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Accentuate the positive with Sally Francis – Give spiritual momentum to your journey through 2017
SO January has arrived and we get to experience a New Year. As well as having a sense of what we have left behind, we can also reflect on what we intend, perhaps, to envision and create for the year ahead.

When you arrived here in human form you may have been entrusted with a vision and a mission that was much more than yourself and greater than the one that you expected.

Your journey here into consciousness may now, in 2017, be far greater then even you had imagined or you may now have more challenges. Sometimes we need to get into a really creative space of imagination to see our own visions for the future and sometimes that is the hard bit.

   The world is malleable when you see it as such, as are your thoughts, beliefs and habits

We often set new goals and intend things going forward for the new year, looking at what we want to leave behind and how we want change in our lives going forward.

It’s the perfect time for setting spiritual goals; living more from a spiritual place in all that you do in your life and with everyone, not just in your home and work life but with everyone you interact with and connect with every day, all day.

You get to decide each day how you perceive your life. You always have choice; nothing is ever set in stone. The world is malleable when you see it as such, as are your thoughts, beliefs, habits and intentions for this year.

People can and do change. Nothing is hardwired unless you choose to see it as such. Thoughts in the etheric field of consciousness do affect the quantum reality and what we experience. Thoughts do affect things and people. What you think about, day in and day out, is what you become.

When you are being your soul and spiritual self, in every moment, you are expanded: a loving spirit, not frightened or fearful but expanded and joyous, open hearted, brave and courageous. You are not jealous or reactive. You live in the fulness of you, and you express it as well.

You get to decide in each and every moment who you want to be and you always have choice. You can choose to do more or to change everything. You choose.

Your future self

Are spiritual goals and intentions different from the usual mind ones? That’s something perhaps to think about? And should we look for the qualities we want in our lives rather than exact goals? 

Perhaps in 2017 we should be setting goals of empathy and kindness in all we do. How do we count and measure such qualities? How do we achieve happy families, happy work and happy community places? 

Sadly, 2016 brought so much fear to the world. How about choosing actively and consciously to make 2017 a year where we create joy, peace and harmony with all the people we interact with, adding a smile, adding kind words – even in emails. Every interaction is a chance to do this on every level.

We are now understanding that our bodies react and are affected by the energy around us. So we can choose to engage in sending out love at every level. One person’s impression of abundance, love, safety, security and life fulfilment can be very different from another’s. It all comes down to our values: what we value in life and where we put our focus.

As Einstein says, all time is happening at the same time. There is a future self – part of you that knows what is best for you. So, rather than advising you about what resolutions you should leave out, I guide and empower you here to set intentions for the year. Decide what you would like to achieve by the year’s end and what you would care to bring into your life. This way you don’t set yourself up for failure.

Instead of beating yourself up for failing to lose that pound or kilo of weight or failing to go to the gym as often as you meant to, why not set the intention that you will achieve some new things? Create new habits that become hard wired into your subconscious; take up a new hobby or a new sport; do things that you enjoy.

It might be that you set intentions to be more peaceful this year, to share more love, to give up complaining or gossiping. In other words, to step more into a spiritual version of yourself that is expanded and unlimited, looking for possibilities and opportunities everywhere, and new ways of being yourself this year.

Instead of beating yourself up for failing to lose that pound or kilo of weight or failing to go to the gym as often as you meant to, why not set the intention that you will achieve some new things?

I also invite you to feel excited about seeing goals achieved and things done and created, for when you send rockets of desire that are fuelled with imagination and you feel the vibration. Although it has already happened, the universe has a way of showing up for you and you can call these feelings into yourself at any moment. It is about feeling the wish fulfilled as Neville Goddard, author of the spiritual classic Out Of This World, would say.


Nothing is impossible

Your thoughts and feelings about anything become hardwired into your neuro-circuitry and your actions are often the result of these beliefs. By changing the feelings associated with things, people or situations you literally re-wire your brain.

Nothing is ultimately impossible. It is only your belief about something that makes it impossible. This is how people with severe disabilities achieve monumental things. This is how people come back from adversity.

But you must take action and go toward the feeling, the positive feeling, and this then adds momentum to your journey and forward motion.

So I invite you to create new positive habits this year, rather than give up a negative habit, and that way you reward yourself rather than beat yourself up when something does not happen in the timescale that you want.

I also invite you to know that you are enough just for being here at this time. Choose to see how precious you are in each and every moment. This life is a gift, so choose to embrace it, not waste it.

I wish you much joy in envisioning your future and much success, happiness and abundance. 

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