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Magazine 44 November 2013 issue (Issue No 4110)

December 2013

(Issue No 4110)

Blue Marsden–Reconnecting with your true life purpose–are you attuned to your SOUL PLAN?

Reconnecting with your true life purpose – are you attuned to your SOUL PLAN?

I’m sitting in a quiet room with Hay House author Blue Marsden, who’s about to give me a soul plan reading. What’s that? I hear you wondering. Well, I confess it’s a new one on me.

I spend most of my working days with mediums, psychics, spiritual healers, complementary health practitioners, psychic artists, tarot readers, palmists, astrologers and all manner of esoteric workers, but a soul plan reading is a first for me, and I tell Blue so...

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We’ll soon be entering a brand new year. If you’re wondering what it might hold for you, and how you can make the most of opportunities that come your way, try Michelle Buchanan’s exclusive quiz and... FIND YoUR DESTINY NUMBER!
In Western numerology, your Destiny Number (aka Expression Number) is the second-most-significant number in your numerology chart. Calculated from your original birth certificate name, your Destiny Number reveals your mission in this life and what you’re destined to accomplish in order to reach your full potential. Along with your Life Path Number (calculated from your date of birth), your Destiny Number is the number to take into consideration when making career choices.

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Magazine 43 November 2013 issue (Issue No 4109)

November 2013

(Issue No 4109)


When will I, will I be . . .  a healer!

When will I, 
will I be . . .  a healer!

SINGER and songwriter Matt Goss, once the lead singer of the pop group Bros, gave spiritual healing to one of his fans.

The highly successful group of the 1980s and 90s, consisting of Matt, his twin brother Luke and bass player Craig Logan, broke up in acrimony and with financial problems.

Matt based himself in America, but in a recent interview with the Telegraph before appearing at London’s Café de Paris he revealed an unexpected side to his personality.

“Bros were very decadent,” he said. “We were outrageous.”

There were hard times.He broke up with his girlfriend, actress Melanie Sykes, and his sister Caroline was killed by a drunk driver. Then his bodyguard died suddenly from a brain tumour...

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Mystery of the Englishman who paints Aboriginal art

Mystery of the Englishman who paints Aboriginal art Believes ‘dead’ son and spirit guide responsible for his artistic careerBelieves ‘dead’ son and spirit guide responsible for his artistic career

Admirers of Len Cattell’s superb works of art are invariably astonished to discover he is an Englishman. The colour, style and technique of his paintings are exactly like Australia’s Aboriginal art – the oldest form of art known to humanity. Not only are Aboriginal elders impressed by Len’s artistic talents, they are also mystified that they contain a sacred symbol whose meaning only they should understand.

They would be even more amazed if they knew the extraordinary story behind Len’s artistic development, which has never before been published. It involves one of the UK’s top mediums, Tony Stockwell, Len’s dead son, Dean, and the soul of an Aborigine who has become Len’s spirit guide...

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Magazine 42 October 2013 issue (Issue No 4108)

October 2013

(Issue No 4108)

Behind the scenes with...  Gerard Smith

Behind the scenes with... Gerard Smith

Gerard Smith is widely regarded as one of the most gifted and accurate evidential mediums in Spiritualism. The embodiment of integrity and humility, he never seeks publicity, but editor Sue Farrow managed (gently, of course!) to twist his arm...

How old were you when you first had a ‘paranormal’ experience, and what was it?

I was about 11 or 12. In those days there used to be a mobile grocery shop that came round. I had a dream in connection with that grocery shop that somebody had died. I woke up and thought it was just a bad dream, and I remember my father coming in and telling me not to worry, everything was all right. A week later the wife of the man with the mobile shop passed away. That occasion would just have been telepathy, though, not awareness of spirit, and certainly not any understanding of spirit. That didn’t come until until I went to a Spiritualist church...

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Nic Whitham’s guide to... Reiki

Nic Whitham’s guide to... Reiki

Beginning this month, we’re launching a brand new series on complementary therapies. Our columnist Nic Whitham is co-owner and manager of Banyan Retreat, a spiritual development sanctuary and natural healing centre in Ashford, Kent.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word more generally translated as ‘universal life energy’. As most Reiki practitioners know, it is generally believed that Dr Mikao Usui (1865-1926) re-introduced Reiki as a modern-day hands-on-healing modality in the early 1900s. It was taken to the USA in the 1970s by Mrs Hawayo Takata (1900-1980) and has been popular around the world ever since...
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Magazine 41 September 2013 issue (Issue No 4107)

September 2013

(Issue No 4107)

Pornography, violence and — esoteric websites?

