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REVEAL YOUR TRUE NATURE WITH BILLY ROBERTS’ PSYCHIC HANDWRITING ANALYSIS I’ve been doing psychic handwriting analyses (PHAs) for about 30 years now and have integrated it into a part of my psychic stage shows. The process is simply a method of divination that people usually find fascinating, even though the majority cannot understand how it actually works.
“As with all divinatory methods it can also be used to glimpse the person’s future and is a sort of database of information about the writer.”

It’s usually mistaken for graphology, which itself is regarded as a pseudo-science, sometimes used by the police to ascertain whether or not an individual has perpetrated a fraudulent act by forging somebody’s signature.

A PHA is a process of gleaning information about a person’s true nature – their dreams, aspirations and endeavours, as well as their spiritual and psychic potential. As with all divinatory methods it can also be used to glimpse the person’s future and is a sort of database of information about the writer. It cannot, however, predict a person’s death or the winning lottery numbers (I wish!) although I do occasionally give a person’s lucky numbers.


A graphologist examines the way a person actually writes, paying particular attention to curves and writing style, primarily to evaluate the writer’s personality characteristics and psychological state at the time of writing. PHAs work specifically by emotions and intuitive skill, along with psychic ability. I must say, though, that as with all methods of divination, it’s not infallible and should therefore be regarded as a bit of fun.

There are occasions when contact is made with a deceased relative or friend of the writer, but this is not what a PHA is really about. Because they frequently produce a broad spectrum of information about the writer, I receive requests for them from many different countries and professional areas, ranging from corporate organisations to individuals seeking guidance with personal matters. Overall, PHAs cover a broad spectrum of data about the writer’s life, from early childhood to future events.


It might sound a bit contradictory, but it’s not just about the handwriting, as much as it is about the energy imparted into it. When explaining the actual process of a PHA, I always define it as ‘visual psychometry’, as images and feelings quickly pass through my mind in much the same way as when psychometrising an artefact, such as a ring or watch.


The person’s date of birth simply opens another area of the writer’s character to me; and from the date of birth I can tell when he or she will enter a new cycle and the most positive time in which they can initiate any major or significant changes. Apart from all that, it’s a bit of fun.

I’ve also done PHAs from Chinese, Russian and Polish script, accompanied by a typewritten request in English.


Fortunately we live in an amazing age of technology in which emails can be used to send images and words instantaneously from one person to another. The handwriting is usually scanned and emailed to me, with payment being made through PayPal.  It’s not necessary for me to actually have the original copy of the handwriting in my hand; as I have already explained, the process is visual as opposed to physical.

I’m really looking forward to doing Psychic Handwriting Analyses for Psychic News readers, and I hope you’ll enjoy joining me.


This is the handwriting of an extremely astute yet at times indecisive person. Although she was born under the astrological sign of Libra, she is influenced, numerologically speaking, by the sign of Virgo, and it’s this that makes her meticulous, often methodical and someone who does not like to fail in anything she undertakes. I suppose one could say that about any person, but because the subject struggled a little when she was younger, the determination seen in her handwriting shows that she really does not like to fail.

Libra is thought to be the sign of beauty and balance, and those born under this sign, (mostly female) welcome a challenge, particularly when learning new tasks. The subject is all of these things and more, and it’s clear to me that she’s used to dealing with people in a certain way, possessing specific communication skills that make her interesting to listen to.

“Although female, her handwriting possesses strong masculine energies, also indicative of someone who likes to get the job done, instead of waiting around for a man to do it.”

She has a quick mind and a very vivid imagination, and although she may dismiss it as absurd, she does possess strong intuitive skills that suggest she is extremely psychic, even mediumistically inclined. However, her psychic tendencies at the moment appear to be channelled into the creative areas of her life, and although she seems to be settled, career-wise, if she is not considering changing direction at the moment, other work options are most certainly on the horizon. She may well say that her studying days are over, but I would say this is far from the truth, as education is highlighted in 2015. Perhaps a course of some kind, but not necessarily connected to spiritual matters.

