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I'm sure I've been here before...  Well-known to television audiences through programmes such as Most Haunted, Heaven and Earth, and even Big Brother, David Wells is a regression therapist, medium, astrologer, author and teacher.  His larger-than-life personality, wicked sense of humour and down-to-earth approach all combine to make the field of the paranormal fascinating and accessible. David’s philosophy is never to be “so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly use!”  Here, he answers your questions on the sometimes controversial subject of regression and past-life therapy.

David, how would you define ‘regression’ for those who have never experienced it?

Regression is a process to help you access past-life memories, to help you see them for yourself. It’s not about being told who, what or where you were, but for you to experience that. 

What drew you to practising regression?  Are you aware that you’ve had a past life or lives? 

I studied the Mystical Qabalah formally for many years, and it was during that time that I became interested in the concept, as some of my past lives were making themselves known. I’m aware of many past lives; it’s important for therapists to experience what they teach or use in their work.

Are some clients already aware, before they approach you, of what appear to be scraps of memory not consistent with their current lives? What other reasons do clients give for wanting to be regressed?

There are lots of reasons why people come for a past-life regression. It might be as part of their ongoing spiritual adventure and road to discovery. Sometimes people want to know why a recurring dream is making its way through more than others. Often people have a spontaneous past-life memory – they just ‘know’ they have lived in a place, an era, or with someone else, before.

Has it been possible, through historical documents or by visits to supposed former homes, to verify any of the memories that have emerged during clients’ regression sessions?

Clients will often say they have researched a life and found information that fits with things in their regression. Whilst I have heard of people revisiting former homes that’s not something any of my clients have reported and is of course not always possible anyway. I encourage them to do some research; it is after all a form of proof of the ongoing journey of the soul.

“Past-life work often exposes cycles, perhaps fears or phobias, which are very obvious in this incarnation. It can be used to help release those things, of course, but as part of a process and not as a one-hit wonder.”

Regression is regarded by some as a therapy. Have any of your clients experienced lasting benefits from it?  What kinds of benefits have they reported?

Past-life work often exposes cycles, perhaps fears or phobias, which are very obvious in this incarnation. It can be used to help release those things, of course, but as part of a process and not as a one-hit wonder. You don’t have a past life regression, discover you were drowned, and find your fear of deep water has gone the next day – it’s part of a process.

Too much is made of negative situations from past lives, there are way more positives, and enhancing your current incarnation through recognising gifts you’ve worked hard on is encouraged greatly. The biggest benefit is in knowing you’ve lived before. Once you know that for sure, your perspective on what we call ‘life changes’, things that may have seemed so important before aren’t any more. Similarly, things you took for granted really begin to be appreciated more.

Have any clients told you they regretted having regression sessions?  Have the memories evoked caused disturbance in their present lives?

Nobody has ever said to me that they regretted a regression. The memories may have caused disturbances but they have always been about positive change, moving the person on from circumstances that are no longer required and no longer welcome. Change and disturbance are part of life and part of learning.

Can you do anything to permanently block unhappy or otherwise troubling memories your clients have reported?

During the regression clients are asked to talk to anyone who presented difficulties in the life they have just experienced. Reasons are then given, explanations shown, and a release is offered through the meditation process. A cutting of the situation and understanding is a better description than blocking a memory – what good can blocking it do? Understanding and clearing, working to move beyond it, are what’s offered.

Your Astrological Moon Sign by David Wells, published by Hay House, £10.99.

Why do some people seem to have very long gaps between lives, and others come back after only a few years?

That’s their choice. There is no set amount of time and it’s important to remember that the soul doesn’t exist purely on earth; time between lives, and lives in other dimensions, are important too.

Have any of your clients reported previous lives as animals?

No. I am sure such a thing is possible, but the reality is that they are there to talk about and find out what karmic cycles are still playing in their life in the here and now. I doubt very much if an animal life would give them much perspective on that.

How far back have some of your clients’ memories gone?

That depends on your perspective of time! Some people go to timeless places where putting an earthly date on them is impossible. From this historical 3D-perspective the furthest back has been to cave-man times.

Have any of your clients felt that they were part of a group reincarnation?  Have any gone on to meet other people who also felt they were involved in a previous life with that person?

     Have you experienced regression? Has it helped you to understand yourself better and live this life more fully? Why not share your story in our Personal Experience column?

Most of them have. Soul groups are the way we learn from each other, support and challenge each other. Without that, we’d learn nothing. Some people do have individual past lives where they see very few people, and that is in itself a lesson.

Perhaps it’s about self-sustainability or maybe it’s a life that’s about meditation or silent spiritual connection. Past lives are as individual as it gets, but there are always the same threads, and that’s what makes them so interesting. They don’t usually have to go on to meet people involved in a previous life, they’re in their life already, but of course some may yet be waiting to be rediscovered.

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