Pornography, violence and — esoteric websites?

NANNY STATE knows what’s good for us, takes away our toys if we’re naughty, and occasionally if we’re not. It is like Junior School, when a classroom miscreant failed to own up to some misdemeanour, so the entire class was deprived of playtime, writes Kay Hunter.

In announcing the blocking of “Esoteric Websites and Alternative Spirituality” to protect children and their innocence, Top Nanny David Cameron is not only being hypocritical, but is interfering with our personal freedom to an alarming degree...

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The amazing light phenomena of Stephen Turoff

The amazing light phenomena of Stephen Turoff

Stephen Turoff has been a spiritual healer for over 40 years. During that time he’s achieved near-legendary status in his field, attracting the attention of both international media and a string of distinguished clients. He’s also been the subject of numerous television programmes.

Celebrity clients aside, by far the greatest amount of Stephen’s time is spent running healing clinics for people in need around the world, hundreds of thousands of whom have benefited from his renowned ability...

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Magazine 40 August 2013 issue (Issue No 4106)

August 2013

(Issue No 4106)

The Chocolate Factory
Sue Farrow on mediums who bring mediumship into disrepute.

Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe created a fictitious scenario around the life and death of ‘George Bull’.

What matters most to you about mediumship? That it’s defended vigorously from any and all negative comment, or that it’s credible, honest and carried out with total integrity? It’s the “credible”, “honest” and “integrity” bits that do it for me. We do no service to anyone (on this side of life or the other) by pretending everything in the garden is lovely if it isn’t. 

Working mediums have colossal power. Power to change people’s lives for the better. Power to convince the bereaved and suicidal, through detailed survival evidence from their ‘lost’ loved ones, that life can actually be worth living again. Power to get it badly wrong and cause untold distress, as happened to physical medium Scott Milligan when, years ago, a medium told him he had HIV, which he didn’t.

A week or two ago I was made aware of a programme called The Chocolate Factory. It formed part of a BBC TV series first broadcast in 2009, and was repeated just a few weeks ago. In case you didn’t see it, I’ll tell you that it featured three mediums – Goldie, Kevin and Philip – and parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe, of Most Haunted fame. Ciaran is certainly sceptical about mediumship but says he’s “open-minded to the possibility”.

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Magazine 39 – 29th June 2013 issue (Issue No 4105)

29th June

(Issue No 4105)

Four mediums – sixty empty chairs

Four mediums – sixty empty chairs

Stansted Hall played host to a rare experiment on 2nd June, writes Sue Farrow.

Any good medium knows that stepping on to the platform can be nerve-wracking, no matter how experienced you are. You want to be the best you can, giving evidence that has real meaning to the person it’s intended for.

Imagine, then, how much harder it must be when you’re asked to get up there and give that evidence to an empty chair. And which empty chair, when there are 60 or so to choose from?

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Nourishment for your mind,
body and spirit at Peace Festival

Nourishment for  your mind, body and spirit at Peace Festival

Imagine an idyllic summer’s day deep in the Kent countryside. Butterflies flutter past as the sun glints on the waters of a still, clear lake. The surrounding fields and trees are vibrantly green after weeks of rain in this south-eastern English county known as the Garden of England, writes Sue Farrow.

In the grounds of Lake House, home of the Banyan Retreat, marquees are laid out on the lawns, each host to some form of spiritual activity. In one, palmistry and tarot, with Toni Jode, seem to draw a constant stream of people. In another, healing is offered under a copper pyramid. The largest marquee holds a vast array of items for sale – everything from carved buddhas to crystals, from séance trumpets to multi-coloured butterfly sun-catchers...

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Magazine 38 1st June 2013 issue (Issue No 4104)

1st June 2013

(Issue No 4104)

She went up to London to visit the Queen!

She went up to London to visit the Queen!A long-standing member of Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church in Devon set out for a once-in-a lifetime meeting on Wednesday 29th May, writes Sue Farrow.

