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Your Spiritual Art

This month we showcase the spiritual art of trance medium Judith Clarke, 76, along with a verse received from Spirit. Here Judith shares some of her spiritual journey.

“I have been on a spiritual journey through my art for the last 18 years. I started painting watercolour when I lived in Scarborough. As I progressed I became a member of the Scarborough Art Society, exhibiting in many galleries around the area.

Then, after a personal crisis, my life changed and I moved to Whitley Bay, but before I left, and in the midst of despair, I started painting without thinking – throwing water, colour, salt and sometimes scraping out, leaving to dry and coming back later to find emerging paintings.

Some of the paintings were given to me before events happened; I did a tidal wave sea scene a few weeks before the tsunami in Thailand. In another painting, on turning it around, I saw my daughter with long chestnut hair in a flower garden with a baby boy in her arms. A year later she gave birth to a baby boy.

Portrait of Granet (1807) 
by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
    Portrait of Granet (1807) 

by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

I started to visit my local spiritual church to see if they could explain these paintings, but they didn’t appear interested and weren’t able to help me.

I felt a certain energy from the paintings, so I started my journey as a spiritual healer and eventually ended up training healers.

I also started a home circle as I was getting many communications from Spirit.

During that time I was told to open a healing centre. Myself and two friends discussed it, but how to do it was unknown to us at that time. One day I felt drawn to go and view a community hall in Seaton Sluice, Northumberland, to see if it was available for rent. On telling the lady about the healing centre we had thought of, she asked if we were a new group and how it would benefit the community. I explained, and she told me she helped new groups to get funding and if I would like to make a wish list of everything we needed she would help us.

Three months later we had just under £5,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (www.hlf.org.uk) and we opened shortly after. We met every week and sometimes had eight healers working, as many people came for the healing.  We also branched out with speakers on different spiritual subjects – therapies, music and singing bowls were very popular – and for three years it was part of our spiritual journey of guidance and love from Spirit.

All this time I still continued to paint. A French artist came through me from Spirit and all I wanted to do was draw nuns and religious scenes. I ended up with a small painting of some church cloisters. I was given part of the artist’s name and a date, so I went to the library and was amazed to see this same painting in one of the art books. The artist’s name was Francois-Marius Granet (1775-1849).  He painted only religious scenes and churches during his career.

Now I continue on this wonderful journey through my art, writing verses – of which I have over a hundred –  running a home circle and healing work.

I have many amazing stories of how Spirit changed my life. I feel so lucky to have had such wonderful guidance and evidence of how Spirit work through you.

It’s a been a miracle to me as I was born with genetic Polycystic Kidney Disease, which my Mother died of at 57 years old. I am now 76 years old, and through the healing and work I do will continue to live my life as fully as I can.

I live simply now in a sheltered housing flat in Blyth, where the peace and quiet surround me. I also run a weekly art group for other residents here.“

To view more of Judith’s work, visit her website at: www.judithhealing.wix.com/judiths-art-and-soul

Landscape Fairies Judith was “surprised” to see UFOs in this painting, which was completed in February this year.

Judith was “surprised” to see UFOs in the painting above, which was completed in February this year.

Landscape Fairies (left).


Moonlight Dancers
Moonlight Dancers


The Rise Of The Fallen (left) was painted a few days after the tragic events in Paris at Charlie Hebdo’s offices. Judith explains:

“I didn’t realise until after I had painted it that there were twelve crosses, so knew it was related to these events. I feel very privileged to receive these paintings, proving how wonderful the Spirit connection can be.

“I put out a thought that I would like this painting to be seen in France, and recently I have been asked by an editor of an art journal, Sachet Mixte, to print my paintings in France!

“I often get verses and this one came with the painting...

In the silence of the night,
my thoughts  become so bright,
they greet the morn,
before the dawn,
allowing words to comfort me.
Live for life
and not for strife.
So PEACE revives and LOVE survives,
casting thoughts around the Earth.
For Paris sorrow, greet’s tomorrow,
bringing people closer now.
They stand together, not to bow.
No God allows to harm another.
The time must come to LOVE each other!”


Sunny Cullercoats Bay

Sunny Cullercoats Bay


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