings, information on spirit-created wax moulds of hands and feet is sparse.

The Britten Memorial Museum at the Arthur Findlay College now holds some of these rare moulds, donated by Sutton-in-Ashfield Spiritualist Church, where they had been displayed since 1938...


MEDIUM RARE - The psychic life of Ena Twigg

Roy Stemman (pictured) was assistant editor of Psychic News under Maurice Barbanell and is a respected journalist, author and researcher. Published in 1971, Medium Rare, an account of the renowned medium Ena Twigg, was the first of his 14 published books and has been out of print for 40 years.

“The advent of digital publishing has enabled me to make it available again, publishing it myself and at very little cost to the purchaser,” says Roy. “Above all, it is a reminder of a particularly remarkable medium and the influence she had on high-ranking Christian clergy at that time, as well as a number of celebrities.”

Over the next few issues PN will feature extracts from the book, beginning this week with the opening pages of Chapter 1...


Charitable work continues as centre celebrates 6th anniversary

Maldon Spiritual Centre in Essex never has an idle moment, and in addition to the ongoing process of learning, spreads its charitable work far and wide.

The centre recently held its fourth Spiritual Development Weekend at Southend-on-Sea, where the three residential tutors were Jeanie Jackson, Chrissie King and Kimmie Claydon. The busy weekend of workshops also included evening demonstrations of mediumship, plus a paranormal evening with optional workshops and guest tutors...


The view through a newcomer’s eyes

Retired teacher Christine Simmons (pictured) spent much of her career working with boys who had been permanently excluded from school for behavioural reasons. She also taught in a college of further education, supporting individual students who were in danger of dropping out.

A published writer, Christine is a relative newcomer to Spiritualism, approaching the subject with fresh eyes. In sharing her experiences and impressions with PN via this second in her series of articles, she hopes that some of her reflections “may strike a chord with readers and assist them in their own spiritual journey”...


Madeleine McCann’s parents disgusted at Acorah’s comments

Will we ever learn the truth about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann? Medium Derek Acorah (pictured) is not the first psychic to announce his belief that the child is dead. In a recent interview with The Sun he gave his reasons.

“I know her parents are convinced Maddie is alive, and I’m really sorry, but the little one has been over in the Spirit World for some time. “I don’t think she’ll be there long before she reincarnates. When children pass over who haven’t had full lives I believe they choose to come back again in the same form as another little girl.”


Our today shapes our tomorrow

Frederick Kenward is not a happy man when it comes to modern-day mediumistic development. Neither is he overly impressed with the average definition of Spiritualism. Whether you agree or disagree with him, he makes some challenging points. Our letters pages are ready and waiting...

It is sad, I feel, that some of the demonstrators on Spiritualist church platforms are so convinced of their competence that they are unwilling to face up to constructive criticism offered with good intention to help improve their performance.

We have had a problem for many years now, but with accelerating frequency, with inexperienced and insensitive people managing circles for the development of mediumship...


A Path Prepared – The Story of Isa Northage

A book review by Graham Jennings

By Allan MacDonald ~ Paperback
245 pages ~ £10.50 ~ Saturday Night Press Publications ~ £10.50

From her earliest years, other-world reality was no stranger to Isa A. Northage. She heard spirit voices, says author Allan MacDonald, “of such compelling beauty and command” that she confided in a dear friend, Canon Jackson.

“You are another Samuel,” he told her. “Treasure your gifts from God, my child. Some day you will make good use of them.”

That was an understatement. Years later, through her mediumship, there occurred some of the most amazing materialisations ever recorded.




Magazine 12

19th May 2012
(Issue No 4078)

Medium’s survival evidence backed up with a psychic portrait

Debbie DeanNews of a remarkable medium and psychic artist has reached us from one of our Kent churches.

Shirley Homewood, president of West Wickham Spiritualist Church, sent PN an example of the work of Debbie Dean from Crawley (pictured), who visited West Wickham on 7th March.

The recipient of the portrait and accompanying messages was Shirley’s friend Kath Smith. Debbie told her “the blood test will be OK,” not knowing Kath had had a test that morning.

Debbie also said that Kath’s late husband Fred (Frederick Harvey Smith) was with her, had his hands either side of her face and was kissing her. Debbie did not know the cause of his passing, but mentioned “a pain in his head”. Fred had fallen in the bath and bruised his head.


Having the power to bring police in for questioning

Alan Power2A former officer of Greater Manchester Police has contacted Chief Constables of all 41 forces in England.

Mr Alan Power (left) seeks permission to circulate a questionnaire to their police stations to ascertain police knowledge of the law in relation to psychics, and relevant Acts of Parliament.

As previously reported in Psychic News, Mr Power, of Birkenhead, was dismissed from his job in 2008, and firmly believes the reason was his interest in psychic and spiritual matters.

An employment tribunal in 2009 rejected his claim for unfair dismissal, and the judge dismissed the case at a further employment tribunal in April 2011...


Spiritualist given bravery awards for fighting off armed attacker

A West Midlands Spiritualist has won two police awards for bravery.

sonya pugh

Sonya Pugh, of Stourbridge Spiritualist Church, didn’t hesitate to rush to the aid of a teenager who was being attacked. What makes her courageous actions all the more remarkable is the fact that Sonya suffers from the painful and debilitating disease Fibromyalgia and now walks with the aid of crutches.

Sonya, 41, told PN editor Sue Farrow that she felt no pride in receiving the award.

“I honestly don’t, because I didn’t even think about what I did. I dropped my children off at school as I do every morning and watched them go through the gates. I parked my car and saw a young gentleman who looked like he was hitting a young girl who goes to the school. She had a school uniform on.”

Sonya subsequently discovered that the girl was fourteen years old...


Belper’s anniversary at the Jubilee

Belper Spiritualist Church thumbThe Spiritualist church in the historic mill town of Belper, Derbyshire, will not only mark the 60th year of the Queen’s reign in June. It will be putting up the bunting to celebrate its own even longer ‘reign’ of 125 years.

On this special occasion an anniversary service will be held on Sunday, 24th June at 3pm, when the church will be re-dedicated by SNU president, David Bruton.

President Mrs Joan Sladden, the committee and members have declared their intention to maintain the heritage and enthusiasm of the church’s founders. A history of the development of Spiritualism in Belper has been traced by David Morgan...


Clairvoyance, Compassion and Congregations

Anji Wylde on the vital importance of compassion in mediumship, and why “the medium will always be the organ grinder and not the monkey”.


I’m sure most of us would agree that the cornerstone of Spiritualism is spirit communication. Without it, Spiritualism would be only a faith and not the incredible truth we share as Spiritualists. Clairvoyance, along with other mediumistic faculties, offers comforting knowledge to those who seek to bridge the gap, however briefly, between this world and the next.

Mediumship in our churches and centres provides much-needed healing for the bereaved, and is generally the reason why people are drawn to what I believe is the most miraculous phenomenon imaginable...


The view through a newcomer’s eyes

CHRISTINE SIMMONSRetired teacher Christine Simmons (pictured left) spent much of her career working with boys who had been permanently excluded from school for behavioural reasons. She also taught in a college of further education, supporting individual students who were in danger of dropping out.

A published writer, Christine is a relative newcomer to Spiritualism, approaching the subject with fresh eyes. In sharing her experiences and impressions with PN via a series of articles, she hopes that some of her reflections “may strike a chord with readers and assist them in their own spiritual journey”.

After a public demonstration at my local Spiritualist church, I overheard two women talking. It had been an excellent evening, they agreed; the medium was really good. Then one woman screwed up her face, cast a disparaging look around and added “but I don’t agree with the religion”.



W.T. Stead

W T SteadSpiritualist, world-renowned journalist and social campaigner drowned in the Titanic disaster of 1912. Angela Redditch reports on a recent British Library conference held in his memory.

A dizzying whirl of a working life: pioneering innovative journalist, passionate reforming campaigner against major injustices, pacifist, energetic advocate of the rights of women, founder, publisher and editor of newspapers and magazines, promoter of Esperanto as an international language, compassionate helper of the bereaved, zealot to inform and educate the widest possible readership across all social classes. A man so wholeheartedly active in so many fields that he seems – from the distance of a century – to have been living several different lifetimes all at once. So, who was this unstoppable arch-communicator?


Psychic News Spiritualist of the year

our logo for social networking-black®  

The Spiritualist movement is full of amazing people. Outstanding orators, healers, mediums, teachers, circle leaders, church and centre members – all sorts of dedicated people who go the extra mile for Spiritualism, whatever the cost to themselves.

Every year for decades Psychic News recognised the achievements of women and men who, in one way or another, had enhanced the progress and profile of Spiritualism by their dedication and the quality of their work...



Sandy Ingham's Psychic Art

Sandy Ingham-thumbMaxine Pamphlett-Jones shares the story of her life-changing encounter with psychic artist Sandy Ingham (pictured).

