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Dave Davies,
The Kinks’ co-founder,
tells of spirit and alien contact

   Alien Rock book cover

EVEN THOUGH it happened 35 years ago, a paranormal encounter experienced by pop musician Dave Davies, co-founder of the very successful British pop group, The Kinks, is still making headlines.

His interest in spirituality, psychic abilities, reincarnation and UFOs is well known, as anyone who has visited his website (davedavies.com) will know. So ahead of his new solo album, Open Road, released in March, they were regular topics that came up in interviews.

They all featured in questions that Vulture magazine put to Davies, whom it described not only as a rock legend but also as a prolific New Age writer and teacher. After talking about seeing UFOs whilst visiting north Devon, Davies told them: “Then, when I started to dig deeper into my experience, I understood I was also getting communications – psychic impressions – from aliens.”

Davies had offered much more information about that experience when interviewed by author Michael C. Luckman for his book Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection (Simon & Schuster 2005). It happened in 1982 when The Kinks were preparing for a concert. He heard strange voices that struck up “a telepathic conversation” with him.

Ray Davies book cover   

“The intelligences did not tell me who they were but two of them said that they had always been my spirit guides, and two others were entities who were not of this Earth, but were involved in missions here as watchers or nurturers of our race.

“The intelligences showed me, by some kind of thought projection, things which they have on all their spacecraft. They showed me crystal computers that monitor the actions of every single person living on Earth.”

It was, he told Luckman, an “epiphany”, adding: “I was fortunate to have been given a lot of information all at once. It takes a long time for some of this stuff to actually seep into the unconscious mind…. It’s all related to my personal growth, to a consciousness shift.”

Dave Davies founded The Kinks with brother Ray, the lead singer and composer of many of their hits. Asked by Vulture, “What does Ray think about your interest in Spiritualism and UFOs?” Dave replied: “He gives me a hard time about everything. The funny thing is that Ray is a very psychic person. It runs in our family. My mum had so much wisdom.”

Dave Davies in 1979  (Photo: Klaus Hiltscher)
Dave Davies in 1979 
(Photo: Klaus Hiltscher) 

A biography by Johnny Rogan, Ray Davies: A Complicated Life (Vintage, 2016) reveals an interesting paranormal encounter when the two brothers lived in houses close to each other in London’s Maida Vale. On the first day that singer Chrissie Hynde moved in with Ray Davies, she reported a phantom presence in the house and expected him to deal with it.

“I went upstairs into the attic on that first day to tell the ghost that it no longer had any place in the house, but Chrissie was still terrified,” Ray told his biographer.

It appears that Davies even felt the ghost brush past him at one point. “Evidently,” Luckman wrote, “there was only one solution – an exorcist. Rather than bothering the priesthood, Ray sought advice from his psychic sister Peggy who, not unexpectedly, turned to their supernatural-loving brother for assistance.”

Dave duly arrived to deal with “some kind of visitation”. He was ready, he told the author, because “I used to do magic in my basement”. A service was performed, though Dave suspected it wasn’t a ghost, but psychic energy created by the ferocity of the arguments that went on between Chrissie and Ray.

The story of The Kinks has been turned into an award-winning hit musical, Sunny Afternoon, with music and lyrics by Ray Davies, which opened in London in 2014 and is currently touring the UK.

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