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Easter experiments embrace science and spirituality – Lew Sutton reports on a Devon seminar with a difference

IT WAS an enthralling and instructive Easter this year for those who attended the “From Consciousness to Phenomena” seminar at Paignton’s SNU Spiritualist Church and Centre, Devon.

   Psychic artist Paul Lashbrook (Photo: Lew Sutton)
Psychic artist Paul Lashbrook
(Photo: Lew Sutton)

Medium and healer Kim Moore-Cullen, the seminar organiser, continued to build on her 2015 theme, “Where Science Meets Spirit”, by including further experimental sessions using the ever-increasing range of methods available.

The seminar even took a brief look at the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness and mediumship, with a short video presentation that was by far the most understandable explanation I’ve ever seen on the science involved. [You can view it on YouTube: “Entangled Minds and Universe – We ARE All One”.]

However, the more science learns about the contradictory and mysterious behaviour of sub-atomic particles, the more the evidence builds up supporting aspects of Spiritualistic and ancient wisdom philosophies.

Paignton Spiritualist Church is ideal for seminars, with two large rooms plus a smaller one allowing three events to function simultaneously, giving participants a choice of presentations and workshops.

It was SNU president Gordon Higginson who first saw the educational potential of the church and for 17 years until his passing he headed August bank holiday seminars.

Kim’s wide range of topics included empowerment, attunement and spiritual bodies, astral projection, consciousness and altered states of consciousness; and, finally, remote viewing.

Scientist, medium and accomplished musician Steven Ingham Greer covered out-of-body and near-death experiences plus the musical mediumship of Rosemary Brown.

We were intrigued to learn that Rosemary received complex compositions laboriously, note by note, from famous composers, such as Liszt and Rachmaninov. She had no idea how the music sounded until played when complete.

Donna Sinclair-Hogan spoke on electronic voice phenomena (EVP), also known as instrumental trans-communication (ITC), giving updates on equipment and software as well as leading an experimental session.

The inside of Paignton Church

The inside of Paignton Church

The practice of Japa sound meditation was introduced to two groups by Hayley Mclean. This is a technique that uses as its mantra the sound “ah”, which is associated with joy and is known as the sound of creation.

As well as demonstrating psychic art, professional artist Paul Lashbrook allowed students to try it themselves. He also drew psychic portraits during the public evening demonstration, with Kim using her mediumship to attune to the same links.

At an experimental “grand circle” after the evening demonstration, a host of instruments – sometimes referred to as “ghost-busting” equipment – were used for detecting abnormalities such as electric/magnetic field energy, temperature changes, and EVP/ITC communications.

The results were intriguing, with one computer application providing intelligent responses and evidential voice phenomena data whilst a more old-fashioned method – a planchette ­– appeared to provide evidence that corroborated the modern methods.

 Ladrhyn Bexx and Kim Moore-Cullen (Photo: Lew Sutton)

Ladrhyn Bexx and Kim Moore-Cullen
(Photo: Lew Sutton)


Easter Sunday brought the welcome return of Glastonbury healer Tareth who is renowned for producing oil on his hands during healing and also for accelerating the growth of cress seeds. This year, attendees were given the chance to do the same.

A Plymouth participant said he watched the seeds sprouting in his own cupped, dampened hands, with shoots growing to about 3mm long in just a few minutes! 

Tareth also led meditations, including a state that produced a most ethereal, gentle sound, reminiscent of a large choir holding a single note. The sound appeared to come from a borrowed 150mm long piece of natural quartz crystal held near to his forehead.

Then, during a further meditation, he produced a louder sound with the crystal laid across his hands. Amazing!

Healer Ladrhyn Bexx also returned to Paignton this year with a different light machine to help induce altered states and shared consciousness. Participants, working in pairs under “Pandora star” flickering lights, tended to have shared mental images and experiences – most thought provoking!

Kim and husband Richard also conducted skotography sessions where images are produced on photographic paper without using a camera. She also shared the platform during Sunday services with popular local medium Peter Bancroft, a past church president and currently Paignton’s treasurer.

From left: Hayley Maclean, Donna Sinclair-Hogan, Joan Boydell (church president), Steven Ingham Greer and Kim Moore-Cullen (Photo: Lew Sutton)

From left: Hayley Maclean, Donna Sinclair-Hogan, Joan Boydell (church president),
Steven Ingham Greer and Kim Moore-Cullen
(Photo: Lew Sutton)

Easter Monday was mainly devoted to group work with plenty of opportunity for attendees to sample all the various altered states and other experiments covered throughout the seminar.

Hayley Mclean’s presentation, titled “Psi and Entanglement”, used dowsing experiments as a practical demonstration of the session’s theme, which brings us back to my earlier reference to quantum physics.

The more science learns about the fundamental building blocks of the universe, the more apparent it becomes that, on a subtle level, we are all interconnected or entangled: a scientific term in physics.

I’m reminded of that nearly 400-year-old saying, “No man is an island” (John Donne, 1624). How true that is proving to be.

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