Before telling my story I would like to give you some background on my very special dad. I am the eldest of five children. Two of my brothers have special needs. My parents also fostered children for over thirty years, giving more than one hundred youngsters the opportunity to come into our loving family home.

My dad treated each and every one of them as his own, and years after leaving my parents’ care they continued to visit, bringing updates on their progress. My dad was hardworking and ensured that we had the best of everything, including college, helping to shape the future for us. He was at his happiest when he had his family around him...


Questions answered through trance medium in West Yorkshire

Eric CargillNearly a hundred people packed Dewsbury Spiritualist Church, West Yorkshire, on 21st April to hear York trance medium Eric Cargill.

He was accompanied by his circle leader Gerald O’Hara and circle members Margaret Hodge and Ayse Kukkulyu.

Eric, who has been sitting for development for eighteen years, has a number of spirit guides, notably William and Lucy who both passed over as children.

They introduced themselves and took metaphysical questions, following their answers with evidential personal messages.



A book review by Graham Jennings 

graham jenningsTranscendence

by Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal ~ Paperback

303 pages ~ £12.99 ~ Hay House

In 1955 the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi set out on his mission to bring Transcendental Meditation (TM) to the world.

The technique is thousands of years old and was taught to him by his master in the Himalayas. We are told that he afterwards extracted it from its religious context and “distilled it to its essence, which he believed could be of value to people of all creeds in many situations”...





Magazine 11

5th May 2012
(Issue No 4077)

Medium David Nason passes to spirit

david nason-thumbThe medium, healer and teacher David Nason has passed to spirit.

David (pictured), who was 68, had been diagnosed with a brain tumour in February and underwent a course of radiotherapy to try to shrink it. He was nursed at home by Shelly, his wife of more than 45 years, and made his transition in the early hours of 25th April. Shelly and the couple’s two children, Paul and Melanie, were at his bedside.

David was a third generation medium, grandson of Rose Phillips and son of the internationally renowned  Jessie Nason, the first medium ever to demonstrate proof of survival on television...



First ever state-sanctioned professional
qualification for spiritualistic services

simon curwood-singleFor the first time in the history of Spiritualism, national education regulators have approved a professional qualification for those providing spiritualistic services on a paid basis, writes Sue Farrow.

The brand new BTEC level 3 Advanced Award in Business Management of Spiritualistic Services is the brainchild of Simon Curwood, Operations Manager of the Spiritual Workers Association.

Simon told Psychic News that he and SWA office manager Miranda Curwood had been delighted to receive confirmation of the new BTEC course three weeks ago...


Father still speaks to tragic Amy

Amy Winehouse-faceThe father of singer Amy Winehouse (pictured) has revealed that he speaks to her through a medium.

Mitch Winehouse, devastated when his 27-year-old daughter died of alcohol poisoning in July last year, says he is still in contact with her, and she is delighted with her family’s efforts to help others through the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which they set up in her memory.

Mr Winehouse made the announcement in New York, at the launch of the US branch of the Foundation. Also present were Amy’s mother Janis and younger brother Alex...



World’s largest shared acupuncture experience is held in New York

Acupuncture-thumbYou probably think going to an acupuncturist is like going to the dentist – in a private room, with one-to-one treatment from the practitioner.

A recent experiment in New York has changed all that, as Meryl Davids Landau explained in The Huffington Post. She received an invitation to “the world’s largest shared acupuncture experience.” It was to be held in a Miami hotel ballroom, and was sponsored by a top medical school.

“I knew I was in for something deep when I entered the room,” wrote Ms Landau. “Only as I was lying on the floor next to 185 other participants – needles stuck in all our arms and legs – did I understand it was actually more of a spiritual happening...



Trance mediumship demonstration available for all on DVD

Cyrus-thumbThanks to modern technology it is now possible to capture our healers and mediums in action on film, retaining unique recordings of them for all time.

Michael Courtney-Hunt, of Peterborough, has been promoting this facility for some years, graduating from basic recording equipment to the very latest.

“I originally started off in 1998,” he told Psychic News. “Together with close friend Neil Stroud I formed ‘Spiritsinc’. I was then using two video recorders from which I produced video tapes. I then moved on to computers to edit later productions which are now on DVD.”

There were two reasons for launching this idea. “One was to bring comfort to those who had lost loved ones,” explained Michael. “The other was simply to find answers relating to the reasons for our existence, and to pass on this information."



Co-founder of German spiritual college passes

Tina OlfordTina Olford (pictured), co-founder of the Lotus Spiritual College, in Germany, has passed to spirit.

Tina, the German wife of British medium John Olford, made her transition on 10th March following a long battle with cancer.

Medium Robin Winbow, a long-time friend and colleague of Tina and John, told Psychic News:

“They were co-workers for spirit, creating their own spiritual teaching college. It is sad to see them separated, for they were so close in their spiritual and material union.  I am glad that I went over and was there with them...



Community spirit at Southport Unitarian/Spiritualist Church

Southport church-thumbSpiritualists in Southport, Lancashire, can rejoice in their newly refurbished home at the Unitarian church (pictured).

Formerly known as Pathways Spiritual Centre, the group is now named Portland Street Spiritualist Church. It has been an independent Spiritualist church since 2011.

Officers of the church have expressed the warmest thanks to their “wonderful congregation” who helped to decorate and furnish the building.

It has been very much a community effort by individuals and groups, who have not only donated furnishings and money but also their time, in order to create an up-to-date comfortable environment...



PN and horses to the fore as medium packs Spiritualist church

Peter Keeffe reports on some “stunning mediumship” at Leicester Progressive Spiritualist Church and Training Centre.
little horse

Psychic News was to the fore at Leicester progressive Spiritualist Church and training Centre recently when medium Nicky Alan demonstrated stunning mediumship and brought moving evidence to a packed church. Our favourite Spiritualist paper was featured on the ticket desk and on a stand in the body of the hall attracting first time buyers and one or two returning readers. We asked a selection of folk who bought the paper what their first impressions were and everyone who bought a copy commented favourably on the colourful layout and attractive content of the new look PN...

Church and Training Centre president Marian Sawczuk, who chaired the Saturday evening 28th April meeting, introduced the medium, saying: “How can we describe Nicky Alan? Very gifted, down to earth – comical and full of fun! Nicky was an enormous success when she visited us last year and we have been eagerly waiting for this return visit. Nicky works with huge names such as Colin Fry and demonstrates and teaches all over the UK and on television.”



At one with Matisse

Matisse-red manLiliana Alexandre has been a volunteer and researcher with the International Academy ofConsciousness in London since 1996. Here, she tells the extraordinary story of the ‘automatic’ painting of a Matisse figure through the combined hands of herself and her young brother.

Reading a recent issue of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research (SSPR) magazine I came upon Roy Stemman’s article ‘A Vincent van Gogh Now Adorns My Wall’ which reminded me of an experience I had when I was fifteen or sixteen.

Roy’s article reports how the Brazilian medium, Florencio Anton, has been producing works by deceased painters such as Renoir, Picasso, Modigliani, Miro, and van Gogh, and using these works to raise funds for a school for the poor belonging to a Spiritist group...



Devon Spiritualist School

Margaret PreeceFormer SNU minister Margaret Preece (pictured) now describes herself as a “liberated independent Spiritualist”.

Here, she shares her huge enthusiasm for the lively and innovative spring seminars run by the Devon Spiritualist School.

Sun-kissed or windswept, the mood cannot be dampened at the Devon Spiritualist School. High on the cliff edge at Babbacombe, in Torquay, with panoramic views as far as the Jurassic Coast, Lyme Regis and Portland, stands an elegant hotel reminiscent of the days of Victorian ladies descending upon Torbay to take the waters...



Metaphysical You ~ The Aura

by Billy roberts
Billy Roberts

The word ‘aura’ is frequently used with little or no knowledge of its true meaning, when, for instance, we say that someone has “an aura of calmness” about them, or that a house has “an aura of warmth”.

But as the majority who read this will probably know, the word ‘aura’ is far more than a descriptive term; it is now a scientific as well as a metaphysical fact, and with the use of modern sophisticated devices can even be photographed, scanned and monitored.

Although mediums frequently speak of the aura with some authority, there is little doubt that what the majority are actually seeing is only a minute part of an even greater whole. The aura is quite extensive and radiates beyond the parameters of the visible spectrum. But what is this metaphysical phenomenon that has mystified us for thousands of years?



Where do I stand on Christianity?

by David Hopkins
David Hopkins-red

As a Spiritualist, I am often asked where I stand on a range of issues. Living in what is historically a Christian country, my views on Jesus and Christianity are sometimes sought. As with all matters, I give those views without claiming that they represent all who call themselves Spiritualists.

To remind you of the First World War story about the message that went back from the front: ‘Send reinforcements – we are going to advance,’ which turned into: ‘Send three-and-fourpence – we are going to a dance’ by the time it reached HQ. Then think of games of Chinese Whispers and the fun we had when a simple statement was whispered amongst a group, ending up nothing like how it started.



