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My Perfect Christmas  What’s your idea of the perfect Christmas? Do you love all the festive fever of buying presents, putting up decorations and partying with family and friends? Or do you prefer to give the whole thing a miss and curl up in solitary splendour in front of a roaring fire with a good book, a sandwich and a glass of something nice? We asked some our best known mediums and spiritual workers to tell us about their own perfect way to spend the 25th December...
Eric Hatton  minister, speaker and honorary president 
of the SNU – Tony Stockwell medium – Sandy Ingham psychic artist

As we grow physically older (I am approaching my 88th Christmas), the festive season is often a time of recalling the past. I was recently reminded of this during a wonderful evidential sitting, when friends I had known on earth, many of whom had made a considerable contribution to Spiritualism’s cause, came to speak to me. Some of them had shared past Christmases in our home, filling the house with happiness and the joy of the spirit. Those moments were a haven from the anxiety of our world, the plight of so many who were (and are) in need of the most basic things to keep them alive.

When I was young, the greatest joy I had on Christmas morning was to reach for one of my father’s long socks, which would be hanging on a nail at the end of my bed. It would contain an orange, an apple, some nuts, a small present and a bar of Cadbury’s milk chocolate. I suppose my excitement was surprising in a way, because my mother kept a shop which sold almost everything, but I guess that in those days I felt it was a gift from an unseen source.

Now, as we anticipate another Christmas with all its commercial abundance, I will treasure the joy and love of having my family and friends – a gift which is beyond price. 


I’m pretty sure that this year I have the perfect Christmas planned! For the first time in as long as I can remember there will be lots of time at home, with everything focused on my two children, three-year-old Marnie and one-year-old Finn. Apart from a visit to ‘Disney on Ice’ on Christmas Eve, once we are home it’s closed doors and time together, just the four of us. Christmas will be the delight of seeing the children open their presents, lots of good food and drink, and occasional visits from family and close friends. The Queen’s speech is a must in our house, as much a tradition as turkey and satsumas. Now I just need to find an evening carol service and a babysitter and I’m pretty much sorted. Merry Christmas!


My perfect Christmas would be spent in the company of my sons and their wives and children, my daughter and her husband and children. We would be at a medieval banquet in a fine old castle, where there would be good food, good wine and a large fire burning in the hearth, the flames reflecting the sparkling ornaments on a large Christmas tree in the corner – just perfect! I love the architecture, the history, and often the inhabitants of old who linger there... Happy Christmas everyone!


Darren Brittain medium 
After travelling, speaking, demonstrating and teaching for 50 weeks of the year, those two weeks of peace will be spent sleeping, eating myself into obesity, drinking White Zinfandel and being as anti-social as I possibly can! Christmas for me is always a sharp reminder to honour myself in the face of other peoples’ expectations, therefore I won’t be sending cards to people I don’t like, and saying things I don’t mean, whilst promising to meet in the New Year when I’d rather not. I will however enjoy seeing those friends I love and cherish, and also acting the same age as my young niece and nephew!


Darren Brittain

Pea Horsley animal communicator – Scott Milligan physical medium – David Hopkins minister, author and PN columnist

I absolutely adore a quiet Christmas with my immediate family – my partner Jo, cat Texas and dog Bodhi. All year I am very busy travelling at home and abroad teaching animal communication workshops, so my home has become my sanctuary.

In the morning I enjoy a long dog walk, followed by a pint in my local dog-friendly pub with my canine friends and guardians – Christmas treats for all! The rest of the day is spent bedding in. A roaring fire, cat cuddles, scrummy vegetarian food and a bottle of good wine. Presents aren’t vital. Quiet time spent relaxing is highly treasured.


Russell Grant

Russell Grant astrologer and medium 
Christmas will be a very busy time for me. As in previous years I will be busy working. I am appearing in Cinderella at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury.

I will have only Christmas Day off and I shall enjoy spending it quietly with my family. Frankly I can’t think of a better way to spend this very special day than as a quiet family day. May I take this chance to wish all the readers of Psychic News a very, very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


I love Christmas – more so than my birthday. A birthday means you’re one step closer to the grave!

I love the time off from my work, and spending time with my family. My nephew and niece are my world and to see them on Christmas morning with the tree and their gifts is just magical. My family are so down-to-earth and Christmas for me is full of fun and laughter. Lots of naughty jokes and winding each other up! My first drink of the day I raise to the spirit, the second is for my spirit family and by the twelfth drink I’m way gone and don’t remember anything much!

If I was asked what I’d like from Santa I would say my own spiritual centre, as I currently spend a lot of time away from home and family. I also miss my home circle, so I’m not getting the time to develop. The second thing I’d ask would be a fantastic holiday for me and my partner Darren.

I’m a very normal and down-to-earth person. I love my life and I love my work. I drink and can be rude, but I am me!

Gerard Smith


Though never involved in Christianity, I recognise that the message of ‘peace and goodwill to all’ would be of enormous importance to everyone if adopted across the globe. Take away the commercialism that engulfs Xmas today and we could be left with a time for sharing with those we care about.

The festivals celebrating the passing of the shortest day and the chance for ‘new year resolution’ show the importance of looking forward not back, of seizing any opportunity to ‘give peace a chance’ and steer humankind by the star of truth and justice to a better tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

Gerard Smith medium

The music for the carol Silent Night was written by Franz Gruber in haste for inclusion in a service. It has become a firm favourite. Paradoxically for me, although it creates a nocturnal picture it also gives me the image of stillness, birth and emerging life, symbolically reminding me of the ever present love, power and beauty of the eternal spirit, within which we all dwell.

Therefore, my happiest Christmases would always include a time for quiet reflection to think on these things. Just remember whilst sharing a toast with your friends, or even on your own (although we are never alone!) the glass in your hand is half full, rather than half empty.

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