Sheila Scott, secretary of the SNU award-winning church, which will celebrate its 90th anniversary of affiliation later this year, told PN she thought someone was “having a laugh” when they told her she’d been invited to meet the Queen at St James’s Palace.

Sheila and Phil, her husband of 36 years and president of Newton Abbot church, volunteer for the Meningitis Trust – a charity dedicated to providing information about meningitis, and offering advice and support to those whose lives have been affected by this often devastating infection...
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Magazine 37 18th May 2013 issue (Issue No 4103)

18th May 2013

(Issue No 4103)

Unholy matrimony (and the 
‘ridiculous sect’ called Spiritualism)

Unholy matrimony (and the ‘ridiculous sect’ called Spiritualism)The topic of same-sex marriages rumbles on. It’s reported that MPs are considering whether or not humanist weddings should be given legal status.

Humanism, a movement based on ‘reason and humanity’ rather than religion, has around 40,000 followers in Britain. Some 600 humanist weddings are carried out each year in England and Wales...

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The magical world of Kingswells

Sue Farrow reports on her visit to a unique Scottish spiritual centre

The magical world of Kingswells  Sue Farrow reports on her visit to a unique Scottish spiritual centreIf I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Where in the world could you hope to find a 17th-century spiritual haven set at the top of a long winding driveway, amidst ancient trees and a walled garden redolent with the peaceful, unhurried atmosphere of an age long past – all within a fifteen-minute drive of an airport?

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Magazine 36  4th May  2013 issue (Issue No 4102)

4th May  2013
(Issue No 4102)

Open Week 2013 at the Arthur Findlay College

Sue Farrow reports on five days of sunshine and showers, well-attended lectures and an outstanding demonstration of mediumship.

I’ve always enjoyed reporting on AFC’s Open Week and it was a particular pleasure to be back there between 4th and 8th May this year. I’m told that an estimated 2000 people passed through the College doors during this 2013 event.

The programme was certainly varied. Not only were the traditional demonstrations of mediumship available in abundance, but other arts, not specific to Spiritualism, were on the menu, among them dream interpretation, numerology and colour.

Numerous tutors were on parade to demonstrate and lecture, including (in alphabetical order) Tim Abbott, Sandie Baker, Sally Barnes, Colin Bates, Leah Bond, Lynn Cottrell, Eamon Downey, Chris Drew, Margaret Falconer, Julie Grist, Sandy Haggar, Sharon Harvey, Penny Hayward, John Johnson, Simone Key, Jan Marshall, Angie Morris, Maureen Murnan, Lynn Parker, Judith Seaman, Matthew Smith, Bill Thomson, Stella Upton, Steven Upton, Val Williams, Su Wood and Kitty Woud...

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Psychic News Magazine 35

20th April 2013

(Issue No 4101)

PN Editor attends David Thompson
physical mediumship Séance

PN Editor attends 
David Thompson physical mediumship SéanceOn Monday 8th April I attended a remarkable séance, given by physical medium David Thompson. Regular readers will know that I’m a bit of an old hand where physical mediumship is concerned, but for various reasons I’d never before had the opportunity to sit with David.

The Doris Ann Centre

The séance, attended by about 30 people, was held in Oswestry, deep in the Shropshire countryside, at the Doris Ann Centre (DAC) founded by Bill Gardner in memory of his late wife.

“My road down the physical started about a year after our son died following a drowning accident,” Bill told Psychic News. “One morning, just after the sun came up, I woke up and my son was standing by my bed. I wasn’t dreaming – he really was there for a couple of seconds. I was a believer before then but that confirmed to me that our loved ones can come back to visit us.”

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Psychic News Magazine 34

6th April 2013

(Issue No 4100)

An illuminating séance at Stourbridge church

An illuminating séance at Stourbridge churchMembers of Stourbridge church have been treated to an exceptional demonstration of physical mediumship, writes Sue Farrow.

On Friday 5th April, medium Bill Meadows, accompanied by his wife and circle leader Colleen (both pictured right), visited the West Midlands church to give a séance for 30 very eager people.

Searches and checks

After an introductory talk by Colleen, giving information about Bill’s regular spirit controls, and outlining the basic ‘do’s and don’ts’ of the séance room, the customary searches were carried out. I had earlier been present in the church as it was set up for the evening sitting. Cabinet and medium’s chair had been supplied by the church, and a double horseshoe of chairs arranged for the sitters. Two independent checkers were appointed – Paranormal Review editor Roy Stemman, and myself. Our role would be to go to the cabinet when asked, and check that the medium’s bindings, consisting of cable ties over Velcro on all four limbs, were still securely in place...