A personal experience of spiritual healing:
Psychic Surgery and Distant Healing

by PN reader Richard Marshall

colour hands to go roundI would like to share with Psychic Newsreaders my experiences of psychic surgery and distant healing.

In 1990 I had an accident at work that culminated in a back injury as well as sciatica, both extremely painful conditions. My wife and I went along to the Mind Body and Soul Exhibition in London.

There was an array of different therapies on offer. The National Federation of Spiritual Healers had a stand, and I was in so much pain that I was willing to try anything at that point...



Magazine 10

21st April 2012
(Issue No 4076)

Andrew Hadley’s meteoric rise ends with shock departure

Andrew Hadley, controversial chairman of the Arthur Findlay College, has resigned. Or has he? writes Sue Farrow. A statement posted on the SNU website on Friday 13th April 2012 reads:

NEC Announcement – Mr Andrew Hadley OSNU

With effect from Friday April 13th 2012 the NEC accepted the resignation of
Mr Andrew Hadley OSNU as a Director of the Spiritualists’ National Union
and as Chairman of the Arthur Findlay College Committee.

 SNU President, David Bruton OSNU has been appointed as the Chairman
of the Arthur Findlay College Committee.

National Executive Committee,
Spiritualists’ National Union.

Hadley, a successful businessman and director of numerous companies, has been a Spiritualist for less than a decade. Despite that, he has found his way to the inner circle of the SNU with what many have seen as astonishing speed, taking a seat on the Finance Committee at the invitation of the then financial director, now president, David Bruton. He was also appointed a trustee of the SNU Trust, a position which, according to a well-placed source, he has now relinquished...


Former mining town is a magnet for mysticism

CollieryCoal production has gone from the former mining town of Stanley, County Durham, and the community is reinventing itself as a New Age centre.

Stanley, as the local Evening Chronicle describes it – “built on grit, sweat and the blackened brows of men down the pit” – is becoming a magnet for mysticism.

As well as a Spiritualist church there are dream workshops, astrology and tarot card readings, dream interpretations, and psychic workshops.

One shop, Cauldron of Destiny, provides all this plus astrology advice, and the Chinese art of I Ching. There is also a mystic reference library. Cauldron of Destiny shares its premises with the local hardware shop.

Owner Rikki Blythe, 47, from nearby Catchgate, said: “We want people to know there are many people interested in mysticism and Spiritualism, and are finding their path...


Still going strong after two major earthquakes and 8,000 aftershocks

New Zealand flagChristchurch Spiritualist Church in New Zealand has suffered the effects of two major earthquakes and more than 8,000 aftershocks during the last two years.

A recent message from Minister Phyllis Fleming conveys the good news that despite all adversities the church is very much alive and well.

She writes: “We have been lucky to have one of the few remaining churches still standing. Although we have damaged walls and floor, we are still able to conduct our services each Sunday...


Conan Doyle and Houdini correspondence goes on show

Harry HoudiniA fascinating correspondence between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the magician and escapologist Harry Houdini (pictured left) will be on view at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum throughout April.

The museum, in Charleston, USA, is housed in an old Methodist church. It is home to a series of manuscripts from the private collection of real-estate magnates David and Marsh Karpeles. Admission is free.

The glass cases, edged around the pews and pulpit, contain exhibits ranging from pages from Roget’s original Thesaurus to Sir Ernest Shackleton’s sketched map of the Antarctic...


Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary travels north to Southport

Toni JodeNot everyone is able to attend the renowned Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. Now the Burrows Lea team of healers has extended its services to different parts of the country.

Toni Jode (left), Healing Services Manager at Burrows Lea, reports the success of a Regional Healing Day at Southport Spiritualist Church.

“This church has been dedicated to Spiritualism for over a century, and proved to be the ideal venue,” she said.

“The aim of our Regional Healing Days is to provide an opportunity for those who write to us for distant healing, and cannot visit the Sanctuary for healing from Harry Edwards Registered Healers...


Silver Birch’s real name revealed in new booklet

silver birch pic-thumbThere can be few names in Spiritualism, or indeed in world-wide spiritual literature, as famous as that of ‘Silver Birch’, writes Sue Farrow.

But what do we actually know about the legendary guide, who communicated such profound and beautiful philosophical teachings through the trance mediumship of Psychic News founding editor Maurice Barbanell?

One thing we do know is that Barbanell was a decidedly reluctant trance medium.

“I was not keen on the trance condition,” he wrote, “probably through my vanity in wanting to know what was said and done through my bodily mechanism.”


Tutor offers a culinary job with spiritual prospects

sheila french3-thumbA tutor at the Arthur Findlay College has overcome many obstacles  in her life in order to convey Spiritualist teachings to others.

Sheila French was a Sunday School teacher until she was 21. She first heard of Spiritualism when her mother-in-law sought healing while suffering from Motor Neurone disease, a terminal illness. She had a Spiritualist funeral, after which Sheila decided to join a circle.

This was followed by the beginning of her development at the College, immediately after the passing of Gordon Higginson...


British medium to take a spiritual look at historical places

robert brown-NEWA new TV series now in preparation will provide a rare treat for those interested in the spiritual aspects of historical events and legendary geographical sites.

The Aegis Film Group seeks answers to a series of questions asked for generations, such as Where is the Ark of the Covenant buried? Where is the true final resting place of Mary? Where is the final resting place of her son Jesus? What was it like in the final hours of Pompeii? What did Nostradamus really want to know?

In its advance publicity for the series, Aegis Film Group says, “Dead History takes a page from time itself and marries it with an intriguing twist – the psychic. With this pairing of history and present-day psychic interpretation, we hope to present historical events through re-creation, current investigation and in-depth analysis, and in the process perhaps uncover the truth behind events surrounding historical mysteries.”


Ask a medium

Colin Fry answers your questions on aspects of mediumship

Colin Fry-poster

 Dear Colin,

My wife is a working medium and sat in a development circle for many years before starting to work on platforms. She has always seen spirit, but a few months ago she started to hear things clairaudiently. This is great, but she says the communications are very faint and usually just a few words. Could you advise her about the best way to develop this gift that has come in? 

Best wishes, Derek

How many of us calling ourselves Spiritualists, and criticising the quality of many of today’s mediums, really think about the true meaning of Spiritualism and being a Spiritualist? Have we stopped to ask ourselves why, after over 150 years, relatively few people take us seriously or have any respect for the movement? Is it perhaps that so many calling themselves Spiritualists have their attention focused on the theatrical aspect of Spiritualism?

Mediums, physical or mental, are not Spiritualism and are not necessarily Spiritualists. For Spiritualism to take a step forward in this world of fast-failing religions, we must take the subject more seriously. We must not just accept our Seven Principles and recite them by rote as we do the Lord’s Prayer, more to confirm that we remember than to heed them...


Is There Anybody There?

A book review by Graham Jennings

graham jenningsIs There Anybody There? ~ By Bryan Gibson
~ 183 pages ~ £8.50 ~ Saturday Night Press Publications

It is not only humans who are met at the time of physical death by friends and loved ones.

Medium Bryan Gibson (pictured) recalls how he once came to a lady in his local church to tell her that her father in spirit had a cat with him. “Yes,” she said. “It only died one hour ago, just before we came to church. It was run over.”

“The lady’s father,” writes Bryan, “assured her it was okay, and then described a tabby cat, which was apparently another cat which had disappeared at the same time. The lovely lady had lost two cats in the previous hour, but her father did his best to reassure her that they were all right, telling her that the one with him was well and purring in spirit.”


Dowsing and your intuitive potential

dowsing with pendulumExperienced dowser Jim Warwood is the leader of a Spiritualist mission in Adelaide, Australia. Here, he takes a look at the mysterious world of dowsing and explains why he believes it’s a psychic skill.

One psychic skill that has gained a level of acceptance is dowsing. In addition to its use by many farmers to find water, especially in Australia, dowsers around the world have received substantial payments for successfully finding valuable ore and oil deposits...


What a difference a day makes...

by David Hopkins

david hopkins thumb

What a difference a day makes…says the song. To remain topical I thought it interesting to take news stories on one day and look at them in the light of Spiritualist philosophy. I have chosen Tuesday 17th April 2012, for no reason other than it was the day I began this article.

It was the second day of the trial of Anders Behring Breivik. What an appalling series of events we saw unfolding last July. A bomb exploding, killing eight in Oslo, seemed bad enough, but then we had thrust into our vision pictures of those sixty-nine people being massacred unmercifully by a cold-blooded killer – like the horror films or violent computer games so popular with many young men...


The meaning of a Spiritualist life

by Frederick Kenward

How many of us calling ourselves Spiritualists, and criticising the quality of many of today’s mediums, really think about the true meaning of Spiritualism and being a Spiritualist? Have we stopped to ask ourselves why, after over 150 years, relatively few people take us seriously or have any respect for the movement? Is it perhaps that so many calling themselves Spiritualists have their attention focused on the theatrical aspect of Spiritualism?

