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Ghost of Lawrence of Arabia returns to his cottage?

   T.E. Lawrence in Bedouin-style dress
T.E. Lawrence in Bedouin-style dress

THE hillside above the isolated cottage owned by T.E. Lawrence – famous as the legendary “Lawrence of Arabia” – which he used as a retreat from fame and Army life, was recently visited by a ghostly apparition wearing robes.

Psychical researcher Alan Murdie reports on his website (europaranormal.com) a sighting made on 31 July this year by a visitor who was not originally from the UK and was unaware of the history of Cloud’s Hill, now a National Trust property, which he was visiting with three others.

Showing little interest in the four-roomed cottage, he decided to walk up the slope to gain a better view over the Dorset countryside. On a warm, sunny morning, looking towards the nearby Bovington Camp, where Lawrence had been stationed, he became aware of “what appeared to be a human figure in a black robe suddenly stepping out from behind a small sapling”.

The figure’s face was concealed by a hood or covering. One of the visitor’s companions called to him and he momentarily turned away. When he looked back seconds later, the figure had vanished. He assumed it was a nun but on being shown photographs of Lawrence in Bedouin-style dress, he stated that his profile and outline were similar to the form he had seen.

Ghostly encounters have been reported intermittently at Cloud’s Hill ever since Lawrence died in a fatal motorcycle accident close to the cottage in 1935. 

T.E. Lawrence's cottage, Clouds Hill, Dorset, England (Photo: LordHarris)

T.E. Lawrence's cottage, Clouds Hill, Dorset, England    (Photo: LordHarris)

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