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Psychic News Magazine 32

23rd March 2013

(Issue No 4099)

Could intuition change the world?
Sue Farrow interviews Hay House author Becky Walsh

Could intuition change the world? Sue Farrow interviews Hay House author Becky WalshBecky WalshBecky Walsh started life as a naturally gifted medium and undertook training at both the Arthur Findlay College and London’s College of Psychic Studies. She went on to teach and give private sittings at the latter for a number of years.

These days, Becky describes herself as an “intuitive catalyst” and has branched out in new directions. She’s totally passionate about the positive benefits of acting on intuition, saying quite simply – “I believe it will change the world.” Her new book, entitled You do know – Learning to act on intuition instantly, published this year by Hay House, is currently flying off the shelves and it’s not hard to see why.

‘Self-help’ books have become very big business during the past couple of decades, and the prospect of developing the kind of intuition that could help us navigate more smoothly through the ups and downs of life will sound attractive to many. But what does it involve in practice? Defining the difference between intuition and psychic (as opposed to mediumistic) ability seems like a good place to start...

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Psychic News Magazine 32

9th March 2013

(Issue No 4098)

Gordon Higginson remembered
– an exceptional tribute to an exceptional man

Gordon Higginson remembered – an exceptional tribute  to an exceptional man    The memory of Gordon Mons Higginson has been honoured at a uniquely special service,  writes Sue Farrow. The memory of Gordon Mons Higginson has been
honoured at a uniquely special service, writes Sue Farrow.

The service, marking 20 years since the celebrated medium’s transition, took place on Sunday 10th March. It was held at his beloved Longton Spiritualist Church in Staffordshire, of which he was president for 47 years. Members of his family were present, including his niece Gillian Plant, her daughter Jane and grandson Lee Gordon Mons, named in honour of his great-great uncle. Lesley and Bert Duncan, daughter and son-in-law of Gordon’s sister, Hazel, also attended.

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Psychic News Magazine 31

4th March 2013

(Issue No 4097)

Heart-stopping séances with Scott Milligan
by Sue Farrow

Heart-stopping séances with Scott Milligan by Sue FarrowHow did you spend last weekend? I spent mine in a dark room at the Arthur Findlay College with thirty-ish other people and a guy who was tied to a chair. His heartbeat seemed to stop several times, too, giving a few grey hairs to a nurse who was present. But more of that later.

The guy in the chair was physical medium Scott Milligan, 30 years old, and with a passion to restore physical mediumship to its former place at the heart of the Spiritualist movement.

“Dark séances?” I hear some of you cry. They’re not the ideal, I grant you...

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Psychic News Magazine 30

9th February 2013

(Issue No 4096)

Looking to the future

Looking to the future – Colin Fry battles illness to help raise funds 
for the London Spiritual Mission. He also discusses his ordination and future plansColin Fry battles illness to help raise funds for the London Spiritual Mission. He also discusses his ordination and future plans

Internationally-known medium Colin Fry went beyond the call of duty to honour a commitment last weekend, writes Sue Farrow.

The 50-year-old star of TV’s 6ixth Sense had promised some time ago to demonstrate his mediumship at one of the UK’s foremost Spiritualist churches, the London Spiritual Mission, on Saturday 9th February.

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Psychic News Magazine 29

12th January 2013

(Issue No 4094)

Psychic News Magazine 28

12th January 2013

(Issue No 4094)

Putting the science back into Spiritualism

Putting the science back into SpiritualismThe Spiritualists’ National Union is to hold a Science Day on Saturday 16th February, writes Sue Farrow.

Spiritualism has frequently been described as “a religion, a science and a philosophy”. Readers familiar with Spiritualism’s history will know that scientific investigation and research into its claims and phenomena played a significant role in years gone by. But in recent decades the science part of that trio has been conspicuously absent.

This welcome move to re-engage with credible and open-minded scientists comes after SNU president David Bruton told delegates at last year’s annual conference that he wanted “to rekindle the debate in Spiritualism, to encourage people both from within and without the movement to think seriously about what we are doing and where we are going.”

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