Mediums, physical or mental, are not Spiritualism and are not necessarily Spiritualists. For Spiritualism to take a step forward in this world of fast-failing religions, we must take the subject more seriously. We must not just accept our Seven Principles and recite them by rote as we do the Lord’s Prayer, more to confirm that we remember than to heed them...




Magazine 9

7th April 2012
(Issue No 4075)

Spiritualism is a ‘cutting edge’ religion, says professor

 Todd Jay LeonardSpiritualism does view issues from a more progressive point of view, and usually does precede everyday society in the general acceptance of current issues and controversies.

“Just as Spiritualism was on the cutting edge working towards the abolition of slavery in the 1850s, and embraced women and women’s rights at a time when society was fighting issues of equality with a vengeance, so does Spiritualism today embrace those searching honestly and purely for their own spiritual truth and place in society – regardless of their sexual orientation.

So says Todd Jay Leonard, a full-professor at Fukuoka University of Education, Japan, where he is a faculty member in the Department of Education. His observations appear in his paper, “Messages From Heaven” published in the 2012 Annual Proceedings of the Association for the Scientific Study of Religion – Southwest (ASSR-SWI)...


Widow reveals war hero’s spirit messages

christina schmidThe story of Staff Sergeant Olaf (Oz) Schmid was remarkable enough. An improvised explosive device brought the life of this top bomb disposal expert to an abrupt end, at the age of 30, on the last day of a five-and-a-half-month deployment to Afghanistan, in October 2009. He was awarded a posthumous George Medal for his heroism, which The Queen presented to his widow, Christina, at Buckingham Palace in 2010.

Now Christina (pictured above) has written a book about their life together which reveals a new dimension to the story: spirit messages from Oz have convinced her that he is still very much with her...


Remembering one of Titanic’s most famous victims

WT Stead-NEWThe sinking of RMS Titanic on her maiden voyage to New York, one hundred years ago this month, robbed Spiritualism of one of its most impressive pioneers – William Thomas Stead.

Stead was one of the 1,514 passengers and crew who perished after the giant “unsinkable” liner hit an iceberg. His death made headlines around the world.

As well as being an eminent Spiritualist, he was also an editor and pioneer of investigative journalism. Memorials to Stead were erected on London’s Victoria Embankment and in New York’s Central Park...


Plenty to celebrate on anniversary of Hydesville

Hydesville cakeA cake decorated with an image of the Fox Sisters was enjoyed by the congregation of Woolston Spiritualist Church, Southampton, Hampshire, on Spiritualism’s anniversary (31st March). They certainly had plenty to celebrate.

It’s hard to believe, looking at the line-up of smiling faces, that a month earlier the SNU closed the church in response to a request from its committee. Declining attendance at the church, which has been in existence for over two decades, was said to be the main reason...


Magazine pays tribute to Lodge’s ‘Spiritual Grandmother’

Stella Polaris coverYlana Hayward began life as the daughter of one of Britain’s most famous trance mediums – Grace Cooke, who for 70 years was the channel for White Eagle, a spiritual teacher who was the spokesman for the White Brotherhood.

By the time she completed her earthly life, on 7th September, 2011, having held many positions of responsibility within the White Eagle Lodge – including being its first general secretary – she had become its “Spiritual Grandmother”. Her passing was referred to in our feature, “The Way of the White Eagle Lodge” (Psychic News, 31st December 2011, Issue 4068).

Her life has now been celebrated in the pages of Stella Polaris, the Lodge’s magazine which she edited for more than four decades...


Dalai Lama wins top award

Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatzo)The Dalai Lama, exiled spiritual and temporal leader of six million Tibetan Buddhists, has been awarded this year’s Templeton Prize, an honour worth $1.7 million. It is said to be the most prestigious award in religion.

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, who describes himself as “nothing more than a simple Buddhist monk”, is the second Templeton Prize laureate to have also won the Nobel Peace Prize. The other recipient of both awards was Mother Teresa...


Oscar-winning actress is out on a limb at Downton Abbey

shirley maclaineWe have just found out that Oscar-winning American actress Shirley MacLaine (pictured left) has recently returned to the US after spending some time in the UK filming her new role as Martha Levinson, the mother of Lady Grantham – played by  Elizabeth McGovern – in ITV’s popular period drama Downton Abbey, writes Paul Brett.

On her return, Shirley gave a telephone interview to Mark McLemore of Arizona Public Media while she was looking for a parking space in Los Angeles. She spoke about her live shows where she spills the beans by sharing her back-scene stories with film accompaniment...


Rise in demand for psychic advice

Crystal Ball thumbHow far should we allow psychics to control our lives? People often desperately need advice, and many look to mediums, psychics and seers to provide it, but the current trend in America is perhaps reaching unhealthy levels.

Elizabeth Fotinopoulos, a 64-year-old New York “seer”, boasts of her powers. “I run people’s lives,” she told the New York Post.  “I run their marriages, help them make money. People have changed careers, left relationships or adopted children because I told them to do so.”

Some even move home or change careers. George de la Pena, an actor, was told by Elizabeth to change direction and he accepted a post running a department at the University of Iowa in 2005.

When psychic Maria Papapetros told Jane Greer, a 52-year-old marriage and family psychotherapist, that her husband needed immediate medical attention, the couple went to see a doctor. He was rushed into open-heart surgery, just in time...


Protecting spiritual standards

simon curwood-singleSIMON CURWOOD (left) understands why the UK government introduced its Consumer Protection Regulations (CPRs) in 2008 but, as operations manager of the Spiritual Workers Association, he is now leading a campaign for new legislation that recognises genuine mediumship and protects spiritual workers. He explains why to PN editor Sue Farrow.

Do you find that there are still quite a few misconceptions and misunderstandings about the 2008 law?

Very much so. There is an incredible amount of ignorance about it.

In respect of mediumship generally or in respect of healing?

Most people are either psychics, mediums or healers; they fit into one of those three categories which could then be broken down into 80-odd plus sub-categories. We like to call them spiritualistic workers, but whatever you want to call yourself – psychic, medium, healer – if you charge a fee or receive a donation you are classed as a trader and you take full responsibility, as does any other trader.


Through the tunnel… and back

Martin Brofman, developer of the Body Mirror System of Healing, recalls the NDE that changed his life

Martin Brofman 2011I was at the Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia. I had just been told that I had a “blockage” in my spinal cord, from the fourth to the seventh cervical vertebrae at the level of the neck, that had been responsible for the symptoms I had been experiencing. My right arm was paralysed, my legs were spastic and there were sensations like electric shocks running through my body when I moved my head.

I was told that I had to have an operation immediately, and that if I lived through the operation I might come out of it a quadriplegic. When I asked if I had time for a second opinion, I was told that if I coughed or sneezed at that time, I might die. Naturally, I agreed to have the operation in a few hours...


When is a medium not a medium?

Billy Roberts asks why preacher is allowed to give ‘messages’ on TV

Billy RobertsFlicking through the television channels on Thursday, my only night off, I came across an obscure channel titled Ben Live TV, and was surprised to see a religious programme, Prophetic Resurrection Ministries, presented by a Nigerian preacher, whose name now escapes me, but whose quick-fire, indistinct dialogue was interspersed with “Praise Jesus”, as well as other repetitive religious phrases that I could not understand.

The programme was obviously a psychological ploy designed to entice people to become devotees of the Billy Graham-style preacher and his London-based church.

On conclusion of the preacher’s evangelical sermon, he began taking telephone calls from some of his followers, the majority of whom spoke concisely and very clearly, but were obviously in need of advice and spiritual guidance...


Six reasons why meditation appears so difficult

By Meditation and Yoga Nidra adepts Ed and Deb Shapiro

meditation thumbWe were teaching a meditation programme in North Wales, UK, in a quiet backwater near the hills. It was a peaceful day, everyone was happily seated and we had just rung the gong to begin the morning session when a motorbike started revving right outside the window.

It was a loud and annoying noise that continued – stopping and starting – while the owner did repair work. It reminded us how English church bells can ring all day and during meditation retreats we would often be confronted with the question: How do you stop the bell? Answer: Become the bell!

An old monk in England once told us he was teaching next to a building site and a loud pneumatic drill started up. He said, “We had to become the drill”, for meditation is not about forcing the mind to be absolutely still. Rather, it’s a letting go of resistance to whatever arises.

Listening to the noises outside or the incessant chatter in our head are just two of the many reasons why meditation can appear difficult or even challenging. We easily get bored if we do nothing for too long, even if it’s only 10 minutes, and even more so if we are unclear as to why we are doing it. But what is it about something as simple as sitting still and watching our breath that evokes panic, fear and even hostility?


Comments and views

David Hopkins-redby David Hopkins

As an individual, I believe I have a right to have views and express comment on any matter which interests me or about which I have concerns.

I have never lived in South Africa and certainly did not while Nelson Mandela was in prison. Does that mean I cannot have views on apartheid? I have never murdered anyone or had links with anyone who has murdered or been murdered or links with any families involved, as far as I know. Does that mean I cannot discuss capital punishment?

