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The Transcendental Glow of Everything – by Billy Roberts

When proffering a greeting hand to someone we have just been introduced to, contact is made long before their hand touches ours. In fact, the same may be said of anything we reach out to touch, with contact being made at a more subtle level a little time before any interaction takes place. I’m talking, of course, about the aura, that wonderful phenomenon which is an integral part of a human’s subtle anatomy, and plays such an important role in the manifestation of our spiritual make-up.

    “The majority of those who claim to see the aura really only see a minute part of an even greater whole."

Although the majority of people are completely unaware of the aura’s existence, those who are privy to it understand it to be a multi-coloured ‘glow’ that surrounds the body, from which an abundance of information is gleaned by those who can actually ‘see’ it. But what exactly is the aura? And what can be made of it from a scientific perspective?

The aura is in fact best described as a vaporous mass of electromagnetic particles, surrounding both animate and inanimate things. This would suggest that a table or even a brick has an aura, which of course they do, to a greater or lesser degree.


The human form itself is an electromagnetic unit of incredible power, modifying, distributing and discharging energy, and is contained in its own spectrum of colour and light. And so we understand the aura to be a metaphysical as well as a scientific phenomenon. Chemical energy is converted by the cells of the body into light energy, culminating in what science refers to as ‘human bioluminescence’ – an optical phenomenon that is seen in some deep-sea aquatic creatures; a kind of transcendental glow around the body.

I have been able to see the aura since I was a very young child and have always been fascinated by it. This metaphysical phenomenon is highly luminous and does not have to be seen to be felt. In fact, the majority of people have experienced this at one time or another. For example, sitting alone in a theatre waiting for the show to begin, when you suddenly feel the urge to check behind you, only to find someone staring intently at you from a couple of rows behind.  And so the aura is a sort of radar device constantly monitoring its surroundings.

Interestingly, although the aura is more extensive at the back than it is at the front, the aura of a visually impaired person is just as extensive at the front, to enable the blind person to negotiate his or her way around obstacles. Because the aura extends beyond the visible spectrum, it is also able to monitor invisible energies, such as those from a disembodied source. Most people have had the experience of being alone in the house, when suddenly they are overwhelmed with the feeling that someone is standing behind them. Although they know full well that they are alone in the house, they still want to check all the rooms, doors and windows to put their mind at rest.


To a psychically inclined person, someone who can see the aura in its entirety, that aura provides a metaphysical database, containing a broad spectrum of information about the person to whom it belongs. In fact, the aura is a spectrum of colour of overwhelming intensity, and although the majority of its colour components are transitory, some of the colours have predominance over others and represent the person’s true character.

“The aura is a spectrum of colour of overwhelming intensity."    

It is in this part of the aura that we would see green for envy or jealousy, yellow for cowardice, red for rage, and so on. Although one might say that these ‘negative’ emotions are transient and therefore would not constitute the person’s true character, I am of course referring to someone in whom these negative traits are commonplace, with emotions experienced on a fairly regular basis.

Other aspects of the aura are greatly affected by diet, emotions and environmental influences. The aura is in many ways an extension of your true essence, an external representation of internal balance or imbalance, whichever the case may be. The majority of those who claim to see the aura really only see a minute part of an even greater whole. Many people see it as no more than a descriptive term, perhaps saying – “He has an aura of peace and calm” or “This house has an aura of happiness and warmth.” But the aura is far more than that, and can even be photographed.

The first to photograph the aura were husband and wife team, Semyon and Valentina Kirlian, who created a crude apparatus which allowed them to photograph emanations of energy from the hands. Although only monochrome images, they sufficed to reveal the existence of a phenomenon that had hitherto been only a matter of conjecture. The Kirlians used what became known as the ‘Kirlian’ camera as a diagnostic tool, as they equated the fine streams of subtle energy emanating from the hands with a more complex network of channels in the body, along which energy constantly flowed. 

Walter Kilner, a medical radiologist electrician working in London’s St Thomas’ Hospital, became so fascinated with what he called ‘The Human Atmosphere’ that he developed a device which became known as a ‘Kilner Screen’. It allowed the aura to become visible when a person stood behind it. The Kilner Screen consisted of two sheets of glass in between which he inserted a special coal tar dye called dicyanin. This was regarded as an innovation at the time and led others working in the same field to explore the subject further. Today, however, the aura can be photographed in full colour, accompanied by a full print-out of its digital analysis. There is little doubt that we have come a long way since those early days, and today we have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the whole subject of the aura.


For the majority of people interested in the fascinating subject of the aura, there is very often a problem in understanding exactly what it looks like. So, you might like to try a little experiment for yourself. To begin, you will need a couple of apples!

•   Remove a few of the pips from one of the apples (brown pips as opposed to white) and place them in close proximity on a piece of white paper

•   Simply gaze at the pips for a few minutes, without moving your eyes away from them even for a second

•   Within moments you should see a pale glow (either white or pale blue) emanating from them and moving round in a clockwise direction

•   This ‘glow’ is the energy or Pranic aura, and represents the vitality and health of the apple pips

•   Place the pips in a dark place for an hour or so, before returning them to the white piece of paper

•   Now gaze at them again. You should see a marked difference in the energy glow moving around the pips. In fact, it should now appear quite dull and not as vibrant

•   Remove some more pips from a fresh apple, and place two of these in close proximity to the old ones, leaving a slight gap between the fresh pips and the old ones

•   You should now see an amazing phenomenon. The energy from the old pips will appear to be reaching out to the fresh pips, seemingly in a deliberate effort to be revitalised. Within moments the fresh pips should appear to do the same

•   This is a very natural phenomenon, and is basically what a person in poor health does to someone who possesses a great deal of vitality and who is in good health


This simple experiment shows you exactly what to look for around a person. Once you’ve become accustomed to seeing it, you will in time begin to discern colours of various kinds.

Now you should be able to see that you are an incredible, multidimensional, cosmic being, living in a multidimensional universe!

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