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My ‘dead’ husband spoke to me – Reader Jacqueline Neath shares an experience she will never forget.


In March this year I was a student at the Arthur Findlay College (AFC), Stansted, on the Reach for the Stars course.

On 18th March that week we were very fortunate to be invited to attend a séance given by physical medium Scott Milligan.

Careful controls were put in place to ensure the integrity of the proceedings. Two independent people checked the equipment (musical instruments, toys, furniture) and the room beforehand. Everyone was searched as they entered the room. The medium himself was searched and checked, as was the chair in which he would sit. He was then secured to that chair by heavy-duty plastic cable ties.

The feeling inside the room was electric and very happy, with lots of spirit energy and lots of singing! The room was in darkness and all participants held hands. The spirit child Daniel and the small spirit girl he jolkngly calls “Scruffbag” were full of fun – touching people, throwing toys. I felt hands touch me many times, on my legs and my head.

Then Daniel said he was going to bring a spirit person through for someone. The name George was given, along with information that the man could crack walnuts with his bare hands. It was also said that the wrong diagnosis had been given for the illness which affected two parts of his body.

Daniel asked if anyone could accept this information. I said I could understand most of it (but afterwards realised I could understand it all). He then asked if I had been speaking to a framed photo of my husband last night, and if I had two photos of him in a special frame. My answer was “Yes”.

I was asked to use my voice, the vibration of which I was told would assist my husband Graham’s voice to come through.

We then heard the very high pitched singing voice of Frances, a member of Scott’s Spirit team whose function is to sing high and loud to stretch the ‘voice box’, which in turn would enable a loved one to speak.

I heard Graham’s voice so clearly. He told me: “I have never left you and I have a lovely house with a beautiful garden for when you join me.” I interrupted him, and he said, “Be quiet, I’m talking!” He said this to me not once but twice, and added, “Nothing’s changed!” (He always told me I talked too much!)

He then said that he watched me sleep and touched my hair, adding, “Everything is working now.” He also said that I saved his life, and I understand what he meant by that. Graham mentioned that I have his ring, and told me: “It’s not your time yet. You have to live your life for the both of us, but when you come I’ll take you dancing.”

He added, “If I could, I would give you the stars,” then told me he loved me and blew me a kiss. Daniel told me to put the kiss in my pocket and I replied that I didn’t have a pocket but would put it in my bra, which made him laugh.

“The séance was a special experience for everyone, but especially for me. This was the first séance I have ever been to, but in my heart I know it all to be true.”      

Daniel also gave evidence that I had a drawer at home which sticks, and that there was something special in that drawer. He mentioned a box in my home with a broken hinge that Graham always meant to fix, and he referred to two photos that keep being moved.

The séance was a special experience for everyone, but especially for me. This was the first séance I have ever been to, but in my heart I know it all to be true. Afterwards Maureen Murnan, an AFC tutor, approached me and said that the message I had received was the clearest one ever delivered through Scott’s mediumship.

Scott Milligan


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