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Faith after Fibromyalgia – By Emma Rowlatt

   Nicky Alan

How Nicky Alan (pictured right), a world-renowned medium who starred alongside Gloria Hunniford in the Sky TV series Angels, has dealt with the ongoing ordeal of suffering from the serious and debilitating condition Fibromyalgia.

Nicky Alan, a vibrant bundle of energy with a personality to match, was struck down with Fibromyalgia after a road accident in January 2012.

Fibromyalgia (CFS/ME – Chronic Fatigue syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) is a chronic condition characterised by widespread pain and profound fatigue. The sufferer experiences aching or burning sensations, often from head to toe. It varies from day to day in its level of pain and may also change location, often becoming more severe in parts of the body that are used most in everyday life, such as the hands.

I met up with Nicky and she revealed to me how her spiritual beliefs and mediumship were tested during this trying time.

When were you first diagnosed?

I had a car accident in January 2012. After the incident, I couldn’t get out of bed because my whole body was in agony. I assumed this was a result of being badly bruised as an outcome of the crash. I felt totally exhausted most of the time, which meant I was sleeping constantly. Although I felt the symptoms directly afterwards, I wasn’t diagnosed until a year later, following repeat visits to my GP, hospital and clinics, as indications had to be eliminated to make an accurate diagnosis. Fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose because there isn’t a specific test for it and the symptoms can mimic other disorders.

What were your first thoughts?

Having to cope with total exhaustion, extreme pain and the possibility of becoming permanently dependent on a wheelchair, was devastating to contemplate and not surprisingly led to a period of depression.

How long does it usually take to recover?

Although it’s a common problem, the diagnosis only became widely accepted in 1990. Because of this there are limited research statistics. To date, it’s been recorded that some people go on to make a full recovery, while others can potentially remain bed-bound.  

How did it affect your work?

It has shattered my career. Prior to the accident I was touring Europe giving talks, demonstrating mediumship and teaching people in various parts of the UK. I was forced to cancel most of the hundreds of readings that had been scheduled in the first year.

Predictably, bills started amassing so I had no choice but to continue my participation in the platform work when I was more physically able to do so. To overcome the pain I took strong painkillers washed down with energy drinks and then struggled through each show. This came to a sudden halt one evening in December 2012 when my whole body started shaking uncontrollably. I came off stage and made the decision to cease working in that capacity any longer. As a result I suffered financially and had to downsize from my four-bedroom home in Essex to a caravan in Devon.

Gloria Hunniford (left) with Nicky Alan
Gloria Hunniford (left) with Nicky Alan

Are you able to do any work now?

When I’m fatigued and physically fragile, I write content for my second book, which I can do from my bed. Telephone readings I can also conduct from the bedroom but the few demonstrations (approximately one a month), will be performed with the assistance of other mediums as I can no longer take the platform alone.

Does the condition affect your ability to communicate with spirit in any way?

Only when I’m overwhelmingly exhausted. If the method of delivering a message involves any physical participation, it becomes very limiting.

What is a typical day for you?

On a good day, I’ll take a short walk on the beach, I have to be careful not to overdo it as it will affect my ongoing energy levels. I’ll make my way to nearby Lupton House* to meditate and catch up with the good people I’ve befriended there. They are truly a godsend – they constantly nourish me with positivity and unconditional love. If I feel up to it I might do one or two telephone readings. I finish the day with a good film and go to bed and read.

A bad phase will keep me bedridden most of the time and I cannot engage in any physical movement. It’s a comfort to interact with like-minded sufferers on an internet forum, where we share our experiences, swap advice and empathise with each other.

Did it affect your faith in the angels and the spirit world?

Initially it did. I’d been a devout ambassador for the angels and their work, which took a severe shift as my health deteriorated. It was only when I started to receive visitations and signs that my faith slowly began to return.

In April 2012, an angel called Kai visited me in a dream, assuring me that he was going to help and guide me through the illness. I then received a message from a friend and fellow medium saying she had received a random message to say that an Angel called Kai was with me. A third sign sealed my belief after I logged on to one of the forums and the first person to send me love was called Kai! I didn’t find full spiritual peace until recent months.

Have you received any message from spirit?

Last summer I was with friends and we did a planchette sitting. My friend asked the question “Why has Nicky been afflicted with Fibromyalgia?” They responded by spelling out – “Because she never would have stopped and we need her for a different reason.”

On another occasion I had a visitation from my dad. Whereas before I have received messages from my father telepathically, this time he appeared in a hazy mist and communicated to me with a human voice.

He said I should hang on in there and not let anybody get in the way of my recovery. I should concentrate on getting well, as spirit are propelling the most phenomenal work in my direction, more significant and specialised than anything I have undertaken before. He transmitted his total unconditional love to me, adding how very proud he is. He explained that at times we deviate toward the wrong path and have to be re-aligned to our true course. I have to be transferred into the right energy vibration to start a new way of representing the spirit world and the angelic realms.

I have since had sittings with fellow mediums and that same message was reiterated.

Finally, I had a dream of a remarkable story that I would write. I was told by my guide, Catherine, that Elizabeth Bowen would assist me in writing it. I had never heard of Elizabeth Bowen, so I googled her name and discovered that she had been a famous novelist.

What made you veer off your spiritual path?

I was working non-stop and trying to please too many people, travelling around the UK and Europe doing teaching, writing and platform work. With hindsight, I was physically pushing myself to the limit, which took the focus away from what I should have been concentrating on.

What advice would you offer other sufferers?

As well as taking medication prescribed by your GP, look at alternative therapies. Listen to your body – if you cannot physically exert yourself, don’t force it. Call upon Archangel Raphael for healing as often as you can and regularly place quartz stones or amethyst on your body for crystal healing. Acupuncture is a good therapy, as is massage and gentle swimming. Hot baths and hot tubs can alleviate the pain, and adding Epsom salts twice a week helps the body become magnesium-balanced.

Due to the lack of physical activity, there’s a tendency to put on weight from over-eating, which puts a strain on the joints. So it’s advisable to concentrate on the type and quantity of foods you consume.

Could you sum up this whole experience in one sentence?

I’ve learned that no matter what happens in life, health is one of the most important considerations. Love and faith are paramount in assisting healing. When I have a bad day, I speak to my angels and loved ones in spirit, and I wholeheartedly believe that everything will be OK.

*The Lupton Trust was formed in 2008 to bring Lupton House and its gardens back into use for the benefit of the community. The following year, six people took over the lease and began its restoration. The group consists of local unemployed people, volunteers and professionals and is constantly expanding in numbers and strength.

For further details on Nicky Alan’s work, visit: www.nickyalan.co.uk

For further details on Emma Rowlatt’s work, visit: www.emmarowlatt.com

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