Have you ever been to the cinema or theatre and at the end expressed a view on how good the film or performance was? Could you only do that if you were a professional actor or otherwise associated with that profession? Clearly a silly idea. We all express views on all sorts of issues with which we do not necessarily have direct personal experience or knowledge...


Less Incomplete

A book review by Graham Jennings 

graham jennings

Less Incomplete

by Sandie Gustus ~ Paperback

321 pages ~ O Books ~ £15.99

Was ever a book’s title so apparently uninspiring, yet so perfect in its description of the subject matter – a more evolved human?

Everyone inhabits a physical body, an energy body, an astral body and a mental body. All are manifestations of individual consciousness, not just the physical.

Yet most people still think the physical is all there is, which is why they are incomplete as consciousness human beings. The few, however, who learn how to utilise the extra-physical bodies become progressively, well Less Incomplete.

Moreover, only by learning how to utilise these bodies can we begin to explore the multi-dimensional universe in which we live. To do this it is necessary to leave the physical body for a while...



Magazine 8

24th March 2012
(Issue No 4074)

Arthur Findlay College is paid a visit by The
Sunday Times

stansted hall front

Two-and-a-half million readers of The Sunday Times have been given an unprecedented insight into the workings of The Arthur Findlay College – and much of it is far from flattering.

The feature by Katie Glass, headlined “Play mystic for me” (18 March, 2012), paints a picture of rather strange individuals seeking to develop mediumship, possibly attracted by the fact that “psychics are building business empires from speaking to the dead”.

The journalist explains that she was at the Stansted college “training to become a professional medium”, having enrolled on “the Professional Mediumship Course, £440 for a week”...


Former AFC chairman no longer a Class B member


Duncan Gascoyne (pictured), Andrew Hadley’s predecessor as chairman of the Arthur Findlay College and also the Spiritualists’ National Union president for nine years, has not renewed his Class B membership of the Union.

The fact that Gascoyne has ended his direct involvement with the Spiritualist organisation he ran for so long has led to much speculation among his former colleagues...


Survivors appear to be suffering from
paranormal after-effect of Japanese tsunami


Two weeks after the devastating killer wave had come and gone, there were the first reports of people being haunted by ghosts of those who had perished in the dual onslaught of earthquake and tsunami.

One of those who experienced a haunting was a 36-year-old building contractor. Under the assumed name of Takeshi Ono he gave The Times reporter Richard Lloyd Parry an account of his experiences...


Sound Healing Journeys:

Is this your last chance to catch popular overtone singer in the UK?

RamiIf you fancy your spiritual refreshment to be a little bit different over the coming weeks, you’d be well advised to visit one of Rami Shaafi’s concerts and workshops before he leaves the UK for other shores to share his passion for divine service through sound, writes Paul Brett.

Multi-instrumentalist Rami, 36, (pictured) has been aware of the spirit world since he was a small boy. Later in life he learned to work with it through healing, meditation, mediumship, clairvoyance, sensitivity and trance.

He has been devoted to making sounds and music since early childhood, and today travels extensively both performing and teaching overtone singing, Mongolian and Tuvan throat singing (Khoomi), didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and Native American flutes...


Winifred Wilson - Some Reminiscences

winifred wilsonWinifred Wilson (pictured left) was the wife of prominent Spiritualist Percy Wilson. She was a woman with a first-class  brain and a vast knowledge of Spiritualism. Here, we publish her recently discovered memoir for the first time.

During my pre-school days in Nottingham, my parents became interested in Spiritualism. A close friend, Mr McCaig, who had introduced the subject to them, passed on. One day I surprised my mother by walking into my parents’ lock-up shop, about a mile from the house we shared with my Christadelphian grandmother.

Mother exclaimed, “Weren’t you afraid to come all this way alone?”

To her amazement I replied, “No, I had Mr McCaig and all my dead people with me.”


Colin fights back at the Spiritualist critics

colin fry-head

Colin Fry (left) is known to millions around the world through his televised demonstrations of mediumship. A Spiritualist from the age of fifteen, he has nevertheless sometimes been criticised by fellow Spiritualists for his TV work.

Currently on a nationwide tour, he speaks frankly to PN editor Sue Farrow about his commitment to Spiritualism, his imminent ordination as a minister and his passion for revitalising today’s Spiritualist movement...


The Hydesville Debate - Has the Spiritualist movement failed?

leslie price

by Leslie Price

Modern Spiritualism officially began in March 1848. The Fox family in Hydesville, New York State, were troubled by unexplained raps. It was learned by means of a code that they came from a murdered peddler.

Recently the Australian Spiritualist scholar Lis Warwood found a near-contemporary newspaper which named the peddler. She graciously permitted a reprint in the monthly journal Psypioneer in January 2012, whose editor Paul Gaunt had found an early book which gave a different name. Both names differ from the one used by the SNU, which derived from Emma Hardinge Britten. A fourth name appeared in a later American newspaper.

In fact the peddler may not have existed outside a misleading message to the Fox family. If so, the man accused in the message of his murder had even more reason to be aggrieved. Fortunately over forty of his neighbours had promptly signed a testimonial affirming his innocence, and he was never charged...


Spring has sprung and what’s not to like?

peter keeffe-without dogsReader Peter Keeffe (pictured) takes a cheerful look at the coming of spring – not just in our gardens but in our churches and centres too.

We’re Spiritualists, part of the world’s most optimistic religion, science and philosophy. The daffodils are all out apart from those that Alice our cocker spaniel puppy sat on in the back garden. You can see how sorry she was from the photo below!  And, if you’re lucky, the sun may well be shining while you read this. If it isn’t, it soon will be...


To See Ourselves...

David Hopkins-redby David Hopkins

Most of us have an idea of the English ‘translation’ of Burns’ famous lines: the wish that God had given us the facility to “see ourselves as others see us”. I wonder what we would really make of some of their views.

I was prompted to raise this issue when I heard about a vociferous attack on a British-born medium, living in Sweden, who has built a good reputation in that country over some years. The medium had booked a local hall, leading to an article criticising the authorities for allowing a public demonstration to take place...




Magazine 7

10th March 2012
(Issue No 4073)

Portland Spiritualist Church celebrates first anniversary

Val McGowanBirthday greetings to Portland Spiritualist Church in Dorset, which celebrated its first anniversary on 6th March.

The birth of a new Spiritualist church is always exciting, and founder president Valerie McGowan (known as Val) told Psychic News how the church had its beginnings.

“In 2001 I was travelling in my friend’s car en route to a local Spiritualist church,” said Val. “All of a sudden I announced, ‘I’m going to start a church.’ No one was more surprised than myself...


New online catalogue from The Swedenborg Society

SwedenborgThe Swedenborg Society, one of London’s oldest unorthodox centres,  has taken a giant leap into the 21st century by putting its library catalogue and archives online for public access, writes Leslie Price.

The society was founded in 1810 to publish the works of Swedish scientist Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772, shown left), the Swedish scientist who reported his perceptions of the spirit world in his 1758 book Heaven and Hell, written in Latin.

Swedenborg’s writings greatly influenced Andrew Jackson Davis and other pioneers of Spiritualism in the 1840s.

Since 1925, the society has been located at 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London, and on 23rd February this year the first section of its catalogue’s 2,600 items went online...


A positive move for Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church

Erdington doveAfter twenty-one years in its original home, Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church has successfully settled into new premises.

Linda Wilson, co-founder trustee and president of the church, states on the church website that they have received “nothing but positive and loving feedback” from visiting mediums and congregation.

Erdington is the only independent Christian Spiritualist church/healing sanctuary within the Erdington area of North Birmingham. Spirit-inspired guidance through the mediumship of co-founder and chairman of the trust Ray Wilson enabled the church to open its doors for the first time at 1A Edwards Road, on 1st January 1990...


The passing of Ron Pratt

by Sue Farrow

Stourbridge window We regret to report the passing of Ron Pratt, a member of Stourbridge Spiritualist Church for 60 years, and its honorary vice-president since 2004. Ron, who was 80, passed suddenly at his home on Friday 2nd March.

Over the six decades of his association, Ron served the church in many capacities – as speakers’ secretary, vice-president, and, together with his long-time partner Ted, a member of the social committee...


Worksop prepares for Diamond Jubilee

Worksop glass handsWorksop Spiritualist Church, Notting-hamshire, is 60 years old this year, and will hold its Diamond Jubilee celebrations in September. 

Spiritualism in Worksop has been active since the 1930s, and like so many pioneering groups, it had no permanent home and had to meet in various hired rooms around the town. Perhaps Worksop is unique in the fact that one of its venues was above a tripe shop!


The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary

The UK’s healing jewel in the crown

by Sue Farrow

harry edwards col

Anyone who has visited Burrows Lea, the world-renowned Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, will know that from the moment you turn into its long driveway you are met with a view so beautiful that it takes your breath away. Parking my car about twenty metres in, I stared out across the Surrey Hills from my high vantage point and stood for a moment absorbing the absolute stillness.

