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Are we all psychic?  The evidence suggests we are – but will evolution rob us of this valuable gift?  BY EWAN IRVINE

AT THE very end of 2004 and ten days before the huge Indian Ocean earthquake caused giant tsunami waves to wreak havoc along the coastlines of 14 countries, wild and domestic animals seemed to know what was about to happen – and fled to safety.

According to reliable eyewitness accounts, the following events happened:

  • Elephants screamed and ran for higher ground.
  • Dogs refused to go outdoors.
  • Flamingos abandoned their low-lying breeding areas.
  • Zoo animals rushed into their shelters and could not be enticed to come back out.

It has also been noted that whereas the tsunami took over 220,000 human lives, relatively few animals were reported dead. This adds to growing speculation that animals somehow sense impending disaster: a belief that has been around for centuries.

There was a time when humans’ own instincts were more animal-based but our sixth sense has largely been replaced by language skills. It could be that our psychic ability, through time, has been largely eroded by our evolutionary development and the need to adapt to a modern environment.

So what should we do if we fall in love with a property but our psychic senses warn us of ‘an atmosphere’?

In childhood, we are taught right from wrong, we are conditioned in many ways to conform to society and its own rights and wrongs. How many times is a child told not to speak about an imaginary friend? And then, naturally, parents try to protect children from the harsh realities of life. Such things as death become taboo.

Before we know it, we are conditioned for the big outside world and yet the animal kingdom largely stays as it was.

If we had kept our psychic ability throughout our human evolvement and life conditioning, perhaps we, too, would be able to sense danger and fear en masse. Would we then be better prepared for nature’s harsh events? But there are many non-dangerous situations where psychic ability can also play a useful role.

One example of this latent psychic talent is something that countless of us will have experienced when we look at a house for the first time. Whether buying or renting, most people will know if a property feels right or wrong for them as soon as they walk through the door. At the end of the day, it is just bricks and mortar, but we have a feeling that it is either “right” or “wrong”.

If it feels good then fine, but if it feels wrong: why? What are we picking up? We feel the very atmosphere of the house and let our senses take things from there. Many people will identify with that and I think it’s a good example of the psychic at play.

It could be we are picking up on those who may be said to still have a presence in the vicinity, or maybe we are picking up on events from the past.

So what should we do if we fall in love with a property but our psychic senses warn us of “an atmosphere”?

Often a medium will be able to shed light on the reasons for this unease. As a medium who has been consulted in such cases, I will endeavour to seek the names of those whose presence is felt, describe events and the property’s past history, and even pick up on how an area may have looked. A medium may even sense the smells of the past.

I recall a study on TV in which a number of individuals were sat behind a one-way glass window watching people arriving and queuing for an event. Those sat behind the glass would look down for a minute or two, then look out the window and stare at those in the queue.

Analysis of the behaviour of the people in the queue showed that most of them studied the one-way window more often when the unseen observers were staring at them.

There are, of course, other classic examples of psychic intuition in everyday life. How many times have you thought the phone was going to ring and it does? You think of someone you have not seen or perhaps thought of in months or years and suddenly run into them or hear from them. Or you have a feeling of some sort of impending doom and an event happens.

A common comment made by heart attack patients is that they had a feeling of “impending doom” days or sometimes weeks before the attack itself.

There are also numerous stories of impressive psychic premonitions. This one dates back to World War Two and shows how latent psychic ability may have warned of impending danger.

Like many mothers who feared for their family’s safety during the war, Mona Miller was evacuated from London to the peaceful seaside town of Babbacombe in Devon. It seemed like a wise precaution but, shortly after her arrival there with her young children, Mrs Miller became increasingly uneasy.

“I had a feeling that I must leave Devon and return home,” she told me. “At first, I dismissed the idea; why leave when I was so happy and contented despite the war going on around me?

“But the feeling increased. The walls of my room seemed to speak to me: ‘Go home to London’. I resisted the call for about four months then, one day, like a flash of light, I knew we must leave.

“On a Saturday in late 1942, we travelled back to London and a few days later I received a letter from a friend in Devon. ‘Thank God you took the children on Saturday,’ she wrote. ‘Early Sunday morning, Jerry dropped three bombs and one fell on the house where you were living, demolishing it, and killing all the neighbours on either side’.”

Mrs Miller was far from the only person to experience such forebodings during the war.

Just like the animal kingdom, do humans have a latent psychic talent that we could use to protect ourselves, to warn us of danger and to keep us safe?

The big question we still have to answer is: will this psychic ability eventually be lost by the human race or, as some people argue, will we regain this previous faculty, this sixth sense, as we evolve as a species and embrace a more spiritual way of life.

 ‘Thank God you took the children on Saturday,’ she wrote. ‘Early Sunday morning, Jerry dropped three bombs and one fell on the house where you were living, demolishing it and killing all the neighbours on either side’

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