Before we can assess the subject’s future and full potential, it’s necessary to make a detailed analysis of her handwriting in relation to her past. First of all, there are specific emotional peaks apparent in her writing that would strongly suggest she has either been affected at some point in her life by a divorce, perhaps of parents, and also the death of a loved one.  Approximately 12 years ago she appears to have been traumatised to the point where life may have seemed pretty pointless. Now though, the subject is a ‘rising’ star in every sense of the word.

One of these emotional peaks occurred between the ages of nine and eleven; this could have happened because of something as simple as moving home or changing school. Other emotional peaks transpired around the age of seventeen and again around the age of twenty three. I said earlier that the subject’s determination had arisen because of a struggle in her younger years.

Although when she was younger she was not really a confrontational person, today she doesn’t like to be cajoled into doing anything she doesn’t think is right. She is, however, prone to mood swings that occasionally place her in a dark moment, causing her to mentally revisit the past with some regret and sadness.

Although there’s an eccentricity about her handwriting, there’s also a strong conventional, even old-fashioned side to her nature. Her handwriting is much younger than her years, a good indication of her longevity, with strong energies that would probably see her living until her nineties. Although female, her handwriting possesses strong masculine energies, also indicative of someone who likes to get the job done, instead of waiting around for a man to do it.

LUCKY NUMBERS FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS YEAR:  12: 17: 23: 31: 35: 40   A RESPONSE FROM THE SUBJECT...  “I’m impressed!  Billy has accurately nailed numerous aspects of my character, and there’s little I would argue with in his remarks.  I’m afraid I can’t recognise a medal and pocket watch inscribed with the name ‘William’. But I can certainly connect with ‘Green Street’ and do have farming connections in my family’s past.  My grandmother wasn’t called Mary, but she did have a close relative by the name of James.  I very much look forward to the chance meeting that will inspire me, not to mention initiating new ventures with some success! I will let PN know the outcome of these predictions.  Thank you, Billy.”

That said, she’s extremely passionate about things that interest her; she’s sensitive, charismatic and caring, but no pushover. In other words, she has a strong personality, and although she tends to dither a great deal when making decisions, she can be quite spontaneous when acting on things of importance. She would make a better leader than follower, with fairly strong political views.

I would say that 2014 has not been the greatest of years for the subject, though she may well say that this is not so. However, I would have to argue this with her. 2015 will be a completely different year in more ways than one and will present new people in her life as well as old acquaintances.

If the subject has problems in her life, nobody is going to know about them. She’s quite private and also quite discreet. She’s selective about the company she keeps, and although she doesn’t mind criticism, it does have to be constructive in order for her to give it serious consideration. Although the subject’s handwriting exudes confidence, I would say she’s anything but confident. Over the years she has created a façade to prevent people from seeing how she really feels and to prevent them getting too close to her.

OVERALL COMMENTS: It’s now worth the subject updating her diary (assuming she keeps one) and she may be soon considering looking at her family genealogy to discover the missing pieces. France is highlighted in her handwriting, probably next year.

I really don’t know what this is, but I can see a medal and pocket watch both inscribed with the name ‘WILLIAM’. And something ‘Green’, as in the name of a place or street. In the past there must have been family connections with a farm or smallholding, as I can see lots of animals. She may have the opportunity to revisit this sort of environment in the future, perhaps with a special task in mind.

She has had to shoulder a great weight by herself over the past two years, and may have had to address some legal issues.

Was Mary her grandmother? And did her grandmother have a brother by the name of James? Although Psychic Handwriting Analysis is not a mediumistic exercise, I do get the impression that there are many voices calling her.

FINALLY: The subject entered a new psychological and emotional era around 18th September and by November she will be feeling a little more settled emotionally. A chance meeting around February/March will be an inspiration to her and give her a new incentive. Any new ventures can now be initiated with some success, and something she is passionate about will probably come to fruition in 2015.


Would you like to be the subject of a Billy Roberts psychic handwriting analysis, to be published in a future issue of Psychic News?

Simply post a short sample of your normal handwriting to (insert our address) Alternatively, scan and email the sample to: pneditorials@gmail.com

Remember to include your date of birth and gender.

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