It’s easy to see why in 1946 the legendary healer chose Burrows Lea as his home and workplace. It’s a setting so serene and remarkable that I felt moved to phone a friend and try to describe it before going into the house to do the interview I’d come for.

I was there to meet Toni Jode, the Healing Services Manager, a trained nurse who first arrived at the Sanctuary as a volunteer in 2003, initially working just one day a week. She became full-time in 2005 and took on her present role in 2007. I began by asking about her first encounter with spiritual healing...


Ask a medium

Stewart Alexander answers your questions on all aspects of physical mediumship

Stewart Alexander-black

Dear Stewart,

Our circle has been sitting every week for four years. Two months ago our trumpet moved for the first time. It did not go far (just a few inches off the ground) but we could all see it because of the luminous strip on it and we were so excited. Since then it has not moved at all and we are a bit puzzled. The sitters and the room and the music are all exactly the same as when it did move. Did this happen to you when you were developing? Can you explain why it could move once in our circle but not any more? Tim


Planetary Consciousness and Earth Energies

by Billy Roberts

Billy Roberts

Although the suggestion was made by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins in 1921 that ley lines geographically align places of historical significance such as megaliths and other ancient monuments, natural ridge-tops and water fords, much of what the majority now knows of these alleged sacred channels is based on supposition and conjecture.

Watkins further suggested that ley lines had been created in Neolithic times for navigational purposes and ease of travelling at a time when much of the landscape was covered with forest. I have no doubt that the theory put forward by Watkins is quite feasible, but it does not account for the mystical occurrences that have been attributed to these channels for thousands of years. Today, followers of the New Age tradition regard ley lines as being responsible for spiritual and mystical phenomena, with a belief that they are associated with mystical land forms, earth energies and even Feng Shui...


Mediumship and spiritual surgery

A Personal Experience by Louisa Sullivan

Ray Brown

On 2nd March 2012 Ray Brown and Warren Day joined together for the first time to demonstrate their amazing gifts to 75 members of the public at the atmospheric White Horse Hotel, four hundred years old, in Hertingfordbury.

The event had been planned since October 2011, so interest had built up locally and nationally. Advance ticket sales exceeded all expectations, and guest flew in from Iceland and India for the demonstration.

Ray Brown is an award-winning and renowned spiritual surgeon who has been working with his spirit guide ‘Paul’ for 45 years. Paul is ‘Paul of Tarsus’, who was on the earth 2000 years ago in the time of Christ. It is Paul who, through an entranced Ray, performs the spiritual surgery on patients who are in pain. Ray has been featured many times on TV, has had several books published and treats patients all over the world who have not been able to gain relief via conventional methods...


Free-thinking Spiritualism

by Andy Byng

andy byng bw The term ‘free-thinker’ in Spiritualism has become synonymous with the idea that we can believe in whatever we like, but this is a far cry from what the term actually means. The word free-thinker emerged in England during the seventeenth-century, and signified a person who stood in opposition to the Church, and a literal belief in the Bible.

In fact, free-thinkers generally held the view that we could understand the world by examining nature, hence we should formulate arguments on the basis of science, logic and reason, and not authority, tradition and dogma. It is correct, however, to state that Spiritualism is a free-thinking religion, as it is grounded in reason, logic and science, and does not allow dogma and authority to influence it...


Spirit Gems - A book review by Graham Jennings

graham jenningsSpirit Gems

by Glyn Edwards & Santoshan
Paperback ~ 126 pages
S. Wollaston ~ £10.99

“The true Self,” writes Santoshan, “is all-loving, compassionate and understanding, and dwells in the hearts of all.”

Throughout the ages, all the truly spiritual teachings have proclaimed this simple truth. When it is time to leave the physical body, it is the true self that continues to exist in what we call the spirit realms...



Magazine 6

25th February 2012
(Issue No 4072)

Abortion: David Hopkins considers
some of the complex issues involved...

David Hopkins-redThere are many issues to consider when dealing with abortion, and this article will touch on some of them. When you have finished reading, you might want to consider this emotive and sensitive matter in a slightly different light. Certainly there will be no attempt to reach a definitive standpoint on the morality or ethics of abortion. As in all things, we have personal responsibility for the view we take; I have no right to say that the ideas I express have any more validity than anyone else’s. I simply ask you to take time to assess your own views.

Abortion is the process of ending a pregnancy before normal birth, thereby ‘killing’ the foetus, the unborn child. It must be an extremely difficult and painful process for any woman who faces the dilemma of whether or not to have a termination carried out, both at the time and subsequently...

Golden Jubilee for Telford First

Gordon Higginson2This year marks a Golden Jubilee for Telford First Spiritualists’ National Union Church, which is celebrating its 50 years of affiliation to the SNU.

The story of the church itself began in 1958, through the foresight of its founder, A. William Hollis, who had been a member of Wellington Spiritualist Group for many years.

“He realised that with the expansion of what was then Dawley New Town an extra Spiritualist meeting would be needed for the newcomers,” Christine Hollis, daughter of A. William Hollis, told Psychic News. Christine is herself a founder member of the church, and has been its pianist and organist for 54 years. “There were already many Spiritualist churches in the Birmingham area, which is where the new people would be coming from.”


Medium’s book is now a valuable collector’s item

Ronald HearnMedium Ronald Hearn’s (left) first book, The Little Dutch Boy, published by the Book Guild in 1993, has become a collector’s item. 

The highly sought-after volume is being used as an authoritative text book by students in various countries who are interested in studying mediumship and spirit communication.

Second-hand copies are being sold at inflated rates and an autographed first edition is now being advertised for sale on the internet at £62...


A spirited break beside the sea

Derek RobinsonDerek Robinson (left), long-time president (now honorary vice-president) of Wimbledon Spiritualist Church, has declared himself delighted with the church’s recent festival at the Sand Bay Holiday Village, Weston-super-Mare.

“This certainly is the festival everyone wants to be at!” he told Psychic News proudly. “It’s just what I hoped for when Keith Charles (below)and I conceived the idea twelve years ago – Spiritualists of all ages and stages of progression attending a weekend with a packed programme of workshops and letures by top mediums.”


The development of trance mediumship

Robert GoodwinRobert Goodwin is widely regarded as the finest philosophical trance medium in the Spiritualist movement. In this exclusive interview with editor Sue Farrow he discusses many issues relating to trance mediumship and talks about the extraordinarily trusting relationship he enjoys with his guide White Feather.


How did you first become aware of your own trance potential, and what was your initial reaction to being entranced?

After several months of attending a Spiritualist church and being informed on a weekly basis through different visiting mediums that I should join a development circle because I had work to do, I was asked to sit in a group run by Arthur Phelps, a well-known and respected local medium. I did so, believing that I might be able to develop as a spiritual healer, something that interested me at the time...


The Mediumship & Psychic Art of Sandy Ingham

graham jennings

A review

by Graham Jennings

For once in his busy, loquacious life well-known medium Stephen Holbrook was speechless – a rare event! While sharing a platform with Sandy Ingham, she had drawn a portrait of Terry Sutton, his friend and mentor from earlier days. It was so lifelike he couldn’t wait to show Terry’s widow Eileen. She compared it with the photo of Terry in her handbag. They were exactly alike!

There are many examples in this book of Sandy’s incredibly detailed drawings – the sort that would take a conventional artist half a day to produce, but which were dashed off in ten minutes. They compare remarkably with the photos shown to her afterwards.


White light, ectoplasm, an apport and other phenomena

Ann Harrison

Ann Harrison shares her impressions of the third festival of physical mediumship at the Acacia Centre in the Murcia region of Spain, which included séances with medium Kai Muegge.

On Tuesday morning, 7th February, fifteen of the eighteen delegates assembled at the Acacia Centre of Robert and Barbara McLernon. As well as a number of the regulars at the centre, visitors had flown in from the USA, Australia and the UK. Very few of us were known to Kai and his fiancée Julia before this meeting, but we were quickly to become friends.

The morning was taken up with a time of getting to know each other, and after lunch we were treated to a talk by Robin Foy, one of the organisers, on the direct voice medium Leslie Flint, with whom he had sat a number of times...


Christianity and Spiritualism


Long-time PN reader Frederick Kenward shares his views on reconciling Christianity and Spiritualism.

Throughout the years, difficulties have been experienced in reconciling Christianity and Spiritualism. Both have sincere followers, each seeking security and peace of mind, and both bodies having thinking in common. Most problems arise from differences in understanding dictat and guidance, and with the will to do so, these can be reconciled..

Spiritual Writing

cheryl richardson

Ever had a secret ambition to write a spiritual book?

US spiritual author and life coach Cheryl Richardson (left) could well be the one to make your dream come true.

by Lynda Flower

Cheryl learned the spiritual lesson of caring for herself the hard way. After many years of giving willingly to others, putting other people’s needs before her own and sacrificing her health and relationships for work, Cheryl found her own dreams had slipped through the cracks of her endlessly busy life...


