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SPIRITUAL ART – This month we feature the work of freelance illustrator and visual development artist Ayesha Drew. Here Ayesha shares how she became interested in art and Spiritualism, and developed her psychic art with the guidance of her father, medium David Drew.

My name is Ayesha Drew. Being the child of psychic medium David Drew, I grew up recognising that the spirit world is as natural as this one. While my school friends wrote stories of holidays and puppy dogs, mine were of spirit guides, North American Indian chiefs and Uncle Albert, the spirit doctor who worked with my dad to make my tummy better.

Astral Travel

Astral Travel (Click to enlarge)


Our spare bedroom was affectionately called the chapel, just because it had an atmosphere which made it perfect for prayer. It was the room where my dad held his circles. Regular sitters came to psychically develop and witness him in trance or transfiguration. I had no idea how gifted Dad was, or that ours was different from other family homes. “Play quietly. Dad’s doing healing,” must have sounded strange when friends came to call, but not to me.

At school and at home I loved to draw and I knew from an early age that I wanted to be an artist. When I visited Disney MGM studios in Orlando it was a working animation studio. Through the glass I could see the animators working on Aladdin. My tiny animated heart fell in love. It was a million miles from the place I called home, but I knew then that I would leave my heart up against that glass, watching them in awe.


At the age of fourteen I was old enough to join Dad’s development circle. I wasn’t afraid, even at such a young age.

He explained that I must not leave the circle whilst it was in session, and described how the psychic energy from each sitter flowed around the circle to enable those in spirit to better communicate. It always opened and closed with a prayer, and he described how, just as we sit here on the earth, his guide, Blue Cloud, heads a circle of helpers in spirit, mirroring our sitting and providing a ring of protection for us. They would not allow anything bad to pass.

Week after week I sat, and soon I began to see and feel spirit myself. At first it was a cold wind around my ankles, a feather tickling my face. Then I began to see shapes of people, faces of loved ones. Within a year I began to express what I saw on paper, and sitters asked if I could draw their guides and helpers. I would begin with an impression – a feeling of the person. Once I had that I made a start. When finished, I would take the picture to Dad to see if it was accurate. He could see them clearly and would tell me if I needed to make any changes.



PLANES (Click to enlarge)

A young Ayesha with her father, medium David Drew

A young Ayesha with her father, medium David Drew
(Click to enlarge)

The Zulu spirit guide of a sitter

The Zulu spirit guide of a sitter
(Click to enlarge)

These days I have a career as a freelance illustrator and visual development artist, and I am a college lecturer specialising in concept art and animation. As such my spare time is very limited and I have little time for spirit pictures, but I was proud this year to illustrate my Dad’s latest book, ‘The Other Side: A Psychic’s Story’, now available from Amazon, and I am thankful every day for my gift.

For further details of Ayesha’s work visit:

To find our more about Ayesha’s father, medium David Drew, visit:

Blue Cloud – David Drew’s Spirit Guide

Blue Cloud
David Drew’s Spirit Guide
(Click to enlarge)

Spirit Guide, Yeung

Spirit Guide, Yeung
(Click to enlarge)

David Drew’s helper, Bart

David Drew’s helper, Bart   
(Click to enlarge)

David Drew’s helper, Pepe the clown

David Drew’s helper, Pepe the clown
(Click to enlarge)

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