Preston Manor Brighton
– The true life inspiration for The Haunting of Tabitha Grey

Tabitha Grey

by Vanessa Curtis

Popular children’s author Vanessa Curtis is known for her perceptive and sometimes humorous novels about the joys and sorrows of adolescence. Her latest book, The Haunting of Tabitha Grey, is on an entirely different theme. In this abridged article, she describes the real-life events that led her to write on the paranormal for the first time.

When I first visited Preston Manor in Brighton during 2009, I had no intention of writing a paranormal novel for teenagers. Although I love the ghost genre and was brought up in a house where ghost stories were read and enjoyed, my novels for children up until that point had been mainly based on the trials and tribulations of teenage girls who were battling issues like obsessive compulsive disorder and anger management.



Magazine 5

11th February 2012
(Issue No 4071)

Sally Morgan press batterings are likened to a witch hunt

Sally Morgan-PRSally Morgan (left), publicised as “Britain’s best loved psychic,” has demanded £150,000 from Associated Newspapers over a Daily Mailstory which cast doubts on her mediumship.

She was accused of cheating during a theatre performance by having previously gained information relayed to her through an earpiece. She has strenuously denied this accusation.

Sally Morgan, 60, who claims to have been a confidante of Princess Diana, is quoted as saying, “I spoke to her every day for four years.”


Paedophile self-styled psychic found hanged in prison cell

Martin SmithA convicted paedophile, self-styled medium and former TV psychic was found hanged in his Manchester prison cell on the evening of 23rd January.

Greater Manchester Police said the death was not thought to be suspicious.

Martin Smith (pictured), 46, originally from North Shields, was jailed for 16 years in March 2011 for raping a 16-year-old girl in Cumbria.

He was convicted of 11 counts of rape, attempted rape and indecent assault. It was said he used “hypnotism and violence” to groom and sexually abuse his victim, now in her 20s, over a period of 10 years...


Psychic services available at indoor market

Stevenage indoor market-tinyStevenage Indoor Market, which advertises some 50 businesses under its roof, now includes psychic services among its many facilities...


Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity receives profit from circle’s work

Katie Halliwell3Over a period of eleven years, Katie Halliwell (left) has painstakingly chronicled the work of Stewart Alexander’s circle, writes Sue Farrow.

The writing of her three books – known collectively as The Alexander Project Trilogy – has been a labour of love for which she has taken no payment at all. As a mark of appreciation, Stewart and his circle have now decided to donate all profits from the books and their accompanying CDs to a charity which has special meaning for Katie...


Stewart Alexander joins PN

Stewart Alexander-NEWWe’re delighted to announce that physical medium Stewart Alexander will be joining Psychic Newsas a columnist. Stewart will advise on all aspects of physical mediumship, so if you have a question you’d like to ask him...



Mediumistic doctor is not afraid to speak out

ian rubenstein-from book2North London GP Dr Ian Rubenstein (pictured) came to public attention in 2009 when he took part in a Channel 4 documentary about Walthamstow Spiritualist Church. In the first part of his PN interview he described the extraordinary events that heralded the awakening of his mediumship. Here, he talks to Sue Farrow about his development, a wholly unexpected first meeting with his spirit guide, and some of the ethical questions surrounding mediumship in a doctor’s surgery. Sue began by asking Ian if he was still sitting in a development circle...


Why I believe in an afterlife

Marc Berman

Marc Berman’s psychic quest led him to TV mediums John Edward and Jeffrey Wands, among others. He now believes in spirit communication and life after death.

I will never forget that horrific moment when our lives were shattered forever. I was resting on my bed, an innocent teenager just three weeks shy of turning 20, when the doorbell rang downstairs.

Minutes later, two police officers were at our door and my mother was lying on the floor screaming, “Jeffrey was killed in a car accident.”


Council refuses to hire room to homeless church

Middleton Independent Spiritualist Church has been forced to hold its services in a room in a public house due to the local council’s refusal to allow its community centres to be used for religious events.

The church was formed in April 2007 by Diane Elliott, president, and Keith Hilditch, booking secretary. Thursday evening services have been held in The Scout Hut, Middleton, Manchester, for the past four years.

On 12th January, Keith went to open up the hall for the evening’s proceedings and was shocked at what he saw. “When I opened the door the floor was flooded up to three inches deep,” he told Psychic News....


Life Before Life

Lis Warwoodby Lis Warwood

The words ‘Life before life’ are not a reference to any reincarnation theory, but to the notion that every spirit has some form of existence in the spirit realms before entering into physical incarnation.

When looking into the subject, it was evident that pre-existence in the spirit world, its commencement, and what form it might take, has seldom been discussed or written about by Spiritualists. Yet, the idea raises important issues, and is relevant whether or not the concept of reincarnation has validity. Indeed, even if the human spirit does reincarnate, through personal choice, or by some as yet unexplained ‘compulsion’, the potential for a time of existence in the spirit world prior to that sequence of lifetime...


Colin Fry joins PN

Colin Fry singleWe’re delighted to announce that medium Colin Fry will be joining Psychic Newsas a columnist.

Colin will answer questions on mediumship, so if you have something you’d like to ask him, email it to pneditorials@gmail.com and put Colin Fry in the subject box...



Ev or Rev?

david hopkinsby David Hopkins

As 2011 came to a close there were the usual reminiscences. For me, it is often the looking back at the lives of people and what they did (and why), that proves of real interest. One such review was a two-parter about a man I think played an enormously important role in the latter part of the century, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev...


When Emma came to Lancashire

leslie priceby Leslie Price

“As my sister, Mrs Wilkinson, after being with us some time, at length felt obliged to return to England to rejoin her husband, who was unable to leave his engagement there, and our dear and now aged mother required the quiet and seclusion of home, we finally broke up our Boston practice, and took our beloved mother to England, there to rest and live peacefully with my sister and her husband.” Autobiography, Mrs Britten, p.225...


Impressions of a physical séance...

Bill MeadowsPN reader Freddie Giddings shares his personal impressions of a recent sitting with physical medium Bill Meadows (pictured left).

I first met Bill Meadows and his wife Colleen five years ago at the York Spiritualist Centre. Bill was just starting to demonstrate his mediumship and there was obvious physical potential, but I thought it needed refining and developing.

Moving on five years, I next had the opportunity to sit with him at Jenny’s Sanctuary in Autumn 2011. It was like night and day. There were 30 sitters (the maximum Bill’s circle will sit with) and all had a chance to witness and take part in the physical...




Magazine 4

28th January 2012
(Issue No 4070)

Respected SNU minister resigns

snu-logo-2011-blackIn a move which is unlikely to bring much comfort to the upper echelons of the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), one of its ordained ministers has resigned, writes Susan Farrow.

Margaret Preece has been closely associated with the popular and successful Paignton Spiritualist Church and Centre for some twenty-five years. She has served the SNU in various capacities at both local and national levels and was ordained a minister in 2008.

She has also fostered strong links with other local faith groups via the Torbay Inter-Faith Forum, one of the oldest such groups in England.

Margaret’s resignation has come as a shock to many who know and respect her, but when asked to reconsider, she decided that she must stand by her decision...  


Do animals have souls?

for and against2
Your chance to read opposing views on a spiritual subject
and then join in the debate via our comments facility

Do animals have souls?


andy byng bw

by Andy Byng


The notion that animals are immortal may appear to be a truism. However, when we critically examine the issue at hand it becomes rather more clouded. The relationships we experience with our pets, and the appreciation most of us have for the animal kingdom, foster sentimentalism. This approach is problematic because it’s not based on reason or evidence provided through mediumship, which are the fundamental tenets of our philosophy.

It’s because mediumship provides insufficient evidence of animal survival, alongside the intellectual difficulties that such a claim creates, that Spiritualists ought to conclude that animals do not survive physical death. Indeed, if we read our early literature, most of the eminent thinkers of our movement have reached the same verdict. This is clearly reflected in two of the Seven Principles: ‘The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul’ and ‘Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul.’


sue at party single4

by Sue Farrow

What is a soul? That’s an article in itself. For Wikipedia it’s the “incorporeal essence” – the non-physical part of ourselves. From the book Philosophy of Spiritualism it’s “the immortal spiritual component of a living being.”

I love animals, as Andy says he does. I have a dog who brought my soul (the essence of me) back to life after the death of my partner. She’s my best friend – the one who ignores my shortcomings and offers me unconditional love whatever I have done.

But what is ‘love’? Andy would presumably argue that what I perceive as my dog’s love and loyalty is pure sentimentality on my part, that she merely reacts to me in accordance with a set of instinctive and genetically programmed ‘pack’ responses. But doesn’t a ‘normal’ mother do precisely that towards her child?


Spiritualists tell of their ordeal on sinking cruise ship Costa Concordia

Yvonne Adriaensen-Pols & RogerThere can be few of us who did not stare in horrified amazement on Friday 13th January at the real-time television coverage of the sinking Italian cruise-liner, the Costa Concordia. The sight of such a massive ship listing ever closer to the water, its funnel almost parallel to the sea, was an awesome spectacle.

But if viewing the television pictures in the safety and comfort of our own homes was horrifying, it’s almost impossible to imagine what it must have been like to experience the events as a passenger on the stricken vessel...


A Hankering after Ghosts: Charles Dickens and the supernatural

Dickens2by Angela Redditch

This is the title of a small, intriguing (and free!) exhibition showing in London at the moment. Why intriguing? Well, for any exhibition to feature the supernatural is, to say the least, unusual: and this one is in a major national venue – the British Library, no less...


Happy Release to Release the Unhappy?

david hopkinsby David Hopkins

Recently a Commission on Assisted Dying suggested that MPs should consider changing the law relating to assisted suicide in order to allow terminally ill people to end their lives at home with the help of a doctor, as long as strict safeguards are observed. These would include having two independent doctors being satisfied with the diagnosis, the individual concerned being made aware of all the help available and making the decision voluntarily without any pressure...


Found – the house that Emma built

Emma Hardinge Britten-faceResearcher Marc Demarest unearths Massachusetts home of Spiritualist pioneer Emma Hardinge Britten (left) and discovers it largely in its original form.

A new link been discovered in the much-travelled life of the great pioneer Spiritualist, Emma Hardinge Britten...



Mediumistic doctor keeps an open mind

ian rubenstein-from book2Dr Ian Rubenstein is a north London GP with a difference – he’s a medium and makes no secret of it with his colleagues and patients. He studied medicine at Nottingham University, qualifying in 1978, and is also a medical acupuncturist and bereavement counsellor.

Since 1984 he has practised medicine at the Eagle House Surgery in Enfield. Sue Farrow put it to him that it might be an unusually open-minded surgery...



Part 2 of White Feather on reincarnation through

the trance mediumship of Robert Goodwin

Robert GoodwinIn the previous issue of PN we published the first part of a philosophical trance address given at Stourbridge church by White Feather through the medium Robert Goodwin (pictured).

Part 2 of White Feather’s address is reproduced here, with Robert’s kind permission...



Lily Dale UK – a residential community for Spiritualists?

Peter Keeffe

At Lily Dale, America’s longest established (and the world’s oldest) residential community for Spiritualists, they still remember what a New York Timesreporter said to interviewee Hilda Wilkinson.

According to the story, he told Hilda, then still a working medium who had first arrived in Lily Dale over seventy-five years earlier, and after she’d fed him a nice lunch, that he didn’t believe a thing he’d heard. He added that he didn’t know how anyone could believe such nonsense...



Magazine 3

14th January 2012
(Issue No 4069)

Pioneer’s gravestone has been discovered

Elizabeth Harris

UK Spiritualists are well aware of the tremendous effort led by Norwich Spiritualist Church president Linda Smith to restore the dilapidated grave of pioneer Emma Hardinge Britten.

New Zealand Spiritualists are showing a similar respect for one of their most remarkable pioneers, Jane Elizabeth Harris-Roberts (pictured) who passed in 1942...


Psychic News’ return was the ‘best ever Christmas present’

Elizabeth Pretty

News of Psychic News’ resurrection has been received with great delight in New Zealand.

The Spiritualist Alliance’s Communicator leads its December issue with the headline: ‘Spiritualism’s Best Ever Christmas Present!’


Last minute reprieve for famous occult shop

watkins sign

A 113-YEAR-OLD esoteric bookshop, temporarily closed in February 2010, was rescued at the last minute by an American entrepreneur.

When reporting the story at that time we were not to know how closely it would resemble the future closure and rebirth of Psychic News itself...


David Thompson’s former circle leader on physical mediumship

Paul Barker

Paul Barker (pictured) is an experienced and respected leader of physical circles, including David Thompson’s. He is known for his uncompromising determination that all things in a séance room, whether occurring in light or pitch dark, should be carried out with absolute integrity. He set out on his spiritual journey with a distinctly sceptical mindset, initially pursuing his search for answers as the result of a bet.

Here, he talks to Susan Farrow about the frequently misunderstood world of physical mediumship (PM). Sue began by asking him how he first became interested in PM...


Spiritualist or Survivalist: which are you?

david hopkins

by David Hopkins

I choose to describe myself as a Spiritualist and in so doing align myself with the religious philosophy of Spiritualism.

The long-running discussion of ‘religion’ or ‘way of life’ was tackled in The Religion of Spiritualism...


Spotlight on the churches:
Wimbledon Spiritualist Church - a family affair


 by Paul Brett

A spirit message by way of a ouija board was all that Richard Arthur Bush needed to set up a regular meeting place for Spiritualists in and around south west London’s Wimbledon...


So you want to run an open development circle

open circle

by Jim Warwood

You want to help your Spiritualist church or centre develop, so you offer to run an open circle. You hope that people will find out more about their own potential whilst being exposed to the philosophy of Spiritualism. You have a good knowledge of Spiritualism, an understanding of psychic development and maybe some mediumistic abilities...


White Feather on reincarnation through
the trance mediumship of Robert Goodwin

Robert Goodwin

We’ve all heard (or made) the complaint that today’s mediumship is not up to the standard of the past, and nowhere is that trend more apparent than in the area of philosophical trance communication.

The teaching that came from guides such as Silver Birch, Red Cloud and White Eagle is loved and revered by Spiritualists around the world, but which guide today can speak with a similar combination of gentle authority and great knowledge?


What can jigsaw puzzles teach us about spirituality?


by Lynda Flower

It’s hard to imagine that a jigsaw puzzle has anything in common with spirituality. But as anyone trying to investigate the spiritual side of life will tell you, it is often like putting together a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Looking at the picture on the box, it seems straightforward and simple enough. But once you open the box, take out the pieces and start putting them together, it can be much more difficult than you first imagined.

So just what is the connection between a jigsaw puzzle and spirituality…



Magazine 2

31st December 2011
(Issue No 4068)


Sacked Spiritualist takes case to European Court of Human Rights

Alan Power thumb

Spiritualist Alan Power, sacked from his job with Greater Manchester Police (GMP), for what he believes are his religious and psychic interests, has applied for his case for unfair dismissal to be heard by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Mr Power, 64, of Birkenhead, Merseyside, lost his job in October 2008 after it was learned that he had tried to involve officers in his psychical research. Police cited “his interests in the psychic field” which were “not compatible” with his employment. Alan Power has always maintained that the case is one of religious discrimination…


Was red-top right to be uncomplimentary about ‘Our Ken’s’ 2012 views?

William Roache thumbActor William Roache, famous as Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow, has been described in the Daily Mirror as having given “a bizarre TV interview”.

Columnist Simon Boyle wrote that 79-year-old Roache “has gone Lancashire hot potty” in an appearance on Sky TV’s The Moore Show. Roache told host Kevin Moore that all humans will soon communicate by telepathy…


Spirit of Youth: how Andy Byng views the future

Andy Byng thumbA glance around many of our Spiritualist churches and centres (and many orthodox churches, too) will quickly reveal that young people are heavily outnumbered by those from older generations.

It might be something we’d rather not talk about, but can we afford to ignore it? Without a steady influx of younger members a religion will inevitably wither and die…


Aboriginal Spirituality: respecting spirit presence

aboriginal artFor the Aboriginal people of Australia, spirituality and an ongoing connection with their spirit ancestors have been a fundamental part of life for tens of thousands of years.

In an interview with Australian journalist Lynda Flower, Aboriginal senior man and academic Michael Williams gives a fascinating insight into the rich spiritual heritage which links past and present with unbroken continuity...


Have researchers found a skeleton in Emma’s cupboard?

Emma Hardinge Britten thumbEmma Hardinge Britten (1823-1899) is best known as the medium for the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.

She was the leading early Spiritualist historian, whose works are still indispensable today.

But she was also involved in a literary controversy, which has just been revived by a new book…


The way of the White Eagle Lodge

White Eagle thumb2White Eagle Lodge is a worldwide spiritual organisation with centres in the UK, mainland Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The organisation, now a registered charity, was founded in 1936 by the medium Grace Cooke, through whom White Eagle communicated his gentle philosophy of spiritual living, attracting large numbers to his legendary trance addresses.

Colum Hayward is a grandson of Grace Cooke and is deeply involved in the day-to-day work of what is still in many respects a family-run organisation…


The Principles in a new light

by David Hopkins

david hopkins thumb

 It would be not unreasonable to assume that someone brought up as a Spiritualist and who has spent over fifty years as a member of the SNU would consider the Seven Principles sacrosanct and virtually untouchable, as they are so bound up with that body, its beliefs and its presentation.

How many times have I heard it said that the philosophy of Spiritualism is based on those Seven Principles? Well, what if we turned that on its head and said that the Principles are based on the philosophy of Spiritualism?...

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